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A Fresh New Take On Coffee

Whether you’re here looking how to best add Maca to your coffee or for a great tasting coffee substitute using Maca, we’ve got you covered in this article.

Since the first cup of coffee passed through the lips of a Sufi mystic in the 1400s, this simple drink has certainly energized, influenced and inspired countless people throughout the world. The fact that it is consumed in nearly every culture (up to 200 liters / 52 gallons a year on average in Finland), speaks to the omnipresence of this food staple throughout the world. It’s as easy to get a “cuppa” in a remote hillside village of Indonesia as it is in a swank Viennese “Kafehaus.”

Access certainly isn’t the issue for the 64% of adult Americans who admit to indulging in at least one cup of coffee each and every day. Starbucks alone has almost 14,000 locations in the U.S. and it’s not even the largest coffee retailer in North America. The success of Starbucks has certainly paved the way for exponential growth in the gourmet and niche coffee markets in the past 20 years. Specialty coffees like the famous “Kopi Luwak” (a.k.a. cat poop coffee) retail for up to $300 per pound, and new blends and special roasts seem to emerge continually. Entrepreneurial Baristas make coffee foam “art” in hipster hangouts across the world.


The Benefits Of Adding Maca To Your Coffee

From the health and functional food perspective, the most interesting new coffee trend has to do with maximizing the energizing benefits of coffee and / or looking for other ways to get those benefits without negative health consequences. More people are getting wise to the potential harmful health effects of prolonged and consistent coffee use. Let’s face it, we all understand that drinking too much coffee can lead to symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, headache, indigestion, caffeine addiction, altered blood circulation and more. Beyond that, coffee can cause adrenal stress which will zap the energy you thought you were getting from coffee in the first place. The caffeine in coffee stimulates our brains to activate our adrenal glands. When these guys are turned on, they pump out adrenaline and cortisol which are good if you are running away from danger, but not so great if you’re sitting in your office writing emails. If we jump start our adrenals like this day after day, year after year, adrenal fatigue is a natural consequence for many. And for people who get to that point, most health experts recommend complete abstinence from any type of coffee or other stimulant.

So this is where Coffee and Maca comes in. If you’re concerned about managing your coffee intake wisely, about getting the most energy from your coffee and doing the least damage to your health in the process, then you’ll want to consider adding Organic Maca powder to your coffee or replacing your coffee altogether. The positives are clear, especially when you choose a substitute for coffee based on Maca.

The major benefits of Maca over coffee include:

  • Energy boosting without adrenal stress
  • Providing long lasting energy
  • Enhancing memory focus and concentration
  • Increasing stamina and endurance
  • Supporting a healthy libido and increased sexual performance
  • Strengthening teeth and bones
  • Satisfying your appetite for several hours
  • Other potential "fringe" Maca benefits such as an increase in fertility, better thyroid function, hormone balance and more...

The Better Morning Motivator

By popular request we’ve created a line of Maca products designed to enhance or replace coffee and to energize your day without stressing your adrenals. They are all high quality organic superfood blends with limited ingredients that work together to give you sustained energy, elevated mood and natural hormone balance. The response from our customers has been great as you can see from just a couple of comments below.


As a Coffee substitute:

I gave up coffee about a year ago because it started giving me palpitations and a jittery feeling, and ever since I have been on the hunt to find a hot morning beverage that I can wake up in the morning and actually look forward to drinking. I've tried all the chicory root and dandelion blends out there without really liking any of them, and tea just didn't give me the feeling I was look for. I was about to give up when I saw this email from the Maca Team about the morning motivator and all I can say is YAY! This is quite good! I find I add a bit more than the 1 tbsp. serving suggestion to get the punch of flavor I am looking for, but the drink is thick and creamy and I top it off with a few pinches of cayenne pepper for an extra kick. I feel good, none of those jittery caffeine feelings that coffee gives me, yet I still get the cozy feeling I need with a morning hot drink ritual. Linda

I've been a slow starter in the morning, but not since adding the Morning Motivator to my morning nutrition routine. It powers me through the day and I've even started skipping my mid-afternoon nap. The bag lasts me close to a month and a half, making it a super value at the price. I am VERY satisfied with this great tasting product! James

I am on my second batch and absolutely love it. I have it every morning and it provides me with so much energy. I love The Maca Team and have been buying my Maca powder from then for a very long time. High quality. Alicia

 As a Coffee enhancer:

I’ve been trying to limit caffeine to 1 coffee in the morning. But I have a newborn & the 2pm fog rolls in pretty intensely. I can brew a decaf espresso & add Morning Motivator to it, a little half & half and it’s just what I need to get through picking the kids up from school & fixing dinner. I get about 2-3 hours of spunk back but no issues with falling asleep at night like caffeine can sometimes cause. I also will sometimes add a couple droppers full of the Black Maca Root extract to my concoction, which helps too. Carrie

I'm hooked on coffee and will always be so. But there's that time in the morning after the second cup when I need a little more "comfort" but don't need anymore jolt. I thought I would try the Morning Motivator and am so glad I did. 5 grams in a large mug of steaming hot water and then savor that sweet smell and taste before facing the work day- this is a great product and I will be re-ordering for sure. Timothy Holcombe

 Even for people who don’t like Coffee

I love the morning motivator, I don't drink coffee so it's nice to have something in the morning that will give me energy and tastes good. It does have that maca taste but it's not too strong and mixes well with the other flavors in the mix. I do notice the difference when I take this compared to when I don't. I'm much more productive and alert. Love it! Malena Paz

"I did not know what to expect from your Morning Motivator. I was thinking on the line of a nice tasting drink. The first time I tried it was last Sunday. My day of relaxation, but I wanted to do things I have been putting off and I definitely did not feel up to doing anything. I tried your Motivator and I forgot to sweeten it. It went down nice. I liked the taste. Well to my surprise I did everything I wanted to do and I felt really good about it. The second time I tried it was on my training day. I felt sluggish about training. I probably would have trained anyway but doubtful if I would have completed my routine. Intelligent me, I forgot to sweeten the Motivator again. You might think I'm crazy, but I really like the taste. Not only did I complete my routine, I added weight to 2 exercises. I am HOOKED!. I will sweeten it the next time, but I can see me using it unsweetened. I think it tastes excellent This is much much better than the Ginseng I have been using. I don't know how you come up with these ideas, but you have a Gold Mine. So far , to me the Morning Motivator unsweetened  taste is uniquely the MACA TEAM. I will let you know after I try it sweetened" Ed Urbano
"I'm especially enjoying The Morning Motivator...I was recently diagnosed by my doctor with having high blood pressure (which has never been a problem for me before now) and I've had to make some lifestyle changes. Cutting my coffee consumption in half was one of those changes. Morning Motivator has been a fantastic replacement these last couple days, to the point that I don't even miss those two cups of coffee. This stuff is going to be a permanent staple in my house." Donna Lenning

"The Morning Motivator is by far the most amazing supplement that I've ever tried and I've ordered another bag of it. It gives me energy that I haven't had in years, absolutely love it! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try it, it's life changing."  Jason G.

2 Ways To Make Get The Most Out Of Your Coffee Using Maca

Can You Mix Maca With Your Coffee?

The simple answer is, yes, of course! If you’re a coffee drinker and want to stay that way, the easiest and quickest way to get the boost of Maca into your daily coffee is to mix about 3 teaspoons (10g) of your preferred Maca powder or into whatever high quality coffee you prefer after it’s brewed. Make sure to mix well as it takes a few moments for the powder to dissolve. You might also want to add other superfoods such as coconut oil and cacao powder for an interesting twist.   Alternatively, you could add our Morning Motivator blend to your coffee to get several superfoods into your coffee at once.  We offer the Morning Motivator in both sweetened and unsweetened versions to suit most tastes.


Maca Coffee Latte Recipe – Vegan, Organic – GMO-Free

If you’d rather avoid coffee altogether and choose an alternative to coffee for energy, then this recipe is for you.   It takes just few minutes to prepare and will keep you energized and satisfied for hours.


  • Almond or Hemp Milk – 1 cup
  • Morning Motivator – 1-2 tbs
  • Coconut Oil (melted) – 1 tsp
  • Cayenne (optional) – pinch to taste


You can enjoy this drink either warm or cold. For warm, the first step is to gently warm the milk in a saucepan until your desired temperature.   Add milk and all other ingredients in a blender or shaker jar and blend for about 1 minute until smooth.  By the way, some people describe this mix as butterscotch or caramel flavor.

What To Expect When You Enhance or Change Your Coffee Habits With Maca

One important thing to consider when you are adding the powerful Peruvian food to your diet is that it is indeed a food and it takes time to build up in your system and to show it's full effects. What that means is if you don't feel a difference on the first day of trying it, you should absolutely try it again. It may take a few days or even up to a few weeks of consistent use to see differences. The main thing is to stay with it.

Feeling More Satisfied and Eating Less Frequently

One of the best things about Maca is that it is a very nutrient dense food. In general terms Maca is high in vital proteins and low in sugars. It is also rich in amino acids, phytonutrients, fatty acids, vitamin and minerals. And it contains two unique aminos called macaenes and macamides that stimulate the endocrine system. What most people find when eating Maca regularly is that they are satisfied for longer periods of time and end up eating less overall. This, in turn, can certainly lead to weight loss in many cases. You can view Maca's full nutritional profile here.

How Long Does Sustained Energy Last With Maca?

This is a great question and one of the most exciting benefits of enhancing your daily brew with Maca one way or the other. Unlike regular old coffee, Maca takes your energy up in a controlled fashion and leaves it up for several hours. The majority of people find this energy plateau is pleasant and gets them through the majority of their workdays.

Does This Kind of Coffee Affect You Sexually?

For anyone out there wishing to increase libido, we can certainly recommend Maca. While Maca is not a cure for something like erectile dysfunction for example, it can and does increase appetite and performance in bed as evidenced both in studies and in customer feedback. Even though it has been used to improve sexual functions over thousands of years, it is important to understand that Maca does take time to work and you shouldn't expect these kinds of results right away. Usually it takes several weeks for Maca to help boost hormonal levels to bring them to their peak levels.

Other Maca Coffee Benefits You Might Experience

Since Maca works on the hormonal system which affects many other systems in the body, it is possible that you may see other nice effects from adding it to you diet including, softer skin, healthier hair, better mood, increased focus and improved memory. These are simply things that you would not get with coffee alone.

Are There Any Side Effects To Be Aware Of?

While Maca has no known side effects, it is important to keep in mind that every body responds differently to this simple food. For that reason, if you're new to it, we recommend starting with smaller servings and work your way up.

Let us know if you have any questions about serving size or anything else. We take pride in great customer service and are always happy to help!

Thanks for Reading and Enjoy the day!



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