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Organic Gelatinized Yellow Maca Powder 1 kg

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    Certified Organic Gelatinized Yellow Maca Powder, Fair Trade, GMO Free, Vegan -  1 kg (2.2 lb - 35 oz)

    1 kg = 111 Servings @ 3t (9g) daily - Our Best Value On Gelatinized Maca At Just 50 Cents Per Day

    Our Gelatinized Maca Root Powder is carefully and consciously grown, processed and handled.  It comes from an organic farming cooperative in and around Junin, Peru. We work only with producers who own and manage their lands at a local grass roots level.  The cooperative of farmers is committed both to organic farming and to producing only the highest quality Maca products.  Gelatinized Yellow Maca is made from Yellow Maca roots, which make up about 60% off the annual harvest in Peru.  These roots are pre-cooked to remove starch content and ease digestion.  It takes about 4 kg of Raw Maca roots to produce 1 Kg of Gelatinized Maca powder, making it more concentrated than Raw Maca products.   To date hundreds of studies, all available publicly in the Pubmed database, have found Yellow Maca to be useful for energy building, fertily, hormone balance, mental focus and more.    Yellow Maca is indeed a nutritional powerhouse, containing nearly all essential amino acids and free fatty acids, significant levels of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and C, minerals iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium, a high concentration of bio-available protein and nutrients unique to Maca called macaenes and macamides. Maca is also an "adaptogen," or rare form of plant that is thought to raise the overall life force energy of those who consume it.


      • USDA Certified Organic
      • GMO-Free
      • Fair Trade
      • Grown traditionally with respect for the land - near Junin, Peru
      • Sun dried, carefully processed and packaged immediately
      • Contains 100% Gelatinized Maca root powder from Yellow Maca Roots



      • Our Gelatinized Maca Powder Blend is amazingly fresh and an excellent all around Maca
      • Gelatinized Maca is the easiest Maca to digest and best for anyone with a sensitive stomach
      • A special process heats the roots is to remove the starch content, making Gelatinized Maca more concentrated than Raw Maca 
      • Some nutrients including active metabolites are activated and amplified due to the heat and pressure used in making Gelatinized Maca
      • Consumed Daily For Over 2000 Years To Boost Energy, Promote, Fertility, Increase Mental Focus and More
      • 2.2 lb foil lined, double sealed, food grade pouch contains 111 individual servings  at 3 t (9g) each.  That is enough to last one person nearly 4 months (works out to about 35 cents per day)


    Best Used For:

    Our organic Gelatinized Maca Powder Blend is best for anyone with a sensitive stomach.  About 5% of people have minor stomach irratibility, gas or bloating when using Raw Maca.  Gelatinized Maca does not produce this effect at all.   Gelatinized Maca undergoes a process of high heat and pressure to remove the starch content from the powdered root.   This makes the final product easier to digest.    Compare all of our Maca powders here.

    Storage/Shelf Life:

    Maca keeps well for up to 24 months provided that it is stored in a sealed bag out of direct sunlight and at below 70% humidity.  (More storage and use tips)

    Suggested Use:

    1-3 teaspoons mixed in water, juice or smoothies daily.   (Complete serving guidelines).


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    Enjoy the day!

    maca gelatinized

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    1. Great Product and Team!!!

      I was doing some research on YouTube and found you product on #Naturallyife360TV, and very informative young lady! I’ve been taking this product for about a month I’m looking forward to: hormonal balance, improve moodiness..etc. The product was greatly packaged and look and smell as described. I only gave it 4 * stars for now until I’m two full months in and can identify changes on 10th Nov 2017

    2. Great taste and very effective with no GI issues

      Had to switch to the gel variety due to GI issues with the raw product. I find the taste better with this variety and find the potency equal or perhaps even enhanced. I use less of the product for the same results (hormonal balancing) on 16th Jun 2015

    3. Maca Blend

      Great stuff. Nice taste. Air proof package helps keep it fresh. Nice price too. on 22nd May 2015

    4. Great product

      I have been taking Maca for about three years.The benefits are very good when taken as suggested.Finding a company that specializes in Maca was amazing.The quality of this product over what I was using in the past was incomparable.I will be a loyal customer to this provider of a great product. on 23rd Mar 2015

    5. Maca blend

      Very happy with the product. Have not been taking the product very long but already feeling positive effects. Great portion or the reasonable cost! I will be choosing the maca team for all my future maca product purchases. on 13th Mar 2015

    6. WORKS FOR ME!

      I have been taking Maca for a few years now and have tried several brands... some I've had to give away because it did not agree with my system. The Maca Team company is my #1 go-to brand and the gelatinized Maca blend is tasty and totally agrees with my system.
      I also feel very grateful that there is a company that focuses on high quality Maca... and I feel personally taken care of.
      I highly recommend!
      on 18th Feb 2015

    7. Great Value, great on my stomach!

      It seems I was sensitive to the raw maca, but this is great on my digestion. The 1kg size is a great value too! on 20th Dec 2014

    8. Excellent product - great customer service

      This is a great product! And the customer service is excellent. on 15th Jan 2014

    9. Best maca around!

      I am an athlete and have been using Maca for years. This is the best I have found after sampling many types and brands. The Maca Team crew also has great customer service and ships fast. on 8th Apr 2013

    10. great maca

      this gelatinzed maca taste great and doesn't upset my stomach. good price and fast delivery. on 11th Jan 2013

  • Warranty Information

    We guarantee all of our products to be fresh and perfectly packed and delivered in great condition. If you have any problem, let us know and we'll take care of it straight away. Thanks. - The Maca Team

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    Cost Per Day @ 3 Teaspons Daily: 44 cents