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The Morning Motivator Blend


The Maca Team

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The Morning Motivator Blend

The Morning Motivator is a great tasting, caffeine-free, organic superfood blend designed to energize your day in a healthy way.  It contains just 5 ingredients:

  1. Heritage Harvest (tri-color) Gelatinized Maca Powder  - for natural hormone balance and sustained energymorning-motivator-bowl.jpg
  2. Raw Cacao - for high antioxidants and mood elevation
  3. Raw Coconut sugar - for low glycemic sweetness
  4. Raw Mezquite - for fiber, protein and "nutty" goodness
  5. Raw Lucuma - for whole food carbs and a bit of tartness



  • 100% Certified Organic – USDA and CCOF
  • Fair Trade
  • GMO Free
  • Vegan
  • Product of Peru



We've created The Morning Motivator using the freshest, highest quality ingredients possible.    Unlike coffee or tea,  which put a lot more stress on your adrenal glands and cause an energy surge followed by an energy crash, The Morning Motivator is designed to boost your energy in a healthier and more sustained manner.

The Morning Motivator is:

  • A healthy substitute for coffee, tea or energy drinks
  • A great way to introduce Maca to people who simply don't enjoy its flavor
  • An easy and tasty way to add more Maca into your daily intake of food
  • A source of healthy energy for active and not-so-active people alike
  • A way to boost mental focus, concentration and creativity

The Morning Motivator is for:

  • Anyone wanting an healthy alternative to coffee, tea or energy drinks
  • Active people who want more energy through the day
  • Athletes looking to improve performance
  • Students wanting more focus
  • Artists and other creators
  • Kids and their parents
  • Business people looking for an edge
  • Travelers looking to keep their energy up
  • Fun lovers....


Serving Recommendations:The Morning Motivator Recipe

We recommend enjoying The Morning Motivator mixed into your favorite beverage, either warm or cool.   Water and juice work well, but our favorite is almond or rice milk.   You can also add The Morning Motivator into your smoothie blend.  

Our experiments with the blend show that 1 T of powder works well with 8 ounces (1 cup) of liquid.   You can increase or decrease the amount to suit your tastes.  

It's important to note that 1 T (9G)  of The Morning Motivator contains 1 t (3g) of Maca powder.   Maca is a food and you can't take too much, so you may still take your standard daily serving of Maca separately if you like.  

The Morning Motivator is designed to energize you, so keep that in mind when you take it.    We recommend taking it at the start of your day to get your energy moving or in the middle of your day to sustain your energy.   If you take it later in the day, however, you may find it difficult to sleep.  Please note that results may vary from person to person.

Our Favorite Recipe: Bulletproof Morning Motivator


  • 8 ounces rice or almond milk - warm to your preferred temperature
  • 1 T Morning Motivator (more or less to taste)
  • 1-2 t - Coconut oil (melted)


Preparation:  Place all ingredients in a blender and mix thoroughly.   Enjoy immediately.  

If you have any favorite ways to use The Morning Motivator please send them in and we'll share them with the rest of The Maca Team.


Please note that we are not doctors and that the answers below are not a substitute for medical advice.  If you have any doubts about using The Morning Motivator please consult your preferred health care practitioner.

  1. Is The Morning Motivator Raw or Pre-Cooked?  -The ingredients in The Morning Motivator are Raw except for the Maca, which is Gelatinized or pre-cooked.   We've chosen to use Gelatinized Maca because it is suitable for all people, whereas Raw Maca can cause minor digestive issues for some people.   Because Gelatinized Maca is more concentrated most of the nutrient levels remain consistent with Raw Maca.
  2. Do  I also take my regular Maca, or is The Morning Motivator a replacement for that? - It really depends.   1 T of the blend contains 1 t of Maca.   If you are only taking 1 t of Maca daily, you could use The Morning Motivator as a replacement.  If you take more Maca usually, then we'd recommend taking that as well - either with your Morning Motivator or separately.  
  3. How many times a day can I take The Morning Motivator? - As a food, you can't really take "too much" and  you can take it a few times during the day (like having a few cups of coffee).  That said, we'd suggest that you don't take it later in the day and not within 4 hours of bedtime. 
  4. Will my heart rate increase when taking The Morning Motivator? - It shouldn't but for some people the mixture of Cacao and Maca does have that effect.   If you notice an uncomfortable increase after taking the blend, please reduce the amount which you are taking by at least 1/2.
  5. Can I take The Morning Motivator if I have high blood pressure? - Because it contains Maca, it is possible that the blend will help circulation and actually reduce blood pressure.   Please monitor your blood pressure when using The Morning Motivator and consult with your health care provider for any questions you may have.
  6. Can I take The Morning Motivator if I have diabetes?  - Type 2 diabetics can take the blend, but should remember that the coconut sugar in the blend has an average glycemic index of 35.   Although that is lower than table sugar (GI 58), it still shares many of the properties of sugar.
  7. Can I take The Morning Motivator if I am pregnant or breast feeding? - Maca in general is used throughout pregnancy and breast feeding in Peru.   We've also had many clients that have used it.   That said, every body is different and it may not agree with some women during this phase of life.  If that is the case for you, please discontinue using the blend.
  8. Can children take The Morning Motivator? - Yes, but in smaller amounts.  About 1/2 T per 50 lbs of weight is a good starting place.
  9. Are there any side effects? - None that we've seen so far.  Remember that this blend only contains whole foods that are eaten regularly by people all over the world.  
  10. Can I take The Morning Motivator with my medications, herbs, supplements? - This is a great question.  The general answer is that the blend is a food and should not interfere with any herbs, supplements or medications.   However, if you have any doubts, we recommend that you take only a small amount to start with and monitor your reaction.

If you have any other questions please let us know and we'll get them answered for you as quickly as we can - and also add them here for others to see too.

Allergy Statement:

The Morning Motivator contains no nuts or seeds and is processed and packaged in a nut-free environment.


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We accept the following payment methods:

  1. Major Credit Card – Visa/MC/Amex/Discover
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  3. Debit card
  4. US Bank check and money order

Enjoy the day!

Raw Maca

56 Reviews
  • Carrie

    Carrie 16th Jul 2019

    The Morning Motivator Blend

    I absolutely LOVE this blend!!!
    So delicious and it helps me get into my day, I feel a little more prepared and focused to tackle what’s ahead!
    Healthy AND yummy? THANK YOU MACA TEAM!!

  • Anna

    Anna 19th Jun 2019

    I ditched caffeine for the first time ever!!

    I can’t even believe how well this works to give me energy, and still tastes good enough that I don’t miss my coffee at all in the morning! I’ve been a die-hard coffee drinker for most of my life but the caffeine took a toll on my energy levels and my sleep patterns. I’ve been using the Morning Motivator blend for about a month now and I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to coffee!


    MATTHEW VINCENT 14th Jun 2019


    Maca coffee is yummy

  • Leslie Reinhardt

    Leslie Reinhardt 11th Jun 2019

    Not on an empty stomach

    I love the taste of this blend. It taste like chocolate with a little cinnamon. Unfortunately it gave me horrible stomach cramps and vomiting. I added 1 teaspoon to my normal protein drink first thing in the morning and threw up before noon following a morning of nausea and cramps. I did this for a week hoping my system would adjust but it never did.

    From The Maca Team - Hi Leslie, this is the first of this kind of reaction we've heard of. It could be the amount you are taking. We will contact you and see if we can support.

  • Unknown 8th Jun 2019

    The morning motivator

    Love this !!! Wakes me up and taste delicious!!! I put it in milk or coffee every morning...

  • David Mingoia

    David Mingoia 26th May 2019

    Morning Motivator

    Tastes great, a good alternative to coffee. I add 1 or 2 extra teaspoons of gelatinized maca powder to the Motivator mix. I take it to boost my hormone levels.

  • Harmony

    Harmony 20th May 2019

    Afternoon Energy!

    I bought this hoping to replace my 4 pm cup of coffee. The Morning Motivator is amazing. Great flavor and helps me through my afternoon slump. No jitters or difficulty falling asleep in the evening. Just nice steady energy. Thanks so much!

  • Robert J.

    Robert J. 4th May 2019

    Motivating My Mornings!!

    I wanted a substitute for my morning black coffee fix and the related rise and fall from the caffeine. I read several health articles about coffee and teas impact on the adrenals. Then I started reading about how maca was having great results helping with stabilizing energy without the negative impacts on your body.

    In my search for Maca, I also found The Morning Motivator. Excellent product, I start every day with a warm cup. On really challenging days in the office, I will have a second cup in the early afternoons. After five months of continual use, and reduced coffee consumption, I feel great and I am functioning better than before.. I recommend this to anyone who is looking to get off the caffeine roller coaster. Give yourself 3-4 weeks to start to feel the benefits.

  • Tavi...

    Tavi... 29th Apr 2019


    Love Love Love This Product...
    EXACTLY Does What It's Called The Morning Motivator Because Not Only Will You Feel It In The Morning But Feeling Good ALL DAY/NIGHT LONG!!!

  • Haley Baker

    Haley Baker 19th Apr 2019

    I LOVE the Morning Motivator

    I drink at least one a day. So yummy. Thank you for this product

  • Unknown 27th Mar 2019

    Love this stuff!

    I add it to my morning coffee to add a little longer lasting energy and a bit of flavor. Or I add it to my smoothie.

  • Laura E Spitzer

    Laura E Spitzer 27th Mar 2019

    Love this stuff!

    I add it to my morning coffee to add a little longer lasting energy and a bit of flavor. Or I add it to my smoothie.

  • Haley

    Haley 19th Mar 2019

    Life Changing!!

    This product is amazing! I thought it was just another healthy drink that says it will do all of these crazy positive things for you, but NO. THIS DOES! I have such a hard time getting going in the morning and maintaining that energy throughout the entire day and this has helped me SO much. It’s natural, guarenteed energy. You don’t get the jittery feeling that you do from coffee or energy drinks nor do you have a bad crash later in the day. PLUS- It tastes SO good!!

  • Mary

    Mary 17th Feb 2019

    Wonderful Coffee Alternative

    We purchased The Morning Motivator to substitute for our daily cup of coffee due the the acidity of coffee. We were very pleasantly surprised to transition to the Maca blend from coffee with no caffeine withdrawal headaches! We feel alert and focused without the added caffeine of our coffee - lovely.

  • Jay

    Jay 16th Feb 2019

    Nice addition to an Adrenal Fatigue recovery regimen

    Very tasty product, mixes nicely in Coconut or Almond milk. Much smoother and a "cleaner" feeling that any heavily caffeinated morning "pick me up".

    I plan on re-ordering this product, once I finish my first bag.

  • Unknown 4th Feb 2019


    Too sweet for me

  • CARLA B.

    CARLA B. 14th Jan 2019



  • James M. (the Greater)

    James M. (the Greater) 13th Jan 2019

    Unlock Your Power!

    This product is absolutely AMAZING! I am going to let you in on a little secret of mine: I add 1 tablespoon per 5 oz of liquid and the liquid I use is coffee. I know, I know they sell this as replacement for your coffee but it’s perfect for your coffee. No need to add anything else just this magnificent product. If you drink a 20 oz of coffee add 4 tablespoons, stir it up and suck it down. I promise you that the energy, stamina and happiness you will feel will last for hours. That’s right I said happiness. I deink this mixture every morning before the gym while the rest of you are still fast asleep. WARNING: this mixture is not for the feingt of heart. It will give you the power of the ancients while putting a smile on your face. Don’t believe me? Well then prove me wrong. Pick up a bag and leave your comment here. This stuff is AWESOME!

  • James Justice

    James Justice 4th Jan 2019

    Best Breakfast EVER!

    I'm not a breakfast eater, but sometimes miss not getting the fuel it provides to jump-start my day. Not anymore! I mix a heaping tablespoon of Morning Motivator with coconut milk, stevia and coffee and I'm firing on all cylinders without hunger into the afternoon!

  • Lolisa

    Lolisa 1st Jan 2019

    Delicious Morning Drink!!!

    I love love love it!!! I will be ordering it consistently, I don’t want to run out of my morning energy!!!

  • Rhea Deason

    Rhea Deason 30th Dec 2018

    Better taste

    I could only tell a difference the very first day I tried it. After that, i couldn't. But it has a better taste.

  • Unknown 30th Nov 2018


    I mix 1 teaspoon in my coffee, and it gives me great energy for most of the day. Tasty. Effective. Absolutely recommend!

  • sk

    sk 12th Nov 2018

    Delicious and satisfying

    This is a really tasty morning drink that has replaced my need for coffee. I add whole milk and collagen powder to it and find that it provides a very satisfying breakfast. It tastes good and makes me feel good.

  • Red

    Red 24th Oct 2018


    thats it too soon to know anyting else

  • James Justice

    James Justice 12th Oct 2018


    Because I don't eat breakfast, I ordered this product when it was introduced because I wanted something light and nutritious to sustain me through my morning work.

    I enjoyed the taste and found after using it for a couple of months that it consistently did the job - bridging me through to lunch with energy to burn and no hunger pangs.

    So I reordered and plan to keep ordering. Great product!

  • Unknown 22nd Sep 2018

    Good product

    I have bought Maca at the local HFS and was accustomed to the taste. I use about 1 TB in coconut milk along with 1TB of avocado oil, mix well.

  • Unknown 16th Sep 2018

    My new coffee

    I was looking for an alternative to coffee and found this product. I weaned off of coffee slowly for three weeks and began substituting morning motivator blended with organic almond milk. I no longer miss coffee and ordered two more bags of this product and am very pleased.

  • Carrie

    Carrie 2nd Sep 2018

    Great for afternoon slump!

    I’ve been trying to limit caffeine to 1 coffee in the morning. But I have a newborn & the 2pm fog rolls in pretty intensely. I can brew a decaf espresso & add Morning Motivator to it, a little half & half and it’s just what I need to get through picking the kids up from school & fixing dinner. I get about 2-3 hours of spunk back but no issues with falling asleep at night like caffeine can sometimes cause. I also will sometimes add a couple droppers full of the Black Maca Root extract to my concoction, which helps too.

  • Unknown 1st Sep 2018

    Good stuff!

    This is something new and I like it, you have to get used to the flavor, but is great, definitely great drink in the mornings, I will buy this again.

  • Unknown 29th Aug 2018

    Delicious Mix

    I needed something like this that wasn't protein or some other wheat based product. Having maca and cacao at the same time is perfect for my needs. I use separate maca supplement to have more maca since 'The morning motivator' has equal amounts of chocolate and can be overpowering.

  • Andrea

    Andrea 24th Aug 2018

    Love the Morning Motivator!

    I mix this with my red Maca and it tastes good and keeps me going. I will not be without these products! They will continue to be a part of my morning forever.

  • Malena Paz

    Malena Paz 31st Jul 2018


    I love the morning motivator, I don't drink coffee so it's nice to have something in the morning that will give me energy and tastes good. It does have that maca taste but it's not too strong and mixes well with the other flavors in the mix. I do notice the difference when I take this compared to when I don't. I'm much more productive and alert. Love it!

  • Rachelle

    Rachelle 24th Jul 2018

    Has become my new "coffee" routine

    I was excited when I got the email about this new product! I've had to quit drinking coffee and hadn't found anything to replace that I really looked forward to drinking. I tried it first just by itself in almond milk and wasn't a big fan. The second time I put it in coconut milk and that was definitely better, but still kind of "meh". Now my favorite way to drink it is in coconut milk with a bit of stevia, a pinch of salt and then "Bulletproof Coffee" style - 2 T of coconut oil and 2T of collagen or gelatin powder all blended with my stick blender. YUMMY and warm and creamy. Delicious! By far my favorite alternative to my morning cup of coffee. Plus, within a week of starting to drink it, I noticed that I was having more energy and some of my brain fog had cleared up! Woo-hoo!

  • Unknown 21st Jul 2018

    True Movitator

    I take this product every morning and it helps give me the extra drive to start my day

  • James

    James 18th Jul 2018


    I've been a slow started in the morning, but not since adding the Morning Motivator to my morning nutrition routine. It powers me through the day and I've even started skipping my mid-afternoon nap. The bag lasts me close to a month and a half, making it a super value at the price. I am VERY satisfied with this great tasting product!

  • Amy F

    Amy F 30th Jun 2018

    Gives me that extra boost

    Love the Morning Motivator, although I admit to using it as my Four-O-Clock-in-the-afternoon-Motivator, as well!

  • Unknown 18th Jun 2018

    Morning Maca Motivator

    I drink mine mixed in flax milk - it tastes wonderful, and is completely satisfying. It does not rev me up like coffee sometimes does. I am extremely sensitive to caffeine and my body has a "shelf life" of well over 12 hours. If I drink coffee more than once in awhile, it seems to accumulate in me and keeps me from sleeping. The Maca Morning Motivator does not do that. I must admit, that it also does not give me the extra boot to the rear I wish it did when working on the computer all day, getting very sleeping from the screen. :D I love this product, however, and will continue to purchase it.

  • Alicia

    Alicia 4th Jun 2018

    Morning Motivator

    I am on my second batch and absolutely love it. I have it every morning and it provides me with so much energy. I love The Maca Team and have been buying my Maca powder from then for a very long time. High quality.

  • Natalie Dutcher

    Natalie Dutcher 30th May 2018

    Taste great

    I wasn’t sure what to expect since I don’t care for the taste of maca much but this morning motivator is so good. I try not to drink coffee every day so I warm up some milk and add a scoop and it fills that craving with an even level of alertness

  • Eric D. Evans

    Eric D. Evans 14th May 2018

    A Great New Product

    The Morning Motivator is a great new product addition. It has a great flavor, when mixed in milk and/or kefir. Although I still enjoy a cup of good coffee in the morning, I like starting my day with a shaker of: 6 oz. of cold 2% Reduced Fat Milk, 4 oz. of plain, unsweetened kefir, and 18 g. of The Morning Motivator. Since I have been consuming Raw Maca Root Powder for quite some time, 18 g. works fine for my body weight and history of consumption. Newbies should start with the recommended amount of The Morning Motivator.

  • Brenda

    Brenda 3rd May 2018

    Love this!

    Love this new cacao drink! I start my day with it. Keeps me going in the morning. Not too sweet, just the right amount.

  • Gary Albrecht

    Gary Albrecht 1st May 2018

    new and improved indeed

    Mixes better than originally, much better tasting

  • Cheryl

    Cheryl 28th Apr 2018

    My new morning go-to

    Love this new blend! I’m using as a replacement for coffee and it’s working out fantastically. I heat up almond/cashew milk and then blend that up with a few spoonfuls of the Morning Motivator. If you’re looking for a coffee alternative, this is it!

  • Milan B. Gelon

    Milan B. Gelon 27th Apr 2018


    Great taste! energized!
    Love it

  • klweb

    klweb 27th Apr 2018

    Love this alternative to my coffee!

    I like the Maca products already, I have used the Red powder and the Red Maca root extract.
    The Maca Team produces a quality product at a very reasonable price and I will continue to buy from them. The Morning Motivator Blend is a great tasting product to give me energy and even a touch of sweetness without a crash of caffeine or sugar! I generally mix as they suggest in a cup of warm Almond or Cashew milk and drink it like that mid morning, what a treat! I also use it in smoothies and it's great!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Unknown 25th Apr 2018

    Great maca-chocolate product

    I just recently ordered this new product. Not being a smoothie person I have mixed some of the powder in Greek yogurt for an afternoon snack. It has a subtly sweet and chocolate flavor which is nice

  • Unknown 23rd Apr 2018

    Wholesome and cozy wakeup ritual beverage

    I gave up coffee about a year ago because it started giving me palpitations and a jittery feeling, and ever since I have been on the hunt to find a hot morning beverage that I can wake up in the morning and actually look forward to drinking. I've tried all the chicory root and dandelion blends out there without really liking any of them, and tea just didn't give me the feeling I was look for. I was about to give up when I saw this email from the Match Team about the morning motivator and all I can say is YAY! This is quite good! I find I add a bit more than the 1 tbsp. serving suggestion to get the punch of flavor I am looking for, but the drink is thick and creamy and I top it off with a few pinches of cayenne pepper for an extra kick. I feel good, none of those jittery caffeine feelings that coffee gives me, yet I still get the cozy feeling I need with a morning hot drink ritual.

  • Unknown 22nd Apr 2018

    Morning Boostie

    I really like this new blend. Tastes great and gives me energy. While my co-workers are hooked on coffee I try to tell them they need to be dialed in with this morning pick me up. They will learn soon.

  • Shirley

    Shirley 21st Apr 2018

    Motivate your mornings

    I love the morning Motivator
    Nice flavor. It is great in warm or cold Almond milk.
    I don't usually eat breakfast after drinking it and I feel great
    Hope to see it in a larger bag
    Thank you
    I advertise for you all the time

  • James

    James 20th Apr 2018

    Another Great MACA Product!

    I hadn't been taking maca for a while. But I got an e-mail on the new Morning Motivator product and ordered it because it sounded tasty and the price was very reasonable. I started mixing a tablespoon full with unsweetened coconut milk. It was delicious and killed any hunger or cravings while giving me a boost of energy and mental alertness. I plan to keep reordering it!

  • Unknown 20th Apr 2018

    Morning Motivator

    Delcious and good for me throughout the day. Am loving it thank you!

  • Lori

    Lori 20th Apr 2018

    So Tasty. My New Comfort Food!

    I wake up in the morning and can't wait to drink my large cup of Morning Motivator. I am not really a coffee drinker, but I had been drinking one cup every morning for the past couple of years. This is way more fun for me, and I love the fact that it doesn't stress my adrenals. I stay as low carb as I can, so I try to limit myself to just a cup in the morning. I use cream, mct oil, and collegen in it.

  • Tina

    Tina 20th Apr 2018

    Sooooooo Good!

    I have been on this for couple of weeks and can see a difference after taking it. I mix it in warm milk and it tastes just like hot chocolate.

  • Unknown 20th Apr 2018

    Fantastic stuff. Very good. Tastes great

    It's very good

  • P.Ridgeway

    P.Ridgeway 17th Apr 2018


    I just start using this morning motivator and I love the taste. I mix it with almond milk when I first wake up to start my day and I add a extra dropper of maca extract...I gets me ready for my morning workout. I let my sister try it and now she's ordering some...
    I will be purchasing more

  • Stephen

    Stephen 17th Apr 2018

    Not Bad

    Its a good product but does not mix very well with cold products.

Maca is classified as a food and is considered safe. There are no known contraindications to taking Maca, but we recommend that people taking high blood pressure medications check with their health care provider as Maca may help to lower blood pressure. Also, anyone sensitive to Iodine should know that Maca naturally contains Iodine. Any statements regarding potential health benefits from taking Maca that appear on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Maca is rich in amino acids, phytonutrients, fatty acids, vitamin and minerals. According to nutritional research published on, Maca contains: • 59% carbohydrates • 10.2% protein • 8.5% fiber • 18 Essential Amino Acids • 20 Free Fatty Acids • Vitamins: B1, B2, C and Niacin • Minerals: Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and Iodine • 5 Sterols • Glucisonolates • 4 Macamides and Macamenes, polyunsaturated acids unique to Maca

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