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Welcome to the most complete selection of Peruvian grown Maca products anywhere. All the products you find here are Organic, GMO-free, fair trade and fresh.   If you already know which type of Maca you are looking for, great!  Just go ahead and click to category below.   But if you do need help deciding which Maca is right for you please visit our complete  Maca comparision page here.

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Raw Sundried Maca Powders, Capsules and Extracts

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Raw Premium Maca Powders, Capsules and Extracts

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Gelatinized Sundried Maca Powders, Capsules and Chips

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Gelatinized Premium Maca Powders and Capsules

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All Maca Capsules


Whole Maca Root Chips


Liquid Maca Extracts


The Morning Motivator


Maca Sampler Packs 

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