Peru Extends Ban on GMOs Until 2035

In great news for all of us who value clean, organic, heritage foods, the government of Peru has extended its complete ban on the use of GMOs until 2035!

This is the second time Peru has banned all GMOs

Back in June 2011 Peru declared a 10-year moratorium on the import or cultivation of any GMO crop.   It was among the first countries in the world to take such an important decision.   The initial law 29811 went in effect in December 2011 and declared a “a moratorium of ten years that prevents the import of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) on the national territory for cultivation, breeding or of any transgenic production.”


Why did Peru ban GMOs?

The law was explicitly created to:

  • Help protect biodiversity within Peru
  • Preserve family farming
  • Maintain important culture traditions and ties to the land
  • Preserve rainforest lands

What happened in 2021?keep-peru-free-of-gmos-logo.jpg

As the original law approached its December 2021 expiration date, more than 30 organizations both inside and outside Peru joined a campaign called “Biodiversity is our Identity” under the slogan “United for a GMO-free Peru.”  These groups organized demonstrations and helped gather thousands of signatures in support of extending this ban.  Fortunately for all of us these voices were heard!

On January 6, 2021 the Peruvian Congress extended the moratorium until the end of 2035 under law number 31111This new law specifically recognizes the invaluable contributions of the 2.2 million farming families who grow 75% of the food that makes it to Peruvian tables.   

How does banning GMOs protect Peru and its farmers?

The fundamental reasoning for the extension of this ban in Peru is to preserve “agro-biodivesity;” in other words, to conserve traditional varieties of seeds, and planting practices.   This gives farmers more autonomy in their work (they do not have to buy GMO seeds from big corporations, for example).  It also leads to more food security, owing to the diversity of seeds that already exist. This allows and even encourages farmers to continue the farming methods that they and their ancestors have employed for 1000s of years.

Beyond that, the measure is meant to discourage deforestation of the Amazon by fostering resilient ecosystems that are not dependent on mono crop or mono variety of produce.  The law also encourages export of organically grown products, which is good for farmers and the people consuming them alike.  Interestingly, since 2019 organic exports from Peru have increased by at least 13%.

How does this GMO ban affect our Maca?

We, at The Maca Team fully support this action by Peru and applaud the government for enacting it, even in the face of mounting pressures from transnational corporations.   

Our wonderful Maca farmers are now able to continue on with the traditional methods of farming that they have inherited from their forebears and will also be able to pass them on to the next generation without any external pressure to change.

If you're wondering where GMOs are banned, check out the map below.


How does this affect you?

For the end user of our Maca products, you can rest assured that any Maca you receive from us is 100% GMO free for now and at least until 2035!   We only source our Maca in Peru.quality-superfood-of-peru-clear.jpg   And all of our products carry the quality stamp of assurance that you see to the right. 

Peru is currently one of less than 20 countries that currently ban GMOs completely.  These countries benefit from our support.     You might consider purchasing other Peruvian grown products like quinoa and cacao in support of a GMO-free future and in support of your health.  

We'll conclude this article with a quote from Conveagro - Convención Nacional del Agro Peruano (A pro farmer organization that greatly supported the the extension of the ban).  After the new law banning GMOs in Peru for the next 15 years was signed and went into effect, Conveagro released the following statement:

“Peru will continue to be the most important gene bank in the world…”1

We're happy to be part of this win for all people!

Enjoy the day!


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