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Premium Maca Powder 1lb

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     Raw Organic Premium Maca Powder 1 lb (454 g - 16 oz)

    1 lb =  50 Servings @ 3t (9g) daily.  Works out to 76 cents per day.

    Our Premium Maca Root Powder is carefully and consciously grown, processed and handled.  It comes from an organic farming cooperative in and around Junin, Peru. We work only with producers who own and manage their lands at a local grass roots level.  The cooperative of farmers is committed both to organic farming and to producing the highest quality maca products available anywhere.  We're very happy to support their work.


    • Premium Maca Powder
    • About 30% Red, 30% Black and 40% Cream Maca Roots
    • Certified Organic – USDA and CCOF
    • 100% Raw – Never heated above 40 C (115 F)
    • GMO Free
    • Fair Trade
    • Vegan
    • Product of Peru



    Our Premium Maca  is the most potent Maca available.  It is created using a unique  process that preserves more of the vital nutrients in Maca.  Instead of being sundried after harvest, the fresh roots are immediately cleaned in a citrus solution, ground into a pulp and low temp dried.  This special processing leaves more glucosinolates in the final product.  Our Premium Maca contains a minimum of 1.4% glucosinlate content where our other raw products contain .8-1%.   The extra care and processing, makes our Premium Maca powder the finest we carry.  Compare all of our Maca powders here.

    Best Used For:

    This is a great all-purpose Maca for both Men and Women – especially since it contains a combination of the different root colors and is a higher potency product.

    Storage/Shelf Life:

    Maca keeps well for up to 24 months provided that it is stored in a sealed bag out of direct sunlight and at below 70% humidity.  (More storage and use tips)

    Suggested Use:

    1-3 teaspoons mixed in water, juice or smoothies daily.   (Complete serving guidelines)


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    Enjoy the day!

    Raw Maca

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    1. Amazing MACA!

      I have been looking for a Maca that I considered superb and having discovered Premium Maca, I am beyond thrilled with the results. I have been using Maca for several years now and I have to say this one is by far my favorite. I put it in my smoothie every morning and no longer need coffee - Love it! on 29th Jan 2017

    2. Good

      Like the health benefits and notice improvement especially in strength of nails and increase energy but having problems getting the powder to dissolve in my smoothies dispite using a ninja blender. I will probably purchase again but will try the capsules. I do not like the chalkiness of adding this in my drinks. Tried to exchange but was told that is not an option. on 3rd Jan 2017

    3. Very satisfied

      Nor only is the product of excellent quality, customer service is exceptional. Very rarely have I found a company that actually responds to questions on a personal level, rather than directing me to the FAQs. When I had a problem with my log in to my account, the owners actually contracted me to help me get this resolved.
      Couldn't be happier with this company
      on 30th Dec 2016

    4. Where to START.!!

      I absolutely recommend this product. The price is affordable, the packaging is informative just like the website, I haven't had any side effects, it taste good blended into a smoothie, no after taste. I do suggest for fitness purposes, that a good detox is done before taking this product. I'm transitioning to vegan and in the morning (6:00am for me) I drink a Maca smoothie on a empty stomach followed by a bottle of water. I have great natural energy all day, and no bad food cravings that can hinder my new diet and fitness goals.!! BTW I'm from New Orleans home of some of the best restaurants! (LoL) Thanks to THE MACA TEAM for sharing such a great product and I hope you enjoy your Max's as much as I do.!! on 11th Dec 2016

    5. LOVE MACA!!!!!!

      I drink a tablespoon of premium maca powder in a glass of water every morning before breakfast and it makes the difference!! I like the taste and it gives me a boost of energy to go along the whole day. I usually work out six times a week and maca powder really helps my muscles recovering fast and being ready for the next training!!
      It has also helped with balancing my hormones and has increased my focus!! I absolutely love it!!
      on 13th Nov 2016

    6. Great product value

      The price and speed of delivery are incredible compared to any other supplier. I'm not a fan of the taste of maca, but this recipe below is pretty good. I use 2 tablespoons, but recommendation to a newby would be 1-3 teaspoons.

      maca powder
      3/4 cups milk
      1/4 cup water (more or less for thickness)
      2 teaspoons vanilla extract
      1/4 cup peanut or other nut butter
      2 frozen bananas (save yourself the trouble and peel them before freezing)
      + a few ice cubes if you like colder smoothies

      I use a Vitamix and this recipe blends and tastes good.
      on 24th Oct 2016

    7. Maca works for me

      I just recently learned about Maca and am experimentally with usage. I feel very confident buying for the Maca Team. I drink tea and each morning when the tea gets low in my cup I add in some Maca. It's a little thick or gritty but I drink it down. Some days the taste is a little off putting and some days not. Almost immediately I found Maca to give me more energy. I used to take naps all the time and I've only had 1 nap in the last month. I'm in perimenopause and experiencing lots of different symptoms including hot flashes. I have found that my symptoms have greatly reduced. Right now using about 1 teaspoon per day. on 23rd Oct 2016

    8. Excellent for shakes and fast delivery.

      I was surprised to receive my order so fast. I like the taste and have it every morning in my shake. on 9th Oct 2016

    9. Clean, Finely Ground Premium Maca Gets 5 Stars

      I had purchased gelatinized Maca from Whole Foods and found it to be hard as a rock and have a strong flavor that took over my smoothies. The Premium Maca Powder from the Maca Team is so much fresher and cleaner looking and tasting. I feel more confident using it than I did the other stuff. on 13th Sep 2016

    10. Love this stuff!

      I mix a tablespoon of this product into my smoothie every morning and it's a great little energy boost. This has also helped with balancing my hormones and has even given me an increase in my libido. The taste can be a little off putting at first but it mixes really well with yogurt, almond/rice milk, avocados, and pineapple. Plus there are a ton of maca root smoothie recipes online in case you need some new ideas. on 20th Jul 2016

  • Warranty Information

    We guarantee all of our products to be fresh and perfectly packed and delivered in great condition. If you have any problem, let us know and we'll take care of it straight away. Thanks. - The Maca Team

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    Cost Per Day @ 3 Teaspons Daily: 76 cents