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Maca - A Natural Method for Elevating and Uplifting your Mood

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If you’re interested in discovering how maca root can support overall happiness and feelings of wellness, you’re in the right place.  In this article we’ll take a comprehensive look at maca for mood enhancement, including research, testimonials and suggested use.   Scroll down to start the article or click on any link below to jump to that section of the article.   


Introduction to Maca Root

What exactly is maca root? The maca plant, scientifically known as Lepidium meyenii walpers, is a root vegetable that grows in the Andes mountains at extreme altitudes. Maca root has been cultivated in Peru and Bolivia for centuries.  Natives of the region have used it for numerous purposes: as a dietary staple, as a medicine and as a food for livestock to enhance health and virility.   

Today, maca is still praised for its high nutritional value. ( Maca root contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. It’s considered a superfood, low in calories and high in nutrients. This includes 2 that are entirely unique to maca root: macaenes and macamides.  These nutrients are thought to be key to maca’s hormone balancing properties. 


Is Maca Good for Mood?

We talk a lot about maca’s physiological effects, like its energy-boosting and fertility-enhancing qualities, but did you know that maca root can also help improve your mood? Maca doesn’t just impact your body - it can absolutely affect your mood, too. We don’t just mean “the” mood, either. One of maca’s best-known attributes is its impact on the libido, sure. But maca has also been found to reduce feelings of anxiety (  and depression, ( improving overall emotional well-being.

How Maca Works to Uplift Mood

hHow to Use Maca to help with Mood

Maca certainly can help increase energy and reduce physical fatigue, ( but it’s also been found to cut down on mental and emotional fatigue. How does it do this? There are a number of reasons maca acts as a mood-booster. 

  • Maca contains flavonoids, which are linked to improving mood and reducing anxiety. (

  • Maca is considered an adaptogen. Adaptogens ( are naturally-occurring substances that help the body achieve some sense of balance, and that can mean a balance of anything from hormones to - you guessed it - your mood. 

  • Maca is rich in nutrients. This abundance of key nutrients including vitamins B1 and B2, calcium, magnesium, and more nourishes your body and its ability to respond to outside stressors, whether they’re physical or psychological.

  • Maca is also known to support optimal hormone balance.   Hormones such as dopamine, cortisol, serotonin and adrenaline all impact our feelings and moods.   When these are in a state of balance we tend to feel more optimism, positive expectation and overall happiness. 

While researchers are still working on understanding the principles behind these effects, there’s no denying their veracity based on the experiences of maca users world wide.


What Science Says About Maca For Mood

How to Use Maca Powder to Elevate Your Mood

To date there are several medical research studies that focus at least partially on how maca affects mood.  While scientists have yet to isolate the exact mechanism of maca’s ability to enhance our mood, their research is promising.    

In 2016 a second study, this time on humans, would determine that regular dosage of maca root produced improvements in “quality of life” parameters relating to sexual desire, energy, health, and of course, mood.


Maca for Mood - Words From Our Customers

In over 20 years of sourcing and selling the highest quality Peruvian grown maca products anywhere, we’ve received thousands of reviews and testimonials regarding our products. A good number of these have included mood enhancement as part of the benefits people experience when taking maca. Here is a sampling of some of those. Read all of our customer feedback.  


"I am SO beyond grateful for this stuff. I could cry from gratitude. It works so well and I'm only 3 weeks in. I feel happier, I get stressed less, and have way less depression. My libido has gone up and my hormones are doing better already. I used to get so sick and emotional days before my period and on it, and this round I cleaned the house and only cried once. I had energy. It's nuts how well this works. I can think clearer. I wish everyone had this product. It has saved my relationship too. Makes me easily appreciative. I don't feel like death 24/7 anymore. And can say I'm happy a lot more. I was getting suicidal by how off I was but this stuff really turned it around so quickly. I'm so grateful. I can't wait to see how much more things change in the next few months continually taking this stuff. I would give it ten stars if I could. I've been telling everyone about it because I believe we all have unbalanced hormones and need help. " - Thacia


    "Hi, I started taking your red maca about 6 weeks ago and noticed a real difference right away, especially in my energy level and mood. I have been suffering from severe adrenal fatigue for almost 2 years so to have more energy and feel better so quickly was like a gift from heaven!" - Leah


    "The taste is incredible! To me it tastes like earthy, creamy, vanilla-y goodness! I can also already see a difference in my apathetic performance, sex drive and overall mood. I can't say enough good things about this company and the products! I highly recommend this product!" - Lauren Sawyer


  "The product is absolutely perfect, it’s a really versatile powder with many benefits and uses, can be consumed in itself or cooked with, both of which have tremendous health benefits, I’m still just exploring the full benefits that Maca has to offer, but I firmly believe that there is lot more than just what meets the eye, maximum benefits can be seen over a period of usage, I usually use about 2 teaspoons a day, mostly cook with it, it helps with various different problems, I had some nervous breakdown issues for which I think the Maca really helped me channel my inner peace and find my zen, funny as it sounds, it’s true. Love this product, Love the Maca team, Full support!" - Divyan Chris


    "Both my husband and I have more energy..that is a good thing:) And my hormones are staying balanced so I am happy:)" - Wanda


   "I really didn't know what to expect when I added this to one of my smoothies for the first time. It wasn't until later in the day that I noticed a revitalization or a bounce in my step that I had not noticed before. I also noticed being more calm and settled within myself. I liked this so well I tried it on my 79-year-old neighbor and she came to me wanting more of it! We both give this two thumbs up!!" - Vicki Smith


Which Maca is Best for Mood?


 Many of the studies on maca for mood have centered on the use of red and black maca root, with red maca root in particular demonstrating mood-improving effects. If you are new to maca we recommend our gelatinized (pre-cooked) red maca products to start with.  That is because the process of gelatinization removes starch content and makes maca easy to digest.   You could also start with a red maca liquid extract instead.  These are easy to take with you on the go.  Ideally, you could combine both the powder/capsules and the extract for maximum results.    All of our maca products are sourced exclusively from our farming co-operative in Peru and are certified organic, Fair Trade, and non-GMO.  They are shipped to us in small batches at the peak of the season, ensuring that you get the freshest maca possible.

How to Use Maca for Mood

How to Increase Mood for Men

  • Make maca a habit! If you want to see real results, expect to keep up with your maca routine for at least 6-8 weeks for the best possible outcome.

  • Maca is a food, so it should be part of a healthy diet and exercise routine.

  • Start small. Your maca serving size will vary from person to person, but will probably range between 1-3 teaspoons of maca powder a day depending on your weight and goals. You can’t “overdose” on maca, but if you have any concerns you can always consult with a licensed medical professional before making maca a daily habit.

  • We recommend consuming your maca early in the morning with your breakfast, so you can feel its benefits throughout the day. 

Check out our Maca FAQs for more information!

 Final Words on Maca for Mood

Maca root is a superfood and a powerful adaptogen that, as part of a balanced diet, may help contribute toward an overall improved mood. Modern research and historical testimony alike speak to the impact it can have on emotional wellbeing, nourishing your mind as much as your body. While the research is ongoing, you may find maca root to be a source of positive change in your life. 

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Enjoy the day!

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