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Raw Black Maca Root Powder and capsules

Historically, over thousands of years, black maca was simply mixed with yellow and red colored maca roots for consumption. But once research showed several unique black maca root benefits in the early 2000s, it began to be produced independently of the other colors.   It is now the second most popular color of maca consumed worldwide, even though it is also the rarest.

We recommend raw black maca for:

  • Athletes, both men and women, looking for extra stamina and strength
  • Anyone looking to improve memory, concentration and focus skills with maca
  • All people taking maca to improve their bone strength and density
  • Men and women wishing to boost their libido
  • Men wishing to increase their fertility (red maca for female fertility)

Important Note: for about 5% of people raw maca can cause temporary indigestion or gas. This is due to its starch content. If you have generally sensitive digestion or have trouble digesting other starches we recommend using gelatinized black maca products instead.

Our raw black maca is:


  • Made from 100% Black Maca roots
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • GMO Free
  • Fair Trade
  • Never heated over 105F / 40C
  • Grown traditionally with respect for the land - near Junin, Peru
  • Sun dried, carefully processed and packaged immediately
  • 100% Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free

Available in:

Raw Black Maca root powder (3 sizes)

Powders are the most economical way to add maca to your diet.  Our powders are ground very fine and dissolve well in any liquid when using a blender or shaker jar.   Raw black maca does have a caramel-malt taste that adds a unique flavor to smoothies and other recipes such as pancakes and puddings.

Raw Black Maca capsules

Our maca capsules are vegan and, because we directly control their production, contain 100% maca.  We never use fillers or additives of any kind.  Maca capsules are great for anyone who doesn't appreciate the taste of maca and are quicker to take since their is no recipe preparation involved.

Black Maca Liquid extract

Vegetlable glycerine based, this extract contains the major nutrients of maca in a liquid form.   Just hold some of the liquid under your tongue for 30 seconds to allow those nutrients to absorb quickly into your blood stream.   The extract bottle is small and easy to take with you on the go.  Some people enjoy our extracts alone, while others take them alongside capsules or powders. 

Here are our answers to some of the questions we commonly receive about raw black maca.

Is raw black maca better than gelatinized?

This is an excellent question and one that is challenging to answer. The truth is that in decades of working with maca, we’ve had clients report excellent results from both gelatinized and raw black maca. When we first started sourcing it, raw was much easier to come by since it required less intensive processing. But since it did temporarily upset the digestion of some people, we started sourcing gelatinized as well. In terms of nutritional constituents, raw black maca has enzymes where gelatinized does not.  Raw black maca also contains a slightly higher concentration of macaenes and macamides, which are nutrients helpful in balancing hormone levels.  That said, the most important thing when taking a quality maca product is to actually take it. So, if you have any digestive issues at all, please go ahead and get the gelatinized black maca over the raw.

Is raw black maca safe?

Raw Black Maca Roots

Outside of temporary indigestion, gas or slight bloating, raw maca is considered as safe. Ours goes through 4 levels of independent testing for microbes, metals, molds and yeasts before it leaves the processing facility. Each batch must pass these stringent tests and are released to us with a certificate of analysis confirming that it does.  It is also important to know how much maca to take and how to take it. We recommend starting on the lower end of the spectrum of serving guidelines on the package label when you first begin taking maca.

How is raw black maca different?

Raw black maca is our second best seller because it has a great taste and is particularly potent for men and muscle building for both men and women. Keep in mind that absolutely no kind of pure maca contains hormones.  All the colors simply stimulate the endocrine system to produce and maintain healthy hormonal levels. That means women and men can both use any color of maca they chose to support a healthy lifestyle.

How long does it take for raw black maca to work?

This is a fantastic question that we’re really happy to answer. Remember maca is a food, in this case made from black maca roots.   As a food, it's important to give it time to work in your system. Depending on various factors including your age, state of health, weight, overall energy levels and stress level, maca can work faster or slower in your body. Some people start seeing hormone balancing results just a few days after consistent use of any product. For others any noticeable effects come after 3-4 weeks. For that reason we highly recommend that all of our customers take a consistent serving of maca for at least one month in order to see if it’s working for them.

How to use raw black maca

One great way to use this simple superfood is to mix it in your favorite smoothie. Raw maca powder blends well and adds a subtle caramel or malt like taste. See our extensive maca recipes section for a number of tasty serving ideas.

Remember with The Maca Team, you can always count on certified organic, fair trade, fresh harvest Peruvian maca products. If you have any questions please let us know.

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