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Black Maca

We recommend our black maca products for stamina, muscle building, male fertility and libido, mental focus, bone health, memory, and overall athletic performance.

Red Maca

We recommend our red maca products for female fertility and libido, overall hormone balance, relief of menopause symptoms, prostate health, mood uplifting, relief from acne and overall energy boost.

Yellow Maca

Our yellow maca products are less expensive and we recommend them for stress reduction, vitality, skin health and mental focus.

Tri-Color Maca

Our tri-color maca products are made from a blend of all 3 maca root colors: black, red and yellow and give you benefits from each. We recommend them for general hormone health, fertility, mental acuity and overall well-being.

Maca Capsules

100% Vegan Capsules containing only our Maca powders. Convenient to take, fresh and potent.

Liquid Maca Extracts

Great tasting vegetable gylcerine based herbal extract containing only our Maca powders. High in bio-available nutrients, easy to use, and to take on the go.

Maca Chips

Our Maca Root Chips are the closest to whole Maca roots that can legally be exported from Peru.

Maca Coffee

Whether you're here looking how to best add Maca to your coffee or for a great tasting coffee substitute using Maca, we've got you covered in this article.

Maca Samplers

We've developed our Maca Sampler Packages so that you can try our various products to see which one(s) you prefer. We've discounted our sampler packages so that you pay significantly less as compared to purchasing the products individually.

Maca Accessories

Useful and fun items to help you get the most out of your Maca.

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