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Where to Buy Maca Powder - High Quality Maca

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Once you’ve read about Maca root powder and learned about the many potential benefits of this superfood, you’ll likely be excited to make that first purchase and start using it. That's great, but a word of caution before proceeding: don’t buy it from the first source you find online, though! There are many types and different qualities of Maca on the market and it's easy enough to get confused on which brands to trust and on which products are best for your particular situation. We've written this article to help you get the most from the amazing Maca plant from the Peruvian Andes. If you expect to maximize the benefits of adding Maca products to your daily routines, please do your research here and read up on the information on this site. We hope after doing so, you'll feel confident in knowing where to buy maca root powder that’s pure, organic, and can pass along all the health benefits you’ve read about!High Quality Maca Root

One: Consider the quality of the source - as with any food, not all products are the same

Many reviews boast about the positive health benefits of Maca root compared to other vitamins and supplements. They focus on the common potential effects of Maca such as boosting energy levels, balancing hormones, reducing hot flashes, increased fertility and improving sexual dysfunction to name a few. These are all indeed possible when taking this Peruvian root powder as we carefully outline in our extensive Maca benefits page (link: However, these types of health gains come only when using Maca that is properly grown, produced and packaged. If any website promises to be the best place to purchase your Maca, but offer exceedingly low prices, please beware. Typically, those low prices are often indicative of filler ingredients or subpar Chinese grown Maca that might create adverse effects that will do more harm than good. We've actually seen so called pure Maca powder that has been cut with yam or sweet potato powder.

At minimum you should ask the following questions about any product that you consider purchasing. Note that any competent brand will be able to answer these questions easily and quickly.

1.Is this a product grown in Peru?

Maca is native to the high Andes and grows best there. Start by looking for a Maca supplier that purchases their Maca right from the source in South America. The best Maca suppliers are fair trade and pay their farmers slightly above market price.

2.Is this actually organic Maca?

Maca is easy to grow organically as few pests bother it.

3.If it is organic Maca powder, when and how is it being processed and stored?

Maca has a 3 year shelf life, but for maximum results should be processed and packaged vey shortly before going to market.

4.Is this Maca GMO free?

Maca root from Peru is free of any GMOs, but China has 7 GMO patents for Maca. For that reason, you’ll want to find a supplier that’s certified organic and GMO free, so you know you aren’t getting any unwanted chemicals or hormones with your Maca powder, or root.

Two: Make sure you are getting the right kind of product for you

There are several types of Organic Maca root powder available. After reading this summary, we invite you to see this page, which will give a full explanation of each type (link:

1.After Maca root is grown, it is processed either into raw Maca powder or gelatinized Maca powder (which has been pre-cooked). While each type is advantages and disadvantages, the most important thing to note is that gelatinized Maca has had its starch content removed and is therefore a bit easier to digest than raw Maca. If you are someone with sensitive digestion or susceptible at all to stomach issues, you should always go for a pre-cooked version of the powder.

2.Beyond being available just as a powder, you can also get Maca capsules or Maca extract. Both of these are easier to take than the powder. Instead of mixing the powder into smoothies or other drinks you simply take the capsules and/or extracts orally. While this does increase the price of the product a bit, it is a convenient way to get Maca powder benefits in another form. And it does make Maca easier to take with you on the go - for example to work or when you're traveling. In our office we enjoy having a liquid extract to give us a little boost throughout the day as needed.

3.Finally you should understand that Maca grows in various colors. Yellow Maca, Red Maca, Black Maca and a blend of all three are are the four that are most commonly available. Historically, these colors where eaten all together, but research has revealed that the content of vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids, fatty acids and other nutrients are different among the colors.

Three: Maca sure you know how to properly take Maca

High Quality Maca

A lot of people starting out on Maca think that it is going to work like a medicine. But we want to remind you that Maca

 is truly and in essence a food. It has been eaten as a simple cruciferous vegetable for 1000s of years in the highlands of South America. And even, now while Maca pills and extracts are now considered supplements, the quality ones come from the same source, which of cours is the simple root. Understanding that, it's important to give Maca enough time to work in your system. You really should take it for at least one month. For some people effects will be seen earlier. This is common among postmenopausal women, for example. And for others, for example men looking to increase their sperm count, it may take a few months to work fully. In addition to staying consistent with your Maca, you should really make sure that you are taking the proper amount. Too little may not have the effect you are looking for. We do offer a complete serving guide with all of our products and on this website in our FAQs section. Please have a look there if you have any questions regarding how much Maca to take. Also, remember that since Maca is a food, it's not really possible to take "too much." People in the mountains where it grows enjoy between 50 and 100 grams (1.7-3.5 ounces) of fresh root daily. That's between 10 and 30 grams (.3 - 1 ounce) of dried Maca powder.

In conclusion, we khow that this article has been informative and gives you a better idea of how to navigate the world of online Maca products. All the hype concerning the so-called "peruvian ginseng" can be somewhat disconcerting. As a company we've always avoided this hype and instead focused on understanding and sharing the benefits of maca in a realistic and honest way instead of just selling it to make a buck off of superfood fans. When you are looking for a place to buy your Maca, we sincerely hope that you will take some time and check out The Maca Team!

Finally, we want to assure you that we value fast shipping, old fashioned customer service as much as we value sourcing the best products available anywhere from our amazing farmers Peruvian farmers. If you have any questions about any of our products or our service, please simply send an email or hop on the phone. We are a family run company with people who sincerely care about both quality and your success in using this amazing adaptogen.

Enjoy your day!

The Maca Team. 

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