Premium Gelatinized Tri-Color Maca

Premium Gelatinized Tri-Color Maca Additional Information

Premium gelatinized tri-color maca products are made from a blend of about 40% yellow, 30% red and 30% black maca roots.   Premium maca root products are carefully processed and pre-cooked to help activate some nutrients and remove starch content.  The result is a nutrition packed maca that is easy to digest.  premium-gelatinized-tri-color-maca-root-products.jpg

How Is Premium Tri-Color Maca Different?

Containing a blend of all 3 maca colors, we call these maca products “Heritage Harvest” because the tri-color mix is the way that people in the Andes have traditionally eaten maca. After select maca roots are harvested, they are immediately dried in large dehydrators and then “gelatinized.”   Gelatinization is a process in which maca is heated to high temperatures (160F / 70C). The heat causes the starch molecules in maca to irreversibly dissolve and the result is a powder that has had some of its nutrients compromised but is easier to digest than raw maca. It’s important to note that nothing is added to maca during the gelatinization process.

The advantages of using Gelatinized Tri-Color Maca products:

  • Easier digestion - because the starch is removed
  • More concentrated nutrients - the absence of starch means that gram for gram, Gelatinized Maca is more concentrated than Raw Maca

The disadvantage of using a Gelatinized Tri-Color Maca product is:

  •  Loss of some nutrients including enzymes and Vitamin C due to the heat used in gelatinization

Overview: Sundried vs. Premium Macasundried-vs.-premium-graphic-v.3-3.jpgIs Gelatinized Maca Right For You?

If you have a sensitive stomach or any other issue with digestion, then gelatinized maca root products are the best choice for you.   The reason is simple.  While raw maca can cause temporary symptoms like bloating, gas or upset stomach (in about 5% of people), gelatinized maca simply will not do so.  Our customers report similar benefits from gelatinized and raw maca powders, so if you are unsure, gelatinized maca may be a better choice for you.

Several researchers have studied tri-color maca and found that:

  • Maca stimulates improved athletic performance, including stamina and strength
  • Maca supports concentration, memory and overall brain function
  • Maca is nutrient dense with 60% carbohydrates, 12 crucial minerals, 10 vitamins, over 40 fatty and amino acids and 4 unique glucosinolates – a true superfood.
  • Maca has been used for over 2,000 years as a nutritionally dense superfood to promote endurance, vitality, fertility and libido in populations living at very high elevations.

 Based on this research and our experience with tri-color maca we recommend it for:

  • Men and women wanting to consume the traditional blend of Maca colors
  • Athletes, both men and women, looking for extra stamina and strength
  • Anyone looking to improve memory, concentration and focus skills with Maca
  • All people taking Maca to improve their bone strength and density

It Is Available In: gelatinized-premium-maca-root-products-from-the-maca-team.jpg

Premium gelatinized tri-color maca root powder (3 sizes)

Enjoying maca in powder form is the least expensive and most versatile way to add maca to your diet. Our premium gelatinized tri-color maca powder is very finely ground and mixes well into smoothies, drinks and other recipes.  It has a rich taste and a darker color than premium raw maca.  Note that the taste may be a bit stronger or spicier than standard maca powders.

Premium gelatinized tri-color maca root capsules

Our maca capsules are made from vegetable cellulose and therefore 100% vegan.  We fill our capsules in house and because of that we can be sure that they contain only 100% pure maca powder.   We never use fillers, flow-agents or additives of any kind.  Maca capsules are more expensive but they offer convenience and precision in serving size compared to maca powders.

The Maca Team Difference

We are a small family run company with our entire focus on maca.  Our only mission is to provide our customers with fresh, high quality, organic, Non-GMO maca products from Peru at fair prices.   Because of our single-minded dedication, we are able to provide the best selection of high quality maca products anywhere.  We also take pride in expert, friendly customer service.  When you order with us you can count on fast shipping and full support with any issues or questions. The bottom line is that we use the products we sell, and we treat our customers like we want to be treated.

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