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Maca Capsules from THE MACA TEAM:

  •     Contain only our Certified Organic, GMO-Free, Fair Trade Maca Powders
  •     Are made from 100% Vegan materials
  •     Contain 750 mg per capsule
Our Capsules Are Truly Different
We fill our capsules "in house" rather than sending them off to a big packing facility.  This has several advantages for

  1.  First, we are able to offer you ALL of our great Maca products in capsule form.  Most companies just have their "maca pills" in one or 2 varieties.
  2.  Second, we are able to ensure that your Maca capsules are the freshest anywhere.   Because we  fill our capsules ourselves we don't keep huge amounts of stock.   The capsules you receive will have been filled with powder less than 2 weeks before they are delivered to you.  Other companies' stock often sits around in warehouses for long periods of time - up to 2 years, in fact.
  3.  Third, we are able to keep our prices very competetive, which means you save on great quality Maca capsules.

What Are Maca Capsules?

Over the past 20 years, maca root (scientific name of maca lepidium meyenii) has gained in popularity all over the world.   That’s because of the broad-ranging benefits that people report from adding maca products to their lives.   

Traditionally, in the high-altitude Andes, maca roots are consumed whole (after being cooked).  Outside of Peru, maca is most commonly eaten in powder form.   But maca capsules are a close second in terms of typical ways people put maca products into their diet.    

At the most basic level, maca capsules are simply capsules filled with maca root powder.   At least that’s what they should be.   Some companies use other ingredients including fillers, flow agents and other chemicals when filling their capsules.   This is because maca powder is particularly hydrostatic and can easily gunk up encapsulation equipment if not properly stored and handled.

At The Maca Team, all of our maca capsules contain only 100% pure maca powder.    In addition, the capsules we use are made from vegetable cellulose, are environmentally friendly and suitable for vegans. 

How Are Maca Capsules Different from Maca Pills?

As mentioned above, maca capsules in their simplest form are simply capsules filled with pure maca powder.    Sometimes people refer to them as “maca pills” instead.   If they are used synonymously, these two terms refer to the exact same thing.   

However, the term “maca pills” is also used by many companies to refer to maca tablets, which contain maca powder along with several other ingredients that are pressed into a small round tablet form.   These types of maca pills are often less potent and harder to swallow than regular maca capsules.   They also tend to be more expensive.    Because maca tablets are less efficient in delivering the benefits of maca root, we recommend choosing maca capsules instead.  

Are Maca Capsules Safe?

Maca capsules are generally regarded as safe and have no known side effects.   If the capsules are filled exclusively with maca powder and no other ingredients, you are essentially consuming maca powder (99%) with a tiny bit of vegetable cellulose (1%).  Both of those ingredients are suitable for the vast majority of people.  

The concerns with taking maca in capsule form are easy to overcome for most
  • Digestive issues - Raw maca capsules can cause temporary stomach upset in people with sensitive digestion.  That’s because of the starch content contained in raw maca.  If that is a potential issue for you, we recommend choosing gelatinized maca capsules instead.    
  • Capsule size – some maca capsules are larger than others.   The largest in size can be difficult to swallow for some people.    Make sure that you take maca capsules slowly and with a good amount of water or other liquid.  
  • Iodine content – maca does contain iodine.  If you have an allergy to iodine, please make sure to consult with your doctor before starting to take maca capsules of any kind.
  • Blood pressure – maca capsules can support healthy circulation and lower blood pressure.   If you take them, make sure to monitor your pressure regularly and consult with your physician for further advice as needed.

Are Organic Maca Capsules as Effective as Maca Powder?

When the maca capsules you purchase contain 100% maca powder with no fillers or additives, they are indeed as effective as maca powder provided that you take the same amount.    

Our maca capsules all contain 750mg (1/4 tsp.) of maca powder.  The typical recommended serving size of maca powder is 3-9 g daily.  That would equal 4-12 capsules.   

Taking the same or similar amounts, you should expect that maca capsules work as well as maca powders.   

There are several advantages to taking high-quality Maca capsules (aka Maca pills) as opposed to Maca powders. First, it's easier to obtain a precise daily dosage when you use natural Maca tablets. Second, maca root capsules are very convenient to travel with and work well for busy people in general. Third, taking Maca capsules is an excellent way to disguise the taste of Maca. This allows people who don't enjoy the taste to still get the benefits of taking 100% pure Maca powder.

Many of our customers enjoy both the powders and capsules.  While these customers are still using the powders, they also find that our encapsulated Maca is especially useful when traveling, for use at the office and to take on the go.

What Are The Benefits of Maca In Capsules?

Another way to ask this question is, “what are maca capsules used for?”   We get that a lot and have answered it deeply in our maca benefits section.   In general terms, the benefits of maca capsules include:

  • Hormonal Balance: One of the most touted benefits of maca is its potential to support hormonal balance. Studies suggest that maca may help regulate hormone levels, particularly in women, by influencing the endocrine system.
  • Energy and Stamina: Maca is renowned for its ability to boost energy levels and stamina. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often turn to maca as a natural supplement to enhance physical performance and endurance.
  • Sexual Health: Maca has a long-standing reputation as an aphrodisiac and fertility enhancer. Research indicates that maca may have positive effects on sexual function, libido, and reproductive health in both men and women.
  • Mood and Mental Well-being: Preliminary studies suggest that maca may have adaptogenic properties, helping the body adapt to stress and promoting a sense of well-being. It may also have positive effects on mood and cognitive function.

See also maca benefits.

Which Maca Capsules Are Best?

There are all sorts of brands of maca capsules available and, as with most things, quality varies greatly.    To make sure that you are getting the best maca capsules make sure that:

  • They contain only 100% pure maca powder and no other ingredients.
  • Your maca capsules are filled with maca powder grown in Peru
  • That the maca powder is certified organic and traditionally produced
  • That your maca capsules come in a sealed dark container to protect them from oxygen and light
Beyond that, you’ll need to choose which color and which type of maca capsule to use.   At The Maca Team we have a variety of maca powders inside our capsules – from red to black to yellow and tri-color, from raw to gelatinized, and sundried to premium.    

To find out which maca capsules are best for you, visit our “maca finder” page

How To Get The Most Out of Taking Maca Capsules

To experience the full benefits of maca capsules, it's crucial to incorporate them into your daily routine thoughtfully. Start with a lower serving size and gradually increase as your body adjusts.  For most people it’s best to take maca capsules in the morning with breakfast or about 20 minutes before breakfast.  This will help energize your day.   Also, it’s important to commit to taking maca every day for at least one month.  This allows your body to adjust and adapt to the maca capsules.  Most people begin seeing results within about one month of starting with maca capsules.  Finally, consider consulting with a healthcare professional before adding any new product to your regimen, especially if you have a pre-existing health condition.

What To Expect When Taking Maca

Maca root is a food and not a drug or a supplement.  Therefore, expect results to come over time.   Maca capsules taken consistently should add to your overall sense of wellbeing and hormone health.    
Overall, maca capsules stand out as a versatile and convenient way to incorporate the benefits of maca into your daily life. Whether you're seeking hormonal balance, increased energy, or overall well-being, maca capsules offer a natural and potent solution. Embrace the wonders of maca and elevate your health with this ancient superfood in a modern, accessible form.
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