Many athletes enjoy using products from The Maca Team in their training and performance.  ed-urbano-tmt-shirt.jpg
Over the years we have been happy to sponsor a handful of high level amateur and professional athletes.  We only sponsor athletes who truly love and use our products.    And we are happy to count them among our ambassadors. 
Pictured at right, is Ed Urbano, who is an amazing, winning bodybuilder in his late 70s!

Athletes sponsored by The Maca Team

**Note:  We are just building out pages for each of these athletes.  The ones that are finished currently have links.
Anton Gotsmanov - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Robert McCuen - Mountain Biking
Ed Urbano - Bodybuilding - All Natural
Sasha Digiulian - Professional Climber
Ellis Karadag - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Isaiah Strayhorn- Football and Bodybuilding
Asher Arvinger - Basketball
Weston Lombard - Baseball
Alfred Nitiamoah - Multiple Sports and Training
Mike - The Misfit - Koelzer - MMA
If you are an athlete and enjoy our products please contact us if you’d like to look at sponsorship opportunities.
Thanks and enjoy the day!

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