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Maca Recipes


Here are some of our favorite Maca recipes.  We hope that they help you get the most out of enjoying Maca.  Some of them are simple and some more complex.   Some are meant to help you to take your exact daily Maca serving, while others are meant to add the taste and nutrition of Maca to enjoyable gourmet recipes.   We've included both raw and cooked recipes and have categorized them below.  Enjoy!

Simple Maca Drinks

These are among the most basic Maca recipes that we know of.  They offer a variety of ways to enjoy your daily serving of Maca powder.   

simple-maca-recipe-small.jpgSuper Simple Vegan Maca Milk Recipe - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free
maca-hot-chocolate-small.jpgOrganic Maca Hot Chocolate - Vegan - Gluten Free

maca-cappuccino-recipe-small.jpgMaca Superfood Cappuccino - Vegan - Gluten Free
maca-juice-recipe-small.jpgMaca Power Juice Recipe - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free
maca-tonic-tea-small.jpgCoconut Maca Mate Tea - Vegan - Gluten Free
maca-tea-recipe-small.jpgMaca Tea Recipe - Vegan -Gluten Free
maca-cleansing-drink-recipe-small.jpgMaca Cleansing Drink Recipe - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free

maca-energy-smoothie-1-small.jpgMaca Energy Smoothie - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free
iced-macha-mocha-frappe-small.jpgIced Maca Mocha Frappe - Vegan - Gluten Free

citrus-maca-morning-jumpstart-small.jpgCitrus Maca Morning Jumpstart -  Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free

Maca Smoothies

Many people enjoy their daily serving of Maca root powder mixed into a delicious smoothie.   Smoothies are one of the quickest and easiest ways to incorporate Maca into your diet.

maca-apple-strudel-smoothie-small.jpgMaca Apple Strudel Smoothie - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free
pumpkin-pie-maca-smoothie-small.jpgPumpkin Maca Superfood Smoothie - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free
chocolate-and-cinnamon-red-maca-smoothie-small.jpgChocolate Cinnamon Red Maca Smoothie - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free
maca-and-chia-smoothie-small.jpgMaca and Chia Smoothie - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free
maca-superfood-citrus-smoothie-small.jpgMaca Powder Citrus Superfood Smoothie - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free
maca-peanut-butter-shake-recipe-small.jpgMaca Peanut Butter Smoothie - Vegan - Gluten Free
maca-green-food-smoothie-smoothie.jpgMaca Green Food Smoothie - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free
maca-strawberry-banana-smoothie-small.jpgMaca Strawberry Banana Smoothie - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free
maca-protein-bodybuilder-smoothie-small.jpgMaca Protein Body Builder Smoothie - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free

warm-winter-maca-smoothie-small.jpgWarm Winter Maca Smoothie - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free

Raw Maca Treats

Maca's caramel or malty flavor certainly goes well with many dessert type dishes.  This is a collection of some of our favorite Maca recipes for raw food sweet treats. 

raw-maca-recipe-strawberry-sundae-small.jpgMaca Coconut Whip Strawberry Sundae - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free
chocolate-truffles-that-tastes-like-nutella-vegan-small.jpgVegan Chocolate Truffles That Taste Like Nutella - Vegan - Gluten Free
vegan-maca-blondies-small.jpgVegan Maca Blondies - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free
simple-maca-fruit-salad-small.jpgSimple Maca Fruit Salad - Raw- Vegan - Gluten Free
maca-energy-snack-bars-small.jpgMaca Energy Snack Bars - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free
maca-durian-pudding-small.jpgMaca Durian Pudding Recipe - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free

Cooked Maca Treats

It's also possible to create amazing cooked desserts and treats with Maca.   These recipes take a little more time to prepare and a not a substitute for enjoying a daily serving of Maca, but they are a great way to get Maca into the daily diet of reluctant family members and friends.

creamy-vegan-pumpkin-pie-with-maca-small.jpgCreamy Vegan Pumpkin Pie With Maca
sourdough-blueberry-red-maca-muffins-small.jpgSourdough Blueberry Maca Muffins
maca-coconut-macaroons-recipe-small.jpgMaca Coconut Macaroons - Gluten Free
maca-pancakes-small.jpgVegan Maca Pancakes - Vegan - Gluten Free
maca-oatmeal-small.jpgEasy Maca Oatmeal - Vegan - Gluten Free

mazamorra-de-maca-smaill.jpgMazamorra de Maca - Traditional Maca Recipe

Savory Raw Maca Dishes

Finding Maca recipes for savory dishes is a little harder to do.  We have uncovered a few and are continually on the lookout for more.  These dishes involve no heat so you can use either Raw Maca or Gelatinized Maca in them.

raw-maca-recipe-small.jpgRaw Vegan Maca-n-Cheeze Casserole - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free
spicy-maca-gazpacho-recipe-small.jpgSpicy Maca Gazpacho - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free
maca-guacamole-small.jpgMaca Guacamole - Raw - Vegan - Gluten Free

Savory Cooked Maca Dishes

Here are some interesting ideas for using Maca powder in cooked dishes.  These dishes can be a great supplement to your normal daily intake of Maca.

pumpkin-lentil-maca-soup-small.jpgPumpkin Lentil Soup With A Maca Boost - Vegan - Gluten Free
maca-hummus-small.jpgMaca Hummus - Vegan - Gluten Free

Special Maca Recipes

Through our great customers as well as our ongoing Maca research we have uncovered some interesting and unique recipes that use Maca in unconventional ways. 

maca-for-stress-small.jpgMaca Adaptogen Blend For Stress
maca-lotion-and-shampoo-small.jpgMaca Shampoo and Lotion

We hope that you have enjoyed our collection of Maca Recipes.  We are continually working to expand this page and to reach more people with the amazing potential benefits of Maca.   And if you have a recipe of your own to share we'd love to publish it here.   Please let us know.

Enjoy the day!