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Our Maca Capsules:

  • Contain only our Certified Organic, GMO-Free, Fair Trade Maca Powders
  • Are made from 100% Vegan materials
  • Contain 750 mg per capsule

There are several advantages to taking high-quality Maca capsules (aka Maca pills) as opposed to Maca powders. First, it's easier to obtain a precise daily dosage when you use natural Maca tablets. Second, maca root capsules are very convenient to travel with and work well for busy people in general. Third, taking Maca capsules is an excellent way to disguise the taste of Maca. This allows people who don't enjoy the taste to still get the benefits of taking 100% pure Maca powder.

Many of our customers enjoy both the powders and capsules.  While these customers are still using the powders, they also find that our encapsulated Maca is especially useful when travelling, for use at the office and to take on the go. 

Our Capsules Are Different

We fill our capsules "in house" rather than sending them off to a big packing facility.  This has several advantages for you:
  1. First, we are able to offer you ALL of our great Maca products in capsule form.  Most companies just have their "maca pills" in one or 2 varieties.
  2. Second, we are able to ensure that your Maca capsules are the freshest anywhere.   Because we  fill our capsules ourselves we don't keep huge amounts of stock.   The capsules you receive will have been filled with powder less than 2 weeks before the arrive.  Other companies stock often sits around in warehouses for long periods of time - up to 2 years, in fact.
  3. Third, we are able to keep our prices very competetive, which means you save on great quality Maca capsules.
We are proud to offer the best selection of Maca capsules available anywhere.   You can choose from the different Maca types below.  
If you'd like to see the differences between all of our products and even receive a personalized recommendation for which Maca to take, please visit our Maca comparison page here.
If you have any questions please contact us. 
Enjoy the day!



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