The Morning Motivator Blend

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The Morning Motivator

The Morning Motivator is a great tasting, caffeine-free, organic superfood blend designed to energize your day in a healthy way.

It contains just 5 certified organic ingredients:

  1. Heritage Harvest (tri-color) Gelatinized Maca Powder - for natural hormone balance and sustained energy
  2. Raw Cacao powder - for high antioxidants and mood elevation
  3. Raw Coconut sugar - for low glycemic sweetness
  4. Raw Mezquite powder - for fiber, protein and "nutty" goodness
  5. Raw Lucuma powder - for whole food carbs and a bit of tartness

Maca Coffee Specifications:

  • 100% Certified Organic – USDA and CCOF

  • Fair Trade
  • Non-GMO 
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Product of Peru

Maca Coffee Substitute Description:

We've created The Morning Motivator using the freshest, highest quality ingredients possible. Unlike coffee or tea, which put stress on your adrenal glands and cause an energy surge followed by an energy crash, The Morning Motivator is designed to boost your energy in a healthier and more sustained manner.

The Morning Motivator is:

  • A healthy substitute for coffee, tea or energy drinks maca-coffee-original-themacateam.
  • A great way to introduce maca to people who simply don't enjoy its flavor
  • An easy and tasty way to add more maca into your daily intake of food
  • A source of healthy energy for active and not-so-active people alike
  • A way to boost mental focus, concentration and creativity

The Morning Motivator is for:

  • Anyone wanting a healthy alternative to coffee, tea or energy drinks
  • Active people who want more energy through the day
  • Athletes looking to improve performance
  • Students wanting more focus
  • Artists and other creators
  • Kids and their parents
  • Business people looking for an edge
  • Travelers looking to keep their energy up
  • Fun lovers....

Important Serving Recommendations:

We recommend enjoying The Morning Motivator mixed into your favorite beverage, either warm or cool. Water and juice work well, but our favorite is almond or rice milk. You can also add The Morning Motivator into your smoothie blend.

Our experience with the blend show that 1 T of powder works well with 8 ounces (1 cup) of liquid. You can increase or decrease the amount to suit your tastes.

It's important to note that 1 T (9G) of The Morning Motivator contains 1 t (3g) of maca powder. Maca is a food and you can't take too much, so you may still take your standard daily serving of maca separately if you like.

The Morning Motivator is designed to energize you, so keep that in mind when you take it. We recommend taking it at the start of your day to get your energy moving or in the middle of your day to sustain your energy. If you take it later in the day, however, you may find it difficult to sleep.

Please note that results may vary from person to person.

A Fan Favorite Recipe: "Bulletproof" Morning


  • 8 ounces rice or almond milk - warm to your preferred temperature
  • 1 T Morning Motivator (more or less to taste)
  • 1-2 t - Coconut oil (melted)


Place all ingredients in a blender and mix thoroughly. Enjoy immediately. If you have any favorite ways to use The Morning Motivator please send them in and we'll share them with the rest of The Maca Team.


Please note that we are not doctors and that the answers below are not a substitute for medical advice. If you have any doubts about using The Morning Motivator please consult your preferred health care practitioner.

1. Q: Is The Morning Motivator Raw or Pre-Cooked? - A: The ingredients in The Morning Motivator are Raw except for the Maca, which is Gelatinized or pre-cooked. We've chosen to use gelatinized maca because it is suitable for all people, whereas Raw Maca can cause minor digestive issues for some people. Because gelatinized maca is more concentrated most of the nutrient levels remain consistent with raw maca.

2. Q: Do I also take my regular Maca, or is The Morning Motivator a replacement for that? - A: It really depends. 1 T of the blend contains 1 t of maca. If you are only taking 1 t of maca daily, you could use The Morning Motivator as a replacement. If you take more maca usually, then we'd recommend taking that as well - either with your Morning Motivator or separately.

3. Q: How many times a day can I take The Morning Motivator? - A: As a food, you can't really take "too much" and you take it a few times during the day (like having a few cups of coffee). That said, we'd suggest that you don't take it later in the day and not within 4 hours of bedtime.

4. Q: Will my heart rate increase when taking The Morning Motivator? - A: It shouldn't but for some people the mixture of cacao and maca does have that effect. If you notice an uncomfortable increase after taking the blend, please reduce the amount which you are taking by at least 1/2.

5. Q: Can I take The Morning Motivator if I have high blood pressure? - A: Because it contains maca powder, it is possible that the blend will help circulation and actually reduce blood pressure. Please monitor your blood pressure when using The Morning Motivator and consult with your health care provider for any questions you may have.

6. Q: Can I take The Morning Motivator if I have diabetes? - A: Type 2 diabetics can take the blend, but you should remember that the coconut sugar in the blend has an average glycemic index of 35. Although that is lower than table sugar (GI 58), it still shares many of the properties of sugar.  We also have an unsweetened version of the Morning Motivator.

7. Q: Can I take The Morning Motivator if I am pregnant or breast feeding? - A: Maca in general is used throughout pregnancy and breast feeding in Peru. We've also had many clients that have used it. That said, every body is different and it may not agree with some women during this phase of life. If that is the case for you, please discontinue using the blend.

8. Q: Can children take The Morning Motivator? - A: Yes, but in smaller amounts. About 1/2 T per 50 lbs of weight is a good starting place.

9. Q: Are there any side effects? - A: None that we've seen so far. Remember that this blend only contains whole foods that are eaten regularly by people all over the world.

10. Q: Can I take The Morning Motivator with my medications, herbs, supplements? - A: The general answer is that the blend is a food and should not interfere with any herbs, supplements or medications. However, if you have any doubts, we recommend that you take only a small amount to start with and monitor your reaction.

If you have any other questions please let us know.

Allergy Statement: The Morning Motivator contains no nuts or seeds and is processed and packaged in a nut-free environment.

Enjoy the day!

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Gelatinized Tri-Color Maca Root Powder, Raw Cacao Powder, Raw Coconut Sugar, Raw Mezquite, Raw Lucuma


1 lb (454g) = 45 servings at 9g daily


Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan

Country of Origin


Container and Storage

Foil Lined, Double Sealed, 100% Opaque Resealable Bag. 24 month shelf life when kept out of direct light and in a sealed container.


Blended and packaged on demand.

Suggested Use

3-9 g daily, mixed in water, smoothies or other recipes

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