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Maca is in extremely high demand globally and prices are going up very quickly. We recommend stocking up now if you are able! More details here... And Please Sign Our Petition To Save Peruvian Maca Here...

Why Choose Us?

Thanks for stopping by this page.  We appreciate the opporunity to share with you how The Maca Team is different and what you can expect when you choose us.  

We are a small family run company with 100% of our focus on Maca.  We are passionate about Maca and our mission is simple:  to provide our customers with the best in  fresh, organic, premium quality Maca powders at fair prices.  

Our single minded dedication allows us to do several things better than other companies. 

  1. We provide the best selection of Maca products anywhere in the world.  
  2. We supply only the best quality products.  We've trialed and continue to test many hundreds of Maca powders to find the most potent and effective ones.  
  3. We sell only organic products.  Our farms in Peru only grow organically, without the macca rootuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  They also only grow traditionally, meaning that the land is allowed regular rest and is fertilized naturally.  We are very happy to support these organic farms as traditional agriculture produces better quality Maca and preserves the land for future generations.
  4. We sell only the freshest Maca products.    Maca is harvested one time per year - between June and August.  We only sell Maca from the current year's harvest. Because we order in smaller lots, our Maca powder is continually made fresh.  Most of the time it is in our customer's hands withn 3-4 months of being produced.   Bigger Maca sellers order in huge bulk shipments - think whole shipping containers here - and their Maca can often sit around for up to 2 years before it gets out to the customers. 
  5. We take great care that our Maca is packaged properly.   We use a foil lined double sealed totally opaque bag for our powders and safety sealed amber jars for our capsules.  This ensures that the enemies of the potency of Maca - light, humidity and oxygen - are kept at bay.   The clear bags and jars that other companies use are much cheaper, but we simply don't compromise on that. 
  6. We ensure fair prices for everyone.  We pay above market price for our products so that the farmers are treated well, but we don't pass that on to you.
  7. In addition to the quality of our products, we strive to offer the most complete information on the benefits of Maca powder anywhere.  We avoid hyperbole and cite scientific research whenever possible. 
  8. We also take pride in excellent customer service.   The  bottom line is that we value our customers and treat them the way we like to be treated.  

You Can Count On The Maca Team For:

Friendly and prompt service to resolve any issueswhat is maca
Excellent support with any questions you may have
Assurance of freshness and high quality
100% GMO Free (Peru is actually 100% GMO Free)
100% Organic
Fair Trade
Fair Prices

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A Message from The Founder and Owner

benefits of maca root powderThe story of The Maca Team starts with me  in 1999.  Maca was much less known outside of Latin America market than it is today and there were only a handful of companies promoting it in the U.S.   I first tried it on the recommendation of a friend who was a raw food nutrition expert and I noticed a difference, especially in my energy levels and my mood, after about 2 weeks.  Unfortunately my supply ran out quickly and I had a hard time finding more.

Over the next couple of years I tried many brands of Maca powder and discovered a wide variety of quality, consistency and potency.   Some powders worked really well while others had little to no effect.   (Knowing what I now know about Maca, I believe that this was due to how the roots were grown and processed and stored).

After lots of trial and error I finally found  Maca powder that I really, really liked in 2003.   It comes from a small organic farming co-operative located in Junin, Peru and I noticed the difference right away in terms of quality, taste, freshness and efficacy.   Shortly afterwards, I started sharing this Maca with friends and then finally in 2004 decided to sell it publicly on my old natural health website.   Sales went well and a couple years later I launched The Maca Team as a full fledged business to be able to provide high quality Maca to more people.

We started out with just myself and one other person shipping out one kind of Maca (our Cream Maca) and grew from there.  Now, I’m happy to say that  we have developed the most complete line of  organic Maca products available anywhere.  I’m really happy and proud to be able to offer our customers this variety.

Even as we grow, we carefully maintain our quality and service values as a small company.   My top concerns are the quality of our products and  that all questions are answered carefully and accurately.   

We’re not the biggest Maca company out there, but we strive to be the best and friendliest.  We want you to enjoy your experience with Maca as much as we have.   In the end  we only succeed when you do.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us.

Enjoy the day!


Mark Ament, owner