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We recieve some great feedback about our high quality Maca products. On this page we have broken them down so you can get a sense of what people are saying about our Maca. Simply click on the category title to open it and close it. Enjoy the day!

"Ok I usually do not write testimonials but I just GOT TO this time. You can give my email address to anyone who contacts you to check if I am a real person who is writing this. Your MACA is THE BEST I have ever tried Got more strength and stamina than ever. My body loves this stuff. I sold this to about 10 people and they all say the same.>BEST EVER. And some of these people have been taking MACA since it came out there years ago." -- Josh, Thailand

"This is the best maca I've ever had. I feel amazing after eating it. This is my go to place from now on. I would give this 6 stars. Be well everyone, peace."  -- Kyle '

The Maca team products are of the highest quality. I have been using their products for about 1 year and have seen dramatic results and feel the difference. I highly recommend their Maca, trust me you won't need to go anywhere else after you try it." -- T.A.

"Your site is very informative. I just started taking Maca and it's changing my life.  I was facing bouts of depression, low energy and libido. That changed literally overnight with Maca." -- Ginger

"I received my order timely and I absolutely love the taste of this powder. I also appreciate the packaging. The closure is not has hard to press as some with the same design. That is an important consideration for those in their 60s with arthritis in their hands." -- Jen J "

The gelatinized red maca powder from Maca Team is the best maca I ever tried. I bought some maca at GNC and it upset my stomach so much and made me feel awful. The taste was terrible as well. I will buy again and again from Maca Team."-- Joy Bernan

"...delicious Maca powder, consistently good. Maca gives me increased energy and a feeling of well-being. works for female issues too. But I eat it now for the great taste. Grateful for Maca team, who sources from Peru and not China."  -- California Customer

"Without a doubt, the BEST I've ever had. I was using Nutive's maca at an outrageous price of $36.+ change for 8 oz.for the white maca. Here on out, it's The Maca Team for me, half the price, and better taste.  I have purchased the white, red, black and premium. Love them all. Love the smell, and the taste, can't get enough of it. Heaping tablespoon in a glass of water in the morning, two heaping teaspoons on my organic brown rice in the evening.(i switch flavors) plus I smother the rice with dulse flakes, himalayan salt, and top it off with organic tomato sauce.  Thank you for fighting for high quality products and informing the public on this powerful food."  -- Gene

"First time using this company and brand, I was very pleased with the taste, odor, texture and freshness of the product. Could tell it was great maca right away. Had a somewhat smooth butter scotch flavor and great when mixed with chocolate protein shake, Mixes very well and is the real deal. Using it to help build energy levels and healthy hormones!" -- Drew

"I researched maca prior to determining where to purchase and what impressed me about The Maca Team is the quality of information and dedication delivered by this company. As for the product it is the best I have used in freshness, taste and with the product packaging storage is of little worry. I have seen a turn-around in my moods and stamina. Great Product!" -- Tim, Ohio

"Your maca is sent from God, is a blessing and is superb" -- Milt Thompson

"I have been using maca for many years. I get it from good my friends that live in Peru...or I bring it back personally when I travel there. I ordered this only because I have run out and cannot get any more for another 2 months.The quality and freshness of this Maca is OUTSTANDING!! Thank you for being an educated and conscientious importer and supplier of this sacred product."   -- Tom Mckinnon

"I love that something natural diminishes my adult just vanished!" - Amy Gillentine (customer used Raw Red Maca)

"The Yellow Maca Extract is an easy way to get your daily dose of Maca! It tastes great too! I believe it is working to help balance my hormones as I started having adult acne upon going off birth control a little over a year ago. After taking this for a little over a month, my skin is finally starting to clear up!" - Ashley

"Gelatinized Red Maca Powder capsules started working as soon as i took them the first time! My mood leveled out since the first dose. Over the few days, my skin started to heal from acne and acne scars. Red Maca is allowing my body to be in balance to become healthy, and i feel it!  I highly recommend this to anyone for any mood/hormone/emotional/physical/skin/any health concerns!" - L.F.

"This product has worked well for me and my adult daughter in balancing our hormones. Mine for post menopause symptoms and for her, no more acne breakouts and less menstral cramping since taking Red Maca everyday." - Jan

"I suffer from adrenal fatigue. This product has certainly helped with the big energy drains I have. I have much more stamina since taking this product. I'm hoping to help my adrenals as well as my other hormones stay in balance with this product." -- Linda

"I find this maca to be supportive of my adrenal glands and energy in general. I take it along with the red maca. All the maca team products I have used are very high quality and I've reordered several times." -- S.L.

"I take the powder form of this maca daily at 1-2 tablespoons. I take it to support my thyroid and hormones. Who doesn't need adrenal and thyroid support these days?! I reviewed the red maca and ditto all of what I said in that one for the black maca. I SO APPRECIATE TMT for NOT selling out to the chinese, for keeping it pure and as clean and cleanly sourced that way as possible! As a further note, TMT puts a DO NOT IRRADIATED THIS PACKAGE bright orange sticker on the shipment which I also super am grateful for. Because for me who has been diagnosed with Biotoxic Illness ( and subsequently healed from it) and for some of my clients who are Multiple Chemically Sensitive, it's those little things that make a HUGE difference in quality of life! Thank you TMT for taking all those little care actions that help all of us on the path to a better and healthier state of being well!! -- Jennifer Oliver

"I have been using this product for almost 3 months and have seen a huge help with anxiety and depression. I am so glad to have found a natural product to help with  these issues. When the doctor only wants to give a prescription it is great to find something to get to the real problem and that it is helped with something natural.! Thanks for the high standards of this product." -- Karen

"I have been using maca and feel like I am on top of the world. Maca has done so much for me that it is uncomparable to anything else I have tried to help me combat my ocd, anxiety and decreased energy level which all comes hand in hand with each other." -- Allison, Lyu, RN

I had been struggling with adult acne my entire life! I no longer wanted to rely on oral and topical medications. I gave maca a chance and in 3 months  am 99% acne free for the first time in my life!!!! I am amazed!" -- S.E.

"I have to say i feel much better: more happy and emotionally stable. I think it really helps me fight anxiety too. I am absolutely satisfied and i have yet more to discover:) btw, i simply whisk it into my water in the morning. It has a very pleasant nutty flavor. very very satisfied. Thank you!" -- S.P.

'I fight anxiety daily and I also workout in the gym. I choose the raw premium maca for those reasons, I really do feel calum and relaxed more able to talk to people and I lift stronger too! Thank you for your service!" -- EH

"Out of several maca products I have tried, this one provides the most noticeable boost to energy, focus, sexual performance and muscle building. My anxiety is also noticeably reduced." -- Peter

"I am 82 years old and have been on high blood pressure medication for 5 years.  Since I started using maca red my blood pressure has become normal and stabilized. I am now off medication. I also am less fatigued and have more energy and my problems with balance are history.  Thank you for offering these products. I add it to my morning smoothie that I have been doing for years." -- Carol Castellow

"After comparing your product with what is available at my favorite herb shop I found there's no comparison. I recently was in a serious bicycle accident and spent days in the hospital having pins put into my femur. My blood pressure numbers had significantly improved from just six months ago after using your product for only two weeks. On the very first day I felt more vitality throughout my body. Even gained better visual acuity as seen in my recent target shooting results. I bought the red and got male enhancement gains as well so it is no surprise that I highly recommend this product which I put in my coffee was a creamer. Don't want to shout this too loud as I want to make sure there's plenty for me in my upcoming order." -- J.D.

"With red maca I am no longer on high blood pressure medication, which I had taken for years. My energy has improved and I over all feel better. Thanks for being there." -- Carol

"Two years ago, I was diagnosed with osteopenia, the precursor to osteoporosis.  My doctor was considering medicating me :(.  I had already been taking maca, but very sporadically - whenever I'd think about it.  After the diagnosis, I started being very faithful and consistent in taking Red Maca.  Last week, I received the results of my most-recent DEXA (bone density) test and my numbers have improved greatly.  The doctor said it's not even worth mentioning anymore and to continue doing what I have been as 'it works!'.  The only thing I did, as I already said, was to become faithful and consistent in taking Red Maca every day.  I highly recommend using maca and The Maca Team as your source. " -- Cyndi

"I am a 62 year-old woman, with low hormone levels, and osteoporosis. There is no way I'd go on HRT and I found the natural bio-identical hormones I was offered very hard to take. I've used Maca before, but I found the smell very off-putting. Your red maca is obviously much better, and actually tastes sweet, and though it has an aroma, it is not unpleasant. As soon as I've finished my oil-pulling, I mix the powder with warm water and drink it down. It is supposed to be best on an empty stomach, and I want to give it every chance to "do its thing." I started off with a half metric teaspoon, but I've gone onto a heaped normal teaspoon, and don't have any problems with it. The packaging is very attractive, and full marks to the designer. My thanks to the Maca Team." -- Jennifer

I have CFS and has been really tired for 10yrs or more. I have been taking this for 3 weeks and it has made a difference already. I read the Maca Team Website very carefully to make sure that what I ordered what was right for me, I have been taking 1/2 teaspoon every morning before breakfast and slowly increased the dosage to 1 teaspoon, I can't believe how must it helps. I am feeling more alert, more energy , my skin has cleared and I am sleeping better. I shall keep taking this in future." -- Lesley

"The red Maca taste very beety but inside a smoothie that consists of banana, cocoa powder, and almond milk , DELICIOUS. And maca gives me better curve definition around my hip area. Just be sure not to take maca during that time of the month . Although I've heard maca helps soothe PMS , it only made mine worse. Overall great product and worth it." -- Ana

"I purchased MACA after a friend suggested it. I was having hormonal issues and libido issues, it took the MACA several weeks to ‘kick-in,’ BUT when it did — my life was forever changed. I encourage people to give it time to balance their ‘issues’ out, and than enjoy their new life… I stopped taking Celexa (anti depressant) and feel way better on MACA than I ever did on Celexa… PLUS, it helps with my libido and the Celexa (along with most anti depressants) inhibited my libido. I’ve had such AMAZING results, I’ve had numerous friends order it and RAVE about their own results. I’m a LIFE buyer of MACA because of the MAJOR positive results I’ve experienced!! -- Heather Martin

"I was suffering terribly with depression and refuse to take antidepressants and I think the Red Maca I have been taking daily has made a world of difference.  Don't know if there are any studies to support that but I do feel immensely better." -- Kristen C.

"As a 59 year old lady, I have hormonal issues as well as fatigue and depression. I just stumbled onto this site and after reading all the wonderful reviews, I had to try Maca. I first purchased the Red Maca Extract, which I added with my Apple Cider Vinegar and water each morning. After a few weeks I thought I felt a little more energy but not enough to know until I did not take it for 4 days. OMG! I was hardly able to function. Due to being home from work due to snow and ice, if I sit down to relax, I would fall asleep. I have now been back on Maca for a week and my energy level is unbelievable and even though I take medicine for depression, I feel like a new person. Maca has made a believer out of me and I have purchased the Raw Red Maca capsules to take for a few months then I am going to purchase the Raw Premium Maca. Thank you to The Maca Team for providing a wonderful product." -- Peggy G.

Was needing help with menopause symptoms and wanted something more natural to take. Was having bad depression and needed hormones to balance naturally since I don't take chemical estrogen. I have been using the extract for 3 weeks now and I feel tremendously better. Depression is completely gone! Plan to continue to use the extract for the foreseeable future and maybe forever! The taste is awesome also. I take the recommended dose twice daily before noon. Haven't had any sleep problems at all." -- K.B.

"I had a friend suggest this for me since I'm diabetic. He did a lot of research & found it had a lot of great benefits for diabetics. I mix it into my smoothies in the morning & love the energy & benefits it gives me. Thank you." -- Heather

"Your products have brought me more energy, than I had in over 30 years. Sure glad your family have invested in bring the most Maca have to offer, please keep that up.  Thank You" -- Diego L. Chance

"My other half used to be so drained after his night shift as a truck driver and would drink energy drinks and coffee just to stay awake. Now he takes 2 pills of the black maca and 1 pill of the red maca and can get through the night without any stimulant drinks. He gets home and is a little tired but not exhausted, maybe adding an extra pill will help that." -- Desiree Frausto

"I have been enjoying 20 gms of Black Maca daily for about 6 months. I have experienced increased muscle mass, energy, stamina, and libido. I found the price competitive and the service excellent. Above that, the Maca Team does an excellent job of customer education." -- Frank Kinselow

"Recently purchased the premium raw capsules and I'm loving the results. The only issue is the pungent smell at first but after taking the capsules for a few days I'm used it. I get a ton of energy when I work out and I don't feel dull or restless throughout my day. Thank you for such an amazing product!" -- Claire

"Well exceeded expectations! I made a maca matcha tea and I cannot believe how powerful this stuff is, tons of energy, no jitteriness. Will definitely purchase again" -- C.K.

"As a fitness instructor with thyroid and adrenal problems, fatigue is a daily problem. I started taking Red Maca in the late mornings and it's helped dramatically. Also a general feeling of well being which helps with my stress levels. Great product." -- Teri P.

"We have been ttc for 3 years and by far, this is the best quality of all products we've tried. My dear husband used to mention how tired and exhausted he was at the end of each day, it is so incredible to see him so full of energy and positive stamina all day long. I normally mix and completely blend it with his morning fruits and veggies smoothie and he never complains about the taste or smell. I'll be ordering more soon." -- D.B.y

"I have definitely noticed an improvement in my energy levels since starting to take this product ten days ago. Thank you for your fast and efficient service too - the delivery arrived in France in double quick time." -- John

 "Awesome product. Have energy and feel strong after drinking my morning smoothie with Maca added. I teach preschool, run, and practice yoga; I also have young kids and a puppy, so I need all the energy I can get! This is the only thing I've tried that actually gives me energy without experiencing a mid day crash. Thanks for providing clean, raw Maca powder we can trust!" -- Kim Bogert

"I've been taking Red Maca for a few weeks. Mix it with 4-5 oz of water and drink it plain, empty stomach. Love it. Has a smokey, unique taste which takes a little getting used to but I just chug a lug it down. I noticed within days the steady energy it gave me. I'm used to taking a quick nap after lunch and since Maca I just haven't felt the let down of energy after eating. I feel good about taking it and like thinking I'm making my insides happy too." -- Bev

"I purchased the raw yellow maca powder several weeks ago. I've been taking it every day in my morning kefir and I can really tell a difference in my energy levels. I was having horrendous issues with brain fog and feeling like I needed 3 cups coffee every morning and afternoon. But ever since I exchanged the coffee for the kefir and macaroni, I've had tons more energy, without the crash. I'll definitely be a repeat customer! Thanks Maca Team!" -- D.L.

"This maca is great for energy, i don't need coffee anymore. My chronic fatigue symptoms greatly improves. I take 6 caps at breakfast, then 2 others in the morning, without any digestive issue. I notice an increase in well-being and libido, anxiety is almost gone too, wich is great for socialising. Shipping was fast (i live in Europe), thank you !" -- N.J.

"I bought this to counteract my fatigue issues and it has helped me a whole lot. I've noticed my cravings for coffee have diminished which is a plus. I add the recommended amount to my breakfast smoothies and it fills me up therefore providing healthy appetite control. Great product!" -- A.A.

"I bought Red Maca to alleviate my sluggishness & fatigue symptoms, and it's helping. I started off with 1T (now 3T) into my smoothies: (any nut) milk, yogurt, fruits, and chia seeds). I just ended my 3rd week and will take a week off to allow the maca do its' thing. I've noticed I am more energized, clear headed, alert, and my BIG appetite has lessened. I'm content with this maca, it's obviously a superior product." -- Alexa

"I have been struggling with fibromyalgia for years and this is the first supplement that I have found that really really helps. My energy levels are up, and my muscles actually feel better. I can definitely tell on days when I am unable to use it. And as an added bonus, the taste is absolutely amazing--very much like a sweet caramel flavor to me. I cannot say enough amazing words about this product and I am forever grateful to the maca team for what they do." -- Karissa

"Maca has helped to conceive naturally when conventional fertility treatments failed. I now have a happy & healthy baby." -- Rachel.W, United Kingdom 

"We tried a lot of things to get pregnant before we learned about peruvian maca in a book on natural fertility. My husband and I started taking it religiously after that. I got pregnant 6 months later and I’m sure the maca helped." -- Jennifer and Ray Collins, Washington

"Both, in our 40's, taking Maca to increase fertility. Did IVF, we're preggers!" -- Anni K.

"Just to share, my wife became pregnant after consuming black maca for about six months after ten years of trying to have a kid; we have been sharing this miracle product with our friends who are trying to have children too. Also, my aged parents have also informed us that the Maca product has somehow given them more energy in their daily activities." -- Kiang Meng

"I was on birth control (IUD) for 8yrs, had a period maybe 2 times a year for those 8yrs. Me and my husband are trying to conceive our 3rd child for a year now and felt something was wrong since we felt it was taking longer than it should. Went to the doctor and was told I have PCOS because of my previous birth control. I did some research and came across Maca. Read that Red Maca is good for fertility in women and Black Maca is good for men's fertility. Bought some for me and my hubby and now have been taking Red Maca for 3 months! I now have had a regular period for these past 3 months! Even before birth control I was NEVER regular! This is amazing to me!! I am really hoping that this means we'll be having our 3rd Lil bundle of joy soon!" -- Iris

"I've seen some great improvements in my sleep, memory and mood since I started taking this. Thank you so much for such a quality product!"  -- Lin

"I can hardly believe what a difference this Maca has done for me. I notice a boost in energy and concentration I haven't been able to find with other supplements. I have tried other brands of Maca, but this is the first that I could digest without difficulty in the dosages I find I need to feel the effects. -- Edith Perry \

"I haven't made it a habit to take them so far. Because I don't know if I want to take it before I work out or when I wake up. The times i have taken them I do feel more energy, concentration and improve in performance. I have given my boyfriend some and he said he felt alert and awake. I love everything about the product, shipping, info card, container, organic and vegan friendly. I love maca!" -- Daisy

"I use the yellow Maca & love how I feel. My recall memory is much sharper, my energy level is outstanding & my mood is much more even on a daily basis. I am 66 years old and honestly won't go without this awesome product." -- Christine Lawson

"I have already written a review how the maca powder helped with the symptoms of hot flashes. Now I also have noticed that my hair has stopped falling out. At first I did not want to admit it to myself. Whenever I would give my hair a good brushing I noticed quite alot came out on the brush/bathroom floor. I told myself, well that’s probably a normal amount to lose when you brush it. However now I have noticed after several months of about 3 teaspoons a day{divided doses} of the maca powder that there is virtually no more hair loss. I sure am grateful. Thank you again for this product that has been so very helpful."  Sincerely -- Laurie Prince Chippewa Falls, WI.

"I have been putting it in my shampoo for the last two years. About 50% less hair loss with no side effects." -- Gina Leigh

"I have been taking this MACA Liquid now for 3 months and what a difference!! My hot flashes stopped since the first day I took it! My energy is noticeably up ( my coworkers noticed too-lol)! My thyroid must be in better balance because I have been losing my hair at the hairline for the past couple years and now it is all growing back in! I will NEVER be without it !" -- Helen

"I went thru menopause and need hormone balance. also I was losing a lot of hair daily. The maca has helped me a lot! It's amazing I'm not losing much hair now! Thank you for a great product!" -- Kathy

Thank you so much for a wonderful product. The black maca has sped up my shoulder injury so fast I was blown away. I bought black maca to help with libido. But to my surprise,my shoulder healed quickly! It also supported libido.I will keep taking it because it is hard to find products that truly works. Believe me,I've looked. I am 61 years old,still training in martial arts,and will not be without taking my black maca! -- Aloha, Harry D

"I love the Maca powder. It has helped me regulate hormones and normalize my monthly cycles that were all over the place after getting the Depo shot for birth control. What a nightmare! Your maca was the only thing that worked to get my cycles back to normal again. Thank you!" -- Lea

"Hi Maca team, it's been a couple months, and I thought of writing you again- as I have been keeping up taking 1/3 tablespoon of maca each day, with days off, and it has eventually equalized my cycle, it is indeed a very useful thing to have! (for those who have the bc hormone arm implant, and have been thrown off)." -- Julia

"I've been using maca for about a year now and am very satisfied with the results. After having a baby, I was hoping to find a solution to imbalanced hormones. This is it!." -- Victoria

"I have been looking for something to balance my hormones and help alleviate the pre-menopausal systems and Premium Maca Powder worked fantastic!! I was skeptical but figured I would give it a try and sure enough I feel great. Thank you for a truly wonderful product. I almost don't want the secret to get out but everyone should know about it." -- Angela

"I started taking this when I went off of the BC pill. It's not a magic bullet but I believe it has definitely helped curb hormonal side effects and keep me balanced." -- Tina

"Since starting the use of the premium maca powder, I've noticed a decrease in PMS symptoms and fatigue. I blend it in my veggie-fruit smoothies in the mornings. After I finish with this bag, I will try the red maca. It is a great product!!" --Heather

"I recently lost my insurance, which covered my Androgel prescription nicely. A friend of mine recommended maca. Just prior to the cycle (with the Androgel not used for a month), I had bloodwork done. At around the 6 week point of the Maca usage, and NO OTHER medications or supplements being used, I had bloodwork done again. The T-count difference was 211 points higher! This product is stellar." -- J.P.

"I feel better, have more energy, and don't get the fall or spring "colds" or allergy issues that I used to have at the change of seasons. I'm a fan and now have my husband taking it too!." -- Shonna Sherrill

"I am almost 60 and my wife is 48. I was starting having problems keeping up with her in the bedroom.  I was interested in maca after reading about it's potential effects on libido. I've been taking 8 capsules a day of the gelatinized black maca capsules and the results have been nothing short of amazing.  I've had no problem with any side effects, and just ordered three more jars." -- Don

"I'm not tired even when exercising and fasting. Also for the men, be prepared to have morning wood again lol!" -- Steve

"This product has been amazing. His libido has increased to how it was 10 years ago!!! We have also noticed a diffrence with short term memory and mental sharpness. We ordered the pills to help with fertility and libido and will keep them in stock every month. Thank you Maca Team" -- Jenny

"I was not sure how much I should take. I started with 4 per day but that didn't seem to do much. I then increased it to 6,then 8. At 8 I started to notice significant changes in my libido and overall outlook on life. I became more optimistic. My low testosterone levels had turned me into an unlikable grinch. -- Juan Davila

"Have been on Red Maca Root powder for about 3 weeks now and have noticed a huge boost in my energy and libido. Overall well being feeling. I put 3 teaspoons in mine and my husband's smoothies every morning. I will definitely continue with this product and recommend it to all my friends and family. Great product." - Cindy

"I was taking a lesser quality one), and I had to cut back to 2 tsps daily because your product is so good. This maca powder gives me energy and brought my libido back! This is an amazing quality product and I will continue to purchase my Red Maca only from you! It has a great sweet taste and I find that I crave it! Thank you!!!" -- Stormi

"Before trying cooked Maca over the raw I thought the cooked would not be as effective at increasing libido as the raw, boy was I wrong!!!. The cooked maca from the maca team is excellent! but after giving the cooked kind a try I can see It works just as effective without any stomach issues. And like they say in only about 5% have some minor discomfort with the raw maca. I love the Geltinized Maca a lot from the Maca team. Get some for yourself but also take less because its stronger." -- Jason

"I forgot to thank you and your team for the wonderful product you make. The red maca has helped me tremendously, with pre-menopausal discomfort (hormonal balance and mood-changes), also enhances my levels of energy and mental alertness. I didn't realise how much it was helping until I ran  out of it.  PS Yes, you can use this testimony, but do so anonymously, use country and profession but not my name." -- L.M. Puerto Rico

"It gives me so much energy! I can definitely tell the difference in my energy level on days I don't take it. I started having night sweats but taking my Maca, I do not experience them anymore. I truly believe that Maca is helping me escape the unplesantries of menopause. I am 55 years old." -- Terri L.

"I have been using for a few weeks and I felt more energized in only a few days. I am sleeping much better as well. I no longer have menopausal symptoms, including irritability, insomnia, and hot flashes. I like the fact that it is raw and organic as well." -- Claudia

"I have been using red raw capsules for months now due to menopause symptoms such as hot flashes. My hot flashes are gone! I no longer crave sugar so I have lost weight. I feel better overall. I highly recommend this product." -- Mary West

"When I ordered the Red Maca powder, I was having 5 to 20 hot flashes a day. I prayed that God would lead me to a natural solution for this problem. I'm 51 years old now, and starting menopause. I was thrilled when my maca order arrived! I add 1 1/2 teaspoon of the maca powder to my breakfast smoothie. Later in the day, I add 1 1/2 teaspoon of the maca powder to a glass of chocolate almond milk, along with a frozen banana in the vitamix blender. It's been the answer to my prayers! Almost all the hot flashes have ceased. I am so grateful for the red maca powder. It is wonderful that I'm sleeping through the night, without waking up with hot flashes. And those awful hot flashes during the day are practically gone as well. Thank you, Maca Team, for this wonderful product." -- Nicky V.

"I have been using the powder since June and I am still having hot flashed every couple hours. I am using 3 teaspoons a day and taking one day off per week. Should I increase the amount of powder? I am grateful to be off the HRT pills but the hot flashed are getting a bit too much." -- Nancy

"This product changed my life. My hot flashes nearly do not exist. My energy level is up and I feel good. Thank you maca team for this great product" -- G.A.

"I will forever be faithful to the Gelantanized Raw Red Maca! It saved me from 99% of my menopause symptoms. Three months after turning 50 my body went to crap. Crashing fatigue in the afternoon, my joints aching in my hands, could NOT sleep more than 2 hours at a time, hot flashes, night sweats, lack of concentration, mood swings of a pregnant woman, and acne of a teenager. At night when I couldn't sleep, I would research for something to give me relief because I was too scared to take hormones, and my insurance doesn't cover bio-identical treatment. I began reading about Maca and its benefits, and the ONE thing that was consistent in every report was to make sure you purchase from a reputable source. The ONLY one that came up in my search was The Maca Team. I made my first purchase of capsules in August 2015, and within 3 days of taking them, joints stopped hurting, hot flashes were down by over half, and my energy level was restored. Also, I had been on a blood pressure medicine for about 2 years, I no longer take it. My blood pressure has been normal for about 5 months now, I do take the occasional water pill, but not daily. My doctor said take as needed, he said my swelling is due to my menopause and will come and go. I want to thank everyone at The Maca Team for the fast shipping, ensuring I am never without my Maca, thank you for a quality product, and I am thrilled about the new rewards program!" -- Anna Whitehead

"This product really works, helps me deal with everyday tasks. I feel more focused, bright and better controlling situation." -- Mariusz

"My daughter told me about Maca powder when I expressed my concern about not being as in control of my memory and thought processes. Since Alzheimer's disease runs in my family, I try to do whatever I can to remain as sharp as possible for as long as possible.  My daughter found the Maca Team's website and ordered a 1 lb. bag of the Black Gelatinized Maca. After taking it every day for a couple of weeks, I began to notice that I seldom was unable to call up a word I needed to complete a sentence and I just felt sharper. I've been using it ever since, and just ordered the larger 2.2 lb. bag. I know this will be a daily part of my diet for life. Plus, I love the taste of it: kind of a mild peanut butter taste. I recommend this to everyone who wants to take a preventative path toward a life long healthy brain, as well as, anyone who is already experiencing memory and thought problems." -- Margaret Hughes

"My son has Cerebral Palsy and hates school with a passion. He gets very "nervous" and goes into sensory overload. Kindergarten was a nightmare from day 1. I decided yo try Maca to see if that would help this for first grade. He still doeant love school. Third week in though and I havent been calles to the school. No episodes so far. My fingers remain crossed. I think the Maca is helping him cope. --0 Laura Monroe

"Hi, I started taking your red maca about 6 weeks ago and noticed a real difference right away, especially in my energy level and mood. I have been suffering from severe adrenal fatigue for almost 2 years so to have more energy and feel better so quickly was like a gift from heaven!" -- Leah

"The taste is incredible! To me it tastes like earthy, creamy, vanilla-y goodness! I can also already see a difference in my apathetic performance, sex drive and overall mood. I can't say enough good things about this company and the products! I highly recommend this product!" -- Lauren Sawyer

"Both my husband and I have more energy..that is a good thing:) And my hormones are staying balanced so I am happy:)" -- Wanda

"I have been taking maca for months now, and feel really good. I have felt like exercising and have noticed how muscular I am becoming. Just in time for the summer, beach here I come!" -- Lori

"For years I have worked out and not really had any results. I have been taking this products for the last 2 weeks and I lost body fat and gain muscle mass. I have been able to go heavier on my weight training and have more endurance. My hot flashes have not gotten better put hopefully with time they will. I just switched to the liquid and I absolutely love it." -- Violet

"I've been on this product for a year now. I'm 44 years old. I'm a bodybuilder middleweight. I compete against 25 year olds. Guess what? I always place top 5 when competing. This product has given me more energy, growth & power at the gym. Health wise I feel better than most 25 year olds out there. I never recommend this product to my competitors because I don't want them to get that winning edge. This is the secrete to my bodybuilding performance." -- Frank

"I just wanted to let THE MACA TEAM know that I love the Black Maca it makes me feel stronger when I am training both in the gym and in the combative arts, I seem to have more stamina a well. I have used many supplements over the years and am totally aware of the "placebo" effect so, I tend to purposely "ignore" a product when I try it! Alas, I couldn't do that with Maca! I am lovin this stuff and now you can blame yourself for having a new customer for life, thanks for making such a high quality AND results oriented product. Maca Team, I salute you!" -- Kevin Jackson

"I bought the product for athletic performance, endocrine stabilization and some EDD problems I was having. Within two days I felt better, and my muscle response time between training improved.  This is an effective treatment for these issues and this premium maca powder seems to be the best available. Even compared to the black maca which is sun dried the premium seems to be more effective." -- Mark Ricketts

"I have been looking for a good food that can provide an excellent amino acid profile for an active lifestyle and workout regime. This product provides that. It has great nutrient value and I enjoy the flavor. I incorporate it in my oatmeal each morning and I enjoy the earthy flavors. I intend to keep using it long term as a component of my overall nutrition program." -- L.J.

"I recently had a fall down an escalator before I started taking the Premium Raw Maca powder. As I expected, I was in a lot of pain during the 1st week. But at age 66, I'm really impressed that I'm recovering quickly and almost have full mobility of my right shoulder, knee and ankle after 2 only 2 weeks.I weigh 180lbs so I mix 3tsps with almond milk. I have noticed a little constipation and my feminine body odor is changing, which I'm hoping will allievate itself by adding more water to my diet. Since this is my 1st time trying Maca, maybe I'll try a different one on my next order." -- Holly

"I originally purchased the Red Maca for my female Rottweiler who was bred this cycle for her first litter. She loves the product and is in beautiful body and coat condition. Now fingers crossed for a strong, healthy, happy mom and babies. After further research I put my second dog who is an intact 10 year old male Rottweiler who has been on prostate support products for the past 4 years. Since being on the Red Maca I have been able to reduce the prostate support by half to dosage.   Great product, great price - will continue to use the product in the future." -- Cathie Soter

"I recently started using the raw red maca powder. Which has done wonders! I have PCOS and have been dealing with lots of issues for the past 15 years because of it. I can't tell enough people about your product!" -- Lynn

"I take the red maca capsules to regulate my hormones because I have pcos and I have not any cysts and my menstrual cycles have finally regulated. I couldn't be more happy with th product." -- Ashley Gonzalez

"I ordered this product to help with PCOS issues and energy/stamina. Right off the bat, I have more energy and stamina to get through my day. In the not so distant past I almost always needed a nap. I think the hormonal balance works slower and I've only been taking 6 pills daily for two weeks. So far, so good.-" -- Ashley Merrit

"I've been taking this product for about 2 weeks now. I have noticed an improvement with the functioning of my prostate. This product has made a positive difference. It has also increased my energy level." -- Vinnie "Purchased the red maca in powder form to aid my enlarged prostate and help balance hormones. Along with other supplements my prostate issues are reduced. Feel very confident I am getting the best possible quality product and in my opinion is NOT a waist of money as some lower quality products are, and is very reasonably priced. Will continue to purchase from the Maca Team" -- Glenn

"We noticed a difference in our vitality as well as my husband noticed a difference not getting up in the middle of the night to hit the bathroom! We take this and the black raw. Part of our daily routine!" -- Jill

"I could not be happier. I turned 58 in March and my enrgy and stamina are back to where it was in my 30's. I also use the red maca and have been able to sleep through the night with little or no bathroom visits." -- Jeff

"I have noticed a remarkable different in my hair and skin since starting the red maca. I am very pleased and I will continue to purchase this product." -- JoAnn

"Thank you so much for sending me such an amazing product! The taste is great i see results in less than a week! I feel great and my hormones my skin everything feels better and looks better thank you so much i been buying this product for 8 months now and i dont plan to stop" -- Abigail Magdaleno

"Best tasting maca I have had. I keep a bottle with me and put a dropper full under my tongue 4-5 times a day. I have only been using it a couple of weeks but I notice better muscle gains after I workout. I don't know how to describe it but I just feel better. My skin is looking better and I feel calm. I prefer this extract because it's really easy to keep with me and remember to take." --Jen

"My husband and I have been using a combo of both the gelatinized red and black maca. We take approximately 1 Tb of each mixed with almond milk. Do this 4 or 5 mornings a week. We both notice that our energy is more consistent throughout the day and we are both sleeping better at night. Also less brain fog. I definitely have an increase in sex drive as well (my hubby is very happy about that. -- M.L.

"Maca has completely changed my sleep cycle. The very first day I took a teaspoon of maca is the best night of sleep I've had in over fifteen years. I was skeptical of the immediate response but also entirely grateful. I was used to sleeping for 2-3 hours, then awake for 3-5 and trying to catch a nap during the day. It's been about two months now taking the raw yellow maca and, with the exception of full-moon nights, I'm sleeping SO MUCH better. Placebo effect? Don't know and don't care. All that matters is that I'm sleeping and all evidence points to the properties of this crazy little root vegetable! I just wanted to share my experience in case it would be helpful to someone else. Thank you to the Maca Team for bringing this vegetable product to the US." -- J.I.

I have a pituitary issue where my LSH/FSH are low which causes lower T than I would like. My Endo suggested Maca Root. I have been taking it for a couple months now and my total T went from low 300s to mid 600s. I have tests done every 3 months so I'm able to monitor the change. It really works for me and is much safer than T replacement. --Jeremy

"I found out about two months ago that I have type 2 diabetes. Along with that, I am about 150 lbs. overweight and have been battling hormonal issue for years. I decided that I did not want to be on medicine so I started searching the internet for natural things that would help me loose weight (to improve my blood glucose numbers), regulate my hormones, and improve my overall health. I read about the many wonderful benefits about maca, so I went to my health food store and bought some maca powder. It was awful. The taste was so strong I was unable to get it down. Plus it had added ingredients in it. So I did more research and found The Maca Team. After reading many great reviews and seeing that their product is pure maca with no added ingredients, I decided to give them a try. I am SO glad that I did. I bought the red maca capsules. They were shipped out and delivered promptly. I was a little surprised to see that the serving size was 8 capsules, but I started taking them. One month later I am down 35 lbs., I have a ton of energy, and I feel absolutely great! I sleep so good through the night. The Maca Team's Red Maca is an absolute necessity for me now. I can't imagine going without it." -- Stephen "

I have been searching for a energy and sexual appetite increaser...well I have found it. I have lost weight as well. I highly recommend Maca. Great company to buy from. Thanks sooo much for changing my life :)" -- Cindy "

This product has really increased my libido, balanced my hormone. I now have a 28 day cycle, it was 25 or 26 before, which might not seem much different, but a big deal for me. My energy level has also increased and I'm maintaining weight now. I used to fluctuate up and down. I'm on the thinner size and always want to be at least 135lbs, instead of 125 at one point then130 at another And maintain it. My weight was so unpredictable. I am 140lbs and maintaining that. My butt is now firm. I feel so much more sexier. I'm happy with this product. I see a lot of good changes." -- Dionne