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Name: Asher Arvinger 

Sports:  Basketballasher-1-2.jpg


I’ve been playing basketball since I was in the second grade and since the moment I played I’ve loved the game. I started off in little recreational leagues around New York while me and my family lived there and then when we moved to California I dived deeper into my passion. I started playing on travel ball teams every summer up until high school and then focused on my school team. I played varsity all four years at University Preparatory School in Victorville and earned a multitude of athletic honors and being able to set some school records for our team during my time there. After high school I was able to continue playing at a Community College in Minnesota. After an up and down season and some family issues I came home to help out with what was going on at home. After a couple years of handling my family situation I got back into basketball and was able to get on at California Baptist University where I would finish up my career and graduate with a bachelors degree in Journalism with a concentration in Sports Journalism. The dream then switched to play basketball professionally and after playing in Spain last summer my goal is to get back to Europe and play professionally.

Top Accomplishments:

  • CVL Defensive Player Of The Year(2009)
  • CVL First Team(2011,2012)
  • CVL MVP (2012)
  • All Time Leader in Points, Steals, and Assists
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Journalism

Here are some highlights of Asher playing in Spain....

Maca Im Using: asher-2.jpeg

The Maca I use is the Black Maca pills, the gelatinized maca powder, the gelatinized pills, and the black Maca drops.

How Maca Helps Me:

Maca helps me in my athletic performance and overall day to day life. Whether I’m working out in the weight room or on the court Maca gives me that extra boost to get through some tough workouts and helps me focus when I’m fatigued. Since taking Maca consistently I see a difference in how my body feels and reacts during and after a workout. In my day to day life Maca helps keep me balanced, happy, and motivated.

Here is Asher sharing a bit of love for The Maca Team

Thank you Asher for your support. We appreciate you!


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