Organic Gelatinized Red Maca Capsules - Vegan - 750 mg - 200 ct

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Gelatinized Red Maca Capsules, Certified Organic, Fair Trade, GMO-Free, Vegan Capsules, 750mg, 200 countGelatinized Red Maca Capsules from The Maca Team


Our Gelatinized Red Maca Capsules are filled with 100% gelatinized red maca powder. They contain zero fillers, flow agents or other chemicals. This gelatinized red maca powder that fills them comes from red maca roots grown on an organic farming co-operative near Junin Peru. The farmers who make ups the co-op are committed to the traditional and organic farming methods that have been passed down to them for 1000s of years. These methods produce the most nutritional potent and effective maca available. We’re very happy to support their work.
Our gelatinized red maca capsules are:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • GMO-Free
  • Fair Trade
  • Grown traditionally with respect for the land - near Junin, Peru
  • Sun dried, carefully processed and packaged immediately
  • Vegan
  • Made from 100% Red Maca roots
  • 4:1 product – 4 KG of fresh roots to make 1 KG of Maca powder
  • In a dark amber plastic jar to protect capsules from light (recyclable)

What Makes Gelatinized Red Maca Capsules Different?Red Maca Root Cut Open

There are 2 main things that stand out when it comes to gelatinized red maca capsules. First, they are made exclusively from red maca roots. Red maca is our top selling maca color. Studies have shown it to be higher in antioxidant and phytonutrient content than other colors. Second, these maca capsules are filled with 100% gelatinized red maca powder. Gelatinization is a process in which maca is heated and put under pressure to help remove the starch content. What that means for you is that gelatinized maca is easier to digest and suitable even for people with sensitive stomachs.

  • Gelatinized maca is the easiest maca to digest and best for anyone with a sensitive stomach
  • A special process heats the roots to remove the starch content, making gelatinized maca more concentrated than raw maca
  • Some nutrients including active metabolites are activated and amplified due to the heat and pressure used in making gelatinized maca
  • Other nutrients, including vitamin C and enzymes are lost or altered due to the heating process

Are Red Gelatinized Maca Capsules Better Than Raw Ones?Gelatinized Red Maca Pills

This is an excellent question and one that is actually pretty easy to answer. We’ve been selling both types of red maca capsules for well over a decade and we’ve seen that customers report positive effects from both types. If you read through the reviews on this page and on the page for our raw red maca capsules you can see that for yourself. While some will argue that gelatinization actually improves the results and vice versa, we see them as quite comparable. Where gelatinized maca is actually better is for people who are sensitive to raw maca products. In this case, because gelatinized maca is much less likely to temporarily upset digestion, it is also much easier to take consistently and at serving sizes that are large enough to see results.

Potential Benefits from Taking Gelatinized Red Maca Capsules

Gelatinized red maca capsules are higher in phytonutrients than other maca products, and tend to have a very positive effect on hormone health and balance. Some research has also indicated that red maca has an exceptionally positive effect on women's fertility and hormone balance and on men's prostate health. Here is a list of benefits commonly associated with red maca:

  • Increased Energy and Stamina: Maca is known by consumers to boost energy levels and reduce fatigue.
  • Hormonal Balance: Maca is an adaptogenic herb that helps to regulate hormones in the body. Red maca can be especially helpful for women experiencing menopause or menstrual irregularities.
  • Improved Cognitive Function: Maca has been shown to improve cognitive function and memory in some studies. Red maca may also help to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Red maca contains high levels of antioxidants, which help to protect the body from free radical damage and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.
  • Prostate Health – Red maca has been shown to be the most effective color of maca root for maintaining a healthy prostate.

Please note that results vary from person to person.

Are Gelatinized Red Maca Capsules Right For You?Gelatinzied Red Maca capsules

In terms of research on maca, both raw and gelatinized powders have gotten good results in various kinds of studies. On a more anecdotal level we've received positive feedback from our customers on both types of maca. Our overall experience is that both raw and gelatinized red maca capsules work well. What’s more important to achieving the positive results you want from taking maca is its quality and freshness. At The Maca Team, we take pride in offering the highest-quality maca available. And we package our products in house and in small batches to ensure that they are as fresh as possible.

Advantages of Taking Gelatinized Red Maca In Capsules

These amazing organic superfood pills have unique a few unique benefits as compared to maca powders. First, when using capsules, it's easier to get an exact serving size. To take them you simply measure out the number of capsules you would like and swallow them with a beverage of your choice. Second, for people who shy away from the taste of maca, capsules are a great alternative. They also break down and are absorbed in the digestive tract a bit slower as well. Finally, maca capsules are particularly useful for busy or “on the go” lifestyles. These superfood pills are easy to take on business trips, when travelling, camping etc.

We also offer gelatinized red maca powders in three sizes. These are less expensive gram for gram and can be easily mixed into smoothies or other recipes.

Get your organic gelatinized red maca capsules here.

Enjoy the day!

Raw black Maca


Gelatinized Red Maca Root Powder - 99%, Vegetable cellulose (capsule) - 1%


200 capsules - 750mg each


Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Non-GMO and Vegan

Country of Origin

Peru - Province of Junin

Container and Storage

Dark amber plastic jar to protect capsules from light (recyclable). Self life - 2 years.


Traditionally grown in the high Peruvian Andes. Sundried after harvest, pre-cooked and processed and packaged on demand.

Suggested Use

1-4 capsules daily in the morning with food

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