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In this article, we'll have a closer look at how maca may be helpful for overcoming some symptoms of ED.    Click on the links below to skip to each section.Black Maca Chips from The Maca Team


It’s estimated that a little over 50% of all men experience some form of ED (erectile dysfunction) in the United States.   And that percentage goes up (5-15%) as men age.   With such high numbers, a wide variety of treatments for ED have developed in the past decades.  Among the more natural approaches to treating ED stands maca root.   This simple root vegetable has been used for 1000s of years with a large number of reported benefits.   But can it actually help with ED?   There has been a lot of hype around this question and in this article we’ll dispel some of the myths and exaggerations regarding maca for erectile dysfunction as well as give you a good idea of what to expect when adding maca to your life. 

Understanding ED

Erectile dysfunction is characterized by the consistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. It is a complicated condition and can arise due to a range of various factors either by themselves or taken together.   These factors include age, chronic conditions (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.), hormonal imbalances, psychological factors (stress, anxiety, etc.), and lifestyle choices (smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, etc.).Maca for ED

Changing some lifestyle habits such as losing weight, exercising, quitting smoking and minimizing alcohol use as well as therapy for anxiety and stress are some of the conservative approaches men take to treat ED.   Other more medical treatments include medications such as “Viagra” and testosterone replacement therapy, which are both aimed at enhancing blood flow.   

But what about natural treatments?   Are there herbs or foods that can help?   That’s where some people say that maca root comes in.  

What Exactly Is Maca Root?

Maca root (lepidium meyenii) is a cruciferous vegetable that grows in the high Andes mountains of Peru and Bolivia.  Natives to the area have used it as a food and medicine source for 1000s of years.  Traditionally it is considered to help with reproductive health, libido, energy levels and overall hormone balance.   Over the past several decades maca root has emerged as a leading superfood worldwide due to the many benefits associated with consuming it.   In particular, maca works to help the endocrine system achieve a balanced level of hormones.  Because hormones are related to so many crucial processes in the body, maca can indeed help on a variety of levels.  

How Maca Root Works

In terms of sexual health, maca has been used as a “traditional medicine” to enhance fertility, increase libido, and improve sexual function.  Why would this be?   Research is still ongoing, but we do know that maca is able to support sexual health in the following ways:couple-enjoying-maca.jpg

  1. Hormonal Regulation: Maca root contains unique compounds that may help balance hormone levels, including testosterone. Testosterone plays a vital role in sexual function, and low levels are often associated with erectile dysfunction. By potentially stimulating the endocrine system, maca root may contribute to optimizing hormone levels, consequently improving sexual health.
  2. Enhanced Blood Flow: An essential aspect of achieving and maintaining an erection is adequate blood flow to the penile region. Maca root has been suggested to possess vasodilatory properties, meaning it may help relax blood vessels and improve circulation. This effect could promote blood flow to the penis, supporting erectile function.
  3. Reduced Anxiety and Stress: Psychological factors, such as stress and anxiety, can significantly impact sexual performance. Maca root is believed to possess adaptogenic properties, which may help the body adapt and respond to stress more effectively. By reducing stress and anxiety levels, maca root might indirectly contribute to the improvement of erectile dysfunction.
  4. Sperm Motility and Semen Quality: Studies have shown that regular intake of maca can increase both the quantity and the quality of sperm.  

The Hype About Maca for ED

Given its historical and traditional importance, maca has been promoted as a one-to-one substitute for ED drugs such as Viagra or Cialis.   Over the years, we’ve seen several articles and videos encouraging men to try maca instead of these medications.   Unfortunately, in this case the hype is certainly not real.    Maca root does not work at all like ED medicines.   You simply can’t expect to start taking maca one day and eliminate your ED the next.    

That doesn’t mean that maca isn’t good for your overall sexual health (and health in general).  Over time, with consistent use, men have reported improved performance when using maca.   They have also reported better energy levels, increased focus, better workouts, hair growth and more.   All those things make maca an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle.   

Still, when it comes to eliminating ED, men should have realistic expectations of what maca is capable of.  

What The Research Says

The first study published regarding maca and ED was in 2004.    The study concluded maca has some degree of efficacy with mild ED based on its ability to improve nitric-oxide activity.   Another study, published in 2009, followed several men with mild ED and concluded that, “our data support a small but significant effect of Maca supplementation on subjective perception of general and sexual well-being in adult patients with mild ED.”  Beyond these two studies, little more has been done to scientifically confirm maca’s effectiveness in ED treatment.   The few other available published papers all call for more research to be undertaken.   

Based on the available research it’s fair to say that maca has shown some promise for improving sexual health, including ED, but more research and specific research on this topic is needed to make any definitive statements in this regard. 

What Some Customers Say

In over 2 decades of selling high-quality Peruvian grown maca products, we’ve received thousands of reviews and testimonials for all sorts of benefits that maca is associated with.  We do have many detaiing from both men and women detailing maca’s impact on libido, but just a handful of those have anything to do with ED specifically.   

Here are a few examples of the “best case scenario” results we’ve received.  

"I bought a couple pounds of black maca beginning April 2017 and based on the weight ratio for my 255lbs I have been consuming 6 tsp's. per day.  WOW! What a difference already.  I'm 67 years old and when I turned 67 everything just decided not to work.  I couldn't get and erection or stay hard. My erection would faded away in about 1-2 minutes. But I can truly say that after almost four weeks I have no doubt that black maca has changed my mental and physical state of mind. I wake up sometime with an erection in the middle of the night like twenty. Then I laugh to myself and thank you Lord Jesus for directing to The Maca Team’s site. I will be ordering a few more pounds very shortly. I want to make sure that I don’t.t run out.” – Carl T.

"Hubby, once again, waking with morning wood. Energized and frisky. Noticed a difference, after only a week. Taking it for fertility, and vitality. Hubby 230 lbs, 4 tablets upon waking." - Anni K.

"My main reason for taking this product was because my sex drive was low and I was having ED issues due to my medication for anxiety and depression. This stuff works! My libido is doing wonderfully now and ED is a thing of the past for me!" - Marcus

"I have been using The Maca Team black maca capsules for some time now mainly for their value as a good vitamin and mineral supplement.  I am now 68 years in perfect health in all ways.  I feel Black Maca has improved by general health and sexual well-being and will continue to use it as my only medication.  Your delivery service is second to none Thank you." Lloyd Westbrook

"I am almost 60 and my wife is 48. I was starting having problems keeping up with her in the bedroom.  I was interested in maca after reading about its potential effects on libido. I've been taking 8 capsules a day of the gelatinized black maca capsules and the results have been nothing short of amazing.  I've had no problem with any side effects, and just ordered three more jars." – Don

"I'm not tired even when exercising and fasting. Also, for the men, be prepared to have morning wood again lol!" - Steve

What To Realistically Expect When Taking Maca for ED

Just because other men have had positive results with using maca for this purpose, doesn’t mean that all men expect the same.   The causes of ED are complicated and maca may not help in all cases.    That said, taking maca root comes with a variety of other benefits that people experience on a more consistent basis.  

When you take maca for ED, here’s what to realistically expect:

  • Maca is not magic – maca is a food and not a drug or medicine.  It does not work like a medicine.  Do not expect to take it and receive immediate results.
  • Maca builds up over time – to achieve benefits from maca it’s important to stay consistent with your serving size and to take it daily.  Most people experience results within 3-4 weeks of starting with maca, but for others it simply takes longer.   
  • Maca does not contain testosterone – maca works to balance the hormonal system but it does not contain hormones itself.  As hormones levels change, some people notice differences in energy levels, drive, hair growth, etc.  
  • More energy is likely – most people feel more energetic, more positive and overall better when taking maca over time.  This can lead to more exercise and healthier lifestyle choices in general.
  • Libido may increase – this is actually fairly common for people taking maca for sexual wellness.

Which Maca To Take?

Our top recommendation for men taking maca for ED and increased performance is black maca.   We offer it in a variety of forms, from whole chips to liquid extracts.   See our black maca page for further information.  


Final Words

While further research is needed to establish the precise mechanisms and efficacy of maca root in addressing erectile dysfunction, preliminary findings and its historical use provide at least some reasons for optimism. As a natural remedy, maca root offers potential benefits, such as hormonal regulation, improved blood flow, and stress reduction, all of which may contribute to enhanced sexual health. However, it is essential to approach maca root as a complementary approach and consult competent healthcare professionals for personalized advice and guidance.

We hope this article has helped you.  If you have any further questions please let us know.

Enjoy the day!


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