Steve Eckles - Triatholon

Name: steve-eckles-triatholon.jpgSteve Eckles

Sport : Triathlon


I just turned 60 years old last month (May 2021).

Professionally, as a Wine Industry Consultant and Insurance and Financial Services Agent I am on the go a lot and value my health fitness and wellness immensely. I am a Triathlete and have resolved to run a “solo-marathon” distance as so many events were cancelled last year. I completed my “solo 1/2 marathon” run distance last month to celebrate my birthday and currently run 22 miles/week and am ramping-up for my “solo-marathon” distance. I train 6 days a week, in any weather, year-round and cross-train with our home gym stationary bike and water rower. I plan to enter and compete in Salem, Oregon Ironman 70.3 in 2022. I will be training for ultra and trail races to come.

Our family diet in primarily plant-based utilizing Organic Superfoods and plenty of home-grown produce. 

Which Maca do you use:

I have experimented with many lesser-quality products on the market for nearly 3 years with mixed results. I have successfully tried The Maca Team’s Yellow, Black and now I am REALLY enjoying Organic Red Maca every morning. With The Maca Team’s direction, I will also begin using the Red Maca Extract and also share it with my wife for her overall health and to assist in treating decades-long hot flashes. My wife is a Natural Health Practitioner, Certified Herbalist, and retired Certified Massage and Sport Medicine therapist.

What does Maca do for you:

Maca consistently and naturally energizes me during my entire day. It give me an overall feeling of well-being, and confidence. It increases my my mental and physical focus and definitely improves my capacity for memory. I have been working and training more intensely yet recovering effortlessly and have been injury-free for nearly 24 months. The Maca Team Red Maca allows me to feel and look 20 years younger!

The Maca Team’s world-class products, customer-focused service and expertise are unequalled in my experience.

We are looking forward to using and enjoying more The Maca Team products and recipes. We will continue to recommend them to everyone!

Thank you to Steve for his support!


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