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About The Maca Team And Our Organic Maca


"I shop around a lot for my supplements and health foods, and I have to say you guys at The Maca Team are light years ahead of anyone else selling maca out in the marketplace.  Thanks for all you do!  Sincerely," -  Jim Price, The Green Marketing Guru 

" It's no exaggeration when I say Black Maca Root Powder by The Maca Team stands head and shoulders above all other similar products available on the market. I simply love it and recommend it without reservation. " - Billy A.

"Hello Maca Team, Done! It was a pleasure to give you an excellent rating! As I say in my review, your Maca is one of the few supplements that I have taken, that has delivered the benefits it was supposed to!" Best Regards, Bob

"Ok I usually do not write testimonials but I just GOT TO this time. You can give my email address to anyone who contacts you to check if I am a real person who is writing this. Your MACA is THE BEST I have ever tried. Got more strength and stamina than ever. My body loves this stuff. I sold this to about 10 people and they all say the same. BEST EVER. And some of these people have been taking MACA since it came out there years ago."  -  Josh, Thailand

"This is the best maca I've ever had. I feel amazing after eating it. This is my go to place from now on. I would give this 6 stars. Be well everyone, peace." - Kyle

"I've been purchasing Maca root product from The Maca Team for several years now.  Admittedly, I've also purchased Maca from other sources as well. But over the years I've realized that there is no better source for Maca in terms of quality and consistency.   Their pricing is always competitive as well and their customer service outstanding.  For the last few years, The Maca Team has become my only trusted source for Maca products."  - Sally L.

"I just discovered this company trying to search for Maca, overall thoroughly impressed with everything, the website is very informative, love the packaging and delivery mentioned "no irradiation" which is something new I learnt about. Fantastic quality, also glad that they included mentioning the liver cleanse- I didn't think it was that important but glad to understand this part of the process as well and incorporate it into my regime before starting with the Maca !! Thank you for everything,  God bless!!" -Bibi

"I have been taking maca by The Maca team for over 11 years and this is a great product. It has help me get myself on track with hormone in balance and overall good health. Thank you for an amazing find!"-Angela

"I purchased the Red Maca powder and have purchased from the Maca Team in the past. This is one of the best quality Maca powders out there. I would recommend this brand to anyone interested in trying Maca for the first time, or a veteran Maca lover." - Saren Ortiz

"This product is just is good and the company say it is. It is the best form of gelatinized black maca that I have purchased.Would recommend this company very much." - James H Greene Jr

"Definitely enjoying this maca better than the brands I’ve used on Amazon. Fresh and effective. Looking forward to trying other kinds from here. Definitely ordering again.  Also the shipping was quick." - Brad

"I’ve been using this product for years now. This is the highest quality Maca product on the Market and I wouldn’t use any other from any other company." - Andy Brignone

"Great service and high quality product. Family owned- they have done an excellent job! " - Joe Jensen

"Used this for years from the Maca Team, won’t order Maca from anywhere else. Does a great job! " - Michelle Browne

"Maca Team Maca and your great service rules! Cheers!" - Jack L.

"BTW... you have a wonderful, very informative website!  I love it!  I have a lot of girlfriends going through the same hormone changes as myself, and I have already told them about your product!  Cheers!" - Krista

"I have no questions but I would like to say thank you for your products and more importantly is to tell you that I am so impressed by the language you use , wether describing the supplements, you show how you care for people’s issues as if you are standing in front of us and talking to us face to face …so kind, caring and conscientious. All the best and God bless you all." - Nancy

"You have no idea how much I appreciate you and the team for doing this even if it wasn’t any issue with your company or the shopping. I will definitely have great things to say about your team!! Thank you!!" - Lucia

"Just a note to give you feedback about your website presentation.....It's world class , professional stuff that I use , not only to get your product data , but to educate myself about the many aspects about Maca . Whoever does your website , their pros....it wreaks of quality and professionalism , the match of which I rarely find.  My compliments and Thank you" - Michael

"I just wanted to reach out and let you know that your content has been quite helpful for me.  My friends from Allthingsaustria recommended your site and I've not been disappointed at all :) Cheers." - Mihkael Caron

"I love maca and I love this brand. Thanks again." - John

"Tastes soo good! I love this company and their products!" - Koshari Pledger

" I love this company. the quality of this maca is so pure. I will be repurchasing!" - Bea

"I am from Peru. I could buy over there, but yours are great. So, buying from you safe me room in suitcase to bring other great items like coffee & olive oil. Please keep the good quality. I encourage my clients to buy it from you." - Marti

"We mix the red, black, and yellow maca powders together and use in smoothies, popsicles, puddings and other recipes. Makes a difference in overall health, energy, and general outlook. Sleeping better, too. Highly recommend these products. The quality is unbeatable." - R. Redsky

"I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND ordering maca from The Maca Team! The outstanding customer service they give is exceptional. The product is a good value and very high quality. I've noticed a huge difference in my health since I started taking Maca powder daily about 2 years ago. I ran out once and I felt like I was plunging off the deep end with emotions and depression. My husband promptly ordered me the largest bag available and after I started taking it again I balanced out very quickly. It was remarkable and I have made sure that I don't run out again. I feel like it gives me extra energy and I believe it does boost my immune system."  - Jessica

"I read in one of the reviews that it was the Don Perignon of the maca and it is exactly that. Before I had a hard time drinking maca in smoothies but this is a game changer. I actually look forward when it is time to drink my maca. I have the perfect recipe, unsweetened almond milk, half a banana, 2 tbsp of maca and a scoop of organic chocolate whey protein powder Tera’s whey. So delicious!" - Wendy Winder

"I take Red Maca Root daily to balance my hor.ones. These products are quality and this company continues to deliver my products in a timely manner. I will continue to use The Maca Team for all future purchases." - Misty White

"Great service . I was kept up to date with my packages progress until it arrived. I was a little hesitant sending for a product so far away(I'm in Australia), but it probably arrived just as quickly as something from interstate. I have only just starting to use the maca, but it smells and tastes just wonderful. Happy to be supporting a small family business. Thank-you Maca Team :)" - Patricia Clark

"I’ve been using the Yellow Gelatinized Maca for over 10 years now and I’ll NEVER stop!! I can go on and on about how great this stuff is, but I’m 60 years old and I haven’t been sick in years, and that includes Covid, without being vaccinated. My energy, mood and health has improved and I always know when I don’t take my Maca. This is the BEST COMPANY to work with and I’ve never been happier with their products and customer service!!! Gold Star - Top Quality- Absolutely Amazing!!!!" - Judy

"I just wanted to say that I received the bag a couple days ago.  Your product truly is the best and I've tried other brands that were nowhere near as good.  Also you were so helpful and quick when addressing my inquiry.  It seems you have made a long-term customer out of me!  Thank you very much".  -  Eric Loranger

"I have used maca off and on for a few years now. Sometimes I get lazy and do not re-order or take whats on the shelf. I always regret it!! I guess I just wanted the THE MACA TEAM/ the owners of this amazing company to know, I am thankful for your maca! I trust this company and in todays day and age, that is a lot! It works! I can tell a vast difference in how I sleep, and my over all daily function. I could not imagine my life without my red maca!! 55 and menopausal! and everyone in my home survived, thanks to you all ;)" Mindy Voss

"I tried another brand of Maca--it was not gelatinized and I had severe digestive pain. I found The Maca Team site which has SO much valuable information. I was impressed with every aspect of the company. I immediately ordered Gelatinized Red Maca Powder. It arrived in 2 days. My energy levels, emotional and mental well being all have benefited. I highly recommend this form of Maca and this wonderful company." -Neesa

"This is easily my favorite maca in the store and on the market. Not only is the brand itself transparent and quality but also very informative and of superb quality. This specific maca works best for me on a few levels. I usually add it to smoothies or puddings. It's taste is mild and has a subtle yet noticeable adapogenic effect. I feel very stoic, centered and tranquil with this maca. Will be back when ever I need some more!" - Edward Putnam

"I live on a fixed income & have to limit what I spend on supplements. I always ensure the Black Maca capsules are within that budget, no questions asked. I cannot give this product enough praise." - Richard M

"Hi Folks, This is my 3rd review here for Maca Team & products I think. To all concerned I have a fairly long personal & professional history in supplementation, Maca I am intimately aware of & use 20+ years now. Maca Team products are the only maca I will use & refer now. The best, purist, highest potency domestically available, period. From sourcing to processing & fast time to market ensures you get the best results maca can deliver hence this is also the best bang for the buck out there if you are serious about your health." K.N.

"This is the best Maca product I've bought. Tried others but doesn't come close. It does what it is purposes to do. Keep up the good work Maca Team." Josette

"Works great and super affordable." Justin Kerr

"I have been using the recipe that’s on the bag and it’s delicious. I’ve used Maca before I have to say this is the best I’ve ever had , really notice a difference in my energy level mentally, and physically…getting stuff done!"  Grace Karam

"Great stuff! Delivered promptly, and of high quality." Mike

"Ordering has always been seamless and I'm very happy with the quality of the maca." Rachael

"I have tried various maca products and I would come across this website a few times. I always wanted to try this product but was unable to at the time. Now that I was given the chance in purchasing it, I'm so glad I did. Above all the products I tried , this one by far is the best. I recommend it to anyone, especially us mid aged folks. I feel great, full of energy in every area of my life, awesome Maca!"  Josette

"Mega cudos for your newer and refreshing website. As a long time customer, I should share with you a experience I had with you some time ago that was more than good customer service. It was pretty close to loving selfless concern.  A few years go, I moved to a new house with a new community mailbox. Unbeknownst to me, USPS put me in two mailboxes, only one of which I knew about. I was awaiting my Maca order which you later notified me was delivered. But it wasn't in the mailbox. So I called and explained that despite the notice it was delivered, it wasn't there. You warmly accepted my explanation and immediately sent me a duplicate order by Fed X which I received no charge.  But I was still having mail issues with USPS which I later discovered was due to the unknown phantom mailbox. In that mailbox, together with a ton of other mail, was my first order from you. So I called you to pay for the second no charge order and Fed X shipping. Despite my insistence, you wouldn't allow me to pay for it! I have never forgotten that experience and that is the super glue that binds me to you. Wow! What a company, quite aside from wow products!" - A.B.

"I've used other maca products before, with the best prior to yours being a gelatinized version by A Healthy Alternative. However, NOTHING has beat the results I get from your line of products. I've been introducing my staff to your maca products. Women with PMS, hot flashes or problems with pain from endometriosis, I point them to the RED. It is amazing how fast this stuff works. I will discuss "dosing" below.  For me...the Black Raw version is the stuff. I'm a high performance person and like to squeeze every moment of every day. To keep me moving at the speed I like, there is nothing like 2 tablespoons of the Black. You read me right -- tablespoons. Everyone I put on this, I start them off with tablespoons. One tablespoon is 9 grams. If you want to see and feel a real difference, take it up to at least 9 grams to start...better 18 grams two tablespoons). Then you will see what I am talking about.   For women with a lot of female problems that they want gone like yesterday, the initial dosing I suggest is 3 tablespoons...then as soon as they get relief, to back it down to 2 tablespoons. The smiles on their faces attest to how well this superfood works.  Who would have believed that to get a superior Maca starts with first separating out the colors and figuring out what each one dose. Of course, you must start with a superior source. I won't go anywhere else. Your RAW rocks!" - Dr. Jack

"The Maca team products are of the highest quality. I have been using their products for about 1 year and have seen dramatic results and feel the difference. I highly recommend their Maca, trust me you won't need to go anywhere else after you try it." - T.A.

"I have been a customer of the Maca Team and have used their Premium Black Maca Powder for years now. There may be a lot of Maca Powder products on the market but honestly this is the very best in terms of quality and consistency. I wouldn’t even consider another. And my experience with this company also is the best for reliability and customer service. I value this product and this company." - Andy Brigone

"This is not our first purchase with The Maca Team.  Having tried several different brands of maca powder, we have come back to our favourite: The Maca Team!   We have yet to come across a better quality, better valued powdered maca product. We absolutely love the dedication to the different colours, the blends, offering raw and gelatinized, the knowledge base, etc.  Do it how the originals did it and consume the tri-blend!  The Maca Team is our absolute favourite product and we will stick to them as our go-to maca source. Thank you so much! - Adamo"

"Bought this to help with hormone balance and overall women’s health and wellness. I have not been using the products for a full month yet, but I have noticed a reduction in PMS symptoms. I’m looking forward to building up to six capsules per day and excited to see what will come out of long-term use! Also worth mentioning that customer service is absolutely phenomenal!! Will never buy Maca anywhere else." - Bria

"I spent lots of time researching the best quality Maca and prices and reviews and quantities, and this company exceeded in all areas!! I received my package quickly, I love the website which is super user friendly, and the packaging itself for the products keeps it fresh... you can tell the quality of this product before you even use it just from the quality packaging alone. The product itself is the best I have ever tried, and I love that it is sourced where the highest quality Maca is from, which I found out from all of the incredibly educative information that was part of my product package :) 100 percent recommend, the they also did a great job with pricing to make it affordable for such a high quality product! Thank you!!!"  - Thomas

"Your site is very informative. I just started taking Maca and it's changing my life. I was facing bouts of depression, low energy and libido. That changed literally overnight with Maca."- Ginger

""It works. more energy feel better. tried another from amazon and nothing. found this again I will stick with it." - William Blackmon

"You have a life time customer in me! I have your red maca and just got the "coffee" maca yesterday.  I got both the sweetened and unsweetened...LOVE them both. Thank you for such fantastic products!" - Vicki Vernig

"I have used the Premium Black Maca Root powder from the Maca Team for several years now. I wouldn’t do without it. Truly a quality product from a quality company. There are a lot of other Maca products out there but the very high standards of this company and its products like this truly have no rivals." - Andy Brignone

"I’ve been using this product for a couple years to help support a thyroid condition. I also appreciate the very prompt response from the company when I emailed a question. Their answer was very detailed & clear. I highly recommend them." - Sheryl Carver

"Thanks everyone at my Maca Team Family.  I have to share a funny situation with you all.  I was headed out to visit my best friend for 3 days and was putting 3 days of my Maca into a little jar. My husband asked what I was doing, so I told him.  Laughingly he replied "Put that in your purse right now.  If you forget it, don't come home."  I guess he does notice how great my Maca makes me feel." - P.L.

"The best Maca I've tried for sure, and I've had great experiences in the past with other brands. Huge increase in energy and vitality. You get a ton of it for the price too."  - Eli Cable

"I buy two of the biggest bags every 3 months. Love the stuff! Energy, stamina, hormone balance, list goes on. It's a true super food. I don't normally do reviews but this product and company is worth it " - Shannon Gambia

"Hi Maca Team. I think is my 2-3rd review here. As mentioned, I've been a professional in the field of supplements/nutraceuticals, etc for decades. I've worked with the best in the industry. Often serving as a senior product staff trainer for countless food stores, ND's, MD's & having interacted with thousands of people with specific regard to maca's extremely high efficacy. It is "extremely" important to get the best maca if you are seeking results. So far, no one beats The Maca Team for the highest potency, most pristine maca products (I've used many of theirs). If you want the best, cleanest, highest potency maca. Its here, period. Thank folks!!. (I have no internal affiliations to TMT)" -KLN

"I have been taking maca root for 5 years now and have tried so many different brands! Once I tried the maca team I was hooked couldn’t go back to any brand u can literally taste the quality !!!! I bought a bottle for my sisters and mother and mother in and sister In law they are all reordering now!" - Nadine

"Maca is a staple in my life and THE MACA TEAM, have the BEST in the game! Amazing product with amazing results!" - Barbara

"The Red Maca Balanced my PH for real! I didn't believe in this stuff until approximately 2 weeks of consistent use that I very notably noticed many positive changes. My body felt better overall and it truly helps regulate hormonal imbalances. I thought these 5 star reviews were crap but now I put 5 stars too. The Maca Team is the GOAT of Maca" - Stephanie

"I just want to say you guys are the best! I love your Maca! Can’t live without it. You guys have my business for life! It helps so much with energy levels and mood." - Sean

"This product speaks for itself. It is a very delicious and clean maca root powder. I have tried many brands and am very particular regarding my maca powder because the taste can be overwhelming but this brand is perfect and I have been buying it for a long time now and have never been disappointed with the product and the company...Thank you for such an awesome and authentic Maca Root Powder." - Angelina

"O.K. Maca Team - you have done it again!  although it is very clear on the sizes of the product I ordered, I was surprised at how much one gets for the Maca powder - wow.  truly cant tell you what a blessing your products are to my continued health.  staying strong, happy and loving it! Thank you!!" - Tam Benedetta

"Thanks so much for keeping the connection. When we get ready to order (for ourselves and our family elders!), we'll be back with you for all of our maca needs. You're our first and only go-to resource for superior maca products. And we're looking forward to trying your new blue maca powder.  Continuous appreciation for what you beautifully do!" - Karen

"I have consumed many forms of black Maca and have to say that this product is premium quality. I look forward on purchasing from this organization in the near future.Thank you." - Jon H.

"Good product, better quality than anything from vitamin shoppe or gnc type places, and a good price for the amount. Will be buying more soon, as well as trying the tri color. I usually don’t leave reviews unless it’s a complaint but I was quite surprised in the difference I felt compared to my previous purchases." - Wesley

"Loving the red maca from themacateam. I can tell the difference from my usual store bought brands. It really tastes so fresh and sweet compared to others. I really love this product. Thanks for sourcing it for us to enjoy" - Michelle Gebbia

"I have been using this maca powder for months now. I think it's great. I could taste the quality the first time I tried it. I had tried other brands ultimately this is the one I keep going back to. I definitely feel like it helps my energy and I'm pretty sure it has helped my hair grow in thicker. I even started ordering directly from the sight when for some reason Amazon stopped selling it. I will say the shipping was cheaper with Amazon. I just bought the big bag to keep from having to order too often."  -Amanda M.

"I LOVE Maca Team Maca...this was my first purchase with the Maca Team and I have no need to try any other Maca-producer. The Maca tastes fresh and flavorful, the Kilo bag is a great price, and I feel so much more at ease (Maca is such powerful medicine :) )" -Lizzie Thompson

"I really like this company, I can get pure black , yellow, and red maca. The quality is extremely fresh, and I really like the taste. I have bought maca from many companies over the past six years and I think the product from here is the best you can get. One recipe I plan on making soon is maca almond buttercups!"  - Christopher B.

"I previously purchased from The Maca Team on Amazon. After they moved off Amazon I followed them because there is nothing I've found that compares to their product. The Maca Team is a great company - all my interactions with them have been extremely positive and their product is second to none!” - Bob Christenson

"I take 24 products from five to six times a week to increase my well-being and sensual and sexual delights. ;D The Maca Team organic maca is one of them—nine grams in my smoothie, Monday to Saturday. The Maca Team is a small business run by a family who cares about its customers, its Peruvian maca growers, and the environment. It's vital to know the source of everything we put in our mouths. Physical and mental health are precious treasures. :D" - Jerry Montero

"Looking for a quality Maca. I finally found one and this is it. The Maca Team has the best Maca it is on par with what I ate everyday in the Peruvian jungle . Yes I took it every day with my food and could not live without it. I brought as much back as I could. I finally ran out after four years now found this a year ago and I must say I am impressed. This Maca gives me energy. it gets rid of some aches and pains as I age and it provides me with many benefits" - Deanna

Hi Everyone, I have over 30 years experience with maca as a professional in alternative/natural healing. I retired from Wholefoods Market in senior leadership and was a senior product trainer for most of the premium supplement/nutraceutical brands in the USA. I have extensive experience with maca and other adaptogenics and have interacted with thousands of people in the therapeutic use of maca. My speciality is hormone balance and therapeutic/digestive enzymes. I've used most maca brands. To be blunt, The Maca Team maca is BY FAR the freshest, highest potency maca I am aware of sold in the USA today. I have personally been using their raw black maca and now their premium maca for over 6 months. The efficacy of Maca Team maca is outstanding providing very noticeable results in my own body (amazing results actually). I can highly recommend using Maca Team maca and especially the Premium extract for assisting in achieving homeostasis (balance) for virtually anyone. The slightly higher cost of this maca is well worth the expense considering the extreme value obtained in the results you will see. I applaud the Maca Team for maintaining such high standards which in my opinion make this maca extract a nutraceutical of the very highest caliber. - K. Neal

"I've recently switched from buying the overpriced, lower quality maca from my local health food store to The Maca Team's Black Maca. It is soooooo much better. The taste is better, and stronger, and I really notice a difference. And as a bonus the company seems to truly value the quality and work of the Peruvian farmers. If you haven't done so, take some time to read the blog posts from The Maca Team, they are really eye opening. I was wondering why the maca prices have been going up so high this past year, and now I know why: https://www.themacateam.com/prices-soar-as-maca-roots-are-smuggled-out-of-peru  I will be buying from them from now on!" - Cam

"This company is awesome! I am a repeat customer and twice I have had questions, sent an email and got a response back immediately. Thank you for your great product and service!" - P.K.

"This company was the first company I ever purchased any Maca Powder from. I was initially impressed by their web site's friendly, family, and impressively dedicated to one product, i.e. Maca, focus. The first batch of the powder sold me on simple things. Flavor, friendly Customer Service, highly knowledgeable, experienced, and efficient representatives whose courtesy and patience with my questions was endearing. I then tried other company's Maca products. I was NOT so favorably impressed and came back. As for the specific product that is the reason for this "review", I can only say it is the best tasting most impressive one I have tried so far. And as for Maca being a superior food product, of centuries old age, use by millions of both ancient and modern Peruvians, and proven effectiveness in all claimed categories? It is beyond question. The only decision anyone should make is should I use Maca? And secondly from whom should I purchase it? In my personal opinion the answer to the first question is YES. And the answer to the second is obvious, from this company! I am not connected to, or paid in any way or fashion by this company for this favorable review. i simply feel that a very good and supremely healthy product. Made by and backed by a family so friendly, nice, and dedicated to producing the best possible example of the product. Is worthy of both praise and patronage."  - John Richard

"This Maca I have tried got to be the best supplement/food than any Maca I have ever taken! I love the Maca Extract because it is really convenient for me when I am on the run! Energy,stamina and well being are the effects I am Getting from The Black Maca Extract,Thanks Maca team!" --F.T.

"We love this product. I own a store and work with clients holistically. We have recommended maca for years however, this is the highest quality product we have ever carried. I am proud to offer it in my store." - Mellissa Gage, Infinity and Beyond

"I am really happy that I chose the Maca Team, today you can find many distributors selling Maca powder, however quality of the powder is impossible to compare. Moreover, the results after 2 weeks I could feel. Before I was taking maca powder and I did not feel any changes. But since I started taking Maca from Maca Team are incredible. So, I did a test..:) I gave the powder to my partner ... and after 2 weeks he was impressed and told me that he has more energy, feeling happy... Thank you The Maca Team!!!!" - Olga

"I do want to say that I have done quite a bit of research on different companies that offer Maca and The Maca Team definitely is the most reputable.  Thank you again for your kindness and professionalism :)" - T.C.

"I received my order timely and I absolutely love the taste of this powder. I also appreciate the packaging. The closure is not has hard to press as some with the same design. That is an important consideration for those in their 60s with arthritis in their hands." - Jen J

"I tried other brand maca powders before and I thought I will never take it again because of side effects. But when I tried your raw maca (black) powder I changed my mind. I mix it with rice or almond milk and drink it in the morning before breakfast. It gives me lots of energy and other health benefits. Im about to order more!" - N/A

We wouldn't be with out Maca as part of our daily diet. It goes in our fruit breakfast every morning and we also purchase Maca to go in our 'Lifeforce Tonics' we create for optimum health. Maca was a must have for our tonics, as part of the ingredient selection for feeding the body and our consumers." Thank you!" - Kathy, NZ

"I sincerely hope you see this email because I would like to thank you and the maca team for bringing the world this amazing gift organically. I'm more than delighted to say that I have absolutely not problems with the maca AT ALL! I love the taste, it does not cause any discomfort whatsoever and best of all, my results after taking it consistently for just 1 week are already better than anything I was expecting. Thank you and I love you guys and rest assured I'll be a customer for life and will make sure as many of my friends and family know about it as possible too! Thank you and please pass my love down to the MACA TEAM!!! Best." Jay D.

"i just wanted to say thank you so much for being such dedicated people. I wish I could buy more just to support your company...maybe one day, I will help others like you! Thanks a Million, Nicole"

"I love you guys. I've been taking maca capsules on and off from my local health food store for about a year but I recently decided to do a little research and figure out what companies sell the highest quality maca. I discovered your company and promptly ordered a jar of red maca capsules for myself and a jar of black maca capsules for my husband. It's been less than a week and I can already see a difference. My energy is higher and my anxiety and depression seem to be lessening. The quality of your products and the fact that you seem to be a company that truly cares about doing good in the world means I will never buy maca from another source. I'm so glad I discovered your company." Ana Janice

"Thank you for your tremendous Maca products. On April 1, 2017, I bought an 8 oz. package of your Raw Premium Maca Root Powder. On the first day that I included it in my breakfast smoothie, I experienced an energy boost and a libido enhancement that was much greater and longer lasting than any affect that I had experienced with other brands of gelatinized Maca Root Powder, After several days of daily use, I was so impressed with my experience with using your product, I reordered a 2.2 lb. package. Shortly after this, a doctor evaluated my memory and determined that the short-term memory loss that I was experiencing was caused by a medication that a Urologist had prescribed to treat my urinary incontinence. I was compelled to do more than just change my prescription and I remembered that, on your web site, you claimed that maca root powder can or will enhance memory. So, I reread the information about Black Maca Root Powder on your web site, consulted other sources of information and decided to try your Raw Black Maca Root Powder, Because I am an Amazon Prime member, I chose to buy it there. I also used your recommended ratio of quantity to body weight to determine "my dose." I am please and excited to report that, after changing my incontinence medication and after several weeks of daily use, there is a noticeable improvement in my short-term memory. In a few weeks, I will have another clinical evaluation of my memory and I hope to have quantified results. Thanks Maca Team, for providing a great product. By the way, I am 70 years old." D. Evans

"FANTASTIC stuff! If you haven't tried Maca yet....what are you waiting for? Black Maca is the most potent of the three and you definitely see that when you use this in your shake or whatever. Its great! Well worth the $$" Jan Light

"I'm excited about using this product! I like the fact that I am given a prompt response to my questions whenever I make contact. Very courteous service.... Happy Customer :)" D.B.

"Hi Cindy I really am addicted to Maca I tell everyone you are the best it makes me eat it every day I love it I told my sister in Detroit Michigan since she lives in America to order it I tell other people I know to use your product and to forget gelatinized, and but they raw maca it is better customer for life." from Kelly Lee

"I always brag about The Maca Team to all my friends and how it naturally supports the health, hormones and emotional state of the men and women. I love to talk about how it naturally boosts the up-take and bio-availability of dietary protein for the production of muscle!" Seth Hollingsead

"Congratulations for this product, I'm from Bolivia where also the Maca is produced. And to find this product here in the US with the quality that you show it's really great! I will continue using it, because back in my country I used since I was a kid, and of course I'm recommending it to my friends and colleagues here.  All the best!" J.L.

"Looking for a quality Maca. I finally found one and this is it. The Maca Team has the best Maca it is on par with what I ate every day in the Peruvian jungle . Yes, I took it every day with my food and could not live without it. I brought as much back as I could. I finally ran out after four years now found this a year ago and I must say I am impressed. This Maca gives me energy. it gets rid of some aches and pains as I age and it provides me with many benefits."  Deanna

"I received my order much earlier then expected. I was pleasantly surprised. There was also informative information about the product and I result appreciated that.. Overall it was an excellent experience and I will definitely be ordering from this company again and again.." - Art

"I have taken Maca off and on for about ten years and can say that the Organic Gelatinized Premium Maca Root Powder is the best I have taken so far. Even if I miss a day or two, a few hours after I take it I can feel the difference! I like the fact that it is a combination of yellow, black and red Maca. Also, the unique processing of the Premium Gelatinized Maca seems to make a big difference. I am very pleased with this product in the way it is processed, packaged and of course, the performance and effects!" - Patrick

"I ordered the Yellow my first order because I had never used Maca root before. I went for the milder one just to see how it tasted. I like spicy so I went the Tri Color route this time. Will order this from now on. I make a super smoothie ever evening using Maca Root and ground Golden Flaxseed. I'm 74 in great health and want to stay that way as long as possible. Both ingredients are super foods and I can tell the difference.  I take NO prescription drugs, have NO joint/muscle pains. Lift weights/cardio 5-6x a week. My goal is to maintain a high quality of life as long as I can. Nutrition is a big part of that plan." - Neal

"Im 65, male. I've extensive experience in the filed of Adaptagenics, maca specifically. I was a senior product trainer with many premier supplements/nutraceuticals. I have for many years used maca therapeutically and interacted with many hundreds in its use. This maca extract is the first product I've used from The Maca Team. After 1mth use I can, without hesitation say this maca is noticeably improving my vitality. Rare is a supplemental that produces noticeable increase in vitality that is NOT a stimulant or a temporary burst. This is an outstanding maca.The Maca Team is now my new source. I'll report back after 90 days how well this maca is working to assist my state of homeostasis. At present I can highly recommend this Maca extract as superior should a black maca be your choice." -  Kirk Neal

"The gelatinized red maca powder from Maca Team is the best maca I ever tried. I bought some maca at GNC and it upset my stomach so much and made me feel awful. The taste was terrible as well. I will buy again and again from Maca Team."  - Joy Bernan

"First i would like to say i love this product. I was very skeptical about a natural product with so many benefits but this stuff really works. Second i love this company. From the web site to the way they run their company this i a top notch team. I will be ordering from The Maca Team from now on. Great job guys keep doing what you are doing." -  Darren Rivers Sr.

"Good morning! I just had your product for the first time.  Very very delicious!! What a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you." -Geri Arnold

"Lov your M pwd. I absolutely eat at least 1Tablesp./day, and put several in my raw bar recipes,oatmeal,smoothies,anything I can think of. Its supposed to be good for hormones, &since I have thyroid problems I take daily. The flavor reminds me of graham crackers I used to eat as a kid(I'm 56)&it will forever be a staple in our extremely healthy lifestyle. Thank you for selling in bulk, since no one comes close to your price per oz. It is absolutely delicious,which is what unhealthy eaters don't realize about healthy superfoods!!! As soon as I'm running low, I will be ordering again from your company. Thank you! Sincerely" - Rhonda

 "The black Maca really gives me energy. Great quality and very competitive price for organic. Shipping was fast and happy with their service. I would recommend The Maca Team's products.Many are concerned with what to mix it with. I personally have used both lemonade and sweetened ice tea. I prefer the sweetened ice tea. The red tastes better than the black to me, but both have different purposes." - G.R.

"This is the first Maca for me. I started researching it & my searches kept landing on this website. I figured they’ve either got some crazy intense marketing or maybe they really know their Maca. It was most definitely the latter. I’ve been using the gelatinized (because I’ve got “one of those” stomachs) & so far so good! I appreciate that they broke it down on their site for who should take which type. It’s been great in settling on my stomach (no problems at all) & I’ve noticed an increase in my energy in the first month. When I contacted them with some questions, I got an immediate & detailed response. And I just ordered another pouch! I don’t have other products to compare it to, but my experience so far has been stellar! I’ve already been telling others about it." - TJ

"I've realised that this Maca simply just works for me, where other brands don't. I appreciate the fact that, The Maca Team are straight and honestly upfront about the origins of each product, and very informative in the descriptions. The only place I will buy my Maca from now on. Great service and very reliable, Thanks again Maca team!" -Peter N.

"I love this maca and would not switch to any other brand. It doesn't bother my tummy at all and it has a pleasant taste unlike others that I have tried. Not to mention the results are amazing! It's worth every penny for such a good quality." - Jenny

Hi, just wanted to let you that I am pleased with your red maca. Just opened the first bag from three months ago and can tell the difference between theirs and yours. Glad that I purchased another bag of maca from you. Happy to support your company. Until I need more! Take care and have a nice day. - John Hoskins

"I use this product with complete confidence that I'm getting the best Maca available. Other companies I've talked to don't even know there are different colors, nor why you would want different colors of Maca. Other Macas are cheaper but we shop for the best quality." - Doris Kunz

After reviewing many sites online (mostly amazon) we found The Maca Team. We decided to give the sampler a go to suit both male and female needs as well as combination. Both of us have noticed the difference from the supermarket brand in terms of effect. We have also managed to save quite a bit of cash by buying 2lbs instead of many 8oz bags.  When we come close to running out of supply, i know where we will come to re-up... The Maca Team. Thank you for providing a good product at a good price. -Dan Miller

"delicious Maca powder, consistently good. Maca gives me increased energy and a feeling of well-being. works for female issues too. But I eat it now for the great taste. Grateful for Maca team, who sources from Peru and not China." - California Customer

"Without a doubt, the BEST I've ever had. I was using Nutive's maca at an outrageous price of $36.+ change for 8 oz.for the white maca. Here on out, it's The Maca Team for me, half the price, and better taste.  I have purchased the white, red, black and premium. Love them all. Love the smell, and the taste, can't get enough of it. Heaping tablespoon in a glass of water in the morning, two heaping teaspoons on my organic brown rice in the evening.(i switch flavors) plus I smother the rice with dulse flakes, himalayan salt, and top it off with organic tomato sauce.  Thank you for fighting for high quality products and informing the public on this powerful food." - Gene

"First time using this company and brand, I was very pleased with the taste, odor, texture and freshness of the product. Could tell it was great maca right away. Had a somewhat smooth butter scotch flavor and great when mixed with chocolate protein shake, Mixes very well and is the real deal. Using it to help build energy levels and healthy hormones!" - Drew

"This is my second Maca powder, but the fort in this brand. I must say, this time around I feel much more energetic and have a higher stamina. The taste is similar to others, but I deal. I Mix it with water and just chug! No need to sip.... So far, I am loving it. The noticeable different on my daily energy has increased tremendously! Great product ! I will ever recommending this to all....."

"So happy that I found your product !. While living in Peru, years ago, I purchased Raw Maca from the Street Markets and enjoyed good benefits from it. After many years back in the States, I have finally found a comparable product. Thank You" - Virgil

"i just want to thank you for the great product that your guys are providing to the public. red maca changed my life. it does exactly what i read on the website. thank you again. i will be ordering again it soon."  Alessandra

"My Maca came in today and it has all the information on it!   I must say this is the best tasting Maca I have tried!! Thank you again for a great product!! I will only order from you in future as well!"   -Stormi Evans

"I have been taking Maca for about three years.The benefits are very good when taken as suggested.Finding a company that specializes in Maca was amazing.The quality of this product over what I was using in the past was incomparable.I will be a loyal customer to this provider of a great product." - Ron Flamm

"This sampler package is a great way to try each maca and also a great value. All my future maca purchases will be through this website. I love the product and my package arrived very quickly. Thank you, Maca Team!" - Jon

"I have been enjoying your products now for quite a long time.  You are clearly committed to your business and to bringing the best products to your customers.  I have a high regard for your company and the way you run it.  Thanks for continuing to provide product during these challenging times in the maca market.  I appreciate you sharing your insights on the situation.  I hope things settle out well for you and your company." - Mike

"I am so happy to have macs from your company. First thing wan to tell you that me and my hubby tried maca from our local shop but it did not make a difference even after using 15 days. I took this maca only for 2 days on an empty stomach, I am feeling great and one thing its freshness and fragrance that assures its quality. Really its great I am feeling more energetic so far. Hope so that it will work for both of us and let us to be a constant customer of your company but my request is to maintain the same quality for your excellent products. I will keep you updating. Have a great day!!!!" - Ounaza Sahood

"Over the past several years I have tried 365 as well as other macas, and this brand really tops them all. Taste is incredibly good. Thanks Maca Team!"  -Sean O'Bryan

"My husband and I both LOVE the red maca powder from The Maca Team! We put it in our protein shakes once or twice a day and rely on the energy we get. We appreciate the commitment to quality we get from The Maca Team for ALL their products. Our bodies love it!" --Beth

"I have been taking the Red Maca for a couple of years now, the positive impact it has had on my life has compelled me to share this company and product with as many people as possible!  Many of the people I go to church with have started taking Maca because of my testimonial, and now they have testimonials of their own! The KEY is CONSISTENCY!!! I've promoted Maca to friends and they would take it sporadically with small results; however, when I encourage them to be CONSISTENT, they saw AMAZING results! I will NEVER go without Maca from The Maca Team, they are the BEST quality and customer service in this market - don't forget, I've been buying for them for a couple years already!! Some of the AMAZING CHANGES I've experienced are: Increased energy, mental clarity, no more anxiety, strong hair & nails, and some more personal areas :-) Give it a try, be consistent, and your life will be forever changed for the BETTER! Cheers to MACA :-)"  Hez From Virginia Beach, Hope Center Church

"I am always hesitant to buy things like this online but I put the order in anyway and will tell anyone to do the same from the Maca Team. My order was shipped quick. It think I ordered on Thursday at midnight and received my Maca on Monday ! We have not been taking the maca for very long only about 3 weeks but so far it seems to be helping with our energy and “love life”. I can tell if I skip a day for sure ! I like the sample pack because it gave us the 5 options to try out. We will know which maca is best for us when we buy the next time around. Thanks Maca Team!" - Chad

"Every time I order from The Maca Team I am never disappointed! My item always arrives at least a day or two early and they provide nice brochures which includes educational information about Red Maca and it's benefit. I personally have noticed I've gain some of my health back due to taking this product. Great service and very friendly. Highly recommend purchasing goods from this company." - Denise

"Maca Is A Lifesaver.   I started taking creme Maca from another company in an effort to curb hot flashes and hormonal  issues I was experiencing.  I found your company (by way of Wellness Mama) when it was time to reorder and was so excited to find that you work with the families who farm the Maca in fairly traded fashion!  I ordered the sampler pack which made it easier to get black Maca for my husband as well as red and creme, which I now mix for myself in a cup of warm yerba mate tea and drink right down.  The sampler set is a great idea for families/couples who may have different needs with Maca!  The Maca has helped my hormonal issues and hot flashes sooooooo much, and from here on out, I won't be without it!  Thanks for your business practices which are the icing on my Maca cake!"  -Michele

"I researched maca prior to determining where to purchase and what impressed me about The Maca Team is the quality of information and dedication delivered by this company. As for the product it is the best I have used in freshness, taste and with the product packaging storage is of little worry. I have seen a turn-around in my moods and stamina. Great Product!" - Tim, Ohio

"Love the Maca team, In an earlier comment I said I was on the fence about where to buy Maca .Not any more .You shouldn’t be either. Mark has answered any questions I’ve had promptly.  I feel like I’m dealing with friends,not some company far away out for my money only.the Maca is fresh,prices are good, the people are nice.  If you’re on the fence,don’t be, you wont be sorry. Sincerely," - Bob


“I am an athlete and have been using Maca for years. This is the best I have found after sampling many types and brands. The Maca Team crew also has great customer service and ships fast.”  - Mike K.

"I wanted to give you an update on my maca for today. If it weren’t for you, I would not be taking anymore,,,but because of you…..I am doing ok.It looks like the banana was the culprit for me. because within 6 hours of taking it…my throat “ normally”would be burning…but not without the banana. Thank you for all your help…………..I know, you probably grew lines in your forehead when seeing my incoming email……but you stuck with me through this." - Jean Selman

"I just wanted to thank you for your excellently constructed website. I am a physician  and I recently started learning about Maca. I get a very good sense of it, and I expect I will try it out myself and possibly be recommending it to patients in the future. If so, your website will be the first place to send people. Thanks again." - Adam Holt

"Thank u so much for thinking of me. I LOVE your Organic Red Macca!!! You Rock. Thanks again." - luv DM

"I am very impressed with the quality of your maca.  I have tried various brands over the years and ended up throwing them away because I could never notice any benefit.  I’m not sure what led me to your web site, but I’m glad I found it.  I experienced very real, noticeable improvements by the end of a week.  It has greatly helped with hormonal balancing and increased endurance during my workouts.  I also feel my recovery is quicker after working out.  I have recommended your product to several friends and family who are also experiencing very good results.  I am currently using the red maca and occasionally switch to the premium a couple of days a week.  I will be a customer for life. I also appreciate the information provided on the web site. Sincerely," -  Kathleen

"First time buying from this Company. A very fresh product. Also first time to use Black Maca which is a great product. Seems to be very effecting and I will purchase more from this company."  - Dave Anderson, Hawaii

"Awesome!. I have tried just about every maca brand, This is the Best." - Jordan, New York

""My wife and I had taken tricolor maca for a few years and ate huge fans of all its benefits! When you introduced blue maca, we became curious as to it's claimed additional benefits. We tried it and could not be happier! We recommend it to anyone who will listen!" - Kent Hartwick

"The effects of adding it to my coffee blend is wonderful. I'm health conscious but love to mix my on flavors for taste. I love it and don't know how I got along with out it. I am true believer and now a low Al customer. I am sharing my experience with your Maca with everyone I know.  Thank G-d for your company." - Maas Villanueva

"I've tried several different brands of maca, but none of them worked as well as The Maca Team. You can tell they did their homework and found a pure source of Maca. With so many supplement brands out there it is tough to find one that works, but The Maca Team did it. Thank you!"  --Jeff

"We enjoy and appreciate the creative ways Maca Team organizes, combines and explains products.  Maca Blue is a marvelous, effective development that has now grown into a must-have addition to your lineup.   Good, clean, healthy energy is what we appreciate and we believe this will become another terrific food on our menu list. Many thanks and keep up the good work." - Steve O'Brien

"The taste is a bit weird but easily covered with a peanut butter/banana smoothie! I use a tablespoon in each smoothie I make and I almost instantly feel so positive and energetic! This is really high quality stuff. Support these growers!" - Melina Harris

"Hello all! Recently started using Maca after being on steroids for an auto immune disease. While stepping down off the steroids I was having a lot of problems and starting taking 3 tsp of red maca in 1/2 cup almond milk in the morning and for the first time in weeks the throbbing in my adrenals went away, i slept all night long, and was able to concentrate on my college papers for the first time in weeks. The almond milk and the red maca taste like eggnog, its soo tasty! Its like Christmas in every glass. Thanks maca team, I know I am getting a really good fair-trade organic sourced maca!" – Kat K.

"Best Maca powder i have tried and tired different companys some are ok and great..But Maca Team is the best..." - Mike Rojas

"Hello! Your maca is truly the Don Perignon of macas I've experienced." - Mazy

"I had other maca before. I had much sideeffects or no effects, So I always must change products or discontinue. But I knew that maca is good for my problems This red maca from Macateam has very good effects and only little sideeffects in the beginning. I am so happy and will order more."  - Annette

"I had been previously eating/drinking the raw common brown/beige Maca for a few years, since trying the Gelatinized black this past month I am a true believer now. While the Raw Maca was very good at the beginning, the benefits seem to wear off even after doing a month on month off cycle. I feel the gelatinised black is the next step up and is the way Maca is supposed to be consumed (not raw). It has exceeded my expectations. I feel better in mind, body and spirit. Thanks Macateam, I definitely will be back for more." - Peter N 

"I started using maca in May, 2019. I liked it and became really interested in maca. Initially I bought from T#rr@soul and viv@n@tur@ls via Amazon, both good companies. Then I learned about The Maca Team, their product is just way better. After trying yellow, tri color and black, both gelatinized and raw, premium and strd I settled on raw premium black. I have a bag of chips too which are pretty interesting. The customer service/support is top notch and among the best I've worked with. Thanks" - Thomas Delaney

"I've tried various maca brands over the last 20 years and The Maca Team brand is very special. There is definitely a difference when it comes to the quality and colors of the maca. This red maca does seem to nourish certain parts of my body while the black maca nourishes something else. I know I've been missing the nutrition these maca provide. I'm 75 years old and bodies wear out, but I'm finding I'm regaining a functioning body. How wonderful is this?!?!!!" Janis Ihrig

"I had purchased gelatinized Maca from Whole Foods and found it to be hard as a rock and have a strong flavor that took over my smoothies. The Premium Maca Powder from the Maca Team is so much fresher and cleaner looking and tasting. I feel more confident using it than I did the other stuff." - Kristen

"I love the maca The Maca Team offers. I first bought your red maca from the Amazon site. It is great. The taste is very acceptable. I bought it mainly for prostate health and for my wife. I'll be ordering some more red maca soon.   The black maca I ordered direct from you is also great tasting and seems to be effective in balancing my hormonal health, etc. I would recommend all your maca products. They seem to be the best on the market for reasonable price and product quality. Thanks again." - Al Stanley

"I had been using another brand of maca powder and decided to try meca teams. The difference in freshness is night and day, and better tasting .  I'm 6 foot 250 lbs and take 4 teaspoons every day w/ my protein shake. Great energy boost and just feel great all day. I can tell a difference when I do not take it. best price that I have found {36oz}. I will be buying more as needed." -J.D.

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm pretty happy with the results I see with your red maca. I just posted both feedback and product reviews as I sincerely wish you all the best in your business. I'm a small business owner myself so I realize how important it is to get good reviews for your products. You've done a great job with your products and I will definitely order from you again."   - Anna

"This product is amazing! I have used other cheaper brands of white maca with fairly good results, but after trying the Maca Team maca, I noticed within two weeks all of my menopausal symptoms had completely vanished. Others described a bad taste and smell, but I have tried the black and the red and find them both to be mild tasting. I use a tablespoon in my daily smoothly." - Joy

"Maca first came to us by our vitamin supplier. They ship a generic staple in its different forms. Their maca varieties are good, as is their customer service. Then we ordered from the Maca Team. Comparison? Think fire-fly, then think mid-day sun. At 76 and 73 years respectively, that is a big deal; and at comparable cost too. Here's what we told Cindi, MT's Customer Service lady: 'Never have we had such speedy delivery.' There's more. "MT's packaging is the strongest, most protective we've seen, ever, at all ... anywhere. Further, the Mrs. no longer takes hormone supplements."  MT's sample pack is a good starter, but we're settling in on the kilo size. We have six meals a day. Maca almond milk smoothies, berry, chocolate or … - always with one green apple, is the numero uno. A bike now sits by our back door, and we use it. We also use the “new” garage sale “Stamina Steppler” in the living room. And, for the first time in years the Mr. scans the morning want ads for steady P/T work (that is the only goal taking longer than it used to)." - George & Sherr

"As a former mail order health food business owner (back prior to the net) I have tried many products over the years. This product (Raw Organic Black Maca Capsules) is now the basic addition to my daily nutritional intake due to it's quality of performance. I take it with 2 tablespoons of raw organic apple cider vinegar in 8 ozs of purified water upon arising and personally recommend this as it works very well for me. I am 66 years of age and believe I will continue to enjoy the benefits of Maca for many years to come!" - G.A.

"I happened to stumble upon the Maca Team in search for a new Maca suppplement. I was getting the capsules at the Vitaman Shoppe. However, after researching the Maca Team and reading the reviews, I wanted to give it a try. I fell in love with the product and it has helped me in various ways. First and foremost, it's helped with my hormone balance especially when that time of the month comes. It's helped with libido as well which is huge because I'm on certain mediciations that takes that away from time to time. I'm not sure if Maca has anything to do with it but my skin has been clear of breakouts for well over two months. Last but not least, I have noticed a difference with working out and taking this product. It helps with energy and is actually helping me build a better shape. My boyfriend even noticed so that's an added bonus!" - Pamela

"Great company and great product. Dependable and well worth my business. Bonus is that the Maca is pure and definitely has increased my energy and libido levels. Definately worth the money!"  - WT

"I absolutely love my red maca.  This is the best Maca I have ever tried. I was using another brand and to say the least, that one tasted like a horses behind. This Maca, however, is absolutely awesome! It hardly has any taste at all and what little it has is slightly sweet. I'll never purchase any other Maca again. I'm stuck on maca from The Maca Team!!!"  - Pamela

"I love The Maca Team's gelatinized maca root! I trust and believe that I am getting exactly what I ordered. I have gotten great results and will continue to order maca root from The Maca Team. Customer service and delivery time is bar none! My sister is now a Maca Team and maca root fan as well. Thank you." - C. Thomas

 "I've tried a lot of Maca products and this is my go-to at this time.  I tried to avoid the gelatinized but, having used it now, I do think it is still highly effective (non-gelatinized is stronger in my opinion) and is easier on the gut for those of us auto-immune compromised. The red maca is definitely "higher charged" in terms of energy quotient in case you want to head in that direction. Simply...I can taste and sense the excellent high quality of this product and that is why I keep coming back." - Larry

"I have tried various organic maca powders and this one is by far the easiest on my digestive track. Compared to other gelatinized maca powders, I feel the most benefits from The Maca Team's gelatinized maca powder. They provide a lot of information about maca and offer a variety of maca powders. I'm very satisfied with this product and will continue to purchase maca powder from The Maca Team" - John C.

"Started using Maca last year and was buying it from my local health food store. While I prefer giving my money to my local health food store there are some things that are just worth buying online. This is one of those products.   The first thing I noticed was the smell. The original organic Maca product I have been using NEVER had that fresh outdoor smell you get from picking fresh food. Can't describe the smell but anyone that has worked in a garden and knows the smell of fresh food knows the smell I"m talking about. If you've never smelled that smell you won't know what the heck I'm talking about...but those of you that know the smell - you WILL get that the second you open the bag for the first time.   The fact that this company is family owned and dedicated to one product. Yeah - I'm coming back for more.  Thanks much!!" - Matthew

"Sometime after the first of the year, we began supplementing the diet with MACA (a dried and powdered) vegetable from the turnip family. We tried several suppliers before settling on MACA TEAM. They offer several varieties so we sampled them all. One tablespoon apiece, six days a week is what we mix in our smoothies. My last prescription of Terazosin has not even been opened. We bought it March 11. And, if I overlooked taking that pill, the early morning would be painful to say the least. No longer do I get up during the night. Never. Not one time. There's more. For the past 20 years Sherry has taken an over the counter menopause aid – Estroven, “Maximum Strength”.  A  pill not to overlook. Today Sherry keeps Estroven on hand, but takes only 1 to 3 times a month – usually when we forget our smoothies.  Finally, wheat no longer troubles me. Nothing I eat brings on that weak feeling. I first realized this while riding my bicycle. In times past, the legs felt like two fleshy  appendages pushing pedals. But that's history. Now there is strength in my legs. I am not telling you that my legs feel “okay”. No! My legs register strength.  MACA TEAM offers essentially three varieties of this food; regular, red and black, each having their individual properties. We settled on the red option and are well into our third bag." - GW

"Your maca is sent from God, is a blessing and is superb" - Milt Thompson

"I have been using maca for many years. I get it from good my friends that live in Peru...or I bring it back personally when I travel there. I ordered this only because I have run out and cannot get any more for another 2 months.The quality and freshness of this Maca is OUTSTANDING!! Thank you for being an educated and conscientious importer and supplier of this sacred product."  -J.D.

"I love this Maca not only for all the benefits it provides but for the taste and smell of it that makes it even more addicting.  I've used Maca for a long time, but this is by far the best!  Thanks Maca team, Opps gotta run now to drink my Maca shake!"

"I'm a male and 36 years old. I run 4-6 miles, 3-4 times a week. I have been supplementing specific adaptogens for the last four years. Black Maca is definitely effective for endurance training and libido. I can tell the diffence in my body when I take this. I previously used a maca powder from another company, one of the largest herb suppliers in the USA, and was not impressed with the results. The Maca Team definitely has a quality product, I plan to order more in the future." -Dave

"My son-in-law told me about maca. Being somewhat of a health nut, I was surprised that I had never heard of it. He had researched suppliers and recommended The Maca Team. I have been taking it for a year now and the results are noticeable and powerful. I give it 5 stars." - Tom Mckinnon


"I love that something natural diminishes my adult acne..it just vanished!" - Amy Gillentine (customer used Raw Red Maca)

"After unsuccessful attempts at a dermatologist and looking to the internet to research my acne concerns, I stumbled upon Maca. I had taken birth control for over ten years and after getting off it, created a hormone imbalance in my body that has been present for the past five years. I had hormonal acne I could do NOTHING to fix. I literally tried EVERYTHING!!! I had heard about Maca root and researched it’s benefits. I loved that it was something organic and nothing I would be worried about putting into my body. I started taking these Red Maca Capsules two weeks ago and have already seen a HUGE difference. I take eight capsules a day and have stayed consistent. I’m so happy I gave Maca a try and purchasing from The Maca Team is the best route. After researching other brands that sell Maca, I was confident in their product. Must try for hormonal imbalance or hormonal acne!!" - Kelsey D.

"I have been taking maca for about a month now and I’m actually going to stop my birth control and just take maca. My acne was so bad that I needed to get on b.c. To balance my hormones. Since taking the maca my acne has lessened and my hormones and periods have been so regular. My mood is stable and it's all around a wonderful Peruvian root and I’m happy I came across this site. I would recommend maca to anyone struggling with hormone imbalance. Also it's helped my libido a lot and gives me energy in the morning! Lots of love to this maca family."  Danielle Jenkins

"These are very easy to take and I’ve already noticed positive changes in my body from taking these. My hormones were out of balance and I would suffer from mood swings around my monthly cycle, my skin would break out severely, and the cramps were unbearable. Since taking these supplements, I’ve noticed less of all of the above, which (to me) means the capsules are filled with genuine Maca Root and it is working on balancing out my hormones as I continue taking them. Thank you for making a clean product for us to be able to get more superfoods into our diet." - Rachael Schlecht

"I've had cystic acne since my teens, I am now in my 30's and have been on and off birth control for a decade since literally nothing else phases my acne and living with it is painful, uncomfortable, unsightly and embarrassing. I started taking Red Maca (6 capsules every day) and I have not had one breakout since. Its been about 3-4 months so far. I can't believe how well it works, I have tried every over the counter product and dermatologist prescription and nothing has worked like this (except the birth control, but we all know how bad that is for you) Thank you to the Maca Team for basically changing my life :) " Brie

"I've been taking Maca everyday for about a month now, and I'm loving it! I've noticed my hormonal changes especially acne, improve. Along with my balancing cycle! It's been a wonderful experience so far and I'm impressed with the capsules and taste.   Thank you!" - Best,Arryana

"I was taking a gummy maca before but wanted a higher dose and switched to this. This works just as well and is more affordable. It blends easily into oatmeal or cream of wheat cereals. I bought it for libido and have only seen minor improvement there, but an unexpected positive side effect is it normalized my skin’s oil after a few weeks and it continues to keep hormonal acne away. I used to have to take spironolactone medication, which did work but negatively affects libido. I have been able to go off it now as the maca does a better iob at normalizing sebum and preventing acne. My skin looks amazing and I have no negative effects from eating maca daily." - Shelly

"I ordered the red maca capsules and started taking them 4 days ago. Wow, I am amazed. I have been struggling with adult acne for the past year and a half. I've spent hundreds of dollars on various acne regiments which only dried my face out and did not help with my cystic acne. A few months ago I broke down and went to the dermatologist who put me on a harsh week long antibiotic, spironolactone, and a face cream. I had marginal improvement over the past three months. Then I decided to give maca a try. Within 2 days, my achne was diminishing. I could not believe it. I am seeing so much improvement in my complexion every day. I also feel great and so energized throughout the day. I am so excited about your product. I can't wait to see continued results over the next month!" Danielle

"I've had pretty bad hormonal acne for half my life (since puberty). I've tried all the topical gels and creams, all the pill medications, the infamous Accutane which did actually work until the side affects wore off. Birth control which also helped until I went off of it and my hormones went all out of wack again. I went to see a dermatologist in March who was ready to hand me all sorts of different meds, I literally read her a list of meds I wanted and she handed me the prescription without any hesitation. In my frustration I tried to use them but it just irritated my skin even more making it dry and sensitive to ANY sort of lighting. I realized I didn't want to be reliant on medications so stopped using them. Then in April, just by chance I started taking Maca as a sports supplement for increased mood and energy. I soon realized it was also clearing up my acne! After some further research on my part it turns out clearer skin can be a side affect of taking Maca! Who would of known ???? The Team Maca Organic Red Maca Raw has truly helped me so much! I have a better mood everyday, more energy and my sever hormonal acne has virtually disappeared."  Jasmine Youngblood

"I just wanted to reach out to say how much the maca has helped me! I was looking for something to help me with adult acne after battling with it for years. I tried topical and oral meds to no avail. I exercise regularly and my meals are mostly quite healthy, so the only other possibility was hormones. I finally decided I needed something to regulate my hormones thereby helping the acne but I wanted it to be natural. I heard about maca, read a few articles and reached out to you. Best decision. I ordered the raw red maca and have been taking .5-1.5 tsps almost every day and I have not had cystic hormonal acne for the last 2 months!! My menstrual cycle also became much more regulated, which is so great too! I just ordered another supply of your Maca. So thankful I found this product, it's truly been amazing to see such great results so fast." Lydia

"I bought this powder in hopes to balance my hormones and control the hormonal acne I was struggling with. After consuming the powder for a week or so I noticed a substantial difference! The big cystic bumps on my neck and chin vanished and the rest of my face has been glowing!! I also noticed a great improvement in my mental focus and clarity. Being a full time student with many sleep deprived days it is so nice to be able to reach for a natural and effective remedy to give myself the extra boost that I need. I have fallen in love with this product and the many benefits I have gotten, I WILL continue to re purchase and recommend to all of my loved ones! " Mia

"This is our 3rd brand of Maca & the first to have made such changes to our health. Suffering from menopause is a thing of the past. My young daughter's hormones were so out of control she is now calm and able to talk more plus her acne cleared up amazingly. Hubby chronic fatigue so bad he always had to take naps he is up early goes all day and sleeps well through the night. We have found a product that is now considered a staple in our pantry!!" - Helen W.

"Wonderful product, fast shipping and excellent customer service!  Product has helped me in more ways than one. Especially my hormonal acne along with other steps I have taken to balance my hormones." - Amber

"The Yellow Maca Extract is an easy way to get your daily dose of Maca! It tastes great too! I believe it is working to help balance my hormones as I started having adult acne upon going off birth control a little over a year ago. After taking this for a little over a month, my skin is finally starting to clear up!" --Ashley

"I bought this powder in hopes to balance my hormones and control the hormonal acne I was struggling with. After consuming the powder for a week or so I noticed a substantial difference! The big cystic bumps on my neck and chin vanished and the rest of my face has been glowing!! I also noticed a great improvement in my mental focus and clarity. Being a full time student with many sleep deprived days it is so nice to be able to reach for a natural and effective remedy to give myself the extra boost that I need. I have fallen in love with this product and the many benefits I have gotten, I WILL continue to re purchase and recommend to all of my loved ones!" - J.L.

"I ordered the red gelatinized maca for myself after doing alot of research to find out what would help my out of control hormones, breakouts, mood swings, irregular menstrual cycles etc. After about 5 days I could tell a slight difference in my mood and energy. Now I've been taking maca every morning for about a month. I've noticed more of a change in energy, better sleep, increased libido, better focus, less breakouts, even better stabilized mood and with my first cycle it was actually more on the "normal" side. I'll continue to take maca and have been recommending it to a lot of my friends and family. I'll be ordering more soon." - Helen

"I have been taking macca for about a month now and im actually going to stop my birth control and just take maca. My acne was so bad that I needed to.get on b.c. To balance my hormones. Since taking the maca my acne has lessened and my hormones and periods have been so regular. My mood is stable and it's all around a wonderful peruvian root and im happy I came across this site. I would recommend maca to anyone struggling with hormone imbalance. Also it's helped my libido alot and gives me energy in the morning! Lots of love to this maca family" - Danielle Jenkins

"Gelatinized Red Maca Powder capsules started working as soon as i took them the first time! My mood leveled out since the first dose. Over the few days, my skin started to heal from acne and acne scars. Red Maca is allowing my body to be in balance to become healthy, and i feel it!
I highly recommend this to anyone for any mood/hormone/emotional/physical/skin/any health concerns!" -L.F.

"I was on the pill for 10 years before trying for the first time to come off of it 4 years ago. Within 6 months I had extremely bad acne all over my face, my hair fell out, I hadn't menstrated in 6 months and was worried (and not well researched) so I went back on it. I tried 3 more times over 3 years to come off with no luck and the same results. Until September 2016 I had enough and did some major research when I came across Red Maca. I started taking it 3 weeks before stopping the pill and within 1 month of stopping I had a period and now 6.5 months later I do not have a spot of acne, my hair has not fallen out and I'm feeling better than ever. I can't praise this product enough. I've not converted 5 of my girlfriends to give it a try! Love this life saving product. Thank you!!!" - Lili H.

"This product has worked well for me and my adult daughter in balancing our hormones. Mine for post menopause symptoms and for her, no more acne breakouts and less menstral cramping since taking Red Maca everyday." - Jan

"I've had cystic acne since my teens, I am now in my 30's and have been on and off birth control for a decade since literally nothing else phases my acne and living with it is painful, uncomfortable, unsightly and embarrassing. I started taking Red Maca (6 capsules every day) and I have not had one breakout since. Its been about 3-4 months so far. I can't believe how well it works, I have tried every over the counter product and dermatologist prescription and nothing has worked like this (except the birth control, but we all know how bad that is for you) Thank you to the Maca Team for basically changing my life :)" --Brie


"I suffer from adrenal fatigue. This product has certainly helped with the big energy drains I have. I have much more stamina since taking this product. I'm hoping to help my adrenals as well as my other hormones stay in balance with this product."  Linda

"I find this maca to be supportive of my adrenal glands and energy in general. I take it along with the red maca. All the maca team products I have used are very high quality and I've reordered several times." - S.L.

"I take the powder form of this maca daily at 1-2 tablespoons. I take it to support my thyroid and hormones. Who doesn't need adrenal and thyroid support these days?! I reviewed the red maca and ditto all of what I said in that one for the black maca. I SO APPRECIATE TMT for NOT selling out to the chinese, for keeping it pure and as clean and cleanly sourced that way as possible! As a further note, TMT puts a DO NOT IRRADIATED THIS PACKAGE bright orange sticker on the shipment which I also super am grateful for. Because for me who has been diagnosed with Biotoxic Illness ( and subsequently healed from it) and for some of my clients who are Multiple Chemically Sensitive, it's those little things that make a HUGE difference in quality of life! Thank you TMT for taking all those little care actions that help all of us on the path to a better and healthier state of being well!! - Jennifer Oliver

"This specific product was recommended to help with my adrenal glands. It is subtle, and gentle, but my out of control eating, emotional yo-yo, and sleeping is all better. The price is reasonable also. Thank you MacaTeam" - Teresa

"Well, I am quite surprised on behalf of this product. I had done some personal investigation on what I could do for adrenal fatigue when I came across the use of Macca. Although I still am not real sure why I am experiencing it thoroughly but taking it has made an extremely big difference for my energy levels. I was sapped out to nearly nothing. The response of the Macca is amazing, I am not jittery, hyped, or completely wanting to run a marathon, but I am able to get up and function and that's what I needed it to do. So thank you for the purity of it as well, that is imperative for me. I will be back to order more very soon." Robina E. Weills

"A few years ago when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism I started my journey with maca. Maca's amazing ability to assist the thyroid (among other things) is the reason I chose it. I needed it to be the best Maca that I could find and The Maca Team has the best. The taste isn't overpowering and I can easily mix it in my smoothies. Also, I love that it ships fast and I don't have to wait! Love love love it!" Theresa

"This is my favorite because it's been helping my thyroid gland. I've been very sensitive to laundry chemicals and synthetic fragrances all my life. Whenever I get around them, my thyroid gives me a warning signal of pain. I've tried taking seaweeds and such for thyroid help. I don't take drugs so I'm always looking for nutrition to help do it's job. When I found The Maca Team products, they indicated right away. I've tried maca products before but only the plain color. I bought both the red and the black to see what was best. It turns out that the black turned off the thyroid pain sensation within minutes of taking some. I've been putting about 1/16 of a teaspoon directly into my mouth three times a day. My appetite has increased and my muscle mass is coming back. This is just after taking it for about one week. My thyroid gland isn't yelling so loudly now either. I'm 75 and this is major for me. I still have a lot to do in life and definitely need my body to function properly. I'm so glad to have found these products. I'm now taking both the red and the black at different times of the day which seems to work best for me right now. " Janis Ihrig

"I absolutely adore the product. What first impressed me was the information on the website as well as the wide variety of ways to take it. I love supporting businesses that do a fantastic job for their customers where they truly care about their product and it shows. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and balancing all of my hormones is quite a challenge with this disease. I was looking for a healthy, good quality supplement to balance my hormones were my libido had tanked down to -20. After two months I noticed an improvement, after six months I felt like me again, and now after almost a year it has given me a quality-of-life like I’ve never had. It is amazing quality product with a reasonable price I could not ask for anything better." - Nancy Clifford


"THANK YOU!!! I’ve been ordering from you for almost a year, and I just wanted to say – YOU GUYS ROCK!! I always get my MACA quickly, and love the results… it has helped me tremendously, and I can’t imagine being without it!! Because of the RED MACA, I was able to come off of my anxiety medicine… and feel so much better now!! MACA was a missing key for me. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. I tell EVERYONE I can about the success I’ve had with MACA, so much so that I’ve had several people from my church start ordering too! YAY! Bless you and your business! Sincerely," - Happy Customer 

"Second time ordering and I love this product! It has an acquired taste, yet very tolerable. It sits under my tongue for 30 seconds and is then swallowed. My anxiety is no more, I'm energized, my fat levels have decreased! I'm grateful that I discover."  J. Daggs

"I got anxiety and depression cause of my 2 jobs, I couldn't even sleep well and often cry so easily. I got some medicine to sleep but it did work for just some time. My mother started to prepare maca drinks for me everyday... I didn't need pill to sleep anymore and I was more energetic and positive. Maca is the best, I still drink it every morning by 2 years!" D.L.

"I just started using Maca red root powder 4 weeks ago, I love it! I feel more relaxed, focused; healthy feeling. I put it in my shakes in the morning. I do think The Maca Team & Farmers in Peru have made a fabulous product; the BEST! Thank you for being a part of my healthy living journey!" - Tammy Chrones

"Seriously, this stuff has changed my life. My moods are better, my anxiety is decreasing, and my energy is insane. The taste isn't TERRIBLE, but I chose the extract because it's fast acting. I put a few droppers full under my tongue first thing in the morning and I'm set for the day. Highly recommend!" - Leann

"I have suffered from anxiety for the past two years, recently went back to school and the stress and anxiety became drastically worse. I was ready to get on prescription medicine but decided to go the natural way. Within a couple of days of taking two teaspoonfuls a day, I felt so much better and the anxious feelings and knots in my stomach have dissapeared. I feel more relaxed, clear headed and with improved energy. I have been using this dose for three weeks and might switch to three teaspoons and hope to get other benefits of this product I would recommend this to anyone suffering with anxiety and constant stress before taking any prescription drugs."  DD

"I have been using this product for almost 3 months and have seen a huge help with anxiety and depression. I am so glad to have found a natural product to help with  these issues. When the doctor only wants to give a prescription it is great to find something to get to the real problem and that it is helped with something natural.! Thanks for the high standards of this product." - Karen

"In my mid 40s and feeling all of the things. This supplement tastes great, doesn't irritate my sensitive stomach at all and works very at combatting stress and driving libido. You will smile more, you will feel calmer, you will notice a difference within a week and within two weeks I couldn't keep my hands off my husband. It's that good." - The Doctor's Wife

"I have been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks, on and off, for the past 15 years. They started after the birth of my daughter. I have been on several meds; zoloft, xanax, and buspirone, on and off for those 15 years. I have been dealing with perimenopause for about 3-4 years now ('m 49 years old), and the anxiety has been horrible! The doctor would switch me from one med to the other when it wasn't working, the hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats were becoming intolerable! The hormones were affecting the anxiety and vice versa! I was getting desperate and would try anything that would help! I was directed to your product and your website, did the maca finder and red raw was suggested, and WOW!! Within 3 days,ALL symptoms started to alleviate! It has been almost 2 months since I started taking the maca, and I have had NO anxiety or panic attacks, hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats are gone!! I feel like I have my sanity back! I can not thank your company and your product enough for the help you've given me!!"-Donna

"A friend recommend red maca powder for my hormonal changes due to menopause. After reading about the origins of maca and the benefits and lack of side effects I thought "why not?" I'm now on my fourth month of using maca po wder and it works wonderfully. Hot flashes are nearly non-existent and my "mood" is much better. I was using Lexapro as an anti-anxiety med. I discontinued this and found that maca powder does nearly as well. I also feel very confident in buying from The Maca Team. I believe they are concerned with the quality of the product and are diligent in processing it. I'm recommending to everyone with similar issues/symptoms!" - Susan Ri

"I signed the Save Peruvian Maca petition and I hope it helps because I've been taking maca for a little over 2 months and I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to no longer be trapped in the relentless vice grip of depression and anxiety. I finally feel at home in my own skin and in control of my own thoughts and it's all thanks to maca. I could live without it but I don't want to my quality of life has been so vastly improved because of it I fear not being able to get it anymore. It's saved me from having to go the expensive medication route with unwanted side effects and I just want feeling peaceful and happy to continue. I tell everyone I know about maca and I hope this wonderful food remains available in it's pure unadulterated form for people like me who found life miserable and joyless without it. Thank you for your commitment to people like me I appreciate it and hope my little signature amongst many will be enough to help you to continue delivering this wonderful root to the people who truly need it. Thank you!"  Komik Miscif

"I have been using maca and feel like I am on top of the world. Maca has done so much for me that it is uncomparable to anything else I have tried to help me combat my ocd, anxiety and decreased energy level which all comes hand in hand with each other."  Allison, Lyu, RN

I had been struggling with adult acne my entire life! I no longer wanted to rely on oral and topical medications. I gave maca a chance and in 3 months I am 99% acne free for the first time in my life!!!! I am amazed!" - S.E.

"I have to say i feel much better: more happy and emotionally stable. I think it really helps me fight anxiety too. I am absolutely satisfied and i have yet more to discover:) btw, i simply whisk it into my water in the morning. It has a very pleasant nutty flavor. very very satisfied. Thank you!" - S.P.

'I fight anxiety daily and I also workout in the gym. I choose the raw premium maca for those reasons, I really do feel calum and relaxed more able to talk to people and I lift stronger too! Thank you for your service!" - EH

"Out of several maca products I have tried, this one provides the most noticeable boost to energy, focus, sexual performance and muscle building. My anxiety is also noticeably reduced." - Peter

Blood Pressure

"I am 82 years old and have been on high blood pressure medication for 5 years. Since I started using maca red my blood pressure has become normal and stabilized. I am now off medication. I also am less fatigued and have more energy and my problems with balance are history.  Thank you for offering these products. I add it to my morning smoothie that I have been doing for years." - Carol Castellow

"After comparing your product with what is available at my favorite herb shop I found there's no comparison. I recently was in a serious bicycle accident and spent days in the hospital having pins put into my femur. My blood pressure numbers had significantly improved from just six months ago after using your product for only two weeks. On the very first day I felt more vitality throughout my body. Even gained better visual acuity as seen in my recent target shooting results. I bought the red and got male enhancement gains as well so it is no surprise that I highly recommend this product which I put in my coffee was a creamer. Don't want to shout this too loud as I want to make sure there's plenty for me in my upcoming order." - J.D.

"With red maca I am no longer on high blood pressure medication, which I had taken for years. My energy has improved and I over all feel better. Thanks for being there." - Carol

"Love the stuff. It has helped me to get off of blood pressure pills. The pharmaceutical business and doctors are in kahoots together and want to keep you sick and coming back for more. There is always a NATURAL AND HEALTHY WAY." -  Richard McBroom

"I'm 74 yrs old in good health, take no prescription meds. Last year my Dr told me my blood pressure was high? I exercise, eat healthy but it was still high. He wanted to put me on meds, I said I wanted to try a natural approach first. I started using ground Flaxseed in a nightly smoothie. Took 6 weeks and my blood pressure started falling more every week. Read about Maca and decided to add it to my nightly smoothie. In the first week my blood pressure dropped MORE than it had with Flaxseed alone. Besides all the benefits of both Flaxseed and Maca, together I think they compliment each other. If you have high BP give them a try, what do you have to lose?" - Neal

"I take the black maca capsules every day and I enjoy the MANY benefits of improved blood circulation. These capsules are very effective and beneficial to my health and well-being. - - Calvin Noel

Bone Density

"Two years ago, I was diagnosed with osteopenia, the precursor to osteoporosis.  My doctor was considering medicating me :(.  I had already been taking maca, but very sporadically - whenever I'd think about it.  After the diagnosis, I started being very faithful and consistent in taking Red Maca.  Last week, I received the results of my most-recent DEXA (bone density) test and my numbers have improved greatly.  The doctor said it's not even worth mentioning anymore and to continue doing what I have been as 'it works!'.  The only thing I did, as I already said, was to become faithful and consistent in taking Red Maca every day.  I highly recommend using maca and The Maca Team as your source. " - Cyndi

"I am a 62 year-old woman, with low hormone levels, and osteoporosis. There is no way I'd go on HRT and I found the natural bio-identical hormones I was offered very hard to take. I've used Maca before, but I found the smell very off-putting. Your red maca is obviously much better, and actually tastes sweet, and though it has an aroma, it is not unpleasant. As soon as I've finished my oil-pulling, I mix the powder with warm water and drink it down. It is supposed to be best on an empty stomach, and I want to give it every chance to "do its thing." I started off with a half metric teaspoon, but I've gone onto a heaped normal teaspoon, and don't have any problems with it. The packaging is very attractive, and full marks to the designer. My thanks to the Maca Team." - Jennifer

"I use Raw Yellow Maca for 2 mons. Within a mon. a crack ankle was sealed and back in place, it took less than a day for a very high pain level to come down that was tolerable. Nerve pain in shoulder, pelvic, sciatic nerve and brain/face, eye and jaw pain went down alot!!!" - Janice

"I was admitted to the hospital in early March of this year with kidney stone pain.. Eventually an aid wheeled me to the X-ray dept to locate where the kidney stone was and determine its size. The aid assisted to to the X-ray table, and after the X-rays were taken she moved me into a room across the hallway for a few minutes until it was determined the X-rays were sufficient. A few minutes later the aid came out and said, “I apologize Mr Doxtad, the X-ray technician asked me to check your wrist band to make sure that the name and date of birth match because your X-ray photos look more like they belong to a healthy young athlete than a 73 year old.” At first I was puzzled by her statement … but then I remembered that X-rays reveal, among other things, bone health. And it is common knowledge that bone health generally suffers as we age. Which is the very reason I began taking your product. I saw ‘bone health’ as one of the benefits and made the purchase about tree years ago. I felt immediate benefit from using your product but it was reassuring to hear from the X-ray technician that your product was doing what I bought it to do … maintain my bone health. After all, I am a healthy old athlete of sorts!" - David Doxtad

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
I have CFS and has been really tired for 10yrs or more. I have been taking this for 3 weeks and it has made a difference already. I read the Maca Team Website very carefully to make sure that what I ordered what was right for me, I have been taking 1/2 teaspoon every morning before breakfast and slowly increased the dosage to 1 teaspoon, I can't believe how must it helps. I am feeling more alert, more energy , my skin has cleared and I am sleeping better. I shall keep taking this in future." -  Lesley
"As a woman with autoimmune issues and post-menopause, I am so grateful I found The Maca Team! I had tried other maca brands before, however, your Select Peruvian Maca is the absolute best. It's the "good stuff' my body needs. My energy is consistent throughout the day. No more 3 pm energy crash, and I feel like my younger self! YAY!! Thank you, Maca Team!"  - Tess Davis
"The red Maca taste very beety but inside a smoothie that consists of banana, cocoa powder, and almond milk , DELICIOUS. And maca gives me better curve definition around my hip area. Just be sure not to take maca during that time of the month . Although I've heard maca helps soothe PMS , it only made mine worse. Overall great product and worth it." - Ana
"I’ve been ordering from Maca Team for year now. This is my favorite product. The liquid works for me easier to take. It gives me energy, definitely plumps my breast and booty. Which my man loves. I only order my Maca from here !" - Nia
"Great for growing glutes!"  Larenae
"Been taking black maca since Christmas 2020 daily with work outs my butt has increased amazingly I gained weight from 162 lbs to 195 just as I wanted Great energy" - John Dodge


“I purchased MACA after a friend suggested it. I was having hormonal issues and libido issues, it took the MACA several weeks to ‘kick-in,’ BUT when it did — my life was forever changed. I encourage people to give it time to balance their ‘issues’ out, and than enjoy their new life… I stopped taking Celexa (anti depressant) and feel way better on MACA than I ever did on Celexa… PLUS, it helps with my libido and the Celexa (along with most anti depressants) inhibited my libido. I’ve had such AMAZING results, I’ve had numerous friends order it and RAVE about their own results. I’m a LIFE buyer of MACA because of the MAJOR positive results I’ve experienced!!” - Heather Martin

"A few weeks ago I purchase Red & Black Maca, I started using the Red Maca and is helping me tremendously with depression, brain fog and energy.This Maca has a VERY pleasant taste vs. other brands. After I will finish the Red one I will try the black one. I’m very pleased with this product!" –JP

"I was suffering terribly with depression and refuse to take antidepressants and I think the Red Maca I have been taking daily has made a world of difference.  Don't know if there are any studies to support that but I do feel immensely better." - Kristen C.

"Today was my first day trying maca. I feel great. My mood is much better than usual. I usually feel down with no energy. Today I feel energetic and in a good mood. This is an early testimony and the beginning of a maca life . Please post as my testimony."
Rudolphe Alexis

"I'm not an "all natural" medicine type of person. I'm generally pretty skeptical of it honestly. But I was looking for something to even out my mood swings, ease anxiety and depression, and increase libido. I did NOT want antidepressants where you seem to end up with different symptoms rather than just eliminating your current ones. This product I researched heavily. Red maca has been studied and results published and peer reviewed as to effectiveness for men and menopausal women. I am younger, in my 30s, so I decided to see if it could help me even though I'm nowhere near menopause. After about 2-3 weeks of taking 3g (4pills) my MIL told me she noticed a difference. Her comment- "You laugh more". Guys- I FEEL lighter, happier, and able to cope with my life. Is every day perfect? Absolutely not. But in general it's made a huge difference. I always noticed crazy mood swings around my period, so I up the dose starting the week before and it's made a difference." - Sarah

"I tried this after all other natural remedies failed to help lift me out of severe postpartum depression, accompanied by PTSD (is just escaped and divorced an abusive husband).   I’d tried hundreds of dollars worth of natural, organic supplements that promised to help, but failed to do so. I even tried Zoloft, in desperation, but that was even worse than the depression and PTSD.  Within hours of taking my first dose of Red Maca, I felt relief.  This has been a godsend!! It has literally saved my life. I’ve since had other friends and family try it for anxiety, libido, fertility and more. Some gave even safely weaned off of their toxic pharmaceutical meds while taking this." - Mindee

"My daughter and I wouldn't start our day without it. She just had a baby and was concerned about post-partum depression, and I am still struggling with menopausal symptoms, and the Premium Maca Powder is keeping us on track! It's a part of our morning greenshake every day." - Judy

"I purchased gelatinized red for an energy boost which in turn helped with mild depression. I can hardly sit still anymore and love to work on projects around the house. I find myself putting in a full day of activity and going strong until early evening. I told my doctor about how it helped me and he ordered it for his whole office. All of his staff have it every morning in their coffee. He knew of the product growing up in Peru and said his mother used to take it and she could clean a mean house. I have recommended it to others and everyone has had positive results." -Audi

"As a 59 year old lady, I have hormonal issues as well as fatigue and depression. I just stumbled onto this site and after reading all the wonderful reviews, I had to try Maca. I first purchased the Red Maca Extract, which I added with my Apple Cider Vinegar and water each morning. After a few weeks I thought I felt a little more energy but not enough to know until I did not take it for 4 days. OMG! I was hardly able to function. Due to being home from work due to snow and ice, if I sit down to relax, I would fall asleep. I have now been back on Maca for a week and my energy level is unbelievable and even though I take medicine for depression, I feel like a new person. Maca has made a believer out of me and I have purchased the Raw Red Maca capsules to take for a few months then I am going to purchase the Raw Premium Maca. Thank you to The Maca Team for providing a wonderful product." - Peggy G.

"Was needing help with menopause symptoms and wanted something more natural to take. Was having bad depression and needed hormones to balance naturally since I don't take chemical estrogen. I have been using the extract for 3 weeks now and I feel tremendously better. Depression is completely gone! Plan to continue to use the extract for the foreseeable future and maybe forever! The taste is awesome also. I take the recommended dose twice daily before noon. Haven't had any sleep problems at all." - K.B.


"I had a friend suggest this for me since I'm diabetic. He did a lot of research & found it had a lot of great benefits for diabetics. I mix it into my smoothies in the morning & love the energy & benefits it gives me. Thank you."  Heather

Energy, Stamina, Strength

"After a bad round of covid I spent weeks and weeks trying to get my energy back and just was plagued with tired brain fog. I've had good results with maca in the past and decided to try the black maca from the maca team after seeing them recommended on reddit. I am extremely happy with the results so far. I take in the morning and have Sustained energy throughout the day with no crash. libido is up is up as well. I love a healthy lifestyle, eat very clean, work out, cold showers, sauna, etc etc.... Maca has been a huge help to give me that boost when it just seems nothing else is working. Thanks maca team!" - Jordan

"Your products have brought me more energy, than I had in over 30 years. Sure glad your family have invested in bring the most Maca have to offer, please keep that up.  Thank You"  -Diego L. Chance

"Very pleased with the energy boost, I am finally weaning my self off of energy drinks in the morning thanks to the maca team!" - Carl Schmidt

"I have a physical job lifting heavy boxes up to 100lbs. I need help from others but when they are not around I depend on Maca to get me through. If I miss two days I really feel the weakness at work." - R.J.

"I have been using all three colors of maca for at least 5 years black is the one works best for maca root I general improves cognitive and increased energy levels and stamina. The best part there is no chemicals involved. I will be using maca for ever I don't think there are any side effects.The benefits are worth the money." - Larry

"After taking the black maca root for a week I felt the difference, with more energy than before."  -Jose V. Blackburn

"I've been taking this superfood for close to a month now and have noticed the energizing and performance-enhancing effects almost immediately. I'm an athlete and this has helped me with endurance, stamina and increased muscle mass. The only thing I'd caution is that people who have a tendency to be agitated and tense should really avoid this, as black maca is very yang in energy from an Eastern Medicine perspective. For those people, I'd recommend the tri-color one for a more balancing effect." - Agnes

"I love the nutty flavor of this extract.  I've also noticed that I've been healing faster and have had more energy." Patti DeClark

"Excellent maca!  This product improves stamina." Dennis

"Love love love all of the 4 in this sampler . My husband and I are so happy with this Maca ( no digestive issues at all ). We are ready to order more. Maca does promote excellent feelings of well being, at a natural pace. Thank you Maca team" - Michelle

"I have been taking red maca for years. As an older woman, it helps me being more energetic and positive." - Maria

"This is hands down the best maca I have ever used. I purchased the liquid and the capsules and I am impressed by both. In a matter of a few short weeks I have experienced major strength gains in the gym, a huge decline in menopausal hot flashes, more energy and just an over all good feeling. Love this stuff and will definitely be a long time customer!" - N/A

"I recently have had to give up all caffeine and have been looking for an alternative! This is it! I add some into my smoothie every morning and definitely feel a boost of energy without shakiness etc!! It usually last around 4-6 hrs and could easily be added to a drink later to continue the effect! " - Zoe

"Black Maca Root Powder keeps me alert and able to take work with less pain ! This root makes miracles in me it keeps me motivated and confident in a full days work ! Thanks Maca Team for excellent product !! Keep up good work! And know that your work ethic provides us all with an alternative to a calmer and productive life!" - Alberto Silva

I'm taking Black Root Premium and Raw Yellow. It took about four days before I noticed a difference. I manage a company with a dozen employees and working anywhere from 12-14 hour days. At the end of the day I would be mentally drained with not much left for the wife and kids. I'm about a month into taking this product and my quality of life has improved tremendously!! Working the same amount with tons of energy left at the end of the day. I have noticed a mental crispness in recalling information in meetings, communicating with employees and engaging with customers. I'm also an ultra-runner and wish I would have found this product earlier this year. During the training season I log 70-80 miles per week and I'm always trying to improve recovery time. In the off season its only 30-40 miles per week and I've noticed less soreness the next day after a long run. To anyone out there looking for a natural edge to stay focused, be more efficient and increase their energy.....by this product!! At 43 years old, it's a game changer for me. - Wilton Leak

"Noticeable increase in bodily stamina and endurance, I can do anything more without fatigue after having been taking 7-10 capsules a day for a few days. Increase libido, feeling of overall physical and mental "power" difficult to describe but its a good feeling, I have no doubt that its not accident they call Maca a "superfood", especially this black type, excellent and does what it says it does while being completely safe and non-toxic." Nomadrc

"Speedy delivery excellent taste got into my system quickly no coffee needed in AM.  Easy flavor to add to anything" Nancy Brooks

"I have been taking about 2 tsp of this black maca powder for about 2 weeks now, and I can tell there’s been a definitive boost in my energy levels throughout the day. Not only that, but I can tell that I am putting on muscle mass following workouts too—which is an added benefit! Highly recommend!" Alex Jackson

"I have been using this in our morning smoothies and we both love the energy for our mountainous hikes. And we are in our 60's and .... well, you know what! Getting ready to order more!" - Teri

"Maca root powder has blessed me with youthfulness. I cannot recommend it enough. It's a serious game-changing anti-aging miracle."  -MJM

"My other half used to be so drained after his night shift as a truck driver and would drink energy drinks and coffee just to stay awake. Now he takes 2 pills of the black maca and 1 pill of the red maca and can get through the night without any stimulant drinks. He gets home and is a little tired but not exhausted, maybe adding an extra pill will help that." - Desiree Frausto

"I had been taking the yellow maca and when I ran out I decided to try the red maca. Seems to work better for me. Since I have a rare blood gene where I can't take hormones the red maca is really making a difference for me. My energy levels and libido have really improved." - Rose Anne

"My husband and I are taking Red Gelatinized Maca capsules every morning and we have noticed a great difference in our energy levels and a feel good factor we're going to try the mixed ones I think next time as well to see how they work with us but I would recommend everybody to try them. They are easy to take do not upset your stomach in anyway. I have a very funny Stomach which reacts to everything Everything or has been great so far." -  Lesley Mccarthy.

"The black maca capsules are my favorite product by The Maca Team. This is the best quality Maca I’ve ever had and the black premium caps are perfect. I am a 3 time Ironman finisher, ultra-runner and high endurance athlete. This super root helps me more then anyone knows." - Joey

"I absolutely love it! My energy level has definitely increased while I’ve been using this product." - Nicole Lipford

"I checked your website and ordered the red maca powder. Today is Day 2, and I already noticed  a marked improvement in my energy levels and balanced mood. The temperatures here in the Northwest have been soaring in the high 90's for well over 2 weeks now, and yet it hasn't frazzled my nerves as it usually does.  Thank you so much for the wonderful information on your website, also. I want to tell every woman I know to at least try your maca for just 6 months and see if it doesn't beat any HRT drugs, which I have never taken by the way! I'm so grateful to have found this wonderful super food, and love the sweet taste in my morning smoothie. I just add 3 teaspoons to 3 teaspoons of sprouted protein powder and 3 teaspoons of hempseed to 8oz of unsweetened coconut milk and toss in a few berries and half a banana. Thanks again for reading this email. Please let me know about the storing method.  Many blessings." Heather E Hostetler  Carlton, Oregon

"I have been taking Yellow Maca at the beginning, then I switched to Red Maca. Red Maca has given me the energy I had before being diagnosed with celiac disease and has eliminated that crazy, nervous feeling I constantly had in my stomach that makes you want to scream. I haven't read any articles on Red Maca and celiac disease connection, but knowing that Red Maca helps with psychological issues and celiac disease causes psychological issues, I gave it a try. I am convinced that it helped me." Ines

"The premium maca powder is truly vigorous on the physical and mental levels. Just minutes after ingestion on an empty stomach you can feel its vital power working and coursing through your veins. Resulting in a more awakened state of mind. It's truly a blessing. Thank you for providing such a high-quality product. " Eli Chadwick

"I am a woman of a "very particular " age. For years I have been struggling to get some balance to my depleted hormones with absolutely no success. I no longer wanted to be pumped full of pharmaceutical poison. I decided to give maca a try. Getting to understand it and tweak it takes a bit, but once you get it trust me you will buy this before you buy coffee! No kidding! It's like the sun came out! I am not going to say that it is a complete fix to our over mature issues, but it is pretty darn close. I have my strength, stamina and focus back, which gives me that desire and boost to get my butt moving. There are tons of reviews out there from other companies and different supplements that are blatant lies and rip-offs. I know, because I have been one of the victims....repeatedly! But The Maca Team has never disappointed. And the product arrives less than 3 days! I have tried both red and black maca and both are phenomenal. Just try it. " Tonya T.

"I feel it shortly after consuming it, as it produces a surge of energy, I feel I'm in charge mode."  Dennis Gard

"The black maca has been a great addition to the vegan protein powder which I have been taking for a month. I go to the gym 3-4 times per week, and the maca appears to help in my workout recovery." - C.J.

"Helps me to keep my energy levels high during workouts and at work when others are hitting the candy or caffeine. No side effects to speak of - just an excellent source of energy, strength and stamina booster. I take it Monday through Friday and lay off on weekends. Coffee and soda consumption has dropped to nearly zero." - Jon

"I am currently taking red and black maca together. Love the benefits of each and have not felt this good physically in years." - R.C.

"I give these to my daughter who has a disability and she has so much energy with them. She takes 4 daily. So grateful I found a product that is easy on her stomach as well." - Tina

"Almost immediately I found Maca to give me more energy. I used to take naps all the time and I've only had 1 nap in the last month. I'm in perimenopause and experiencing lots of different symptoms including hot flashes. I have found that my symptoms have greatly reduced. Right now using about 1 teaspoon per day." --J.R.

"So far I am very impressed with this Maca. I am using Maca Red and in the 3-4 weeks I've been using this product, I have most certainly noticed a drastic change in my energy level. I have always been very active and in the past 2 years or so, noticed an unbelievable change in my energy levels due to hormone fluctuations. This Maca seems to have helped in an overall balanced feeling as well as energy level. It's been a night/day change for me. Packaging is awesome, shipping time was extremely prompt. Very, very satisfied with this product and the company."  - Shelly from Austin

"Well as the taste is strong i looked up the recipes here on TMT site and used the to get used to the flavor, now I am able to drink it straight with water. It really does keep me going longer and stronger in exercise, i don't have that mid-day slump in energy when i take 2-3 tsp. in the morning, I notice a focus and awareness difference before the physical effects. but after a week of regular incorporation into my diet and after workouts especially, I definitely feel a difference in my overall well being.  Go choose the Maca for you, with The Maca Team and you wont regret it." - Lemikel

"I love this product. I make a banana smoothie with Orange juice and old fashioned Quaker Oats. I then add a spoon of the MACA morning Motivator. It has become a morning and afternoon meal. I am energized during the day time and sleep well at night." - Walter Jord

"I have been enjoying 20 gms of Black Maca daily for about 6 months. I have experienced increased muscle mass, energy, stamina, and libido. I found the price competitive and the service excellent. Above that, the Maca Team does an excellent job of customer education."  - Frank Kinselow

"Every time I incorporate the black maca into my daily regimen I feel my hormones working better which directly affect my energy levels. With all the environmental toxins disrupting our bodies pursuit to thrive it would be foolish to not use maca, and with my experience in the health food industry The Maca Team is putting out the best quality and most potent macas. I use the black maca and I bought a 1lb bag because it's affordable. Who ever you may be get on this ancient superfood secret and take back your vitality!" - Christian

"Recently purchased the premium raw capsules and I'm loving the results. The only issue is the pungent smell at first but after taking the capsules for a few days I'm used it. I get a ton of energy when I work out and I don't feel dull or restless throughout my day. Thank you for such an amazing product!"  - Claire

"Well exceeded expectations! I made a maca matcha tea and I cannot believe how powerful this stuff is, tons of energy, no jitteriness. Will definitely purchase again" - C.K.

"I was taking Maca for 3 months from another company before finding The Maca Team. I felt benefits the very first day taking my new Maca, and realized that I was taking a weak dosage from the other company all along. I'm hoping the Maca will help with egg health and infertility (won't know for a few more months) but the benefits I felt the very first day include: INCREASED ENERGY. I often was taking naps in the middle of my day and for the first time in a long while, I did not feel the need to nap. QUALITY SLEEP. I also slept so soundly. For the past few years, I have woken up during the night on average between 2-8 times per night. First night and every night on Maca? I didn't wake up once. I even snored the entire first week. I awoke so energized, no need to press snooze. REDUCED STIFFNESS IN JOINTS. I notice that my knees, ankles and sometimes my back all take a while to "warm up" if i have been in one position for a while. The next morning after my first day of Maca, i immediately noticed that my ankles did not hurt nearly as much when going down the stairs first thing out of bed. I also have an injury/stiffness to my right ankle from an aerobics video that had been hurting me for a few weeks and it instantly felt better with taking this Maca as well. All of these benefits lasted for the 4 or 5 weeks it took to go through my first canister of Maca. I take 8 per day" - A.B.

"I took them as directed and didn't really notice a difference. But when I ran out, I discovered that I had been getting a lot of energy from them, and didn't realize it until the energy was missing." --Heather

"I bought this maca last month and I've been pretty much addicted to it ever since! I use it at least once a day-- in my smoothie bowls, oatmeal, pancakes, even cookie dough! And I physically fee good. I have more energy and my body feels stronger and heals more quickly." - Danielle B.

"As a fitness instructor with thyroid and adrenal problems, fatigue is a daily problem. I started taking Red Maca in the late mornings and it's helped dramatically. Also a general feeling of well being which helps with my stress levels. Great product." - Teri P.

"We have been ttc for 3 years and by far, this is the best quality of all products we've tried. My dear husband used to mention how tired and exhausted he was at the end of each day, it is so incredible to see him so full of energy and positive stamina all day long. I normally mix and completely blend it with his morning fruits and veggies smoothie and he never complains about the taste or smell. I'll be ordering more soon."  -D.B.

"Love the liquid maca extract as it is convenient and easy to use. Most importantly it is effective and provides me with good energy and stamina throughout the day. I also noticed that I sleep better at night. Great product! Will continue to it as part of my daily health regime." -Shirley

"As a lot of other reviewers have said, you might not notice how the maca affects you until you stop taking it. This ended up being painfully true for me.  I ordered a 1lb package of premium maca. I put a big spoonful in my daily smoothie. While I didn't notice any difference in my energy or muscle recovery, it did certainly help my libido, and I noticed less painful periods. As I was running low, I figured I could survive without the maca in my smoothie and didn't hurry to reorder. BIG. MISTAKE!  I work in a car dealership closed up behind a desk for an average of 9-11 hours a day. Usually, I have enough energy to power through the shift, but within a week of not using maca, I was extremely rundown by 4:00. Then, I had my period which was more painful and something finally clicked. I reordered my maca (a 1kg package this time), and I don't think I will ever let myself run out again. My energy is back to normal and I am so thankful for this amazing root!!" -Stephanie Dykhuizen

"I have definitely noticed an improvement in my energy levels since starting to take this product ten days ago. Thank you for your fast and efficient service too - the delivery arrived in France in double quick time." - John

"Well, the Black gelatinized is amazing.And I have to say epimedium works really well with it.No more need for energy drinks or coffee to get thru the day.This has not been easy after being on Hormone Replacement for five years.My current regiment is working so well my plan is to continue till the pound of Maca is gone.Then when I reorder I will take He Shou Wu for a week till my order arrives giving myself a break from Maca and then continue on." - Bob Whitaker

"I mix a tablespoon of this product into my smoothie every morning and it's a great little energy boost. This has also helped with balancing my hormones and has even given me an increase in my libido. The taste can be a little off putting at first but it mixes really well with yogurt, almond/rice milk, avocados, and pineapple. Plus there are a ton of maca root smoothie recipes online in case you need some new ideas. " - Laura

"I'm in my 60s. Still working full time. Maca has given me the energy to go through 10-12 hour days with my heavy schedule. I take one tsp at breakfast and another at lunch. Amazing product and of the highest quality!" - Mary Hemphill

"I use a blend of red and yellow that is so stinking good. I put it in smoothies of course but also put out directly on salads! Love the flavor. Have so much happy energy now. " - Katie

"I am taking the red Maca and do seem to have more energy. 82 years old so need all the help I can get. But a very healthy 82 years."  Carolyn Nelson

"This stuff gave me life lol, I never tried a product that gives you natural energy as much as this product does. I also, purchased the black maca powder, which gave me an extra boost of energy when I mix the two. It's my protein shake, before and after my workouts. I have so much endurance and never feel completely exhausted like I was before. I love these products and will continue to purchase them.Thanks Maca Team!"  Jan

"I bought this Premium Maca for my husband. We bought the smaller bag to check it out.  LOVE it. It tastes like rutabagas...and we like that flavor. I personally make a paste and eat it like a pudding! My husband puts his into a energy smoothie made with greens.  For us...it promotes Energy & Balance.   Thanks for bring to market a quality product :-)" --Joe and Linda

"I have taken a few different brands of Macca. I started this brand and in just a few days I could tell the product was pure as claimed. Energy level way up in just a few days.  Highly recommend this product as being true to claims." - Cheryl

"I'm a 59 year old man. I've been using black maca for a couple of years as a nutritional boost. I mix a heaping teaspoon with water in the mornings roughly 30 minutes prior to going to the gym... It gives me more energy.I have more endurance. If for some reason I miss it (running late, whatever) I can tell...I won't have as much "gas in the tank"... I highly reccomend Black Maca..." - Jeff Austin

"Initially, after taking Maca mixed with yogurt I found a real "speediness" for about a half hour in my first week but after that just an increased sense of energy for the day. It's not dramatic but it is a noticeable increase in energy and general vitality. I'll certainly continue with this product as it is clearly full of dynamic healthy components and probably more than covers what many store vitamins contain." - Lea

"I can't say enough of the staff at The Maca Team. They are so attentive and fast when you ask a question. This is key to a business and I'm so glad that I chose to buy Maca from them as opposed to another retailer. I purchased Red Maca because I have a lot of hormonal issues with having PCOS, I have only been taking for about a week or so but my energy level is through the roof. The taste is pretty strong for me, so I've had to try and find some smoothie recipes to kind of soften that blow, but I'll hold my nose if I have too to get all that energy! I'm hoping to see some positive results from it soon in regards to my hormone issues." - Dee

"I found this maca powder promotes my wellness and actually gives me more energy and at age 67 I could not be happier. We make a protein shake everyday and incorporate this powder in it....try it to prove to yourself if it works for you ...or...not....your choice." - Jim Petit

"Taking black maca root powder daily it's helped my CrossFit workouts tremendously. My endurance is way up and my body looks better much leaner and people have noticed the change. Absolutely love Black Maca Root Powder." -Heidi

"I have been using the Black Maca now for 3 months. I have a lot of energy and it doesn't have the ups and downs of caffeine. My wife loves me taking it also." - Len

"Maca black is all that you say it is and more. Over the last three weeks l have had a surge of strength and energy giving new life to my workouts and sport activities. I am very pleased." - Carlos

"I'm 53 and train 5 to 6 days a week both cardio and weight including running. Ive been training since I was 16. Yes Ive tired everything natural on the market for increase lean muscle growth, endurance and focus. While on duty as a firefighter, one of the guys was using your product. So I asked him what's up with the " Maca." He said try it, its unreal... yeah right! OK so in the past 4 weeks my workouts are great. I have amazing endurance and focus as well. It took me a few days to get use to it ( alittle gastro upset if you don't eat with it) but its been everything and more. I'm only using maca and a protein powder. Ill never go back. Also my girl friend is seeing the other benefits to using maca... It works ! You have the best product on the market. " - Keith

"Before using Black Maca I was missing something inside. After using Black Maca for about two weeks as directed I felt like the clock was turned back. I have more energy and zest. I look forward to trying all of your products. Thanks Maca Team." - James

"Feeling drained has been a problem for me in the last few years. Adding maca to my diet is one of many things I have done to address fatigue. This is the second maca I have tried. I found the red maca to be milder and more palatable than the maca I used previously. I blend it into my coffee in the morning and find that I do have more energy throughout the day. No more afternoon slump." - Tracie

"I have my MACA every morning before I do anything else and it keeps me vital and enhances my mood throughout the day."  - Stephen

"I wish to refer you to my previous review of the 22.12.2015 I am half way through my second pot of maca raw premium tablets I can now say that these tablets have changed my life for the better. My energy level before maca was extremely low along with my other medical problems to many to mention mind you the most recent one is that awful condition called the menopause they have helped with my sweats a considerable amount I think I am one of those people who have menopause symptoms for ten plus years. They have also helped with my mood and I feel more positive and do not get depressed when life becomes stressful and demanding. My energy is the best of all and I feel a better person and I have now a calm feeling over my body at long last I can now begin to see light at the end of that dark tunnel. I would highly recommend this firm for the fresh organic products they produce, I have been telling all my friends and family about this wonderful product. I now make sure I always have a supply of tablets in my cupboard as I know when my first pot run out i had no tablets for about a week and you know all my problems came back with a score of 10. I now know that I cannot do without these tablets I would say that my scale would be about a five, I will keep in touch." - Margaret Carey

"I am 31 years old. I feel that I am too young to be tired and have hormonal mood swings, but I do. This product has helped level out my moods. I feel happier and healthier overall after using this. It took me about 3 weeks to start to notice changes. I actually like the flavor. I mix it in my chocolate shakeology each morning and love it! Actually, I had run out of Maca for a few weeks and my shakes just weren't the same. The maca gave them an extra little zing that I grew to really enjoy!" - Amanda

"Great for supermom.  I have been using Red Maca from your range for approximately two months and have found my energy levels have improved significantly. My mental health is also better, as I find the product puts me in a good state of mind through the day. I have two little children and I work full time as a news anchor for a television network. My life is very busy and I have found since using Red Maca powder daily, I am able to get through each day much better than I could prior to using Maca powder.  The product gives me the hit of caffeine, without a racing heart. This is great for a person prone to anxiety, like me.  The only issue I've had since using Red Maca powder is that it has worsened my menstrual cramping, with sharp pain on day one of my period. Overall I am really happy with this product and I feel really grateful to the person who told me to buy it directly from your company. Thank you for your wonderful product, fast delivery to Australia, and great after sale service. I will definitely be back.  Thank you!" - Helen

"I alternate between both red and black maca as each gives different benefits.One week I will use just black maca which gives me lots of energy when working out. I love both of them and I have been singing it praises to the women in my full body work out class." - JoAnn

"I will only buy from The Maca Team from now on. I always get the package a few days earlier than expected which is awesome. They even sent me a coupon, go maca! As far as the product, it is great. My husband and I both notice positive effects. It helps our endurance, energy and it is a great additive to our daily protein shakes since it's anabolic. I highly recommend this product!"  Brittany

"This product has changed my life! I started taking the raw premium maca capsules in June. My energy level before maca was extremely low, after working 6:00 am until 2:30 pm monday through friday I would come home and go straight to bed. After about 2 weeks of taking Maca I begin to walk after work..My energy level has improved and im walking a minimum of 15 miles per week. I want to thank the Maca team for providing a quality product and quality customer service." -Shantal

"I am a night shift nurse who is going back to school (burning the candle at both ends, my doctor said) and was having trouble with overwhelming fatigue (sleep deprivation), poor concentration and poor memory. In my line of work, that is not acceptable. My doctor suggested maca powder. I tried some that I had bought locally and found that it worked to improve my symptoms. Trying to do things good for myself and the planet, I searched for organic sources of this powder. That is when I tried The Maca Team organic red maca. Not only is this maca superior to what I had bought locally, it is certified organic so I am happy not be getting any pesticides or any other non-organic additives. Using this powder, I have clearer mental focus, more energy, and as an added benefit, increased sex drive. This product is not a replacement for taking good care of yourself through proper sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, but it sure can enhance efforts towards personal well-being. The only downfall is that too much may cause sensations of heart palpitations. It is a wonderful product that is little known in the traditional medical field." Lu

"I’ve taken Maca for about 2 years and love it. It helps a lot in the sexual area and also the following. I work in the engineering field, on computers most of the time, and tend to go “brain dead” late in the day. Maca stopped that instantly. My brain doesn’t get tired anymore and that has several values to me. I am sharper at work, suffer less and can stay alert for the drive home after work."  - Rich Warren (age 61)


"I’ve only owned a bicycle for about a year and a half here in LA, and I was biking 20 to 60 miles a day on it before my injury. After I began taking Maca, I realized I was powering up and over hills that were previously a struggle. Maca has helped me have the chance to pursue my dream of becoming a Professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Muay Thai fighter by helping me to keep up with all these 20 year olds. I am no spring chicken” - Michael Koelzer, professional athlete (Read Mike's Full Interview here)

"The product was delivered on time and ready for use. For me, this has been the best product for energy, strength and libido. I am 52 and workout five times a week and run a workout boot camp. I must say, this keeps me going! When I cycle off Maca I can tell the difference. This is a lifelong product, get it use it and be happy! LOVE IT, I am!"  - Jack, Pa

"I have been a body builder for the past ten years and tried all the products on the market. Some of them did nothing – others made me bloated and gassy. I learned recently that most of them are synthetic or have a lot of synthetic ingredients. When I switched to Maca I found I had more natural endurance – and no “crashes” after working out. I was able to take fewer supplements and still continue to build muscle and maintain energy. I’ll never go back to that other stuff. Thanks." - T.J. – Houston,TX

"I started competing in water sports at 16 and had to stop at 35 due to injuries. At 50, I was having little to no energy to stay in shape, having a hard time focusing at work and keeping up with my wife in bed. I tried a few advertised products but didn’t like the side effects.  Two years ago I discovered Maca and I feel like I’m 35 again, back in the water, staying in shape, work is better and my wife has notice a difference. I have recommended Maca to a number of my friends and they are seeing the same results. Cheers" - , AJ

"After only a few days of taking Maca, I had to work two double shifts at work. Usually, after the first I am really tired. I noticed that I sailed right through this without any fatigue. I thought for sure I would be wiped out after the second shift. But I was amazed that after very little sleep in three days I felt great!"  L. W., Norristown,PA

"I am pleased to report that after 2 and a half weeks taking MACA, i ran the most effortless TC 10K run in 10 years without any training (I use this one run a year as a benchmark for my fitness), took almost a minute and a half off last years run and have almost returned to my pace of 10 years ago." – Rodney, Whangarei, New Zealand

"Best Maca product I've tried so far. Really noticed a rise in my energy levels for the entire day. Been sleeping better as well. Haven't had a chance to test out the bedroom attributes yet but that's coming soon(no pun intended lol)!"  - Norm

"Let me just say this stuff is amazing, energy has increased,quality of life has change for the better.  I know it was the Maca.  Strength also increased.  Do a little research and believe what you read.  Quality and freshness is unmatched, it’s gotta be a superfood.  You owe it to yourself to at least give it a try.  Truly you will not be disappointed.  Oh yeah, did I mention I had a heart attack just 2 years ago.  Maca makes me feel like I have a little more time on this earth, so for me I’ll be taking this stuff till I die."  – Garth

"I have been recently introduced to the Black Maca . It is only fair to say that the difference is quite noticeable .My energy level is higher than before and i feel energized even at the end of my working day." - Ted

"I mix Raw Black Maca in my tea first thing in the morning and it definitely gives me more energy. Also , been helping me ramp my cardio workouts back up." - John Anders


"I will be 75 years old next week.  I have been taking Maca a couple months. I mix it in my juice every morning. I am energetic and have an overall well feeling." - R.J.

"Tried others...this product rocks.  Very easy to use, mixes well and the benefits are noticeable.  sleep better, recover faster from my workouts.  Great product." - Roy

"I'm feeling more level since I started the maca. Like my hormones are balancing out. I haven't been on it but maybe three weeks, and notice a difference in the way I feel over all. I'm taking some other supplements for memory and women's health, and I think the maca helps improve their performance. I'm also more energetic and not tired all the time anymore. I swear by maca, because before i had my son, i had seven recurrent miscarriages. A natural fertility person recommended maca. So when i found out i was pregnant again, i started taking maca, and i actually carried my son. He's now a happy healthy seven year old. Next time I order, I'm getting the premium maca, or the red and black, and mixing the two. I love the overall benefits." - S.A.

"I have been using the black Maca for a about three weeks now, and the effects are beginning to be noticeable. I am very active, I am an avid hiker, I do Crossfit, and BJJ. I have completely substituted my morning cup of coffee for a Maca+cacao+berry shake, and the energy I get from it is much more even. I feel more awake and alert as opposed to just buzzed and jittery.   Maca aside, the people at The Maca Team are absolutely wonderful. My order was lost (either stolen, or delivered to the wrong house by the post office), and The Maca Team was very prompt and helpful (and really nice :) in helping me attempt to locate the package. after two weeks, and the post office telling me "we are sorry, it shows that it has been delivered, but it could literally be anywhere"(verbatim), The Maca Team sent me a new order.. free of charge. these people are great. the quality of product they offer, as well as the amazing customer service, has made a lifetime customer out of me. If you are considering Maca as a supplement, please do not hesitate to support these people. " - Joe Irvin

"Incredible product I have more strength and endurance mountain biking and using it as a health shake with Garden raw meal.  Great quality, I am ordering another bag now !" - Patrick

"I have been taking the raw black Maca for three weeks. I take a couple of Table spoons in either juice or milk on an empty stomach and after 45 minutes I make me a Protein Drink or a smoothie with vegetables and fruit. I have noticed that my energy levels have improved, my weight workouts especially bench presses are significantly improving. My libido has improved and my wife can tell the difference. 

I plan on taking Maca as long as there is a breath in me. I am reordering and told my son about it and he's ordering it as well.
Maca really works. I'll soon be 67 and I feel better than I have in years..... Try you'll like it!!"

"Seriously, I race bikes and this is the first time I've tried maca. This sx!t is awesome!!! It goes into my breakfast and lunch every day. Thank you for such having such a seemingly high quality source." Mark

"My daily morning breakfast is my medicine bowl. A big spoon full of Maca Team Maca, (alternating red or black) and hemp seed powder and cacoa powder and coconut oil and almond butter and molasses and fresh turmeric and ground cardamon add hot water mix to a beautiful dark thick liquid and stir in enough meuseli to thicken, let it set for 5 minutes. Then awaken! Popeye never had it like this. Pow!" - Tim Andres

"I have narcolepsy and was looking for ways to mitigate my symptoms without medication or caffeine. I am having great results with a combination of fasting in the AM, MCT oil, and maca root powder in my smoothies! I have found maca to be very beneficial in sustaining my energy and alertness through the day!" -Megan Bolz

"My wife is using this and she is very happy with energy boost it gives her. And there is no crash at the end of the day. Highly recommended!" - Mazher Akhtar

 "The Maca Team's black gelatinized maca powder is the best quality maca product I've ever been able to find online. The powder is really effective for boosting workout recovery and as a pre-workout energy boost. My current dose is 1-2 Tbsp a day for 3 days on 2 days off cycle. The Maca Team has been really helpful in answering any questions regarding their products." - John D.

"I'm a 16 year practicing holistic nutritionist, boxer, and businessman who combats bad genetics with exercise and dietary lifestyle. I had researched the health benefits of Black Maca powder for men, and decided to try some for a 14 day trial, carefully notating the changes in my mind and body. The first time I tried it, I got it from a different nutrition company. It was not organic, and it just seemed to mess with my digestion. I almost gave up on the Maca Powder route, but then seemingly stumbled across the maca team. I ordered a 1lb bag, deciding to give it one more go. I was glad that I did. After consistently taking it for about a month now, I've noticed every single health benefit that maca is supposed to give.  My workouts are more vigorous, lasting much longer. I've noticed muscle improvement and a much quicker recovery workouts. My libido and sperm count have both improved tremendously, it's almost laughable at how much better everything is. My mental clarity and ability to concentrate have also had a big impact on my work and business. It takes a little time to build up in your system, but if you stick to it, the continual benefits are staggering. Thank you maca team."  - J.P

"I've tried several different brands, and yours seems to work really well for me. I am using the premium, white-red-black blend, raw Maca. I'm feeling great! I work a very physical, fast paced job, dealing with countless interruptions during the day. I am more focused, and have more physical stamina. No more afternoon slow-down for me...and I do not need that afternoon coffee jolt to get me through the day. I will be ordering more from you!"  Nancy Sue

"Decided to try Red MACA for me & Black MACA for Hubby. FAST DELIVERY & was so very Impressed. So I believe we will get the PREMIUM MACA. TOO EXCITED. Love the taste in our Morning Smoothies‼️  We use it with Coconut Milk & Berries & BAM LOTS OF GREAT RESULTS. I must say we are Addicted. Our daughter is a personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrionist & she loves it. I am 47 & my hubby is 55 yrs old & we feel GGRREEAATT. Again I love the Fast Delivery. THANKS. " - Katrina

"We are retired and use maca for the nutritional boost. I am a Master Gardener and have huge flower beds to maintain. I live to be outside during the summer--live in Mid-west. My husband plants a big vegetable garden and is busy remodeling. We use maca in blender drinks and it keeps energy levels steady through out the day. I also use for hormone balance and maca helps with hot flashes."  -The Gardeners

"In the morning I mix it with protein powder it helps me to sustain my rides on my bike 45 to 60 miles daily I also work out six times per weekI 'm 50 years old and I couldn't be happier" - Wayne Elms

"This has been great for me. Feel energized and experience the difference in my whole being since taking it daily during the last 30 days." - Kingman

"After reading about the benefits, I had to see for myself. I wasn’t disappointed! I feel so much better with more energy."  - Judy Bell

"I have had a heaping tablespoon of this fine black maca on my breakfast cereal most days since September. I can honestly say from about 30 after well into the afternoon, I feel a boost, a kind of giddiness or a zest for life. It does switch the libido up a gear. Used in combination with a training regimen it would be very effective. If you need to kickstart your drive it's good for that too. Don't use too late in the day, get good sleep and you're golden!" -R.L.

 "I was a little skeptical about this product initially. I had read a lot about Black Maca and decided to try it. I take it in the morning when I get up and in the middle of the afternoon when I am feeling a little tired. It will definitely give you the energy you need to get going. I am hooked on it now. Great product!" - J.P

"Hi, I bought some Maca from you last weeks. I am a recreational daily biker (20-40 miles daily). I've only taken the maca since May 29th and have notice as of yesterday my level of stiffness/fatigue after a long ride isn't there. Is that possibly do to Maca? Nothing else has changed in my diet. I bought the Maca for hormone balancing after my natural-path recommended it. I didn't expect my daily biking performance to be positively effected! I also LOVE the taste. Rutabaga comes to mind...." - Linda

"I tried this with my son . We both love it has helped our muscles and we will continue to use this for the rest of our lives." - Chris

"Since I've been taking Maca I have noticed a significant increase in my stamina and overall physical energy. As I have a physical job, it's evident. It also helped restore my sex drive, which for other reasons is also evident. I put it in my daily smoothie. I like the taste." - Phil M.

 "Awesome product. Have energy and feel strong after drinking my morning smoothie with Maca added. I teach preschool, run, and practice yoga; I also have young kids and a puppy, so I need all the energy I can get! This is the only thing I've tried that actually gives me energy without experiencing a mid day crash. Thanks for providing clean, raw Maca powder we can trust!" -Kim Bogert

"I've been taking Red Maca for a few weeks. Mix it with 4-5 oz of water and drink it plain, empty stomach. Love it. Has a smokey, unique taste which takes a little getting used to but I just chug a lug it down. I noticed within days the steady energy it gave me. I'm used to taking a quick nap after lunch and since Maca I just haven't felt the let down of energy after eating. I feel good about taking it and like thinking I'm making my insides happy too." - Bev

"I purchased the raw yellow maca powder several weeks ago. I've been taking it every day in my morning kefir and I can really tell a difference in my energy levels. I was having horrendous issues with brain fog and feeling like I needed 3 cups coffee every morning and afternoon. But ever since I exchanged the coffee for the kefir and macaroni, I've had tons more energy, without the crash. I'll definitely be a repeat customer! Thanks Maca Team!" - D.L.

"Well, I am quite surprised on behalf of this product. I had done some personal investigation on what I could do for adrenal fatigue when I came across the use of Macca. Although I still am not real sure why I am experiencing it throughly but taking it has made an extremely big difference for my energy levels. I was sapped out to nearly nothing. The response of the Macca is amazing, I am not jittery, hyped, or completely wanting to run a marathon, but I am able to get up and function and that's what I needed it to do. So thank you for the purity of it as well, that is impartive for me. I will be back to order more very soon."  - Robina E Wells

"I like it!! Results were good for me. I see very positive changes in body I fell more energy. Definitely I can see the difference between before and after pic. I love it!! I only take 2 capsules a day and definitely work out for me!!" - Gissella

"Immediately gave me more energy! I’ve already noticed an improvement with my hormone imbalance. This is truly a great product!" - Mel

Fatigue and Adrenal Support

"I had gone through a severe adrenal crash in 2010. It has taken a long time to build up my adrenals and in 2013, I was finally strong enough to handle supplements. I still needed to balance my horomones and my sex drive was very low. Within two weeks I noticed a significant difference in energy and sex drive. Within a few months it was even better. And the dull pain in my kidneys (where adrenals are located) disapeared finally. I think this product takes time to work as it is food, not a drug. But slowly I have felt better and know it continues to help in the healing process.  Thank you Maca team for offering an organic product and answering emails so quickly!" – Cris

"This maca is great for energy, i don't need coffee anymore. My chronic fatigue symptoms greatly improves. I take 6 caps at breakfast, then 2 others in the morning, without any digestive issue. I notice an increase in well-being and libido, anxiety is almost gone too, wich is great for socialising. Shipping was fast (i live in Europe), thank you !" -N.J.

"Sometimes you don't feel the difference with a supplement till you don't take it. Thus is the case with Maca. I know my energy levels are much higher after taking it. Yesterday I didn't take it and I was lethargic and lazy all day I work long hours and constantly traveling so I need all the help I can get. I always throw some Maca on my morning shake. It helps me get through the day and I know getting it from The Maca Team I'm getting the best quality." - J.P.

"I bought this to counteract my fatigue issues and it has helped me a whole lot. I've noticed my cravings for coffee have diminished which is a plus. I add the recommended amount to my breakfast smoothies and it fills me up therefore providing healthy appetite control. Great product!" A.A.

"I bought Red Maca to alleviate my sluggishness & fatigue symptoms, and it's helping. I started off with 1T (now 3T) into my smoothies: (any nut) milk, yogurt, fruits, and chia seeds). I just ended my 3rd week and will take a week off to allow the maca do its' thing. I've noticed I am more energized, clear headed, alert, and my BIG appetite has lessened. I'm content with this maca, it's obviously a superior product." - Alexa

"I tried Maca powder from my local health food store as I had heard of it's positive affects on hormones, I couldn't get it down, it was terrible. After doing some research, I read about The Maca Team's Maca and decided to give it a try (I bought the Red Maca capsules and have been taking 12 a day). I felt a difference after a few days and now after two or three months, I feel like a different person. I was having trouble sleeping, brain fog, irritability, hot flashes, you name it....they are all gone. I have also lost ten pounds that I have been struggling with for a year, not sure if it's from the Maca or not, but I will take it. I am a much happier person and on a more even keel... Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am ordering more today. ;0)"  -Tina

I purchased the gelatinised red maca capsules expecting them to be very hard to take purely because of the flavour from every other brand I've tried is horrible. I wish had bought the powder because I'm actually opening the capsules and tipping it into my morning smoothie! Also noticed an increase in libido and energy." - Vanessa

"I took the time out to ensure I experienced the true essence of this product. Firstly the recommendation was correct based on the MACA Team's assessment. I am currently seeing major improvement in my hormone levels. I am much more relaxed, sleep better and just feel healthy overall. Monthly cycle cramps actually reduced significantly. Yes, when I started taking the product I experienced some stomach discomfort which didn't last for long. In no time I was seeing changes in my skin too. TRY IT! EXECELLENT PRODUCT." - Rhonda


"I have been struggling with fibromyalgia for years and this is the first supplement that I have found that really really helps. My energy levels are up, and my muscles actually feel better. I can definitely tell on days when I am unable to use it. And as an added bonus, the taste is absolutely amazing--very much like a sweet caramel flavor to me. I cannot say enough amazing words about this product and I am forever grateful to the maca team for what they do." - Karissa



"Maca has helped to conceive naturally when conventional fertility treatments failed. I now have a happy & healthy baby." – Rachel.W, United Kingdom

We tried a lot of things to get pregnant before we learned about peruvian maca in a book on natural fertility. My husband and I started taking it religiously after that. I got pregnant 6 months later and I’m sure the maca helped." -  Jennifer and Ray Collins, Washington

"My pregnancy test came back positive last week! All I’m saying is that it’s been very hard for me to get pregnant and I started taking this in April. This whole time all I needed was a little help. I love this product. " - Deirdre Alexander

"Both, in our 40's, taking Maca to increase fertility. Did IVF, we're preggers!" - Anni K.

"It’s Incredible!
Well, the wife and I are trying to conceive a child. We also just started two businesses, and between the actual workload and the stress of being new business owners it made performance a little worrisome sometimes. After about 2 weeks on the Maca I`m like a teenager again LOL. There is now never a question as to whether or not I`ll be “ready”. And we`re ovulating this week." - Customer asked to remain anyonymous

"I'm taking the maca for infertility issues.  I started 2 months ago and am noticing changes to my cycle.  I just ordered another bag (the 1lb this time) and am hoping for more results." - Linda

"I messaged saying I’d send and update months back and here it is! After two miscarriages and crazy hormones that would not regulate. I Re Started taking the red maca 4 capsules everyday for two months to help my body regulate. On the third month I upped my dosage to 5 capsules. That same month, I got pregnant and this time around my progesterone was the highest it’s ever been! I took 5 capsules of the Red Maca all throughout my pregnancy with permission from my OB. I had a very healthy and easy pregnancy and just had all natural delivery. I’m happy to say our rainbow/maca root baby was born September 5! I’m convinced this product played a major role and plan to continue to take it for the rest of my life!" - Kelli Adams Johnson

"I wanted to let you know how much I love your product. My daughter was born 10 years Post vasectomy after her dad and I started taking Maca Powder. We are now trying for a second. Your powder is the best on the market. I am so grateful to have found your maca!!!!" Dabney

"Great product, this was recommended by a coworker and so far this is the best maca root I've experienced. I used other brands but this is by far the best for my PCOS hormone balance. Using maca root with a great diet allowed me to finally conceive my first and only child at 41. I'm truly blessed."  -J.T.

"I would like to thank you soooo much big time for the quality and great maca you sell , it helped me magically in less than 4 weeks to boost my sperm count from 4M to 290M ,,, I can't believe it's true ... " A Sheikh

"I was told by a friend that she used this before trying to get pregnant. I then purchased this product with the intention to help with fertility. After taking this for only a few weeks I got my first positive pregnancy test after trying to conceive for about 7-8 months. This may have been a coincedence or it may have been this product that helped. Maca was the only thing we did different the month we conceived. My partner also took the black maca so we both were taking it every day. Would highly recommend trying this product! I mixed mine in with a smoothie which helped me drink it easier." Erica G.

"Taking 6 caps, with vitex, every morning. Cycle went from a stagnant 40 days, to a healthy 26. PMS, and cramping, greatly reduced. I'm 43, and trying for a third pregnancy. Battling endometriosis, adenomyosis, ovarian cysts, tilted urerus, dysmenorrhea, and fibromyalgia. Ordering another tub." - Anni K.

"Just to share, my wife became pregnant after consuming black maca for about six months after ten years of trying to have a kid; we have been sharing this miracle product with our friends who are trying to have children too. Also, my aged parents have also informed us that the Maca product has somehow given them more energy in their daily activities." - Kiang Meng

"Shipping and customer service was fantastic. Got my order fast. I decided to try maca 6 months postpartum due to positive things it can do for breast milk supply, low libido while breastfeeding, and energy levels. So far I’m 3 weeks into taking them daily and I’ve noticed it helping more and more each week as I continue to take it. It’s been great to add into my breast milk with no issues to my daughter. So glad to have found the maca team and trusting their pure 100% maca ingredient" - Brooklen

"I've order from The Maca Team twice and I absolutely love the maca powder. After researching high and low about maca powder, in which The Maca Team was the most informative, initially my cousin and I order all three powders. Not only did I gain my energy back, my PMS was 100% improved, and I became pregnant, which I thought I couldn't have any more kids. Maca powder has changed my life for the better and I love letting everybody. I refer it to everyone" - Jenyl Johnson

"After tragedy hit my family, of many things that got shaken up and messed up, one was my hormones. Everything in my life was completely haywire and suddenly also my cycles etc were too. I guess it shouldn't be surprising. I couldn't change or manage so much of what was going on, but after a while I tried to tackle a few of the areas where I might be able to do something. Red maca has helped me tremendously. My hormones have evened out, I have noticed more obvious fertility signs, and my normally somewhat irregular periods that were suddenly aaaaall over the place have become the most regular they have ever been. I even became pregnant with our bonus baby when age wise (42) and stress wise, it seemed that wouldn't and couldn't ever happen again. This baby has brought smiles and lightness back into our family that I didn't imagine I would ever see again. I feel less trepidation moving forward into the years of menopause etc, down the line with red maca on my side. It is filling in some gaps I apparently had. I absolutely dislike the taste. But I mix it with a couple ounces of juice or something and chug it down like a shot. Totally worth it." - Tara

"My husband has a varicocele and has had many semen analysis tests completed in the past. We have done IUI 4 times in the past year, the first 3 his sperm counts (after wash) was a total of 1.8-2.4 million with about 60% or less motility. He had been taking clomid to improve his count. In December he started your black maca (6 capsules per day), we had a new test done this week and his count was 19.4 million with 85% motility! This was amazing and totally shocking. The only thing that changed from the previous tests was the maca. We did not end up pregnant from that round of IUI. But a few months later we did! My husband had actually stopped the clomid but continued the Maca and we became pregnant naturally, without any medical intervention. This is was a complete shock given we had been trying naturally for over 5 years. Black maca in our case truly helped us conceive." - Anonymous customer

"I love maca, it has helped me so much with regulation of my menstrual cycle. Until maca I NEVER had regular cycles ever in my life. I am 46 years old, and recently started taking maca about 6 months ago. I have had 3 children at ages 37, 41 and 43. We would be thrilled to have another if God allows, so we have been actively ttc for several months now. We had some issues getting pregnant with my first 2 and I discovered fertilaid, vitex, and other related products that definately helped us get pregnant, however they did not regulate my cycles. In the past several months knowing age is against us we have been trying all of the stuff from the past plus supplements and diets etc, anything that would help in ttc. I wasn't ovulating before taking the maca, and assumed I may be going into perimenapause. The first month on maca I ovulated on day 23 and had a 35 day cycle. The next month I ovulated on day 16 and had a 28 day cycle. This has happened every month since (5 months so far)! It is so unusual for me that I am still shocked when it continues to happen. Don't know if another baby will be in the works but I can definately say that maca has done something for me that nothing else has. I also no longer have any of the massive pms symptoms I used to have. I weigh around 130 and take about a dropper full of the premium or red extract once or twice a day, plus 2 or 3 tsp of the premium or red powder per day. I also love the boost of energy I get from it. My husband uses the black extract and loves it as well. I can definately say that I will continue using maca daily!" - J.L.

"I was on birth control (IUD) for 8yrs, had a period maybe 2 times a year for those 8yrs. Me and my husband are trying to conceive our 3rd child for a year now and felt something was wrong since we felt it was taking longer than it should. Went to the doctor and was told I have PCOS because of my previous birth control. I did some research and came across Maca. Read that Red Maca is good for fertility in women and Black Maca is good for men's fertility. Bought some for me and my hubby and now have been taking Red Maca for 3 months! I now have had a regular period for these past 3 months! Even before birth control I was NEVER regular! This is amazing to me!! I am really hoping that this means we'll be having our 3rd Lil bundle of joy soon!" -Iris

Focus, Concentration, Memory

"This is some excellent maca! I recently discovered maca in my search for remedies to calm my nerves after law school. I find this maca does much to both calm me down and give me good, stable energy throughout the day. Also, libido is through the roof at this point. I believe I’ve tried all the different maca powder products from this company, I’d say the gelatinized and the premium are my favorite. Another thing I noticed is that, after some weeks of maca supplementation, I have had a restoration of what feels like a “healthy competitive spirit After law school burnout, I felt very lackadaisical and “bleh”, but I now enjoy participating in competitive activities like I used to before academic burnout. Thank you for your quality products!" – -JR

"I find that black maca really helps me find my center and calm after a stressful day. It gives me a little boost of energy in the evening hours. Although I usually use it during the nighttime to unwind- I have also found it to be helpful in keeping sharp when I burn the midnight oil. In addition, it helps me sleep more soundly through the night. Occasionally, I use it after gardening work that strains the lower back as well. This is a Jing tonic, and is a great herb/superfood for kidney/adrenal health." - Cameron

"Great product. The black maca capsules give me great energy and focus. Combined with all the benefits of maca I highly recommend this product. It increases libido and helps with stress and anxiety." - Tom

"Prior to taking this product, i always feel tired especially during night time. After taking this product for around 3 weeks, i noticed energy levels and focus ability have increased significantly and no longer feel tired easily. I will recommend this product to anyone who need boast in energy." - Leon

"This is my 2nd order for this raw organic black maca powder I enjoy the boost in energy levels and mental alertness when I take it first thing on a empty stomach in the morning" - G.T.

"I've seen some great improvements in my sleep, memory and mood since I started taking this. Thank you so much for such a quality product!" 

"I can hardly believe what a difference this Maca has done for me. I notice a boost in energy and concentration I haven't been able to find with other supplements. I have tried other brands of Maca, but this is the first that I could digest without difficulty in the dosages I find I need to feel the effects." --Edith Perry

"I just love my maca! I'm 66, and suffered a mild stroke a year ago...I was suffering from "brain fog" and fatigue. The maca has given me energy and cleared a great deal of my mental sluggishness. I reccinendcut to all my friends and have several family members trying it out asw" - Sabina Gogol

"I've been taking Macca capsules (usually 8, in the am) for a month. I've noticed an increase in focus and retention. My energy level is high to begin with (I follow a paleo lifestyle), but I think the Macca has slightly improved that as well... I'm a 52 year old man. I'm 6 foot & weigh 168 lbs.. I would recommend this product, as it is affordable." -Chris Garland

"I love the gelatinized black maca's effect on my physical and mental stamina. Focusing on present tasks is much easier and the length of time doesnt seem to expire. My libido is supercharged as well! The best thing currently is that I'm recovering from knee surgery and i am healing very rapidly. I can't attribute this solely but i know its helping and not hurting the process." - Memphis R Dickey

"I have been using the profuct for more than one week. Really good stuff. Arrived earlier than expected. Increases energy, libido, improves mood and focus. At moment it looks like it is something I will want to stick to for the rest of my life. Good value gor your money as well. Thinking about buying this for my brother as a Christmas present.   So thank you very much The Maca Team. - George

"I haven't made it a habit to take them so far. Because I don't know if I want to take it before I work out or when I wake up. The times i have taken them I do feel more energy, concentration and improve in performance. I have given my boyfriend some and he said he felt alert and awake. I love everything about the product, shipping, info card, container, organic and vegan friendly. I love maca!" - Daisy

"Each morning I mix a tablespoon of maca root, usually red, into my first cup of coffee, in place of milk. It wipes away any lingering morning clogged or headache feeling leaving a very clear fresh mentally alert start to the day. I have found it boosts energy making it tough to chose an off day from it. Since I'm in good health I cannot boast of any ailment it removes although I firmly believe it does all the beneficial things it is touted to do." - R.L.

 "I use the yellow Maca & love how I feel. My recall memory is much sharper, my energy level is outstanding & my mood is much more even on a daily basis. I am 66 years old and honestly won't go without this awesome product."  - Christine Lawson

"I've been getting my maca root from the Maca Team for several years now. Most recently focusing on premium black marker. I feel that it gives the best results for my needs. I definitely can tell the difference when I run out and don't renew my supply in a timely manner. It gives me energy, stamina, mental focus and drive. Which for an over 60 guy it's very helpful. I take it every morning with my protein drink. Without fail. If I know I'm going to be particularly physically active in the afternoon I will take another tablespoon full with a glass of water so I can continue with my stamina and endurance and strength. It's easy and efficient and effective. Love it." - Steve Haig

"Very digestible, noticed a difference in energy and mental focus/inspiration within a couple days--wonderful product!" - Sarica

"My husband (65) and I (62) both take this Tri-Color Maca powder, it's been 1 month now and we noticed a difference in the first week or 2.  Our focus is more sharper and the energy levels are incredible. We only take 1tsp each A day in the morning. We have been adding it to a drink we have been drinking since 2020. 1 Tblsp of high quality olive oil, 1 Tbsp of juice from a lemon and 1 Tbsp of local honey in 6-8ozs of warm water and the results have been rewarding.
We are very blessed to have ran across this product..The company is right on making sure everything is OK and even sends updates, sales and article's to read by emails, very helpful and kind company. Don't ever change except to better yourselves. THANK YOU MACA TEAM." - Karen

"I have been very pleased with your product. It has improved my energy ,productivity and focus tremendously! I started out by using the powder but had to switch to the pills. The powder was a bit too strong for my stomach. I have since ordered some for a friend and they love it as well. I have told many people about the Maca and how it could help,them. I have given out the brochures that I received with my orders. I will continue to order more...amazing product!" - Lisa Gray

"I first bought the red maca and then tried the black. My husband and I both take it in the morning mixed in a blender with plain yogurt and frozen raspberries or blueberries. Improves stamina, energy and concentration. Love the product and will continue purchasing it. " - J.F.

Hair Growth

"I noticed that my hair was thinning for no good reason except for entering my 60’s; did some research on my own and found Red Maca would be worth a try- and it certainly was a great choice. For me, after using it for 6 weeks, I had a hair dresser appointment and she asked me right away what I had done to make my hair noticeably thicker since my last trim (the same week that I started using red maca). Now, one year later, my shoulder length hair is so much thicker that for a recent surgery, the nurse said 'I don’t know how I’m going to get all of your hair into this hair bonnet.'" - Sandra Stewart

"I have been taking this Maca Liquid for at least 4 or 5 years. I cannot be without it. It's helped with energy, pain in my back, receeeding hairline and I'm sure more that I don't even realize.  I tell everyone I know about this stuff!  Thank you Maca Team!" -Julie Campbell

"Since we have started using this product, we have felt amazing. Within a week my husband's blood sugar began to get better. My hair began growing like crazy and believe it or not, my eye sight improved. The monthly cycle symptoms have decreased tremendously, energy and mental clarity is great; among all the other benefits. Why wouldn't you add this amazing product to your daily routine??? " -Maria R.

"I ordered because I suffer from dysmenorrhea which is severe menstrual cramps and I've tried everything from a simple heating pad to prescribed narcotics for the pain but after a while I built such a high tolerance to everything and I heard maca root can help with the pain. The first bottle in and my cramps were painful but tolerable with the addition of a lidocaine patch and the second bottle in they were tolerable alone and come the third bottle little to no cramps for the first time in years!!!! I will keep taking for that reason alone but I did also notice a change in hair growth I do have hair loss on my crown and I didn't expect any changes since minoxidil didn't help neither did finasteride but I noticed a difference in the amount of hair in my brush after the third bottle and now I can see a small noticeable difference on my head it almost brought me tears I had given up on my hair but I'm confident I can naturally grow it back with this maca extract." - Gelica

"I have already written a review how the maca powder helped with the symptoms of hot flashes. Now I also have noticed that my hair has stopped falling out. At first I did not want to admit it to myself. Whenever I would give my hair a good brushing I noticed quite alot came out on the brush/bathroom floor. I told myself, well that’s probably a normal amount to lose when you brush it. However now I have noticed after several months of about 3 teaspoons a day{divided doses} of the maca powder that there is virtually no more hair loss. I sure am grateful. Thank you again for this product that has been so very helpful."  Sincerely, Laurie Prince Chippewa Falls, WI.

"The quality is superb, the packaging ensures freshness and is resealable. The last scoop was just as fresh as the first one. My experience with Maca so far (a few days short of 1 month) is nothing less than a miracle. I’m using it to recover from loss of appetite and dramatic weight loss.I feel more energy, my mood is better, and my hair is no longer falling out. Within 1 week of taking just 1 big spoonful a day, I got my period back after 6 months of no period. I still have not reached my weight goals but there are improvements and my appetite is finally back. I’m so happy I’m able to recover without medication. I’m so grateful for this product, and the service the Maca Team provided. They answered all my questions and I will definitely be a customer for a long time to come. I already ordered another 1 lb, but this time the Raw Red Maca. I’m looking forward to experience any differences between the two. Extra thank you to the Maca Team for a wonderful job well done." -  Seanne

"I have been putting it in my shampoo for the last two years. About 50% less hair loss with no side effects."  Gina Leigh

"I've been using your product/red and black maca since last fall. My hair is so improved, my weight is down, and my circulation has greatly improved! Your products great."  - Susan Stolt

"I have had hot flashes/night sweats for 15 yrs plus. I still have the night sweats off and on, but not as bad, it helps me to sleep at night. I have a low thyroid. When washing my hair I would lose wads of hair, since on Red Maca Power I lose very little or none at all, that is a good sign." - Tina

"I have been taking this MACA Liquid now for 3 months and what a difference!! My hot flashes stopped since the first day I took it! My energy is noticeably up ( my coworkers noticed too-lol)! My thyroid must be in better balance because I have been losing my hair at the hairline for the past couple years and now it is all growing back in! I will NEVER be without it !" Helen

"I went thru menopause and need hormone balance. also I was losing a lot of hair daily. The maca has helped me a lot! It's amazing I'm not losing much hair now! Thank you for a great product!" - Kathy

"This is my third time buying from this company. The shipment always punctual and the product is excellent. I put it in my smoothies for recovery after working out and it has helped my girlfriend regrow hair lost from alopecia." - April

"I’ve tried several maca capsules over the years and The Maca Team’s maca is, by far, the best one I have ever used. I started using maca to help with hair fall due to menopause, and this product DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! IT IS OUTSTANDING! I have more hair now than I know what to do with! I just take four capsules twice a day and, voila! Hair galore!" -  Nicole Durham

Healing More Quickly

Thank you so much for a wonderful product. The black maca has sped up my shoulder injury so fast I was blown away. I bought black maca to help with libido. But to my surprise,my shoulder healed quickly! It also supported libido.I will keep taking it because it is hard to find products that truly works. Believe me,I've looked. I am 61 years old,still training in martial arts,and will not be without taking my black maca!
Aloha,  -Harry D

"This is an excellent product.  I fell and had a very severe bruise on my leg. It healed extremely fast. The only changes I have made in my diet is the addition of the Tri-color Maca Root." - Patti J DeClark

"Has really been a life saver. I started this one week after a radical complete hysterectomy....In addition to my estrogen patch which was barely touching the hot flashes and sexual issues, the red maca root after about a week completely eliminated those issues. I will continue to take this in addition to my estrogen patch. I am extremely happy and will be ordering again." - Idella Kelsey-Bullock

"I hate to use the term miracle but I’ve been dealing with severe leg pain for a year now and have seen more doctors than I can count to try and figure out what was causing it. We thought it might be a hormonal imbalance so I started taking this as well as reishi mushroom and the pain is nearly gone. I can’t thank you enough, it feels like I’ve gotten my life back and it’s a miracle. Not being in severe pain every single day has made me so grateful to this wonderful supplement!" - Brittany

"Yay! My boyfriend and I love this raw red Maca and I just posted your link to Facebook yesterday telling my friends about it!  I found it very helpful in my recovery from the stroke I had last year. Blessings!" Sabina

Hormone Balance

"Hello, I have purchased your Red Maca supplements awhile ago. I was inconsistent in taking them when I first made a purchase but I’ve been having hormone related issues I need to pay more attention to. The Red Maca is a miracle! My abdominal pain that I’ve been having for almost a year and the back pain I’ve been suffering from for years immediately cleared up two days after I began taking the supplements again. I plan on making another purchase being as tho I’m almost out but I was wondering about the mixed Maca Powder. My question is if it’s okay to consume both the mixed maca and the Red Maca if purchased? I still want the full strength of the Red Maca but I’m interested in the Black Maca as well. Thank you!" - Kiara

"I had been on full strength hormone replacement for 9 yrs, post-op total hysterectomy(age 35), and diagnosed at the same time with hypothyroidism. As a nurse, I did not want to take synthetic medications. Through research and agreement with my primary care physician, I stopped all synthetics and started Maca red. The first week was rough, with night sweats and mood swings, now at week 4, I take 6 capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and 2 dropped full at lunch. Moods are stable, no night sweats, clearer mind set, overall body feels good. My daughter, mother and fiance have started and love it also!" - Michelle Harter

"Changed my Life, lifetime costumer. Balanced my Hormones." - Alexander M

"My father recommended this product to me because he has had marked improvement in his prostate issues, mental clarity and his overall physical condition. I decided to try the red maca because I have PCOS and issues with fertility and ovulating. I am also overweight and I'm currently on track to reach my weight goals. haven't even finished the first bag and I've had 2 periods one was 30 days apart and the next was 28 days (perfect). This has really seemed to balance my hormones. My moods are more stable. I've been taking it every morning before work and it is way easier for me to get up in the morning as I have to report to work at the crack of dawn. I love the nutty taste, I normally add it to smoothies when I have time on weekends but if I don't, I mix it with water and shake and take it with me on my work commute and it's just fine. I don't see myself giving up this product. I have used products in the past that claim to add maca to their products and have never seen these results. I noticed that I have a breakout on my face and I've heard that is because the product is regulating hormones which can initially cause a breakout. I look forward to improving skin and I have confidence that the product will deliver. I also notice changes in my nails, they are visibly stronger and clearer. Overall I can tell this is one of the life changing products. I think it's well worth the investment in yourself and your health. I also feel that the price is reasonable as I'm not rich and I also don't want to spend tons of money on Dr's visits and medicines so I like superfoods like maca and I look forward to continuing purchasing from this brand. I've also told several people about my results because they ask and are curious about what I'm drinking. When I share it just feels so authentic because I truly enjoy and am benefited by this product." - Gabrielle Andrews

"My cycles were only 17 days long and super irregular. I have been wanting to conceive and heard about raw maca and decided to give it a try. It has definitely fixed my overall cycle! I am planning to try the red maca next to help with fertility." Lauryssa

"I've been using this product off and on for the last 3-4 yrs. One of my favorite things about it is the taste! It's not too sweet, but has an extremely distinct natural taste and it's remained the same from Day 1 of me trying it. That's how I know this product is coming from a reputable company. They stand firm on providing a quality product. As far as it balancing female hormones and upping the libido both physically and mentally, yesssssssss, all of that is true!!" - Erika

"I have had a hysterectomy and I really find going natural to level out my hormones is best. I have tried different Macas and found that this Raw Organic Red Maca is the best. I also send it to my daughter who was in an accident and has a lot of problems with her girly parts now… She finds it helps her a lot with her pms ect. You can tell how fresh and good this Maca is just by the taste of it. Other Maca I couldn’t stand the taste after a few days. If it upssets your tummy just eat something little with it." – Customer asked to remain anonymous

"I have had debilitating hormonal issues my entire life. I was prescribed birth control to help with the symptoms but have recently gotten off after almost 20 years and maca has changed my life. I don’t even have pms symptoms anymore, mild to no cramping at all, no mood swings, and a light and short lasting flow. I think every woman should try this! Lastly it does take about a month or two to notice any difference but I’ll never stop using maca now."  - Alex Shirk

"I love the Maca powder. It has helped me regulate hormones and normalize my monthly cycles that were all over the place after getting the Depo shot for birth control. What a nightmare! Your maca was the only thing that worked to get my cycles back to normal again. Thank you!" ---Lea

"Purchased the red maca to help to balance my hormones after I had a baby.. i noticed that I was sweating excessively and I was looking a way to control it. After.one week of taking 4 pills every morning, I noticed a huge change. I finally found a solution that came with positive results. This is my story and thank you for your service!!!" - Kersti Jakobsen

"Amazing product!! My whole family takes the pills and we love it. I get so much energy out of the pills. Plus they have helped with my hormone in balance that I have. I no longer have to take prescription hormones. I highly recommend them." - Stephanie

"I’m so grateful that I found your Maca capsules. I take them daily and they have saved me from having to be on HRT ( hormone replacement therapy) . As a women currently in menopause I felt I had no alternative to starting this new chapter in my life and was dreading the HRT.. I did my research and found your Maca capsules and thought I’d give it a try.. your product is a Godsend.. I’m back to myself, sleeping well, no night sweats and my husbands grateful too!!! Thank you again and you e got a life long customer here.." - Iris

"This product has been a lifesaver. After going off birth control pills my hormones went crazy. I tried other Maca products but this one is beyond compare for the quality and price. I have been using it for 3 years my hormones are finally normal and I feel much better. This was a much better option for me than following my doctors prescription of putting me back on birth control pills and also anxiety and depression pills. For the long term this was the best option for better mental and physical health." - Diana A Erazo

"I did not have a period for 3 months which I Was very up set ! I’m so excited could the red Maca extract made it appear if so I’m very happy about it !" - La'shawn Davis

"Hello, I have been taking Maca Root for several years after I did research, I found that The Maca Team knows thier stuff. They focus solely on this herb and I love that. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism 5years ago. Was prescribed Synthroid. I faithfully took this pharmaceutical and got results but rathered not take any pharmaceuticals. As I mentioned before did my research and started an iver the counter Maca Root. The potency was weak and had to take alot. Continued my search and found the Macca Team and their different forms I could use. They had an assesment to help me narrow down what I needed. I started with the Red Maca capsules and my thyroid symptoms began to be Hyper. Went to the doc and my levels were off the charts. Told him what I found and he weened me off the Synthroid. I take 3 capsules of the Yellow, Red or Black daily and haven't taken Synthroid since. My T3and T4 levels have been perfect and all other symptoms have been gone.
Thanks Maca Team Family for your commitment to helping people be healthy and whole from the inside out!" -Ta

"I began taking Maca in an effort to balance my hormones and lift my mood. It has done so much more for me! It has not only balanced my hormones and lifted my mood, but it has also eliminated my migraines, and given me energy. Fantastic!" - Amy

"I've taken the gelatinized red maca for over 6 months and it help so much with regulating my monthly cycle when I would have several months up to years apart from my regulatory. I was told that I needed to gain weight and it would get back to normal. Being diabetic I gained a little weight and still irregular. I did some research on maca and started taking it and the irregularity started to go away to where my cycle comes every month. My family members tell me that they suffer of irregularity also and I've suggested this to them. It really helps." - Elyzabeth

"I have suffered from brain fog and severe exhaustion due to hormone problems since having children. I've completely given up caffeine and can function even on 3 hours sleep. I can't rave enough about this powder, I mix it with anything hot chocolate, oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt and more." --Laura Cobham

"After having 2 kids my hormones were a mess but I've seen a huge improvement taking red maca." - N/A

"A few years ago when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism I started my journey with maca. Maca's amazing ability to assist the thyroid (among other things) is the reason I chose it. I needed it to be the best Maca that I could find and The Maca Team has the best. The taste isn't overpowering and I can easily mix it in my smoothies. Also, I love that it ships fast and I don't have to wait! Love love love it!"  - Theresa

"Me and my boyfriend both notice more energy when taking this maca! My menstrual cycle was out of wack and after 2 months of using this product it has regulated itself. I highly recommend this product."  --Melissa

"Since I turned 28, my hormones have been crazy! (Attributed to going off birth control although not trying to get pregnant) The maca has helped level my hormones dramatically. I can get through a menstrual cycle again without severe pain and cramps. Definitely improved my quality of life - I highly recommend!" - Heather

"t probably took a month for me to realize how much this product has helpped. But after going off of it for a month and going back on. I WILL NEVER STOP taking it!! I have more energy i feel better. I hardly notice im on my peroid when i am. I have little to no cramping. And if your taking it to get into the mood ;) ummmm yeah expect it to WORK! ;) ;) its has leved out hormones i have been trying to fix for 6 years. So i hope you give it at least three months before you make up your mind. Its worth it." - Lacey

"I have had problem every since I had my full hysterectomy, but once I started the red maca root its been a God send. My horomones are balanced my bowels are more regular and I have more energy. My doctor even checked my lab work before and after and everything was great ! Thank you maca team." - Kellie Prater-Allah

"I had been on full strength hormone replacement for 9 yrs, post-op total hysterectomy(age 35), and diagnosed at the same time with hypothyroidism. As a nurse, I did not want to take synthetic medications. Through research and agreement with my primary care physician, I stopped all synthetics and started Maca red. The first week was rough, with night sweats and mood swings, now at week 4, I take 6 capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and 2 dropped full at lunch. Moods are stable, no night sweats, clearer mind set, overall body feels good. My daughter, mother and fiance habe started and love it also!" - Michelle Harter

" Red maca has been a godsend for me! It has helped me with PPD when nothing else did. It's also helped to heal my thyroid - after 5 years of struggling, the baby weight has finally melted off. I have quite a few friends and family members who have found relief th rough this, and have even weaned off of their pharmaceutical anxiety meds! The premium maca has even helped my friend's bf with his ED issues.'  - Mindee

"This is excellent maca, one of the best on the market , it has really helped my hormones in a matter of two weeks . And my shape is getting better as well. You won't be disappointed using this product" - Ging

"I am really enjoying the benefits of Red Maca Powder. I had a partial hysterectomy and was on HRT, now I'm not. It took about 2 weeks to start working and I'm so grateful it did. Awesome product." - Dawn Marie DiMola

 "After many months of worsening female issues (I'm 48 years old), I was thinking I would have to have a uterine ablation at best. However, I started taking Red Maca Extract. It had been recommended as a possible help for my symptoms. It has absolutely amazed me. I am back to ordinary life with no thought of needing medical help. I've told my friends about it. I don't ever want to be without it again!" - Joy

"I've worked in the "health" food industry for a while and have been exposed to fads and miracles. I rate maca as a miracle.
After having my last child in my late 30's I experienced a period of hormonal fluctuations and their side effects including, but not limited to, night sweats, restless nights and low libido. This product has provided me with a solution for these symptoms. I am so thankful that the MacaTeam provides such a high quality product so that I may find some normalcy to this wonderfully crazy life. " - L.D.

"I wish I would have this sooner. It has helped me so much with my menstrual cycles. I have always had all kinds of problems ever since I had my first period. I have been to numerous Dr.'s to try to get help and haven't really found any relief until now. I have now stopped taking my progesterone for almost two months. I will definitely continue to use this product hoping that I will see more benefits and get even better results." -N.A.

"I am only starting my fourth week on the maca but I'm feeling really good. I have been taking hormones and this is the time when I would need to go back to the doctor but so far I've been able to hold off. I am not having hot flashes or night sweats and my energy seems pretty good. That's why I ordered this and it seems to be working. If I can stop taking hormones, I will be extremely happy. I also love that this is a small family owned business!!!" - Annette

"I've been having seizures for the past 10 years. I noticed shortly after they started that they had to have something to do with my hormonal balance because they would come every month at the same time as my menstrual cycle. I have taken various natural remedies for hormonal balance such as thyroid supplements and iodine. These were hit and miss as far as effectiveness for keeping the seizures under control, but they did successfully help most of the time. Recently, I heard about Maca Root and it's positive effect on the endocrine system. I used it consistently for two months and was seizure free for both months. I then ran out and I was having a hard time finding any locally, so I decided to look online and I found The Maca Team and loved their variety and prices. I put in my order for the Black Maca Root Tincture and it was quickly delivered. I started taking it and I've successfully made it through another cycle with no seizures. I'm very excited to find something so consistently effective and I've already ordered the Premium Tincture and a pound of Premium Powder. I plan to be a regular customer from here on out! Thank you, Maca Team! " - Cheryle

"Hi Maca team, it's been a couple months, and I thought of writing you again- as I have been keeping up taking 1/3 tablespoon of maca each day, with days off, and it has eventually equalized my cycle, it is indeed a very useful thing to have! (for those who have the bc hormone arm implant, and have been thrown off)." - Julia

"I've been using maca for about a year now and am very satisfied with the results. After having a baby, I was hoping to find a solution to imbalanced hormones. This is it!." --Victoria

"I've ordered other maca powders before and they often lack color and scent...not this stuff! I've been using this daily for about a month now and I can definitely feel a difference in my energy levels. I was breaking out under my neck and chin- which according to Chinese medicine relates to hormonal imbalance- but since using the red maca that has cleared up without any topical products. I often get maca powder from my peruvian relatives when they visit, but since discovering this product I don't have to wait for them to visit and it seems fresher than what they bring me sometimes! Unfortunately, my second order burst in the shipping package during shipping but all it took was one email to the maca team and they shipped a new one immediately! Amazing customer service!"  Natasha

"I have been taking the Maca Team maca root for nearly a year noticing increased energy and an overall increase in health. Recently my wife slowly weened herself off of her prescription estradiol counting on maca capsules to regulate her estrogen balance. I have read it increases oxygen uptake at the cellular level and have noticed increased circulatory benefits evidenced in male vigor. I like the taste mixed into coffee and cannot envision not benefitting from this healthy food source." - Richard in N.C.

"I have been ordering this product for the past year now and I love the results. I decided to stop taking birth control pills (full of the synthetic hormones) last year and try a healthy alternative. The red maca powder has been a great product to help out in balancing my hormones and bring my body back to a normal cycle (reach homeostasis). I would recommend do start with the gelatinized maca for the beginning for people with more sensitive stomachs. Thank you very much to The Maca Team for providing this pure and amazing product. It changed my life forever." - Simone Christea

"This product is amazing, and I highly recommend it. I had been on the birth control pill for 17 years and only recently got off of it. My cycle was thrown off completely, and I suspected that it was due to a hormonal imbalance from being on the pill for such a long time. I took the red maca capsules for about 2.5 months and they worked amazingly! My cycle is now like clockwork every 28 days and my cramps are minimal. It gave me increased energy, and my libido increased tremendously as well! The only downsides are that the product caused me to suffer from extreme bloating, so when that happened, I just stopped taking it for about 7 days and then resumed taking it. I could only take 4 red maca capsules a day, otherwise the bloating was too much. It also caused me to gain weight (about 6 pounds). But because of all of the amazing benefits, it was still worth it. If you are considering using maca, I highly recommend getting it from the Maca team. Their product is high quality and offers so many great benefits!" - JJ

"I'm 66 years old and have been taking Premium Maca for several years. It definitely provides me with energy for working full time. I take 1 tsp in the morning with juice and another 1tsp at lunchtime. I weight around 175# I sleep deeper at night without hot flashes,actually I consider the Premium Maca has provided m with a wonderful hormonal balance. Great product and service by the Maca Team!!!" - N/A

"I am very pleased with this gelanised red Maca (gelanised as I have a sensitive stomach, as recommended). I bought it after trying almost everything else, as I was suffering with PMDD (extreme PMT), Endometriosis and terrible hormonal problems after 2 miscarriages. I was having daily migraines, my body was aching, I had no energy, l lost my job and I was in dreadful state to be honest. I have been taking this red Maca since August 2015 and take 3gs a day and have Sunday off. I am very sensitive to any medication including natural supplements so I have found this dosage ideal for me. It took about 6-9 weeks to properly take effect but I haven't looked back since. I missed a week over Christmas and suffered on the next menstruation so I will be making sure I stick to it from now on. I would highly recommend this product and have just received my second 1kg pack and still have about a 1/4 left of the other pack, it has lasted me a quite while due to the lower dosage. I would highly recommend this product to anyone suffering with hormonal issues as I have and I am so glad that I found this website. I did find lower price Maca elsewhere before I found this website but when I ordered it it was from Spain and I understand that Maca needs high altitude to thrive and be of high quality like the Maca from Maca team which is Peruvian. I live the UK and I have used both mailing types the fast track and the standard and they have both arrived when I expected. When I have had queries the team have answered promptly and efficiently. - Thank You - Great Product and got my life back on track :)" - Stacey Williams

"This is my second review and I had to share the good news. First, I was taking Estrogen and Progesterone hormones. I hated taking the hormones but I was having lots of menopause symptoms that affected my life. Hot flashes/sweats and mind spacing out. So I was a mess. So I went on the hormones. I started taking Maca and after 2 weeks, I started breaking out in small patches of hives. I eliminated progesterone and eventually eliminated the estrogen. Now I have no hives. I think (but don't know) the Maca was adjusting my own hormones and that I was "overdosing" on hormones so I have eliminated all the hormones because Maca has allowed me not to use them anymore. Eliminating them stopped the hives, the hotflashes and my mind is sharp. Yeah! So I am hooked on Red Maca forever. Thank you! Thank you! I feel great, sleep great and have no menopause symptoms!! Double Yeah!!" - Lorainne V.

"I was having pretty severe hormonal issues. Doctor finally did the necessary blood work to determine my Estrogen levels were pretty much non-existent. She wanted to put me on Estrogen and Progesterone. I had read some pretty scary side effects of these synthetic drugs. Now considering I was already extremely emotional, I broke down in her office stating I didn't want to get cancer and asked if I could try Maca first. Fortunately she was open to this idea. Her only concern was that it would not be strong enough to help my severe symptoms of the blues, not sleeping at night and night sweats. After only two weeks of taking Red Maca I began to feel a little more like a normal person. After 6 weeks I felt like a new improved person. Just by getting more sleep at night has made a difference in my outlook on life and I'm having normal menstrual cycles. I believe in this product and I'm so thankful I found it just at the right time. It did take quite a while to get used to the taste of the Maca. I first mixed it (1 Tblsp) with Vanilla Soy Milk (since I need to increase my Estrogen) but now that I'm used to it I use regular Soy which cuts down on my sugar intake. I purchase the largest bag as it is the most economical and lasts me 3 months. A 3 month supply of this product is much cheaper than a one month supply of the prescription medicine the doctor wanted me to take and I feel in my heart it is much safer for me." - KR

"I'm taking Maca to replace my brith-control that regulates my hormones. so far I haven't had any side effects from coming off the pill. I will know more in a few weeks. also I have tried other Maca products from other companies and I can tell that the Maca team has better quality and more potent product. thank you."  -Michelle

"My life was spiraling out of control due to practically non-existent estrogen levels and my OBGYN agreed for me to try Maca instead of synthetic estrogen and progesterone. She did not hold out much hope due to the severity of my symptoms.  Though I'm not totally "Fixed" I'm functioning on a really good level without the worry of cancer that the synthetics may have caused.  Many blessings and Merry Christmas to you all!!" --Kim

"I initially purchased the Raw Organic Red Maca Root Powder to help with balancing my hormones. Not only did it help balance my hormones, but its adaptogen qualities helped me manage my stress even more effectively! I love the taste, and I include it into my morning smoothie every day. As a healthcare practitioner, I also recommend it to my patients, especially if they are needing to rebalance hormonal issues, such as acne that gets worse with their period, cramping during their period, and even for PCOS. They love it!" --Margarita

"I suffer with pcos and no longer get my menstrual. My fertility specialist always want to give me progesterone tablets and metformin to help restore it and to help with the pcos however I constantly wxpress.to her I want to do everything the natural way.  One day I was telling my cowoker anout the situation and she told me to try Maca root just any kind and I ignored her at first because it didn't think it would work because she was the same one who told.mw to try Vitex and it don't work.  About a month ago I went back to the fertility specialist for gwt.ro tell me I'm not ovulating again and on that day I decided to google Maca Root and read the reviews and I read a bunch of great views however none of the compared to The Maca team reviews. So I ordered 2 bottles of the red Maca Root and they are great.. I started using them May 3 and approximately 11 days later I receive a surprise. My best menstrual cycle began. I will.comtimue to use Red Maca for me and my daughter, I will also be purchasing black Maca for my husband. Thank you Maca Team for a great product." - J.C.

"I am very perceptive of my bodie's response to things around me and specially those I consume. I have had maca before, and I was obviously happy with its effect in my body. But trying this brand on a recommendation was a great experience. The best way I can describe it, is my body sings when I take it.  It's like every molecule just does a little happy dance. I do love the energy boost it imparts, but for me the most important effects is the adrenal support it provides. My hormonal balance is restoring and maca is an important ingredient of the protocol I'm using to rebalance my endocrine system. I highly recommend it."  --Dharma

 "I am a 48 year old female and have used the gelatinized red maca for over a year. I wanted to wait to write a review because so many times I try something that seems to work initially and then stops working. I am in perimenopause and have adenomyosis. I first took natural oral progesterone which worked fantastic, until the company stopped making it and the transdermal progesterone did not work for me. Then I came across articles about maca trying to find something to help my symptoms. I chose The Maca Team maca and after one month my irregular bleeding became a normal 28 day cycle which was consistent until I went off the maca for one month and started having symptoms again. I went back on the maca and I'm back to "normal". This product has: decreased my hot flashes/night sweats substantially, regulated my cycle, and normalized my mood. I still have some other perimenopausal symptoms; however, this is still a miracle food for me!!!!" - Angie

"I was experiencing hormonal break-outs and it was quite irritating considering the fact that I'm a 28 year old woman. I didn't want to have to take medication. When I first tried it, (which was for a few days) I was experiencing even more break-outs so I put it away thinking it was the cause of it. Even after I put it away, the break-outs kept happening anyway. My mom insisted it could be what I wash my clothes with, so I ended up changing what I washed my clothes with and gave the Red Maca powder another chance. Well, I obtained more energy quickly and I received very minimal break-outs. It took a few weeks for my break-outs to be reduced and I was fine with that. I knew I had to give this products a few weeks so that my body could get adjusted to it. I mix the recommended dosage for my size in a cup of room temperature water in the morning. I make sure to take it before I've eaten breakfast. So far so amazing. I'm still on my first bag but I'll be ordering again soon."  Bee

"So far I am very happy with it. It's been 3 weeks since surgery and I have not needed to be put on hormon pills. I am attributing it to maca so I plan to be a faithful buyer of the product from now on, as well as it help curve my appetite. I say that is a win, win." - Yerina Christian

"The best thing that ever happened to me! I love Red Maca it changed my life. I was having so many hormone issues that it cause havoc in my marriage and my family. I was moody, slim to none libido, irritable, fatigue, and then some. I heard about Maca so I ordered and it came fast, and after the second day of taking it I felt renewed, energized,sexy, and good. I started to feel like a real woman day by day. Thanks Maca Team for making a phenomenal product". - Tia Lombard

"Over my life I have taken plenty of supplements that claim to boost energy, fix ailments, etc, but nothing has ever really worked. Such is life. Until this Maca. WOW. It has changed my life! For one, it has stabilized my mood. I feel more positive and don't get as depressed when life becomes stressful and demanding. For two, it has eliminated my monthly cramps. Completely! I went from having excruciating cramps-- to the point where I've had to go to the hospital, to NO cramps. A miracle! It also changed my cycle from 29-31 days to 27-28 days. It also made my flow much lighter and shorter. I feel like any woman with menstruation or fertility issues, as well as cramps should be taking this instead of prescribed the pill (which has so many negative side effects). I LOVE this stuff and have been promoting it to every friend I know." - DD

"I started putting a teaspoon into my daily smoothies and wow how it has changed my world. It does in fact give you energy but the most important thing is that all my woman monthly issues have seriously vanished. I recommend this to so many people. I love love love it!" - Camille

"I knew my hormones were out of balance after using Whey Protein powder. I gained a significant amount of weight mostly around my mid-section. No amount of eating right and exercise were taking the weight off. Then I started using Maca. As my hormones became balanced, my routine of eating right and exercise was working and the weight naturally began to fall off. It has helped me build muscle, helped with some pre-menopausal symptoms as a result of an emergency hysterectomy and given me energy. I highly recommend this product for all the good it has done for me! " - Kimberlee

"I am very happy with this product and the changes it has brought to my life. It gives me energy everyday and helps me to keep a positive attitude, but the most important thing it has done for me is helped level out my hormones. I have suffered from PMDD for over 3 years now, and I can finally say I feel "normal and happy" now every single of my female cycle. - Carrie

"I'm an active 50 year old that has dealt with hormone imbalance for years, and as a Breast Cancer survivor, hormone replacement is not an option. Since I've started taking Maca my hormones are much more balanced & I feel more energetic and youthful. The Maca Team cares about supplying the best quality Maca at the most affordable price to the consumer and as an added bonus, they have excellent customer service and fast shipping!" - Cate

"I have noticed an incredible difference using Maca. I am hypothyroid, have severe adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, and an autoimmune disease. My body attacks itself and has nothing left in the way of defense. Maca has truly helped my energy, as well as noticeable differences in how my body feels, leading me to suspect some hormone balancing is occurring. I've noticed i need to increase my dosage to keep up the energy, but its well worth it!" - Sarah

"I have been looking for something to balance my hormones and help alleviate the pre-menopausal systems and Premium Maca Powder worked fantastic!! I was skeptical but figured I would give it a try and sure enough I feel great. Thank you for a truly wonderful product. I almost don't want the secret to get out but everyone should know about it." - Angela

"I started taking this when I went off of the BC pill. It's not a magic bullet but I believe it has definitely helped curb hormonal side effects and keep me balanced." - Tina

"Since starting the use of the premium maca powder, I've noticed a decrease in PMS symptoms and fatigue. I blend it in my veggie-fruit smoothies in the mornings. After I finish with this bag, I will try the red maca. It is a great product!!" - Heather

"I discovered Maca a few months back through researching natural methods of hormone regulation and libido enhancement. After trying another brand with decent results, I found The Maca Teams website. Although a little pricey, I chose the liquid Red Maca to try first since it has been proven that the results are faster due to the absorption is quicker. Also, it states to provide exactly what am seeking.   I restrained from any Maca 2 weeks prior to starting The Maca Teams liquid Red Maca, just to make sure I got the full effect. After 3 weeks (taken in the morning; 3 full droppers), all I can say is WOW!  The taste is great. I take it straight; leave in my mouth for a few moments and then swallow. I drink warm water afterwards. I tried juice but it wasn't a pleasant taste. The Red Maca does have a nutty after-taste but not bad by any means.   Hormones: I am on a Progestin birth-control method which makes my periods very irregular. At one point I was spotting for months at a time, and, naturally no libido. I stopped spotting within 48 hours of starting maca. Since starting Red Maca I have entered another cycle and noticed tender breasts, a sign my menstrual is approaching. A sign I have not felt in almost 2 years. Yay! There is hope.   Libido: This is where I have seen the most improvement. Absolutely no complaints here and I will not elaborate.   I have also found that I am generally in better spirits, cramps and PMS are also diminished.  The product is worth the price. Thank you for a great product."  --Tammi

"I recently lost my insurance, which covered my Androgel prescription nicely. A friend of mine recommended maca. Just prior to the cycle (with the Androgel not used for a month), I had bloodwork done. At around the 6 week point of the Maca usage, and NO OTHER medications or supplements being used, I had bloodwork done again. The T-count difference was 211 points higher! This product is stellar."  - J.P.

Immune System Improvement

"I feel better, have more energy, and don't get the fall or spring "colds" or allergy issues that I used to have at the change of seasons. I'm a fan and now have my husband taking it too!." - Shonna Sherrill


"This is my favorite kind of maca so far. I have tried one other brand but personally I like this one the best and I have recommended it to other people as well. I get faster results. I was suffering from insomnia which caused depression, fatigue, anxiety and weight loss. This has helped me gain more stamina, a better mood, and helped me gain my weight back. Thank you Maca Team. Thank you very much." - Susy



"My main reason for taking this product was because my sex drive was low and I was having ED issues due to my medication for anxiety and depression. This stuff works! My libido is doing wonderfully now and ED is a thing of the past for me!" - Marcus V.

"I started taking black maca drops for libido. i noticed a difference immediately, i started to want a release every single day. highly recommend for anyone who feels sluggish in this regard." -JP

"Love the taste. Gives me energy I need. It does help post menopausal libido issues ladies. Give it a try today."  Melanie Jones

"Bought these for my fiancé who was having a super low libido for the last couple of months. We are now one month in to taking these and wow! What a night and day difference. I highly recommend this product." -Chris

"I have been using The Maca Team Black Maca capsules for sometime now mainly for their value as a good vitamin and mineral supplement.I am now 68 years in perfect health in all ways.  I feel Black Maca has improved by general health and sexual well being and will continue to use it as my only medication.  Your delivery service is second to none Thank you." Lloyd Westbrook

"I love the gelatinized black maca's effect on my physical and mental stamina. Focusing on present tasks is much easier and the length of time doesnt seem to expire. My libido is supercharged as well! The best thing currently is that I'm recovering from knee surgery and i am healing very rapidly. I can't attribute this solely but i know its helping and not hurting the process. " Memphis R Dickey

"Love. Love. Love, this product. I thought I was taking another pill when I bought this. I couldn’t be more wrong. Im more energized, I can feel my memory coming back and also , my sex drive is on full throttle. Im a frequent buyer and will remain so. Thank you Maca team❤️" - Gigi

"This product was a great price for the amount you get. I like that it’s sublingual and doesn’t taste Bad at all. It does help get the soldier downstairs to stand tall."  John T.

"I am almost 60 and my wife is 48. I was starting having problems keeping up with her in the bedroom.  I was interested in maca after reading about it's potential effects on libido. I've been taking 8 capsules a day of the gelatinized black maca capsules and the results have been nothing short of amazing.  I've had no problem with any side effects, and just ordered three more jars." - Don

"Came as described. Tastes fine in coffee. Definitely increases sex drive so hold on to you’re hats ladies!!!" - Katie

"Thank you. The MACA team needs a dating site. My God the $ex drive is over the top with this substance." - J.T.

"I feel the libido boost almost immediately. What’s interesting is they say 4 pills is the minimum dose on the bottle. Keep this in mind as you will go through this faster than you think. I’d like to keep buying from them as they promise legit peruvian maca which is the best." - Michael Lee

"I have been taking the black maca gelatized capsules for over 6 months. I also take fenugreek and ashwagandha each day. I have noticed a real increase in the level of my libido. I also have enjoyed good stamina while doing physical work and have seen my knuckle pushups go up to over 140 reps in one set. I feel that this black maca has really helped a lot in making me feel better and stronger." Ed Ballard

"I'm not tired even when exercising and fasting. Also for the men, be prepared to have morning wood again lol!" - Steve

"Got this for my wife. Excellent powder. Mixes well in coffee. Seems to be helping her a lot with cramps, mood swings, and other hormonal issues. Also increases libido for her." - Nick

"My energy level is through the roof..My libido is great and my hormones are balanced I will keep this in my lifestyle.. I take 2 tsp in the morning in my coffee. - Shastina"

"Really random review/extra personal sorry! I take a lot of medications. I was told by my doctors that the combination I am on is basically a "libido killing cocktail." This has given me excitement and love back in my life. I've been in a relationship for 20+ years so I am fighting time and meds. I feel like I am 20 again. I no longer feel like I am failing my SO. He's stuck by me through wheel chairs, obesity and more. He deserves this more than me. I am so happy to be able to bring the passion back. Thank you!" - Sara

"We have been using Maca for years with various results. Prior to using Premium Maca we had a Maca that gave us no apparent benefits at all. This changed with the Premium Maca. Used as directed we found we had more energy, felt more vitality and frankly our flagging libidos got a definite boost! Curiously, the effect was like a deep slow burn rather than flash in the pan. We very much appreciate Maca Team's product dedication and dedication to us as consumers!" - Peter West

"I have been trying to get pregnant for a few months, but my sex drive has been low the last few years. I think it’s just part on getting older (35) but I don’t want to accept it. I have been taking Maca for a few weeks and I noticed a difference in libido after the first week. I’m taking Gelatinized Maca because I do have a low thyroid and I read raw is not good for hypothyroidism. I’m using a digital fertility tester and it currently says I’m in peak fertility. I don’t know it that’s attributed to the Maca, but my libido definitely is. Thank you!" - S. Marin

"This product has been amazing. His libido has increased to how it was 10 years ago!!! We have also noticed a diffrence with short term memory and mental sharpness. We ordered the pills to help with fertility and libido and will keep them in stock every month. Thank you Maca Team" - Jenny

"Great quality product that does exactly what it claims. Great for libido and energy. Just placed another order." - N/A

"This product was recommended to me by an intuitive healer. I had never heard of it and was skeptical to say the least. After one month of using the Red Maca powder, my menstrual cycle was regular, from about 35 days apart and irregular to 28 days apart. My energy level is high throughout the day, I no longer need to drink coffee in the morning. My libido has also increased, and as a woman over 40, this was much appreciated. The cost is more than reasonable, and delivery is always on time. I cannot say enough good things about this product. I highly recommend it!" - Stephaine

"Heard so many great things about the Maca Team, did my research, and purchased the black powder for me and the red powder for my fiance. Both of us noticed significant changes in our libido! I noticed heightened sex drive shortly after consuming the powder in my protein shake, and my fiance would literally text me in the middle of the day telling me how her sex drive was going through the roof! Love the product!!" - Andre

"1st order of the capsules, & they are as potent as they are convenient. After abt a wk: renewed energy. 2 months in, sustained energy. Added bonus: taken with my other supplements, a cleaner diet, + renewed exercise, & I've been enjoying occasional "morning arousal" once again. This is great news, coming from a diabetic of over 15 yrs who thought ED was here to stay.  Oh, & my last a1c results were near normal. Re-ordered (including the new blue maca). " - Richard M.

"The red Maca performs as advertised. This satisfied customer has been adding powdered red to my morning energy drink. Since I started, I have noticed a "boost" in energy in the evening, as well as as an end to occasional ED issues.
This wary consumer is not easily gulled. The results, starting about a week-ten days after adding Maca to my daily diet, were undeniable. I recommend everyone take the "Which Maca is best for me?" quiz. My results indicated that I switch from black Maca to red Maca. I blended the two for two weeks, then started 100% red. My bride of thirty years insists I re-stock in a timely manner. 'Nuff CED." - David

"This product is very successful at increasing sexual libido and energy. I tried another Maca product prior with limited results, but this product delivered beyond expectations. Highly recommended." --M.L.

"I had a full hysterectomy about three years ago, ovaries & all, due to severe endometriosis. While the hysterectomy helped me with the pain & issues I had relating to my endometriosis, I had no idea what the side effects of this surgery would be to my hormones, my libido, my emotional well-being, and my sex life with my husband. First came the dryness in my female area, then the painful intercourse, loss of energy, no sleeping at night, and finally sadness & depression. I tried synthetic hormones early this year, as I was feeling desperate. I had a horrible reaction to them! I then started my research to find something natural. I found an article on Maca and it suggested red maca and recommended The Maca Team for producing quality maca. I started taking the “gelatinized red maca” on April 4th and knew that I needed to give it a good 4-6 weeks. I started with a teaspoon and worked my way up to one tablespoon within a few weeks. I mix it with 2 ounces of NingXia Red Goji wolfberry juice. It does not taste terrific, but I would not stop taking it for anything. Red Maca has been a miracle for me. About 4 weeks after I started taking it, I noticed a real improvement on my energy. Two weeks after that, more energy throughout the entire day and no pain during intercourse. Hallelujah, I couldn’t believe it. I could actually have intimacy with my husband with no pain. I could not believe it, NO PAIN! The benefits of Red Maca have been incredible: I am now enjoying intimacy with my husband again - dryness is gone. My libido has improved. I have energy throughout the entire day. My hormones are balanced, as I am happier and the feelings of sadness are gone. My sleep has improved slightly, but I am still not able to sleep through the night. I will continue to work on this one! If you are having issues with menopause, I would highly suggest you try Red Maca from The Maca Team!!!" - N.A.

"Black Maca is truly an amazing food that literally delivers on its claimed benefits. Libido has never been better and energy is terrific. Believe me, my wife is more than happy." - L.C.

"I does what it's supposed to do great libido booster gives me great stamina I play a lot of tennis and I can keep going and going ,I mix it with my protein powder and some fruit and I don't really taste it ,great company to deal with . All the best for now."  Eugene

"I was not sure how much I should take. I started with 4 per day but that didn't seem to do much. I then increased it to 6,then 8. At 8 I started to notice significant changes in my libido and overall outlook on life. I became more optimistic. My low testosterone levels had turned me into an unlikable grinch.: - Juan Davila

"I like the taste, and mix it with a protein shake, and coffee. I feel the results, and consider this product to enhance testosterone levels" - J.L.

"I've been using this Black Maca product for a couple of years. It really works. I'm sure there are many factors involved and it might not work for everyone, but it does what they promise regarding libido for me. I use 1.5 tbs per day in my green smoothie." - Brent

"Hi Maca Team:  I recently bought a pound of your black Maca powder. Maybe I was just rundown and generally needed a boost- but this product is like none other I have ever tried. My gym workouts are 100% better as my bedroom activities are also. Everybody's happy. Please ship me another pound!!!!"  -Mark Steiner

"Have been on Red Maca Root powder for about 3 weeks now and have noticed a huge boost in my energy and libido. Overall well being feeling. I put 3 teaspoons in mine and my husband's smoothies every morning. I will definitely continue with this product and recommend it to all my friends and family. Great product." - Cindy

"I mix the maca with almond vanilla no sweetner milk, sometimes with blueberries and coconut oil; it gives me alot of energy especially in the morning and i'm 47. My wife likes it with chocolate milk and it gives her energy and gets her in the mood. It really tastes good with the chocolate milk if you don't mind the sugar." - Scott

"I bought a couple pounds of black maca beginning April 2017 and Based on the weight ratio for my 255lbs I have been consuming 6 tsp's. per day..WOW what a difference already of whatlbs makes. I'm 67 years old and when I turned 67 everything just decided not to work.I couldn't get and erection or stay hard. My erection would faded away in about 1-2 minutes. But I can truly say that after almost four weeks I have know doubt that Black Maca has changed my mental and physical state of mind. I wake up sometime with an erection in the middle of the night like twenty. The I laugh to myself and thank you Lord Jesus for directing to Team Maca's site. I will be ordering a few more pounds very shortly. I want to make sure that I don.t run out. OH by the way before my insurance changed I was a Viagra man..Black Maca has Viagra beat hands downs. Especially in cost their is no comparison." -N.A.

"Hubby, once again, waking with morning wood. Energized and frisky. Noticed a difference, after only a week. Taking it for fertility, and vitality. Hubby 230 lbs, 4 tablets upon waking." - Anni K.

"We began w/the raw Red, taking 1/2 tsp, husband 1tsp, day for we doubled it as we had no gastric trouble. At day 8, I went to 1.5 tsp, husband 1 TBL. I went to 2 tsp about day 10. We noticed a Difference. I am not having as many hot flashes or night sweats and the few I have are not as bad. My husband's ED has improved and we are hoping that he have a better report from the doctor on the BPH next month. We have been taking the raw red maca for 1 month now. We decided after 3 weeks too take 1 day a week off. I did notice a bit of bowel trouble the 2 days I was on 2.5 tsp so I cut back to 2 tsp and all is well. Also I weigh 130lbs. My husband weighs 230 lbs and after a month is going to 4 tsp and will stay there for the next month if there is not a problem. We are going to switch 1 tsp of gelatinized for raw just to use it as we bought both. I know that all will not have results in this short of time but we did. Who knows...maybe the hot flashes will totally go away but I am pleased with only having 0-2 a day instead of 6-10. We are both pleased." - Lynn

"My daily Maca gives me an inner balance and feeling of being well nourished with more energy and beautifully rooted in the Andes of Peru. Is where anything more powerful than that?   I appreciate that very much. I am 51 and my libido is stronger than ever and I love to give my contribution to this wonderful family-run company. For me they are sending out to the world products 'of Love'...I am happy that I have found them." - Corinna Lehming

"This helps me in the bedroom when I need it, and it gives me energy thru out the day."  -- Robert B.

"My husband and I add this to our Bulletproof coffee every morning. It definitely keeps our energy up and as for its reputed libido-firing effects? Seems true to us." - Marci

"I can tell a great difference in my uh libido since taking this product. I uh am 65 years young and taken pretty goof care of myself with eating healthy and taking good care of my skin. But uh Yeah . . . I've notice a HUGE difference☺️" - T.C.

 "Balancing my wife's hormones, stopping all hot flashes from menopause, increasing libido for both of us and hoping for long term results with prostate." S. Muse

"I started with 3 tsps of this powder (because I was already taking a lesser quality one), and I had to cut back to 2 tsps daily because your product is so good. This maca powder gives me energy and brought my libido back! This is an amazing quality product and I will continue to purchase my Red Maca only from you! It has a great sweet taste and I find that I crave it! Thank you!!!" --Stormi

"I am a spiritual healer in private practice and am trying Maca on myself before I recommend it to others. I can tell you that I felt the effects of the Maca on my second dose. They were pretty mindblowing at first. My sexual energy went through the roof. I could feel amazing movement in my nervous system and could physically feel different parts of my brain opening up. It seemed to accentuate whatever was going on in my body at the time. As I am finishing the first bottle, the effects have stabalized more. Now, I have a strong, healthy sexual desire and a general sense of well-being as well as a feeling of being more awake and clear most of the time." Margot, France

"Taking your raw Maca Root Powder within 3 weeks, I was bouncing off the walls with energy, my sex drive was insatiable, and my hormones were totally balanced better than they had been in years, also, all the hair loss I was experiencing came to a complete stop. It was amazing!"  - Nicole, California

"I have taken about 2 pounds, now , wow !!! I have experience more energy, a very calm felling, of all the supplements I tried this has made the most difference , and in the bedroom wow , men you need to try it !!! I use the black it took a will to make a difference but when it did wow."  --Alan Nunnenkamp

"I don't know if it was the black maca or the supportive new girlfriend or both, but after a long period of less than scintillating (well, useless, really) bedroom performances I've been revived!  I also feel strong in the lap pool.  Before trying this maca by itself, I had experimented with some of the "miracle" performance enhancers, of which maca was one ingredient -- none of which did anything for me but make my stomach upset. I would not recommend yohimbe. I have had no negative side effects whatsoever and now have a lot of faith in this organic black maca. I couldn't ask for better results. I'm not sure it would work without the supportive partner, too, as I'm convinced a lot of my problem was psychological.  So in an ideal world you want both. But on the supplement side, I don't need anything more." - Peter S.

"It is awesome service. Second time purchase. Delivery is very quick second time around. Will keep buying. Black Maca Root Organic powder works great. For us guys it helps with libido. Nicely put, it means more sp***m volume and helps with stamina and performance. I also eat healthy and exercise. It really works. Has a nutty flavor. Dissolves quickly with all drinks or liquids. Great product." - RJ

"This stuff sure does wonders for a slowed down libido! It wakes places you didn’t know you had."   - jean

"I have taking Maca for several years and I definitely feel this Raw-Premium Organic Maca is the best. I have more energy, increased libido and feel better in general. Like that this formula has all the Maca's combined in one capsule. Highly recommend." - Jason

"I bought this one so my husband & I could both take it. He is 20 years older than I am so he mostly takes it for stamina in the bedroom. It does work!! I take it for hormone issues since I am at the age of starting menopause. I add it to my smoothie in the morning and my husband just adds it to water at lunchtime." - Faith

"I have been taking the red maca vegan capsules for a month now. I take 3 in the morning and then 3 in the afternoon around 2pm. The biggest improvement I have noticed so far in such a short period of time is that my libido has returned. I will continue to take this supplement for that alone. My night sweats have stopped. I am still having hot flashes. But, not as many as before. Hopefully, given more time as my body adjusts to this supplement I will continue to see greater improvement with that." - Jules

"While it's too early to tell if my libido is improving I have been dreaming about naked men. I am looking at it as a good sign :) Thank you. Thank you." - J.K.

"I have been using maca powder for about 9 months. I began using it to help with libido & noticed a nice increase within about a week. My husband had been taking a testosterone booster (not a natural one) & didn't want to give the maca a try since he is skeptical of any kind of natural remedies. I finally convinced him to give it a try & he has been wildly impressed with the results. So have I ;-) He is 51 years old." - Michelle Brooks

"The Liquid Maca is so convenient. I'm always busy and out and about so to be able to take Maca this way is the best! I actually like the taste of the liquid extract too. I like to take it before and after my workouts. I've noticed an increase in energy and strength, and quicker recovery. Not to mention my sex drive has sky rocketed. And finally have a regular menstrual cycle. I'm a female but I actually prefer the black maca over the red."  - J.R.

"I re-ordered the Black Maca root organic powder 2lb quantity this time. My order arrived ahead of time. I mentioned that I would leave feedback on the product as well. The product does exactly as it is decscribed on many websites. I have been using it for a month now and have had some very impressive results It has definately increased my Libido and volume a great deal. This is not a sales pitch." - John Wawryniuk

'Hi... I specifically enlisted the aid of the Black Maca, because I wanted more energy in the gym, and more force at home in the bed with my wife! I definitely see the difference. I've had it for about 2 weeks, and when I do remember to take it, I am pleasantly pleased. Looking forward to it's long term effects!!!!! " - Ralph

"After using this Red Maca powder for a couple of weeks, I felt more energized and healthy. So much so that I ordered a Black Maca powder to use a couple of times per week (using the Red Maca powder the other days)- which I learned from reading the brochure that came with the powder- and I thought it was a great idea.  In addition to feeling great, I know the Red Maca helps with hormones, fertility, libido, etc. I do not need the fertility aspect, but could use some assistance in the libido department. I have noticed a slight difference with that (though not much because I'm just overly exhausted with everything going on in my life at this moment). But one thing I did notice was the additional "lubricant" that seemed to form. I don't normally have an issue with that area, but my husband and I did notice that there was more than usual. So that may be helpful to those who are wondering if Red Maca will help with that aspect. And a perk is that both the Red and Black Maca powder taste great! I currently use 2 tsp. of Red- which tastes somewhat mild and sweet; and 1 tsp. of the Black (will graduate to 2)- which has a little more taste. somewhat like a radish. I like it. I use both (though not together) in my morning "Green" drink. I really enjoy it."  -Suzanne

"Before trying cooked Maca over the raw I thought the cooked would not be as effective at increasing libido as the raw, boy was I wrong!!!. The cooked maca from the maca team is excellent! but after giving the cooked kind a try I can see It works just as effective without any stomach issues. And like they say in only about 5% have some minor discomfort with the raw maca. I love the Geltinized Maca a lot from the Maca team. Get some for yourself but also take less because its stronger." - Jason


"Hello to everyone and the maca team!!!! I'm very happy with the benefits I'm obtaining taking red maca!!! I've having hot flashes more than a year now, up to 5 episodes day and night !!! I was exhausted !!! I've taking macs for three weeks now. I take it first thing in the morning with coconut oil and cinnamon and as now I'm just having 1or2 episodes a day and I feel more energetic and with an overall wellness !!! Thanks a lot your product is so fresh and rich in flavor !!! I love it!! A very happy customer !!! "  - Marta Rosado

"I originally started taking Red Maca Capsules about 18 months ago to help relieve the symptoms of menopause one of which began affecting my life tremendously and that was very painful sex.  Within a month of taking two capsules twice a day, I was back to being 'me' again. This product has also helped with hot flushes throughout the day, although I still experience night sweats, something that always hits me within a minute of going to bed. Thinking about perhaps increasing my daily dose to try to fix this. Love this product though and could not do without it. Thanks Maca Team." - Julie

All I can say is WOW! I was struggling with menopause hot flashes and sleepless nights for months. I decided to give Maca Root a try and the hot flashes disappeared on day one! I’m sleeping better and wake up feeling more rested. I started taking 8 capsules/day, went down to 6 and today I tried 4. I’m so glad I found this all natural product to try. I feel human again :)" - Cheri Hewko

"I have reordered & found the RED MACA ROOT to be great in supporting the hormone. I’m 60 & had horrible issues with post menopause/ sleep issues. I found it helped my issues ~20-25%. Helped with less hot flashes too in the middle of the night. My husband even recognized it helping." - Denise McAllister

"I am going through early menopause, and I have to say that this has helped with my hot flashes tremendously. Now, with that being said, I had not had a period for two months, but when I started using this, my cycle started up again, and I had two cycles in that month. Coincidence? Possibly. The taste is okay. I mix it with a small cup of cold water in the mornings with no problem."  L.T.

"Amazing relief from perimenopausal hot flashes! I started with 2 Red Maca capsules and worked up to 8. I can't live without these!" - Felicia Jackson

"I had a stomach condition that caused severe nausea and resulted in my inability to work and precipitous weight loss. After multiple ER visits and doctor visits, a myriad of tests, and meds that didn't work, I was as bad as ever and at my wits end. The doctors told me they could find nothing wrong with me. Finally, through my own research, I connected the nausea to my other menopause symptoms . I found out that women who had extreme morning sickness in pregnancies as I had, can on rare occasions have the same reaction to hormone imbalances in menopause. I did not want to take hormones as I had witnessed my mom battle breast cancer and didn't want that risk. I found online that Maca helped balance hormones. Taking maca turned the tide. First it took away the hot flashes then in a matter of weeks resolved the nausea completely. I am so thankful to have discovered maca. What a blessing. I appreciate your informative e-mails, especially the studies y ou refer to that back up your information. I have shared this experience with my friends hoping it can help them if they have any hormone issues. Keep up the good work!" - E.T.

"These capsules have made such a huge difference in my menopause symptoms including night sweats, energy levels, and focus. If you have struggled to find relief - try these! Amazing price point for the benefits." - H.T.

"These are amazing. Hot flashes gone! Night sweats gone. You need to give them time to work their magic. Be patient. It took me about 3 weeks before I started feeling normal again. Menopause sucks!! These are a literal life saver. Sure, you can find other brands for cheaper. But don't do it. These organic, fresh, raw maca capsules are worth every penny!"  - Traci

"Great product! Regularly purchase to help with menopause symptoms." - Julie Williams

"Taking this root changed my life. I started experiencing menopause and my doctor suggested this as a first level of treatment. It’s been 3 yrs and whenever I take this root I have no issues. I tried other brands and it didn’t work. This may be pricey but I wouldn’t stop taking it because of how much it has changed my life and enhanced my quality of life." - Melissa Olivero

"This stuff is amazing. I am peri-menopause. I had taken flax seed for the night sweats but it seem to no longer help much. My menstrual cycle was crazy. I did some research on Maca and which one would be best for me. So I ordered the red maca and after 3 weeks WOW. No more night sweats and my menstrual cycle is back to normal, then fewer. I am not having any of the symptoms of menopause. No emotional outburst, no hot flashes and fewer menstrual cycles. The taste isn't great but I just add it to my smoothie every morning and it's drinkable. The benefits are worth it. I highly recommend this product to everyone. It has worked for me." K. Armstrong

"I am very happy with this product/ I was experiencing severe menopause symptoms and am happy to report that within only a few days of taking the maca my symptoms started to subside with no symptoms after only a week! I also have noticed increased energy levels which is great after having pretty bad fatigue. I feel great! I was also happy with how fast it arrived and I also like how it mixes well and tastes petty decent in a smoothie, I'm very impressed with it and plan to continue to use it daily! Thank You so much! " Rebecca Novak

"I have been taking Maca for a little over a month. Within days I noticed an increase in energy. However, the biggest win is my post-menopausal hot flashes diminished over the first few days of using Maca and now a month later they are nearly gone. I may have a very mild feeling of warmth (we are also well into Summer with temps in the high 80s) but is passes quickly. And best of all, I am SLEEPING through the night comfortably. No more kicking off the covers, getting cold and covering back up, getting hot and kicking them back off. This happened all night long!! No more! I can actually sleep with blankets. Nothing like being warm under the blankets in a nice cool room. Perfect sleeping. I am currently taking 5 capsules which seems to be the ideal dose for me at this time. The first few weeks my stomach was a little unsettled when taking the Raw Maca caps. I switched over to the gelatinized caps and had no issues. Now I combine the both with no issues. It may just take a little time to get adjusted. I wish I knew about this when I was getting my periods, I think it would have helped!! I love that is is considered a food and not a supplement. Hightly recommend and I have been telling everyone about it. I will continue to take this and hopefully see more beneficial results over the next month or so." -Nicole

"I’ve been taking Maca for hot flashes for awhile and was looking to try another brand and came across The Maca Team in a search. First of all I had no idea this stuff has a scent! I was blown away when I opened the jar! I couldn’t believe how fresh and earthy it smells- I’ve been taking 3 in the morning and there’s a noticeable difference in the amount that I get and the severity. I will definitely keep ordering this." - Debbie

"This product has helped with living my best life. My joint pain from menopause is manageable and I'm making gains." -Sara

"I use it for hot flashes during menopause and it makes all of the difference." - Lisa Scribner

"I just started menopause (at 48!) and had terrible hot flashes and drenching night sweats. After researching natural remedies I came across some info about maca, and decided I had to try it. I ordered Raw Red Maca and started taking it right away. It took a week or two before I realized I was having less hot flashes and fewer nights with night sweats. I continued taking the maca and the hot flashes and night sweats have almost completely subsided, and even then I think it's on days when I forgot to take my maca. In addition, I had stopped having a period, but that has returned with the maca. Thank you so much for making this product - it has saved me! I'm even giving it to my 17 year old daughter for her period cramps and such." Jennifer

"Without my daily Maca I’m a sweaty hot mess of stress.  With it I’m confident, happy and cool as a cucumber.  Don’t wanna go a day without my MACA!" - Marnie James

"I went thru menopause at 53. Now I am 68 and am having hot flashes like I never had before. I wake up drenched in the middle of the night. And usually have a couple lesser hot flashes in the early evening. I bought your Maca because it's from Peru, besides being organic, and it promised to even out hormones, which my doctor tried to do with birth control pills.
I bought the yellow maca because it was most affordable for me. It WORKS! After about three days, the hot flashes were stopping. I still got the evening ones, but not the body drenching night ones. Right away I bought two more bags. This is wonderful stuff. Thank you for making such a fine product. Now the evening ones have practically stopped as well. They have become hardly noticeable. I put it in a smoothie with frozen organic fruit and a bit of Almond Milk, and ice. Tasty. " - Patty

"I am very pleased with this product. It arrived quite quickly and the packaging is very sturdy and resealable so it should stay fresh. I have been taking 1 teaspoon twice a day for about three weeks. I admit it tastes like a strong turnip, but it contains many vitamins. The reason I am taking this is that I am in the last part of perimenopause, and have been experiencing severe hot flashes for about 5 months. When I started taking the Maca on around the 10th of February 2023, my hot flashes were happening once every thirty minutes to an hour and triggered by any kind of stressful thought at all. Any kind of embarrassment or exertion or even bending over to get something off of a shelf. Just a most miserable experience it has been as you can imagine. And not only that, but I can tell that a hot flash is starting, my head feels weird and my eyes water a little, then I know I have about 20 seconds to remove any extra layers of a jacket or anything I can and still be dressed decently. I have set up a powerful fan beside my bed as they happen every night the moment I drift off to sleep like clockwork I am awakened by a hot flash. I then am able to sleep but am wakened sometimes many times a night with my clothes miserably damp so that I have to change. I am glad that it is winter where I live because if I am home I step outside into the below-freezing temperatures, the windier the better, and cool down. I can't tell you how amazingly refreshing that is. And just for reference, I normally hate the cold weather. Anyhow, for a few days now, I haven't woken up with as damp of clothes so many times during the night. And the most exciting thing though, and I won't be completely certain until I see this continue into the near future, but since yesterday, when a hot flash comes on, it has been very, very mild and I don't even need to step outside, though I still do remove my extra layers if I have them on until the hot flash passes. Let's hope it is the Maca doing its job. Or I guess it could just be that the hot flashes would have stopped anyway, but, I couldn't say. I don't take anything else like HRT or anything and never have. So, I am glad for Maca being a thing and for the many people who have studied this amazing plant. I am very grateful for the Maca Team. Your company is a godsend! Thank you so so much, and please, keep selling Maca! You certainly have me as a customer!" -Amy

"This is my second review for the Gelatinized Red Maca Root Powder. I have been taking this product since August 2020 and can say that this product has helped with hot flashes, night sweats and irritability due to menopause. Note: I am not able to take any type of hormone replacement therapy. I started noticing some relief after being on this product in the first 3 weeks. Now, I may get an occasional "hot flash" or "night sweating" but the duration is minimal. The "irritability" and "moodiness" episodes have also been reduced significantly!  I will continue taking this food supplement." T. Crossley

"I’ve started going through menopause and this product has tremendously improved my hormones! I can not go a day without it! " - Sherry Fontenot

"I am 50 and taking the Red Maca extract helped a lot with my Hot Flashes and night sweet. I have a lot of energy in the daytime to accomplish my daily goals. Awesome Product!!!"  - Monica Francis

"I could not have made it thru menopause without this product!!! IT SAVED ME!!! Completely Essential in my life!!!! 2 capsules every morning is my dosage and it is perfect!!!!!' - Maggie Martinez

"I believe the hot flushes disappeared because of this product, they are gone!! I am not sure if its mental or what, but since I started taking this product, I don't experience hot flushes anymore!!! I don't have those sweaty uncomfortable nights anymore. I can sleep well and have no problems with insomnia. I can even take naps like a teenager :). I think it has to be with this red Maca intake and of course I do my part exercising since I have more energy as well. I really recommend this product. It is working for me!" - Janice Calderon

"This product is used for symptoms of menopause. I do not get hot flashes anymore. I do take this 6 out 7 seven days! I let my body reset once a week. Would highly recommend this to anyone experiencing hot flashes / mood swings etc. My dosage is by. Capsule- I take 9 capsules every morning X 6 days - then one day off." - Kathy

"I have been using the raw, red maca powder to control my menapausal hot flashes for a year and a half. It has been working wonderfully! It took a bit so if you try this be patient. For me it was around the 4th or 5th week of consistantly taking my daily dose when suddenly my hot flashes were gone .... and they had been no small thing. I started by over time, working up to 3 tablespoons spread out in two doses half in the morning and half at noon. I thought it best to give my body time to adjust to the maca. Three tablespoons may have been more than I needed. I don't know. But, I held it there for several months and then slowly crept down to what I am taking now which is two teaspoons a day. I take both teaspoons together anytime in the morning now that my hot flashes have leveled out. My hot flashes are now minimal. They don't happen often and if they do they are no big deal. My sleep is ever so much better!!!! I had been waking up with hot flashes 5 - 8 times a night in the beginning. Now most nights I have none. I can't say I like the taste of the maca but in cinnamon flavored apple sauce or in a smooth it's not bad. I have tried other suppliers but the quality or freshness must not have been as high as Maca Team because it didn't work as well. So, I have stuck with Maca Team. Also, I found that the gelatinized maca did not work as well for me as the raw red maca powder. Though, I have heard that is differect for different women." - Tamara Andersen

"I switched to Gelatinized Red Maca after raw Maca (from another distributor) made me nauseous and didn't seem to have any other effects. I started with the powder but I'm not fond of the taste, so I switched to the capsules, which are easier for me to take and to carry with me when I need to. The Red Maca itself has surprised me. The boost of energy I get pretty immediately after I take it is helpful, but the biggest impact has been that when I'm consistent about taking it, I don't seem to get as many hot flashes and the ones I do get are a lot milder than they were. It took a few weeks to ramp up - I started at a low dose (1/2 tsp or 2 capsules) and have been gradually increasing, following suggestions from the folks at The Maca Team. I have only been taking Red Maca for about 2 months and not always consistently - I'm trying to get better about that and looking forward to seeing where it gets me!" - Ariane

 "I love this product! I have suffered with severe symptoms of menopause for several years, tried expensive pills, herbs, eyc. The red raw Maca settled my hot flashes down to almost nothing, my cravings for carbs and sweets have subsided, I sleep better and have lost weight. Thanks Maca Team" - Mary C. Vest

"This stuff is amazing. I am peri-menopause. I had taken flax seed for the night sweats but it seem to no longer help much. My menstrual cycle was crazy. I did some research on Maca and which one would be best for me. So I ordered the red maca and after 3 weeks WOW. No more night sweats and my menstrual cycle is back to normal, then fewer. I am not having any of the symptoms of menopause. No emotional outburst, no hot flashes and fewer menstrual cycles. The taste isn't great but I just add it to my smoothie every morning and it's drinkable. The benefits are worth it. I highly recommend this product to everyone. It has worked for me." -K. Patterson

"I developed severe menopause symptoms aboutvthree years ago. I tried other products, including more expensive remedies. None of them worked. I read an email about adding NACA to a smoothie for weightloss. I bought red NACA and have been using it since! No morechot flashes, sleeplessness, night sweats, or other troublesome symptoms. I like that it is natural and hormone free. Works wonderfully. Thanks Maca Team!" -Mary C. Vest

"I am very happy with this product/ I was experiencing severe menopause symptoms and am happy to report that within only a few days of taking the maca my symptoms started to subside with no symptoms after only a week! I also have noticed increased energy levels which is great after having pretty bad fatigue. I feel great! I was also happy with how fast it arrived and I also like how it mixes well ans tastes petty decent in a smoothie, I'm very impressed with it and plan to continue to use it daily! thankyou so muc" - Rebecca Novak

"I am a 53 year old woman and have been transitioning into menopause. I had been getting frequent hot flashes that would wake me at night .... over and over. Ugh! For health reasons I wanted something that was not an estrogen or a phytoestrogen so I chose maca. I did try other brands but they didn't work nearly as well. Not sure why, but there it is anyways. I used it consistently and in 4 to 5 weeks my hot flashes stopped. I switched to another brand and they came back again so I switched back to the maca team brand. It took about 4 weeks of consistent use but here I am again hot flash free. About 2 or 3 weeks after I stopped getting hot flashes I experienced some breast tenderness so I scaled back the amount I was taking. That seems to have done the trick. I started with more than was recommended ... about 3 tablespoons in a smoothy daily. I have scaled back to 2 tablespoons daily. I plan on reducing ... very gradually and slowly ...my daily intake again just to see how much I really need to be taking to keep my hot flashes away. Being able to sleep is such a relief!!!" -Tamara

"I forgot to thank you and your team for the wonderful product you make. The red maca has helped me tremendously, with pre-menopausal discomfort (hormonal balance and mood-changes), also enhances my levels of energy and mental alertness. I didn't realise how much it was helping until I ran  out of it.  PS Yes, you can use this testimony, but do so anonymously, use country and profession but not my name." - L.M. Puerto Rico

"Absolutely Fantastic after months of suffering from hot flushes and night flushes finally free and sleeping right through till morning.Balance my hormones.No more mood swings.More spring in my step.Energy levels like I was 21 again .5 Star product just wished I had tried this earlier ." Julie Glassbrok

"It gives me so much energy! I can definitely tell the difference in my energy level on days I don't take it. I started having night sweats but taking my Maca, I do not experience them anymore. I truly believe that Maca is helping me escape the unplesantries of menopause. I am 55 years old." - Terri L.

"I have been using for a few weeks and I felt more energized in only a few days. I am sleeping much better as well. I no longer have menopausal symptoms, including irritability, insomnia, and hot flashes. I like the fact that it is raw and organic as well." - Claudia

"I have been using red raw capsules for months now due to menopause symptoms such as hot flashes. My hot flashes are gone! I no longer crave sugar so I have lost weight. I feel better overall. I highly recommend this product." - Mary West

"When I ordered the Red Maca powder, I was having 5 to 20 hot flashes a day. I prayed that God would lead me to a natural solution for this problem. I'm 51 years old now, and starting menopause. I was thrilled when my maca order arrived! I add 1 1/2 teaspoon of the maca powder to my breakfast smoothie. Later in the day, I add 1 1/2 teaspoon of the maca powder to a glass of chocolate almond milk, along with a frozen banana in the vitamix blender. It's been the answer to my prayers! Almost all the hot flashes have ceased. I am so grateful for the red maca powder. It is wonderful that I'm sleeping through the night, without waking up with hot flashes. And those awful hot flashes during the day are practically gone as well. Thank you, Maca Team, for this wonderful product."  -- Nicky V.

"I have been using the powder since June and I am still having hot flashed every couple hours. I am using 3 teaspoons a day and taking one day off per week. Should I increase the amount of powder? I am grateful to be off the HRT pills but the hot flashed are getting a bit too much." - Nancy

"I have been taking The Maca Team's gelantinized red maca for 4 months and I LOVE it. My hot flashes are less and my joints feel better. I like it so much that I share it with anyone who is willing to try. Great Product!" - Lori

"3 tsp Red maca with 1/2 tsp black cohosh has done the trick. My hotflashes are nearly gone. When I do get one, its not nearly as bad." - Christine

I've been using the Red Maca for a little over 2 months. I've experienced a HUGE decrease in the intensity and frequency of my hot flashes. Another GREAT benefit is the sustained energy that it provides throughout a 12 hour work day..... LOVE IT !!!" - Wendy

"I started using the red maca for hot flashes at night and to increase my libido. After one day, I was sleeping through the night, no more nighttime power surges! I started with one and a half teaspoons a day and am gradually increasing it now that I know it agrees with my stomach. Am still waiting to see if my libido will increase, will keep experimenting with the dosage and giving it time to 'do its thing'. It's been less than a month. I also notice that I no longer have an energy crisis in the afternoon, definitely made a difference in that area." - Kate R.

"hello...................I just got your reply on my review of your maca. I wanted to elaborate on this one. These things you cannot always broadcast to the world but I wanted to share it with you....I stopped my periods at age 62 right on my birthday. Well, I was taking maca for about 6 months at the time. I had been waiting for all these terrible horror stories of hot flashes and mood swings  to swoop down upon me ...ever since. Well....the one thing I have enjoyed is...a great sex life even though I had passed 65. And the other day as I was  shopping in walmart I visited the ladies room after running around for a few hours...and to my surprise...there on the tissue was blood spotting....I was in such shock...that I was on a real natural high walking around....lol I was 65 and still not in menopause.....but rather had a one day period......which tells me as my GYN said about 10 years ago...." as long as you even have a drop of blood.....you are not in  menopause as yet" so...wonderful....and I attribute it to the taking of maca on a reg basis. since I have taken maca....I feel strong....alert, I swear by maca and will always take it....when I was young I always thought that old people...50 and older to  e......didn't have sex anymore....well..with maca,....it keeps on plugging..." Jean Selman

"I am a 54 year old that recently started having hot flashes and do not want to use hormones. Prefer something that is natural vs hormone replacement therapies. After taking for a couple days my hot flashes - day and night - are gone. Plus I have more energy and my libido has increased. Due to better sleep I'm much happier. I take a couple teaspoons of the Red Maca with room temp tea on an empty stomach every day now. Have recommended to friends that are suffering of these flashes. Give it a try." - Liz

"I have been taking this for about 6 weeks. Stopped after 4 to try a natural estrogen pill from the health food store. Bad move. The Maca powder worked much better, so I re-ordered. I mix the powder with Almond milk and it tastes pretty good. Still have a few hot flashes, but greatly reduced." --Angela

"I have severe hot flashes and I can't take hormones. I've tried every kind of natural help that I could find with no results. With the Red Maca capsules, I'm now on my third week and my hot flashes are reduced in both intensity and duration. I will try the powder next." - N/A

"I have been using Red Raw Maca for about 1 year and I have seen a big difference in my menopause symptoms. While at first it stopped my hot flashes, which was the reason I started in the first place, they did return but only a few a day as opposed to 20+ a day. My moods are more balanced, my facial skin is still supple, I have more energy than people 30 years my junior." - Lisa

"I began using this product several months ago to manage menopause symptoms. I noticed an improvement within one week, and a signficant change within a month, but I never liked the taste. I started off mixing it with apple juice but I still didn't like it. One day my son drank my last bottle of juice, so out of desperation (I could've choked that kid of mine), I threw some in the blender with a half of lemon and some spring water. Not too bad, but I got tired of taking it due to the taste. After two months of not using maca, the symptoms came back with a vengeance! I immediately re-ordered and started mixing the powder with freshly squeezed citrus juice, which made it much more palatable. The symptoms have decreased tremendously! Maca is now one of my daily staples. Ladies, try this product! It helps with the menopause symptoms we talk about - AND THOSE WE DON'T...!!  - Saundra Holmes

"I started to have some serious post menopause problems. I tried all the home remedies but the itching, burning and pain continued. Vaginal dryness was the problem and nothing was working until I tried the Red Maca. I noticed after two days of taking the Red Maca that the itching and burning was not as bad as before. After approximately a week of use, once per day; all pain burning and itching had stopped. This is an amazing product and it works. I personally would recommend the Red Maca to any women that maybe suffering with vaginal dryness. Thank you Maca Team" -JoAnn

"I was introduced to Maca powder in November by a family member and it has been doing wonders for my hot flashes & night sweats. Only problem is that it would upset my stomach, so I decided to buy Gelatinized Red Maca capsules. I started taking only 4 per day and find I still have an upset stomach so I'm planing to lower the dose to only two capsules. The hot flashes and night sweats have decreased immensely!!!! Thank you Maca Team for this great natural solution! Blessings from a very happy customer :)" -Eneida

"This product is awesome! After taking 10 caps every morning for four weeks, my severe hot flashes and night sweats started to wane significantly. I also started noticing my energy level was rising and consistent and I didn't need caffeine to start my day. HUGE improvement in my quality of life. This product is the real deal and this company is top notch. Thank you for helping make the world a better place!" - Sally

"I got these for my wife of 30+ years. she was going through Horrific crippling hot flashes.Indescribable mood swings, half of the time i didn't know whom she was..or was going to be!  She had been taken everything that came along to try to ease the pain.  Nothing was working...just making things worse. So I got online a did some looking around when i came across this product..so I ordered a jar. I had her start with 2 capsules..with in 20 mins they started to work!!! her hot flashes had dropped off to a tolerable level for the first time in years.  Then she slept all night.. which was a first..all in the first 24hours!!  By the end of the first week most of her symptoms had reversed she only had a little gas and that was temporary.  It's worked so well she gave some to the ladies she works with...with the same rapid results..this stuff has made me a hero..in my house as well as many others around town.. it really does work wonders.."  - Jack

 "Your products is awesome and it works wonders for me. Every time a see a lady whip out a paper fan or nicely decorated folding fan, I am glad to share info on your products. It's never a nice thing to have your very own "personal summer". I'm thinking about making up some business cards with the link to your website to give it out next time I see someone waving a paper fan!" - F.R.

"It took me a while to write a review because I wanted to be on the product long enough so that I can make a honest review. Well it's been 3 months.  For me the product has helped a great deal with menapause. I had tried many things and to everything I have tried I had adverse reaction. With maca both with powder and pull form I have noticed not feeling as drained and have more energy. You have to give the product time. I experimented and stopped taking it for one day and noticed how I immediately felt drained. Bye the way I buy both powder and pill form for the convenience of when o travel or don't want to make a shake. I hope this helps. By the way I dint like writing reviews but I realized they are necessary especially when honest and it will help someone."  - Jacqueline

"This is a truly wonderful product. It has helped me tremendously with my menopausal symptoms. U don't feel the difference immediately. U need to take as directed everyday and for me after about 3 weeks I started to c an improvement. I have been taking this for 4 months now, I prefer the raw, versus this one, but I really believe in this product and I am feeling a lot of relief! Give it a try" - Doris

"I am 55 and started having frequent, intense hot flashes more than a year ago, suffering the sleep disturbances and reduced quality of life that go along with them. For almost a year I took low-dose birth control pills for relief, but when the prescription ran out I decided to find a non-pharmaceutical solution. About a month ago, I decided to give The Maca Team's red maca a try after experimenting with many other natural remedies (apple cider vinegar, black cohosh, fish oil, progesterone cream, various vitamins and minerals ...) with limited success. At this point I feel ready to say that this is that rare product that actually helps significantly." - Nancy

"I have been on hormones but was finding an increase in hot flashes usually right before bedtime and then when waking up. Since using this product, all hot flashes have disappeared. As I continue with this, I intend to stop using my hormones when I run out of them and see how everything works. I am sleeping much better also. So I have been recommending this to many other ladies because of the results I am seeing. I will follow up when I reduce my hormones to see how this is working. Don't hesitate to buy this." - Lorainne V.

"I've been using this product for just under 1 month and noticed significant reduction in my hot-flashes just in the first week. I was having them throughout the day & night. I'm happy to say they have all but subsided!  Not only did this product solve my problem, but I'm happy knowing I am also gaining from the nutrients of the Red Maca.  I will continue to order this amazing natural product from a reliable source.  Thank You Maca Team!!!" - N/A

"There are a lot of Maca, products on the market, but this one really worked for me, a 58 year old menopausal woman. My hot flashes went away after 12 days, my memory is better and I have a lot less anxiety and depression. I am continuing to take the Red Maca.Root Extract as directed and every day life seems a little better." - Suzan Baltozer

"I have just started my maca premium tablets I take four to six per day and I have found that my energy is much better and my sweats for my menopause have helped so good so far. "  Margaret Carey

"I have been using the red raw maca since spring now and love it! The taste is great and I mix it in my coffee each morning. Since starting to take it, most of my menopausal symptoms are gone and I'm not tired in the morning any more. My husband is a truck driver and takes the black raw maca and loves that one. He said it gives him energy for driving different hours all the time and he feels it has also helped his libido. Thanks maca team!" --Debbie

"I had been trying plant based solutions for my horrible hot flash sweats and sleeplessness but they continued to worsen to the point where I would have over 40 per 24 hour period! I was miserable! Finally I stumbled upon a product with some maca root in it which got me to researching maca as a solution...and finally led me to the Maca Team web page. I did two things: I completely eliminated ALL SOY from my diet, and began taking the red gelatinized Maca powder in my oatmeal in the morning. After 10 days all my night sweats and sleeplessness, cotton mouth, hot flashes during the day completely disappeared! Nothing short of amazing! Other changes I notice include increased energy level, clearer thinking and the softest silkiest skin I have had in years. Maca has really made the difference for me!" - LDH

"I'm 48 and began pre-menopause a year ago. I didn't want to go on hormone pills to control all of the insanity that comes with that. After reading about Maca I gave it a try and it worked. I have been using the powder daily in my protein shakes and it keeps the night sweats to a minimum, my cycle is back on track and my mood swings are under control. I did run out for 2 weeks once and by the 14 day I could feel myself unraveling, I will never run out again." - N/A

"I have been taking this MACA Liquid now for 3 months and what a difference!! My hot flashes stopped since the first day I took it! My energy is noticeably up ( my coworkers noticed too-lol)! My thyroid must be in better balance because I have been losing my hair at the hairline for the past couple years and now it is all growing back in! I will NEVER be without it !" -Helen

"Still having Hot Flashes at 65. The Raw Red Maca really helps." --Linda Getsch

"I have struggled with menopause symptoms for a few years. I've been trying to control them without using my bio-identical hormone creams and the Red Maca Root Powder has been a huge help with this. I've stopped using my creams since using the Red Maca for a few months and haven't had many problems. It helps control my hot flashes and night sweats. So happy to be off my prescription!" - Wendy

"I starting using the red maca powder mainly for hot flashes. My hot flashes have decreased and each day gets better. Great stuff!" - Cheryl

"It took a couple of weeks, but haven't had a hot flash since. They were really interfering with my daily life, so glad I found this product." -Nicole

"I am pre menopausal and had various female issues starting. Because of this supplement I'm almost completely symptom free after only 2 months. Thanks for your product!"  Jennifer Holmes

"I have tried everything from bio-identical hormones to diet and anti-depressant meds, and all things between. My health has gradually worsened over the last decade. My symptoms were dreadful and a real concern. I was diagnosed with clinical depression over 7 years ago, though I always knew that this was a bi-product of hormonal imbalance due to my age and stage of life. My cycle had become so unpredictable with heavy bleeding, at times making it impossible to leave the house. Life is demanding and I knew this couldn't continue. The stress was enormous, I am a wife and a mother with a life that needs me to be present. Several months ago I made a well thought out decision to come away from medication, I did so under medical supervision and fairly slowly. Once I had managed this difficult transition and following much research into Maca and it's benefits, I purchased the Raw Organic Red capsules and began on a dose of 4 daily. As I got closer to the end of a cycle I took the dose up by 2 capsules to 6. I began to notice a change early, day four, in my energy levels. Also, my moods were remarkably stable, free of meds, for the first time in years, a true shock in all the good ways. I was waiting for the meltdown but it's yet to happen! I have suffered from genital psoriasis and vaginal atrophy for months, as an added bonus, which was making life very unpleasant. I noticed, after the first week or so on Maca, that the persistent itching was diminishing and the area was looking less raw, this is continuing to improve daily, such a huge relief. My skin began to calm, others noticed I was looking rested and that my eyes were brighter. My hair, which was dry and unmanageable began to feel softer and I was using less product to control the frizz factor. I was also concerned about worsening heart palpitations which have now gone completely. My sleep patterns are returning to normal and I feel that I'm now actually resting as I sleep. I have had several headaches, nothing too severe, which I expected as my hormones levels began to regulate and adjust. My first period was normal, back to five days, regular, normal bleeding and no PMS or discomfort! My libido was almost non-existent and this too has been improving slowly, remembering it has been a little over ONE month on the Maca. Life is steadily getting back on track and my only regret is not jumping on the Maca train years earlier. I hope that women everywhere will have the good sense to go this route before conventional medications and unnatural alternatives. Truly, I was so disheartened and overwhelmed by my symptoms, almost ready to just give in and suffer through in the hope I would survive the ordeal. My mother had suffered similarly at this age and she lost her life to breast cancer as a result. I am so sad that I was too young to help her, (she died at 53 when I was 20), but it is not too late for those of us who are still breathing to help ourselves. And who would have believed that it could be so simple, certainly not me, not the way I was feeling. Testimony that nature provides if we take the time to be in control of our own health. I would like to sincerely express my gratitude to you, for the first time in many years I feel I have a real chance at a full life. You will always have my loyalty and my support and I am spreading the good word as we speak. Still early days but so far, truly amazing!! I can now look forward, with a positive perspective, to the day ahead . Yeah for me!" - EM

"Had a friend recommend maca for menopausal issues and now that I have used it I wouldn't live without it! This particular brand and type keeps all my symptoms at bay. As an added bonus I just feel better and more energetic. Love it!" -Susan

"I suffered the hot flames of hell for a year. After trying everything else, I found maca root. I am sleeping through the night again! I tried 2 other brands before I found organic Red Maca. Your product is fresh as they were not. Thank you so much. I am going to be a steady customer" - Nanette

 "I am very pleased with the red maca capsules. I have tried a few different brands and this is the best. So happy my friend referred me as I feel more alert and energetic. I use the powder form for smoothies and when I am in a hurry, I take the capsules. I am happy to use a natural product for my menopause symptoms. I would highly recommend to others." - Jackie

"I am 78 years old and have been getting hot flashes again. Your Black Maca Root Powder has reduced them. Pills my doctor gave me made me depressed and did NOTHING for the hot flashes. I thank you for this product." Jane

"This Red Maca Extract is by far is the best product I have tried to help with menopause symptoms. Reduced hot flashes. Hardly any more night sweats. This is the best I have felt in a LONG time. I am so glad I tried this! I am a firm believer in this product and I will use it for the rest of my life. My son who is 5 also takes this and loves the taste!" - Jeanie

"My mum suffered greatly in her transition into menopause. Hot flashes, edema, bloating, memory fog, the dreaded meno-tummy...you name it she's had it. She's tried everything from soya to green tea, cucumbers and specific food restrictions but nothing has ever worked and she's quite given up hope. And as she's gone through years of this torment with nothing having worked for her, she became quite reluctant to bother with trying anything else. HRT is out of the question for her. Her thoughts: Menopause is a natural event so relieving its symptoms should come from a natural source or not at all.   One day when I chanced upon an article about the miracle of Maca Root Powder and the hope it carried for elevating menopausal related issues I told her about. Now after years of trying just about everything, she's quite skeptical of anything being but another marketing gimmick. But after she read up on the root, she was open to trying albeit a bit reserved due to the cost. We're from Malaysia so this root isn't as readily available. And I specifically wanted the one from The Maca Team because it seemed the most reliable brand. I found one store that sold it but it was for a hefty price. Basically I paid what's the price of a 1kg bag here for an 8oz pack. Mum was excited to try but again reserved in her expectations. She didn't notice anything but we did, her menopausal tummy was slowly but surely going down. It took about a month before you could see results but I always thought even if that never happened, I was happy knowing this root was helping her fight against osteoporosis. Although I probably should mention it was black maca we had bought so perhaps explains the slower effect?  Anyway before her supply ran out, I was delighted to find I could order directly from The Maca Team, that they would ship it over to me and the price was significantly more reasonable than that pirate of a health store.  I placed an order for a bag of red (for mum) and a bag of black (for dad).  All in all it's a lovely product and I will most certainly continue to purchase it from The Maca Team. Thank you Maca Team" - Angelina

"I am simply amazed by the Maca Red, finally the hot flashes are gone and I am sleeping through the night. I did have to get use to the taste but it only took a couple days for me to adjust to the taste. This my second order and I have been telling friends and family about your great company." - JoAnn Russel

"I love this product! It helped with my hot flashes,that's the main reason for purchasing. And the energy I get in the morning is fantastic! I no longer feel tire in the morning. The red maca taste good and I add it into my morning cup of coffee. The hot flashes are almost gone! Thanks the Maca Team!" - Jill Dalton

"Menopause has been a tough time for me, for more than a decade. Starting with pre-menopausal symptoms, then peri-menopause, and now post menopause, the road has not been easy. I suffered through for several years, (finally succumbing to hormone replacement therapy before i knew about Maca), having very poor sleep and lots of anxiety, due to the very frequent hot flashes.  Then, about 4 years ago I discovered Maca, and have been mostly symptom free. This raw Red Maca tastes great (I add it to my morning smoothie), and does not cause stomach upset.  Thank you for sourcing such a great product." - Virginia

"I am writing to tell you what a difference Maca has made in my life! I am 52 and in menopause. I began having interrupted sleep every night, every time I would roll over, with hot sweats. I was tired all the time! Within a couple weeks of taking your product, I began noticing relief. I am now sleeping peacefully every night without any night sweats. Thank you for advertising on Google, or I would never have found out about your product. I plan on teaching my doctor about this wonderful herb!" – Gwendolyn M. Petoskey, MI


"I am a middle age perimenopausal woman. The Maca has made a new woman of me. Honestly I could do a commercial for Maca. Its sad Doctors are shoving hormones down woman’s face when Maca is such a safe and wonderful alternative. I even have my young 21 yr old daughter on it for PMS symptoms. Her personality changes are so pronounced I can tell when she skips a week without asking. I have taken supplements for years and the Maca has blown me away." – Peg from Oakland

"I have been taking the product for two weeks now and I have noticed incredible changes with my hot flash. I take two teaspoons of the product and that's all I need for my body type. I will definitely tell my friends about the product." - Wendy O.

"I have taken the Red Raw Maca - 3 tablespoons per day - for at least 5 months now and I do Not have hot flashes while taking this product. I recently ran out of Maca powder because I didn't get an order placed in time. While waiting for the Maca to arrive, I began having hot flashes again. However, once the new package of Maca arrived and I began taking it, the hot flashes ceased! I am 46 years old and already gone through the change of life with hardly No symptoms at all thanks to prayer and the Lord Jesus answering! He can do the same for You just to prove to you He is real! I highly recommend the Red Maca Raw Powder to anyone who deals with hot flashes. It will turn your hot flashes into a cold creeper!" 

"I’d been suffering from pre-menopausal night-sweats for about six months. I’d tried all sorts of things before discovering Maca. Within about 3 weeks of starting Maca, the sweating disappeared. A couple of times when I went without for more than a few days at a time, I felt the night sweats creeping back. Then I ran out a few weeks ago and had to be without for about 4 weeks. By the 3rd week I was sweating every night like I had been 18 months ago. While I was waiting for my supply from you, I found out my mother still had a bit left that I’d given her. I grabbed it back and by the 3rd day of taking it the sweating had stopped again. I’m not going to let myself run out again." – Bonnie Clemens

"It’s early days yet but it looks like the MACA is assisting in quelling hot flashes, and this is a very very VERY good thing. Thanks for your help!"! – 

"Thanks for your response. I’m currently taking 3 heaping teaspoons of maca per day and this seems to be helping a lot. I’m having almost no night sweats anymore, and will probably take 4 tsps. when I get my order. Thanks also for your advice and info re liver cleansing and the Fresh Start Cleanse Retreat." – Pauline, Akron, OH

"I have been having a tough time with menopause. Bioidentical hormones helped alot however I was still having quite a few hot flashes. After about 3 weeks of taking this powder, 2-3 tsp a day I do believe the Hot Flashes are gone. I almost have to pinch myself, like I might be dreaming. I am so grateful. Also the funniest thing I frequently have been getting this hungry feeling in my stomach when I am not hungry and I think , now , why should I be feeling this way, I just ate. Then I have thought, I bet my body wants some Maca powder. And sure enuf, when I take the powder that feeling goes away and my body feels like it is rejoicing. And so am I to be feeling so much better so fast. Thanx so much for your product and for treating the farmers fairly. That is as much of a comfort to my soul as the Maca Powder is to my body. Sincerely," - Laurie Prince Chippewa Falls WI

"I started taking your Red Maca in September 2015 for night sweats. Within 3 days I notice a big difference. I was really surprised because all the literature I read said it could take weeks even a few months before you would see a difference. By the first week my night sweats and hot flashes were completely gone. I was having hot flashes throughout the day and night sweats all night that were keeping me awake. Needless to say I was not very pleasant to be around. My husband and I have our own business and are together 24-7 I was driving him crazy. We were both miserable, I am normally a very happy positive person so the change in my personality was hard to deal with for the both of us. I have been on Maca for 4 months with no signs of menopause no night sweats ,hot flashes, or mood swings. I have so much energy throughout the day and the best part is my sex drive it's off the chain lol! My husband and I are loving it. Thank you for your product." - C.A.

“Red maca is absolutely amazing. If you have perimenopause or menopause symptoms I highly recommend this product. It helped me get rid of my night sweats after about 12 days. I also noticed at 2-3 tsp. a day made my hair feel much healthier. ”  - CJ, Oregon

"I feel better since starting the Maca. I chose Red Maca due to having female aging issues. It is making me feel less out of balance with my hormones, that were out of whack. I am glad this company is one that can be trusted to bring a fine product. It was recommended to me by someone who had done their research. Thanks Maca Team!" - Lori 

"This product is great for hot flashes due to menopause. The only thing that helps." - Lisa Scribner

"I just turned 50 and I started pre menopause at the age of 42, thank goodness I am done. I have been experimenting with my maca I take it in a shake every morning for a week then stop. I noticed I feel tired and drained and can't do anything for a few days so I start taking meca again and boom I feel energised and great again. I have done this 3 times already and I feel energised, alert, clear headed plus I can sleep all night and I believe it helped my libido. Thank you very much and my husband thanks you  BTW he is not taking meca but he is benefitting from it."  -Georgina

"Whenever a person tells me about their menopausal symptoms, I tell them about Red Maca from THE MACA TEAM! This has helped me so much. I rarely have night sweats. I can't say it's taken 100% of my symptoms away, but I imagine 90-95%, when I hear what others are going through. And 100% natural!
I also believe in staying hydrated and eating a proper diet of real food!" - Mindy

"I started using the Red Maca a few weeks ago and I have been pleasantly surprise about how fast this product is balancing my hormones. Those night hot flashes are almost gone and I am sleeping so much better. I admit the smell and taste takes some getting use to, but other than this it is an amazing natural product. I will be ordering again soon. Thanks for a great product Maca Team." - JoAnn

"I really like this product. I drink it in my tea every morning. I am 65 and was still suffering from Hot Flashes until I started using your Red Maca. The Hot Flashes are gone, thanks to Red Maca Powder. Thank you so much!" - Linda Gesch

"I began having hot flashes in June 2015. Someone recommended Maca and after researching the various brands I decided on Maca Team Red Maca I started out with 2 for a week, then increased to 3 for a few days, then finally 4. My hot flashes and night sweats stopped by week 4! I am continuing to take 4 a day and still no hot lashes or night sweats after 2 months. I will continue to take." - Hallie H.

"This product changed my life. My hot flashes nearly do not exist. My energy level is up and I feel good. Thank you maca team for this great product"  - G.A.

"I just started menopause (at 48!) and had terrible hot flashes and drenching night sweats. After researching natural remedies I came across some info about maca, and decided I had to try it. I ordered Raw Red Maca and started taking it right away. It took a week or two before I realized I was having less hot flashes and fewer nights with night sweats. I continued taking the maca and the hot flashes and night sweats have almost completely subsided, and even then I think it's on days when I forgot to take my maca. In addition, I had stopped having a period, but that has returned with the maca. Thank you so much for making this product - it has saved me! I'm even giving it to my 17 year old daughter for her period cramps and such." - Jennifer

"I will forever be faithful to the Gelantanized Raw Red Maca! It saved me from 99% of my menopause symptoms. Three months after turning 50 my body went to crap. Crashing fatigue in the afternoon, my joints aching in my hands, could NOT sleep more than 2 hours at a time, hot flashes, night sweats, lack of concentration, mood swings of a pregnant woman, and acne of a teenager. At night when I couldn't sleep, I would research for something to give me relief because I was too scared to take hormones, and my insurance doesn't cover bio-identical treatment. I began reading about Maca and its benefits, and the ONE thing that was consistent in every report was to make sure you purchase from a reputable source. The ONLY one that came up in my search was The Maca Team. I made my first purchase of capsules in August 2015, and within 3 days of taking them, joints stopped hurting, hot flashes were down by over half, and my energy level was restored. Also, I had been on a blood pressure medicine for about 2 years, I no longer take it. My blood pressure has been normal for about 5 months now, I do take the occasional water pill, but not daily. My doctor said take as needed, he said my swelling is due to my menopause and will come and go. I want to thank everyone at The Maca Team for the fast shipping, ensuring I am never without my Maca, thank you for a quality product, and I am thrilled about the new rewards program!"  Anna Whitehead

"I’m so glad I found your company. After taking the raw red maca for a month, I’m feeling so much better! No more hot flashes, belly bloating, or constipation. The raw maca is very easy to add into some orange juice or milk, and even doesn’t taste bad in ust water. I’m definitely telling my friends and family about your products:)" - Karla Gailey

"Red Maca has been extremely helpful in balancing hormones. I am in perimenopause and my progesterone, testosterone and estrogen was lowered. After several months is using this product, my hair loss stopped, I lost weight with a healthy diet, and stabilized my moods." -Shae

"From the 1st day I took the red maca capsules my hot flashes are bearable when they do occur now." - Vida

"My hot flashes stopped after a week of using theses red maca root capsules!!" - Angela

"Very helpful in controlling menopause symptoms and increasing overall energy." -Laurie Kellog

"The first time I used it was a year ago , positive results..was going through hot flashes, fatigue. Then stopped it for some I don’t remember it went back to it in 2024 . Still have good results, gives you energy without jitters. Plus it supports my bones ( I have osteoporosis). Btw I also tried the tri color but gave me a bit of jitters..I guess my body is so sensitive to stronger extracts. Another thing which has nothing to do with the extract us that I love the language and the words they use on their website . You feel the care , kindness and sincerity of their work ..it’s so smart too ! Thank you so much ❤️ " - Nancy Daher

Mental Focus, Memory and Concentration

"This product really works, helps me deal with everyday tasks. I feel more focused, bright and better controlling situation." - Mariusz

"My daughter told me about Maca powder when I expressed my concern about not being as in control of my memory and thought processes. Since Alzheimer's disease runs in my family, I try to do whatever I can to remain as sharp as possible for as long as possible.  My daughter found the Maca Team's website and ordered a 1 lb. bag of the Black Gelatinized Maca. After taking it every day for a couple of weeks, I began to notice that I seldom was unable to call up a word I needed to complete a sentence and I just felt sharper. I've been using it ever since, and just ordered the larger 2.2 lb. bag. I know this will be a daily part of my diet for life. Plus, I love the taste of it: kind of a mild peanut butter taste. I recommend this to everyone who wants to take a preventative path toward a life long healthy brain, as well as, anyone who is already experiencing memory and thought problems." -Margaret Hughes

"My son has Cerebral Palsy and hates school with a passion. He gets very "nervous" and goes into sensory overload. Kindergarten was a nightmare from day 1. I decided yo try Maca to see if that would help this for first grade. He still doeant love school. Third week in though and I havent been calles to the school. No episodes so far. My fingers remain crossed. I think the Maca is helping him cope. - Laura Monroe

"The convenience of the extract is great. Its a premium value for a Non US resident due to low shipping costs. I have noticed mental clarity,quicker recovery time after exercise and a general  strenthening of my body.. My energy level seems more consistent throughout the day and I have sounder sleep.. My general sense of well being is better.I know over time more good changes will come.Thanks for a great product." -N/A

"I have so much more energy and clarity at work. I've seen a change in my attitude at work and that love of working with my students has returned. I'm looking forward to trying the other Maca powders as well." - LeeAnne

Mood And Emotional Health

"Hi, I started taking your red maca about 6 weeks ago and noticed a real difference right away, especially in my energy level and mood. I have been suffering from severe adrenal fatigue for almost 2 years so to have more energy and feel better so quickly was like a gift from heaven!" - Leah

"The taste is incredible! To me it tastes like earthy, creamy, vanilla-y goodness! I can also already see a difference in my apathetic performance, sex drive and overall mood. I can't say enough good things about this company and the products! I highly recommend this product!" - Lauren Sawyer

"I am SO beyond grateful for this stuff. I could cry from gratitude. It works so well and I'm only 3 weeks in. I feel happier, I get stressed less, and have way less depression. My libido has gone up and my hormones are doing better already. I used to get so sick and emotional days before my period and on it, and this round I cleaned the house and only cried once. I had energy. It's nuts how well this works. I can think clearer. I wish everyone had this product. It has saved my relationship too. Makes me easily appreciative. I don't feel like death 24/7 anymore. And can say I'm happy a lot more. I was getting suicidal by how off I was but this stuff really turned it around so quickly. I'm so grateful. I can't wait to see how much more things change in the next few months continually taking this stuff. I would give it ten stars if I could. I've been telling everyone about it because I believe we all have unbalanced hormones and need help. " - Thacia

"I have a feeling of overall well being.The red maca powder also helps to lift the winter blues." - Brenda

"Life changing. The best Maca I have ever tried and the best product overall to help me after ten years of hormonal / neurosteroids problems causing me insomnia and chronic neuropathies. Maca in general always helped me a little, but finding this brand saved my day, and nights: I have now perfect sleep and no more pain or muscle twitching, a blessing that gave me also directly and indirectly very stable mood and more energy daily and while training, where I was already taking some aid like creatine and working hard, nonetheless this Maca reduced my fatigue and gave me noticeably more strength. A serious blessing, in many ways. The company Is lovely and exceptionally competent and It shows on their products. I very rarely do reviews and I'd never want to sound like an advertising but The Maca Team is a marvellous found for me, I have now reduced to almost zero the dozens of natural aids that I was taking for my problems, now I'm going ony with vit D and Black Maca Premium every morning and It's working wonderfully. I also love the nutty flavor so I can mix it with everything gladly. So yeah, recommended!!! - S.T.

"I love it! I def have more energy, & my mood has improved ! I’ve already reordered the red maca capsules this time." - Stanneshia Barnett

"The premium raw black maca capsules have been amazing for me. The first thing I noticed on my first day of taking them was feeling a lot of pressure / tension easing from my head. Shortly after I realized the maca was keeping me in a better mood than I would normally be. I can honestly say I have been taking these for a few months now and I never once felt like I had reverted back to feeling like that. I also noticed a boost in energy and my libido after a few weeks. " Rashad Roberts

"I’ve been working overnight 12 hour shifts for the past three years. I’ve dealt with the usual lethargy and low mood, low energy because of this shift work. I’m about a month in to using black Maca capsules and I’ve noticed a more pronounced and steady energy on my nights at work and even have found exercising 3-5 times a week to be much more manageable. My mood and sense of general well-being has been on the rise as well. I’ve tried many supplements for the past year and black Maca gelatinized capsules have been the first that I’ve noticed a sustainable lift in my mood, energy, and libido. I will definitely be a repeat customer in the future." - Jesse B.

"I have dealt with hormonal imbalance for a long time, and after years of medical treatments and possible prognosis that no one understands, I decided to do my own research. I found this product and thought, "What can it hurt at this point." Within 4 days, I noticed a significant improvement in mood swings and fertility symptoms. I recommend this product to everyone." - Sydney

"I have had hormonal imbalance for years, causing me to be very overly emotional, have very extreme highs and lows - which were even misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder at one point. I had tried everything under the sun, including many types and brands of Maca root extract, powder and other adaptogens and naturopathic medicines etc.I've found that there are a lot of impurities and additives in many products, which just made my issues worse, and in some cases even caused allergic reactions.I have been taking the gelatinized Red Maca for 2.5 months now, with a 3 day break last week - and I just had to leave a review, because during the break I realized just how effective this product has been.Since about mid-February, 3 weeks into starting the regimen (which for me is 5 capsules in the morning) - i noticed my overall mood was improved, my skin was improved, my stress levels felt lower - and TMI* but my intimate life with my partner has improved, (due to lower stress levels? I've also read about the aphrodisiac properties of maca, and am a believer after the last 2 months)....
At 6 weeks, I realized I could count on one hand the times I had cried about something small - (I was crying every day for several years about various things from a cute dog, to old people in love ...to sad commercials.. I'm serious)Today, 2.5 months into starting the red maca regimen, I am committed to purchasing months worth of supply of this stuff, and trying the tricolor as well to really dial in my regimen, because it has CHANGED my life - after YEARS of searching for a natural solution to a hormone imbalance that has run my life for all this time.These products are the real deal, pure and so effective.Thank you Maca Team family for the love and care you put into these.Thank you so much."  -An Ecstatic Customer Hannah Samano

"The product is absolutely perfect, it’s a really versatile powder with many benefits and uses, can be consumed in itself or cooked with, both of which have tremendous health benefits, I’m still just exploring the full benefits that Maca has to offer, but I firmly believe that there is lot more than just what meets the eye, maximum benefits can be seen over a period of usage, I usually use about 2 teaspoons a day, mostly cook with it, it helps with various different problems, I had some nervous breakdown issues for which I think the Maca really helped me channel my inner peace and find my zen, funny as it sounds, it’s true. Love this product, Love the Maca team, Full support!" - Divyan Chris

"Both my husband and I have more energy..that is a good thing:) And my hormones are staying balanced so I am happy:)" - Wanda

"The Maca powder helped me tremendously! It supplied me with energy, I started exercising again! It also improved my mental clarity and "dark"mood! Worked so well, I had to decrease the amount I was taking. I'm glad I found it after doing research."  --F.B.

"I can't even tell you how much of a difference I feel when I take Maca powder. I feel so much happier, more emotionally balanced and stable (even during PMS) and way more energy and mental clarity! This is what has been missing in my life! I'm hooked... And will continue to buy it! It's AWESOME!" -Lydia

"I experienced an improvement of both my mood and my concentration after only few days of using the black maca. I was previously using red maca but the black one is more effective for me.My libido has also notably increased." - Andrea Rizzioli

"I take the red root & my fiancé takes the black. It helps us both with our mood & our mood" -T.L.

"Our order came quickly. My husband & I have been taking maca daily since July 23rd & we feel great! I am pregnant, 5'4" and 150#, and I take 1/2 pipette of either red or yellow maca first thing in the morning. It is sweeter tasting then I imagined. And it helps me get at the day! I feel more productive and upbeat. I feel comfortable taking maca since it is derived from a vegetable. I do not feel a difference between red or yellow, but they have a slightly different taste. My husband takes 1 pipette of black or premium maca twice a day. He says it tastes like chocolate. I haven't tried it myself. He seems more focused and seems more in tuned to what is being discussed/happening around him. His libido is also strengthening.  We recommend maca supplements to our friends and family." -Ashley

"I don’t even know where to start! I love Maca and the results it’s given me are noticeably different in my energy and mood. I felt it within the first week and I will never ever stop taking this amazing root powder! I’ve tried all of them, and for me personally, I get the best results from the original yellow Maca version.
The Maca Team and it’s website is the best. Great customer service and I’ve never had a problem. The quality is better and the prices are much lower than anything you can find in the stores. I’ll be a customer for life!!" - Judy

"I have recently discovered the greatness that is Maca. For a couple of months I took a generic maca supplement I got on amazon, there was notieable change but nothing to write home about. Enter The Maca Team. This stuff is incredible. I'm currently taking the Red Maca Liquid daily in my coffee and it's made HUGE improvements in my sex drive, mood, energy, and overall happiness and health. So much so that I've recommended it to my almost all of my friends, (20 so far have loved it just as much as me)! Red Maca makes me feel like everyday is my birthday, and this company does an absolutely incredible job of making it both easy to buy and the shipping is super fast. I couldn't be more thrilled!!!" - Kelsey Payumo

"After taking the product for a few days, my appetite gets better and I feel to have more energy to do my work and I feel happier than before." - Linda Lewis

"I have been using Red Maca from The Maca Team for about 6 months now. The results are incredible! It only took a week to feel some difference but within two weeks I felt a significant difference. My hot flashes are G-O-N-E when I eat this product daily. My mental clarity is significantly improved and my mood is sunnier & more positive. I was so impressed by this product I have shared it with my sister and my daughters.  My daughters began using it about three months ago. They were impressed by how much better they feel. They tell me that it relieves many of their menustral symptoms (gloominess, fatigue, cramps) and depression symptoms. One said to me that she can tell a difference immediately if she forgets to take it.  This product IS actually amazing, I have tried other Macas (my sister shared another brand that she was using with some limited results - but I used it and it didn't help at all) and this product has such a significant result for me that none of those compare! " - Jaime Wilhemn

"I've only been taking this product for three weeks but have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly I saw a mood change. After coming off of years of BC, my hormones have been uneven and this product seems to be helping out a great deal. Will be ordering more when my first bag of maca runs out. (I have no other maca experience to compare this brand/type with.)" - Jean

"I have been taking this product (Gelatinized Red Maca) for about one month now and already feel so much better. My mood swings are under control. I am happy to say I do not need to be taking birth control pills and pump my body with synthetic hormones anymore. It is a great feeling to be independent of all that and feel great."  Johanna

"I've been taking the product (Red Maca Capsules)for about a month and I feel amazing. I was feeling run down and very hormonal. My mood has improved so much and I don't feel tired anymore. I have had the best night sleep in the last month. I'm looking forward to using Maca as part of my daily life. Thank you for an amazing product." - Rozie

"I take maca for my mental health in combination with camu camu berry powder( extremely high in vitamin c).....together they help my hypothalamus work better...I lived my life in the fight or flight mode ....I went from violence to fear to violence to fear  over and over for 40 years....I read about mother taking their children off psych drugs using these two things instead of the drugs....it really works for me  ....I am 180 pounds I take one teaspoon in the morning.  I  have been doing this for almost 3 years and my life is "normal"....everyone says I am much "calmer" or "relaxed"....I am in control of myself now...."  - Leonard

"I really didn't know what to expect when I added this to one of my smoothies for the first time. It wasn't until later in the day that I noticed a revitalization or a bounce in my step that I had not noticed before. I also noticed being more calm and settled within myself. I liked this so well I tried it on my 79-year-old neighbor and she came to me wanting more of it! We both give this two thumbs up!!" - Vicki Smith

Muscle Building


"I have been taking maca for months now, and feel really good. I have felt like exercising and have noticed how muscular I am becoming. Just in time for the summer, beach here I come!" - Lori

"I love your Maca Black Raw Powder! I have been a bodybuilder for over 40 years and love the boost in my testosterone. I am 70 years old and feel like I'm 40 years younger. It has also improved my virility, in the bedroom, 150%.  I had to back off from the recommended three scoops, to one scoop, for my 200 lb. frame, because it was too much for me.
This product does everything it professes to do, on your website" - Chuck Dailey

"For years I have worked out and not really had any results. I have been taking this products for the last 2 weeks and I lost body fat and gain muscle mass. I have been able to go heavier on my weight training and have more endurance. My hot flashes have not gotten better put hopefully with time they will. I just switched to the liquid and I absolutely love it." - Violet

"Magical for strength and endurance always in my smoothies. Customer service is excellent. They stand by their product and keep their word. Customer for life! " Vanessa

"I've been using black maca for some time now and it definitely has given me an extra boost in my recovery after working out. I try not to use it after 5pm because it can give you that energy that makes it difficult to sleep at nights." Collad9

"I have been using this product for several months and noticed a considerable difference in my menopausal symptoms. Not only have my night sweats disappeared, I am not getting near as hot at night. I feel like I have more energy, and I am not as moody." Kimberly

"I've been on this product for a year now. I'm 44 years old. I'm a bodybuilder middleweight. I compete against 25 year olds. Guess what? I always place top 5 when competing. This product has given me more energy, growth & power at the gym. Health wise I feel better than most 25 year olds out there. I never recommend this product to my competitors because I don't want them to get that winning edge. This is the secrete to my bodybuilding performance."  - Frank

"Excellent product! I like the Black Maca more then the Yellow Maca for bodybuilding. Provides noticeable strength/endurance gains after continuous use. The 1lb package lasted me roughly 2 weeks with 1-2 shakes a day. I mixed approximately 1 tablespoon per protein shake but always wanted to mix more. Love this product! Waiting for my second order now, I will eventually subscribe!" Michael

"I drink a tablespoon of premium maca powder in a glass of water every morning before breakfast and it makes the difference!! I like the taste and it gives me a boost of energy to go along the whole day. I usually work out six times a week and maca powder really helps my muscles recovering fast and being ready for the next training!!  It has also helped with balancing my hormones and has increased my focus!! I absolutely love it!!" - Martina

"The Maca powder itself is very good quality and has definitely improved my female hormonal system. My period is much lighter and I don't really have any physical symptoms anymore with it. I was underweight and with a mixture of black and red powder was able to start putting on muscle within 3 days." - MN

"Have been using maca tricolor for several years with great results helps me recover from working out. When I saw maca blue was on sale decided to give it a try glad I did almost immediately could feel a boost in energy when I add to my tricolor after my workout, at 68 years young it does seem to make a noticeable impact on my recovery time! Highly recommend this company's product have always been shipped quickly arrive in excellent condition over the years I have used this company always been an excellent outcome." - Scott

"I just wanted to let THE MACA TEAM know that I love the Black Maca it makes me feel stronger when I am training both in the gym and in the combative arts, I seem to have more stamina a well. I have used many supplements over the years and am totally aware of the "placebo" effect so, I tend to purposely "ignore" a product when I try it! Alas, I couldn't do that with Maca! I am lovin this stuff and now you can blame yourself for having a new customer for life, thanks for making such a high quality AND results oriented product. Maca Team, I salute you!" - Kevin Jackson

"After about a month of using this product every day, starting at the lowest recommended dose, I have a noticeable difference in my muscle tone. I'm firmer in my butt, hips, arms, and stomach. I workout 6 times per week with 1 heavy session per week and I was in need of help to build muscle." - Liz

"After some research I purchased raw red, we had already been using Gelatinized Red Maca for six months.  After trying raw (with only good side effects no upset stomach), my wife takes it six days a week and man did it change her appearance. The woman all know about that little part that just sticks out on your thigh, SBs short for (saddle bags)and sometimes called worse and She had them. She has always exercised moderately for a mother of five and now them babies are adios, gone, nowhere to be found and I'm not talking about the kids either."  - Geoff, Kentucy

"You can tell that you have stamina all day long! Feel invigorated!!  Besides, I mix it with protein and it helps on my workouts!" - Peter

"Of all the Maca I've tried I prefer black Maca from The Maca Team. Makes me feel like Popeye!" - D.T.

"Listen I am going to be frank and truthful. I train at high levels and when it’s time to have a drink at a party to celebrate something or someone, I also can put an equal amount of effort out. I mention this for a reason. The product you are providing is showing “real” results and I am able to perform at levels in my 50’s that astound younger people and I have had wonderful recovery time and also show an increased libido naturally. I almost don’t want to write this review as I’m afraid that more demand will cause price hikes lol. The one caveat for those looking for a quick fix, this is a product that needs to build in your system and for those that would like to engage at higher levels of performance naturally. This is when the results will be best realized, meaning when you push your workouts etc. If you’re looking for a miracle cure in a pill that can harm your own bodies ability to produce necessary hormones etc then there are many out there for you. However, if you would like a holistic experience and are willing to put in the work and allow your body to synergize with this product, this is it." - James Huber

"I started taking a combination of red and black raw maca powder 3 weeks ago. I'm a 63 year old male. My original reason for trying it was to balance my hormones (I have hypothyroidism). The thing that was most striking was the boost of energy and endurance during workouts. It has been incredible, especially the endurance. I am easily able to push my weight training and cardio far further than ever before. I've increased my weights by 25% over 3 weeks time. I am so pleased with the quality of the maca products. Thank you for all that you do. I'm a loyal customer now." Steve John

"I love raw organic black maca powder, it has become part of my daily lifestyle. I take about 2 tbsp in the morning and then 2 more after my workout everyday. It gives me energy and I believe it's helping me build muscle and increase my libido and stamina in bed. Not that I needed help with libido or stamina in bed, but there's no such thing as too much of a good thing in my humble opinion."  Kent

 "Hi my name is Gem im from Australia, I am a 33 year male taking premium maca powder. I work out at the gym 6 days a week. Premium maca powder is great for energy source, however I would like to warn everyone. Its not as if your going to get an immediate buzz while taking Maca. It is slow releasing energy, meaning you have more energy through out your whole day rather then have an energy burst for an hour or two. I have also noticed its great source of protein which assist with muscle recovery."  Gem

"I was a skeptic, but this is my new favorite product. I have more energy and have toned up! I was new to maca and I will definitely be ordering more. I couldn't get used to the taste, so I will be ordering the capsules the next time around." - Cas

"I am 47 years old. I recently restart going to the gym 4-5 times a week. I found my muscle grow doesn't like before, strength or size. I tried this product a week, both strength and size of my muscles are getting better. At least I feel I have confident to do heavier or more sets." Andy

"I bought the product for athletic performance, endocrine stabilization and some EDD problems I was having. Within two days I felt better, and my muscle response time between training improved.  This is an effective treatment for these issues and this premium maca powder seems to be the best available. Even compared to the black maca which is sun dried the premium seems to be more effective." --Mark Ricketts

I wasn't sure which one to by so I bought both the premium and the red.   Wonderful *!*!*!  I feel stronger with the weight training/biking and have more energy.  I'll buy the larger bag with my next order. Thank you" - Linda

 "It took about a week but began feeling more stamina in the gym. And as for the libido effects I can definitely tell a difference."- Victor

"It gives me the long lasting energy I need to get through work and hit the gym afterwards. I love pairing it up with my coffee in the morning, or mixed in with some yogurt and granola. It gives a nice taste as well." - Cody

"I tried yellow maca years ago not knowing about any other type. I can't really say it worked or not. However, I so look forward to the sweet taste of red maca with water first thing in the morning. I feel the super food tingle as it nourishes my body!! Really I love it!  I am looking forward to my natural muscle bump and maca butt!! Yes both! As I have been intensely weight training for the last 6 months & searching for the best natural 'supplement' to my diet, I've found it. Thank you for your reasonable shipping fee and quick delivery. I will be ordering again soon." - Holly

"I purchased these to gain a bigger butt, I definitely saw results after a week, I will definitely repurchase. I work-out 5X a week, I take three in the morning/night on work-out days, and 3 on non work-out days." - Customer asked to remain anonymous

"I've been using maca for a little while now, but this is by far a premium product. I purchased this black maca as I wish to build my glutes to gain back some of my womanly curves. So far I have noticed some visable difference but the real difference is the stamina I've have during my workouts.  Thanks Maca Team." - Dee

"I bought this to help with my weight gain journey & I’m very glad I purchased. This goes great with my protein shakes and breakfast smoothies. & I have seen results." - Dia


"I have been looking for a good food that can provide an excellent amino acid profile for an active lifestyle and workout regime. This product provides that. It has great nutrient value and I enjoy the flavor. I incorporate it in my oatmeal each morning and I enjoy the earthy flavors. I intend to keep using it long term as a component of my overall nutrition program." -L.J.


"I recently had a fall down an escalator before I started taking the Premium Raw Maca powder. As I expected, I was in a lot of pain during the 1st week. But at age 66, I'm really impressed that I'm recovering quickly and almost have full mobility of my right shoulder, knee and ankle after 2 only 2 weeks.I weigh 180lbs so I mix 3tsps with almond milk. I have noticed a little constipation and my feminine body odor is changing, which I'm hoping will allievate itself by adding more water to my diet. Since this is my 1st time trying Maca, maybe I'll try a different one on my next order." - Holly

"Just want to say thank you so much! I’ve been in pain (severe leg cramps) for over a year and I went to every doctor under the sun, had all the tests, bloodwork and all of it and no one could tell me what was causing it. I lost 25 pounds from the pain causing nausea and was in the lowest spot I’ve ever been in. Started taking red Maca and it has completely given me reason to hope, the pain has all but vanished and I just wanted to thank you! My two dogs thank you as well since mommy can take them on super long walks again" - Brittany Luba

Pet Health

"I originally purchased the Red Maca for my female Rottweiler who was bred this cycle for her first litter. She loves the product and is in beautiful body and coat condition. Now fingers crossed for a strong, healthy, happy mom and babies. After further research I put my second dog who is an intact 10 year old male Rottweiler who has been on prostate support products for the past 4 years. Since being on the Red Maca I have been able to reduce the prostate support by half to dosage.   Great product, great price - will continue to use the product in the future."  - Cathie Soter

"I recently purchased Red Maca and I am on day four. So far so good. I got the capsules as I was not sure I would enjoy the flavor. So today  opened up the capsules and put the power in my morning coffee. I love it. The only problem I have is my , she does not like coffee, but I can not keep her away from it today. I just wanted to share my mornings entertainment with all of you." T.C.

"I found this formula called "Maca Horse Powder" for horses, which contains maca root, but I feel more comfortable with your product because it's pure and not mixed with other herbs, and I can calculate how much they're getting. Plus they don't tell you if it's the yellow or red root. I have 2 Percheron Draft horses who have Cushing and Diabetes. They are on Chaste Tree berry powder (the natural plant form of the prescription drug Vitex) And I am now adding Red Maca for additional hormonal support, as well as all the other goodness it contains."  Georgiana Nedelcu


"I only bought the capsule form of this because its easier for my schedule, and I am a terrible smoothie maker! haha! Well anyways, I've had PCOS for a few years now. Being that their is no cure for it birth control is the only recommended medication to help keep it under control. I stop taking birth control because of the weight gain and seriously did not have a period for a year. After two weeks of taking red maca I naturally had a normal regular period. I was in awe. I feel so much better knowing I can live the rest of my life not on birth control. I am so pleased with this product and I have turned so many of my girlfriends onto it as well." - Kaitlyn

"I recently started using the raw red maca powder. Which has done wonders! I have PCOS and have been dealing with lots of issues for the past 15 years because of it. I can't tell enough people about your product!" - Lynn

"I take the red maca capsules to regulate my hormones because I have pcos and I have not any cysts and my menstrual cycles have finally regulated. I couldn't be more happy with th product."  --Ashley Gonzalez

"I am 41 years old and have been perimenopausal since I was 36. Some of the super awesome symptoms of this are acne (which I've had since I was 12 due to PCOS which makes my hormones crazy anyway), hair where you don't want hair, bloat, weight gain...the list goes on. I went to my doctor and of course she wanted to put me on hormone replacement. That is not an option for me. I started doing some research and came across Maca. I found TheMacaTeam.com and took the questionnaire and it recommended the Premium Maca Powder. I have now been using it for a month and have noticed a significant improvement in my skin and some of the symptoms have lightened up as well. The woman I go to for dermaplaning saw me for the first time in the month that I have been using Maca and couldn't believe the difference. She said my melasma was 90% better than the month prior!!! I can not wait for another month to pass to see how much better my symptoms get. I highly recommend this product for everyone and especially for women who's hormones are going nutso. You have nothing to lose by giving this product a chance, just make sure you stick with it regularly - every single day."  -Andrea Tucker

"I ordered this product to help with PCOS issues and energy/stamina. Right off the bat, I have more energy and stamina to get through my day. In the not so distant past I almost always needed a nap. I think the hormonal balance works slower and I've only been taking 6 pills daily for two weeks. So far, so good.-" - Ashley Merrit

"I've been ordering maca from you for about a year now. So far I have had premium and red, mostly sticking to premium. Maca had given a lot back to me... I have celiac disease, PCOS, and endometriosis.... extreme fatigue is a very real problem I face daily... until I found your site describing all of the wonderful benefits of maca. I still have fatigue some days, i can't get around that, but I can say that it has improved probably 80% of the rest of the time. Maca has also helped get my digestive tract back on track after the devisitating effects of having undiagnosed celiac for so long... if I skip maca for a day it is very obvious to my body. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for putting such an amazing product out there!"  --Jessica

"I started with the red maca capsules, but taking 10-12 a day was to much so switched to the powder. I really love it. I am on my second month. I was taking pain pills for cramps every 4 hours for the first 2 day. The first cycle on the maca i only took 3 pills total. That is huge.Cramps weren't as bad as they were before.That was the main reason to take the red maca.  I love the energy I get from it. My hair and nails are growing like crazy. My skin looks better" - Anonymous

 "Not only was the shipping super fast and everything arriving in tact. I absolutely love the benefits of this natural product. It has regulated my periods, since I am suffering from PCOS. I take this everyday faithfully along with other supplements." - Kia

"I have noticed so much improvement in my day to day activities. I have PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and had been recently struggling with a lot of the symptoms, especially fatigue. Over the course of a month I noticed my energy level increasing, my mood is better, and many other improvements. I will tell you this is not an overnight miracle pill. It will take time to work, but is totally worth it. I plan on continuing to purchase the raw organic capsules. I was worried because I tend to have a sensitive stomach but notice no irritations or discomfort while taking these. Great product. So glad I found The Maca Team!"  - Faith

"I was worried, after reading reviews, that raw maca might be too much for my tastebuds or sensitive stomach. I drink about 5 g mixed in 8 oz of water first thing every morning and I have had no problems with the taste. My digestion is wrecked from years of daily antibiotics, but I have not had any problems digesting this. It's done wonders for my PCOS. Thank you" - J.L.


"This could be a long review or a short one. So the short version first.  1. This Maca and the people of this company are AMAZING!!  Now the long version...
2. I have been purchasing Maca from the Maca Team for about a year now. Last year my husband's PSA levels were at a concerning level and during the night he would wake upwards of 10 times a night to pee. The Dr wanted to start running more tests for Prostate Cancer and other nastiness. I had another plan in mind. "Disclaimer - I am not a Dr. This review is based solely on my family's personal experience. Maca came up in my research as being " potentially " helpful for prostate health. There were no real concerning side effects. So I placed an order. My husband has a powerhouse smoothie every morning so we started adding 2tsp of Maca to that drink. We eventually increased it to a total of 4 tsp a day. Immediately he woke up less in the night. Once we increases it to 4 tsp he was only waking 1-2 times a night. This in of itself was worth the money. His PSA results 10 months later were 0. The Dr was stunned and wanted to know what we had done. I told her "my Maca Team fixed him right up". So from the bottom of my heart - Thank You!!  3. A little about integrity now. Last month I placed an order. Shipping was added. I didn't think anything of it because inflation is hitting everything hard. A few days later I received an email notifying me that I had mistakenly been overcharged for shipping and the overage was being refunded to me. They didn't have to do that. I never would have noticed. BUT they did. Integrity is at the top of my list of redeeming qualities in a person and company. I am forever a loyal customer just for that alone." - Kariann Noeltner

 "Bought this (red maca) with the black maca root. Both seem to help with mood and frequent urination. I wanted to go a natural route before taking medication for my prostate health. This seems to work great for mens sexual health as well as the prostate. I take both red and black."  - Len Baker

"Thank you for the continued support through email. It's comforting to know I've purchased product from a company that really cares. It's the reason I decided to write today and give you a bit of background as to why I've added raw red Maca powder to my diet and what I hope to achieve in doing so.  After much reading from a variety of reliable sources I've found several that report consuming red Maca can help reduce symptoms of BPH, benign prostate hyperplasia, a condition I've dealt with for a number of years.  As this is my first time trying Maca I only purchased one pound in order to see how well my digestive system tolerates it. That seems to be going well and I'm adding two rounded teaspoons to coffee or oatmeal each morning. If digestion continues smoothly I expect to reorder when this first pound begins to run low as the information I've read indicates it may take several months to experience benefits to an enlarged prostate. Shipping was very timely, by the way, and the order arrived in just a few days. Thank you for your continued support." Sincerely, H. Hansen Bradenton, Florida

"I'm finishing my second 1Kg bag of the RED. I'm a 67 year old male and purchased based on reviews as my blood pressure was getting uncomfortably high. I can't say it does anything significant about the BP, maybe leveled off a bit. After one full month, I stopped taking it for a break, and that's when I really noticed the negative difference. It's like somebody took the air out of the tires. I had to basically drag my butt around, no energy nor will power.  The positives are: it helps me sleep better, trips to the bathroom in the night are reduced drastically. Good energy even in those nights with little sleep due to outside factors. After many years I have stopped taking Meta Mucil on a daily basis, a welcome side benefit." Eduard

"I’m a 63- year old guy, and take a tablespoon of Red Maca every morning in warm water. I’ve had very good results with easing enlarged prostrate discomfort and plan to take this stuff permanently with results like this! I actually look forward to the taste, too." – TD in DC

"I have a may December marriage . My husband was diagnosed with prostrate cancer 6 years ago. While in Peru visiting friends we where introduced to maca and another wonderful elixir called algarobina . We started taking both religiously . He has made a full recovery and I have aged extremely well he is 75 and still teaching kindergarten physical Ed and I am 51 and and extremely active enjoying my family. Thank God for making such wonderful things and the maca team for bringing it home." - Carmen & Federico

"Only red maca I use. Not heated geletanized or overly processed Successfully controls prostate symptoms"  - Tom L. Johnston

"I am currently taking this product and it has helped me trememdously.. I got it first for the healing of my prostate.. since I have been taking this,,,I've noticed no pain, my prostate is not enlarged and I feel so much better.. Now about the energy levels, has increased and I feel less stressed than I used to. Of course I have only been drinking this for a little over month but I can tell a difference.. I will order this again as well as others versions.. but a long story short,, this Maca is the real deal!!!!!" - Dan

"I've been taking this product for about 2 weeks now. I have noticed an improvement with the functioning of my prostate. This product has made a positive difference. It has also increased my energy level." - Vinnie

"I have had a prostate problem for several years. I would buy prostate supplements that cost around 30.00 a month. The supplements had very little if any affects on my prostate. Within 2 weeks, my prostate showed great improvement, I have used it for 1/12 years and will continue to take Red Maca, and highly recommend it." - Mike

"Purchased the red maca in powder form to aid my enlarged prostate and help balance hormones. Along with other supplements my prostate issues are reduced. Feel very confident I am getting the best possible quality product and in my opinion is NOT a waist of money as some lower quality products are, and is very reasonably priced. Will continue to purchase from the Maca Team" - Glenn

"The primary reason for taking Red Maca is to support my Prostate. I'm in my late 50's. This product works well doing just that. It also has increased my energy level." - Ed

"We noticed a difference in our vitality as well as my husband noticed a difference not getting up in the middle of the night to hit the bathroom! We take this and the black raw. Part of our daily routine!" - Jill

"I have been taking 8 pills a day of the black maca for 3 weeks now and have noticed a decrease in a burning sensation in the area of my prostate. Other than that I have not noticed anything different except for a little increase in my sex drive. Find myself thinking about it a little more often. I will definitely re-order. I am a 64 yo male." -CW  (Editor's note: normally we see this result with Red Maca, but we are happy to see it with Black Maca in this case)

"I could not be happier. I turned 58 in March and my enrgy and stamina are back to where it was in my 30's. I also use the red maca and have been able to sleep through the night with little or no bathroom visits." - Jeff

"It may just be because this is the first time I am using Red Maca, but the effect has been fabulous! Energy is stable. urination less frequent, and overall just feeling good. The price was great, the packaging was great and the quality is great! What more can one say?" - Patrick Pummill

"I have been purchasing Maca from the Maca Team for about a year now. Last year my husband's PSA levels were at a concerning level and during the night he would wake upwards of 10 times a night to pee. The Dr wanted to start running more tests for Prostate Cancer and other nastiness. I had another plan in mind. "Disclaimer - I am not a Dr. This review is based solely on my family's personal experience. Maca came up in my research as being " potentially " helpful for prostate health. There were no real concerning side effects. So I placed an order. My husband has a powerhouse smoothie every morning so we started adding 2tsp of Maca to that drink. We eventually increased it to a total of 4 tsp a day. Immediately he woke up less in the night. Once we increases it to 4 tsp he was only waking 1-2 times a night. This in of itself was worth the money. His PSA results 10 months later were 0. The Dr was stunned and wanted to know what we had done. I told her "my Maca Team fixed him right up". So from the bottom of my heart - Thank You!!" - Kariann Noeltner

"Aloha and happy Saturday! Hope. All is awesome with the Maca team! I love the red Maca and have been taking it for a few years now, only from the Maca team! I just bought more today.  Also, as a 70 year old man, I’m pleased so say that my psa , which has always been low @ around 1.0, dropped again this year. And I, I attribute that to the red Maca.  I also tried adding black Maca but I’m not wild about it and will stick to just red.  Thanks for any assistance and make every day the best day of your life, so far!" - John Lisicich


"I have noticed a remarkable different in my hair and skin since starting the red maca. I am very pleased and I will continue to purchase this product." - JoAnn

"Thank you so much for sending me such an amazing product! The taste is great i see results in less than a week! I feel great and my hormones my skin everything feels better and looks better thank you so much i been buying this product for 8 months now and i dont plan to stop" - Abigail Magdaleno

"Best tasting maca I have had. I keep a bottle with me and put a dropper full under my tongue 4-5 times a day. I have only been using it a couple of weeks but I notice better muscle gains after I workout. I don't know how to describe it but I just feel better. My skin is looking better and I feel calm. I prefer this extract because it's really easy to keep with me and remember to take." - Jen

"I've taken these capsules for a few months now and noticed my skin is a bit clearer, my period symptoms are more mild, and I'm less bloated. Also- I am on antidepressants and struggle with libido. I have noticed an improvement in that area since taking these too!!"  - Melissa Fieke

"This product cured my stucco keratosis on the back of calves, thighs and back! The rock-like bumps are completely gone and my skin is soft and smooth. Even my calluses on my heels are fading and becoming softer. My dermatologist could only freeze them off at great expense, but they would return and some weren't affected by freezing." - Jeff J.


"I've been taking maca powder religiously for a couple of months now. I started with adding the black maca powder to my morning protein drink and added the maca drops daily for about 3 weeks now.  I have metabolic syndrome and sleep apnea and have felt like crap for so long. That said, I've been slowly climbing out of what has seemed like hell. I can't say definitively that maca is the reason but it is very coincidental. I feel so good after my drink in the morning and drops in the afternoon. I've had enough energy to slowly add exercise back into my busy schedule. Again, I'm not saying with absoluteness that maca is the reason but I feel very strongly it is. My suggestion is to try it. I went with the black maca and I'm happy with it and I'm getting ready to buy more." - Jeff

"My husband and I have been using a combo of both the gelatinized red and black maca. We take approximately 1 Tb of each mixed with almond milk. Do this 4 or 5 mornings a week. We both notice that our energy is more consistent throughout the day and we are both sleeping better at night. Also less brain fog. I definitely have an increase in sex drive as well (my hubby is very happy about that.' - M.L.

"Heard that Maca helps to improve sleep. Bought the Yellow Maca and gave it a try. Has been sleeping like a baby ever since the first day I took it. No more vivid dreams and tiredness when I wake up. In fact, I think the sleep quality has improved so much that I came to wake up around 6am naturally bright and clear, where as I used to wake up at 7:30am still feeling sleepy. The taste of Maca is not bad at all. For me, I prefer to take it in the morning with some chicken/beef broth. I think the taste goes better with savory food, rather than the usual sweet recommendations like smoothie or coffee. Bought the 1 kg packet, and I only take 1 teaspoon per day as per my weight recommendations on the label, which will last me for 6 months. Very good deal. Will definitely buy again."  R.J.

"Maca has completely changed my sleep cycle. The very first day I took a teaspoon of maca is the best night of sleep I've had in over fifteen years. I was skeptical of the immediate response but also entirely grateful. I was used to sleeping for 2-3 hours, then awake for 3-5 and trying to catch a nap during the day. It's been about two months now taking the raw yellow maca and, with the exception of full-moon nights, I'm sleeping SO MUCH better. Placebo effect? Don't know and don't care. All that matters is that I'm sleeping and all evidence points to the properties of this crazy little root vegetable! I just wanted to share my experience in case it would be helpful to someone else. Thank you to the Maca Team for bringing this vegetable product to the US."  - J.I.

"I ordered the Premium Maca for myself and a friend. I have been using Maca for 10 years and have noticed an improvement with the Premium Maca. More energy and better sleep. My friend also enjoyed great results since using this Maca."  Roxanne Yadao


I have a pituitary issue where my LSH/FSH are low which causes lower T than I would like. My Endo suggested Maca Root. I have been taking it for a couple months now and my total T went from low 300s to mid 600s. I have tests done every 3 months so I'm able to monitor the change. It really works for me and is much safer than T replacement.  Jeremy

"This product helped the health of my husband greatly by naturally increasing his T levels & therefore helping the sperm numbers & quality. Of course I combined this with other plant powders including the same company red maca but this item was the biggest ingredient & it’s really really pure & was very effective on my husband. This is truly a great product. I know this bc I have been researching & using different products but this one feels really really pure. The way they process it doesn’t kill the plants wonderful health effects. Thank you for providing this for those who need it. & also thank you for doing it the right way." - Rebecca

Weight Loss / Gain

"First, delivery was SO fast. Not expecting that. Second, the smell and taste for me are awful. I did the 1st day in just water and it was not possible. I started putting it in my pre-made iced coffee and it was slightly better. I started out at 2 tsp a day and it was too much. I got the blinding headaches by the end of the 2nd week. I took a few days off, then I re-started with just 1 tsp for 3 days, stopped for 2, then began with 2 tsp again. I have not had any other side effects. I wanted to take this supplement to help control my hormones, which in turn would help my weight loss, and it has made a difference after 3 weeks, on and off. I have been trying to lose weight for 2 years and it has been SLOW. Since starting to take this, I've lost 5 pounds, without steady exercise due to the weather. That is more than I've lost in a month for a long time. I also purchased the cream maca which I will try starting next month. Bottom line, the price is right, it works for me, and I recommend anyone to try it out and see if it works for you." -  Kim H.

"After extensive research, i bought this for my daughter who is 16 with HOPES that it would enhance her appetite as she was severely underweight due to no appetite, despite forcing her to eat. I am SOOOOOO happy to see that in the last three weeks, not only has her appetite improved dramatically but she has also gained 10 lbs. i am BEYONG HAPPY to see this progress in her. This product was a life saver!" - Millie R.

"After taking red maca from The Maca Team for 3 months I was able to start losing weight and I no longer take pharmaceutical thyroid medication that I have been taking for 15 years!!! I feel great!" - Ashlee Vallejo Kliesen

"I have used maca on and off for about 10yrs. I feel better when I am taking it, and I guess the closest description I can use is, balanced. I don't crave chocolate or sweets when I am taking maca regularly. To put it in some perspective, when I'm not taking maca regularly I can do some serious damage to a party size box of Oreos. I have taken red and black maca separately in the past, but currently I feel that the tri-color is an awesome balance of the maca's. I put it in breakfast smoothies for my husband and myself. I find the breakfast smoothie to be the easiest way to make sure it's taken every day." A. Rose

"I have used red maca root for over 3 years. I began with the powder form and would take it as a shot with a heaping tablespoon in 3 oz. of water. I credit red maca for helping me with my fitness regime that allowed me to lose 35 lbs. in 4 months (literally!). I have begun backpacking recently and so needed a different "delivery system" so I began using the capsules recently when I backpacked in WY. These are perfect and convenient while "on the road" I will continue to use them, regularly." - Diana Waterman

"Black Maca Root seems to have provided benefits from my first experience. Specifically, my energy increased and continued thru the day.
Also, this earthy, malt/hops-flavored powder filled me up and seems to suppress my appetite: I'm losing weight, for sure.
I make it in a shake, which seems to function as breakfast." - Jabba

"From my own personal experience and as a Pharmacist and Clinic owner, the red maca from your company really accelerates weight loss.  I personally lost 45 lbs and I OWN a weight loss clinic." Jimmy Beale

"I found out about two months ago that I have type 2 diabetes. Along with that, I am about 150 lbs. overweight and have been battling hormonal issue for years. I decided that I did not want to be on medicine so I started searching the internet for natural things that would help me loose weight (to improve my blood glucose numbers), regulate my hormones, and improve my overall health. I read about the many wonderful benefits about maca, so I went to my health food store and bought some maca powder. It was awful. The taste was so strong I was unable to get it down. Plus it had added ingredients in it. So I did more research and found The Maca Team. After reading many great reviews and seeing that their product is pure maca with no added ingredients, I decided to give them a try. I am SO glad that I did. I bought the red maca capsules. They were shipped out and delivered promptly. I was a little surprised to see that the serving size was 8 capsules, but I started taking them. One month later I am down 35 lbs., I have a ton of energy, and I feel absolutely great! I sleep so good through the night. The Maca Team's Red Maca is an absolute necessity for me now. I can't imagine going without it." - Stephen

"I have been searching for a energy and sexual appetite increaser...well I have found it. I have lost weight as well. I highly recommend Maca. Great company to buy from. Thanks sooo much for changing my life :)" - Cindy

"This product has really increased my libido, balanced my hormone. I now have a 28 day cycle, it was 25 or 26 before, which might not seem much different, but a big deal for me. My energy level has also increased and I'm maintaining weight now. I used to fluctuate up and down. I'm on the thinner size and always want to be at least 135lbs, instead of 125 at one point then130 at another And maintain it. My weight was so unpredictable. I am 140lbs and maintaining that. My butt is now firm. I feel so much more sexier. I'm happy with this product. I see a lot of good changes." - Dionne

"I definitely love this Maca. I take 6 capsules in the morning before my work shift between 3-4am and I don’t have that burnount by 8-9am. It’s amazing!!! And my weight is balancing finally (had previous thyroid issues). Thank you guys!!! Im about to buy more right after this review!" - Cici

"I had lots of trouble loosing weight being post menopausal. Then around 6 months ago I started taking this Black Maca daily and along with interment fasting I have lost all they weight I needed to, It really has brought my hormone back to when I was much younger." - Teri Kavakos

"It matters what quality of Maca you use - this stuff is what WORKS! I took this for hormonal balance and to help with my period symptoms. I’m AMAZED 3-4 months being on this how it has drastically changed my whole life! My period symptoms went from 100% down to 30% - i feel like my life has changed. I’ve also lost weight on this! I don’t get nearly as emotional or irritable since taking maca, and my monthly symptoms all across the board have drastically decreased. I can’t do without this in my life! Thank you for making the best quality maca root out there!!!" - Bethany

"I usually have trouble maintaining weight, but I have been able to gain weight after I added this awesome item to my diet." - Brian Tweedy

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please let us know.   Enjoy your day!


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