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In 2018-9 we are introducing several new Maca products.  They will show up here as we roll them out.

  • The Morning Motivator - a blend of Maca, Cacao and a few other ingredients to help get your energy up in a healthy and sustained way.
  • Maca chips in all colors - these are simply crushed Maca roots and the closest thing to whole roots that we can legally bring in from our farms in Peru.  They are great for making potent porridges, stews and drinks
  • Premium Raw and Premium Gelatinized Maca powders and capsules in Red and Black - Many customers have asked us to produce Premium Maca in Red and Black separate from our standard Premium blend.  It's almost here!!
  • Heritage Harvest Maca Powders - This is a traditional blend of all 3 colors of Maca root powder.  This is the way Maca has traditionally been served and continues to be served in the high Andes of Peru.  You'll find these products listed in the main site categories