The Maca Team No Longer Sells On Amazon

As you may have seen our products are no longer for sale on Amazon as of Jan 2021.   After 9+ years we have decided to end our relationship with them.   Amazon has made it increasingly difficult for our small family run company to sell on their platform over the past months.    Ever increasing fees, further limits on how we can communicate with customers, product restrictions and a difference in core values are some of the things that have contributed to our decision.   
To all of you who are used to buying our products on Amazon, we are happy to have you here.   We really care about our customers, farmers, vendors and every person we deal with in this business.   Simply put, we aim to treat everyone as we ourselves want to be treated.   High quality Maca products make a difference for people everyday and we are grateful to be involved in sharing them with the world.   Thank you for being part of that too.

Purchasing directly with us come with some advantages:

  • Whenever you need support, you will be able to speak with our customer service who work directly for us and who are truly Maca experts
  • You get fast shipping – our warehouse ships out every weekday (other than Holidays)
  • You get access to our entire product range – never available on Amazon
  • You will be supporting a small independent company that is 100% dedicated to Maca
  • You can join our rewards program to earn points toward future purchases
  • You receive our exclusive customer appreciation sale coupons when they are released

If you have any questions, please let us know.  We're always happy to help.

Also, you may want to give our "Maca Finder" tool a try - to see what Maca we recommend for you. 

Enjoy the day!


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