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About the Maca Team, LLC

We are a small family run company with a real passion for Maca. Over nearly 15 years of Maca use we've discovered that there are a lot of differences in terms of Maca quality. The best we have found comes from a small local farming cooperative in Junin, Peru that is dedicated to organic farming practices. We’ve partnered with them to bring the world the best quality Maca anywhere.

Our mission is to provide all of our customers with fresh, high quality, certified organic Maca at great prices and with the fastest, friendliest service anywhere. And our wish is that anyone who wants it has plenty of pure, organic Maca on hand so they can enjoy the health benefits and share with their friends and family.

Because we specialize in Maca and go right to the source, we are able to offer the best selection of Maca anywhere. Our focus is on high quality, freshness and fair prices for everyone involved.  More about us...

Our wholesale Maca program is designed to support individuals and small companies to share the benefits of Maca with their clients. At this time we do not do large scale distribution - this is simply because our farms are relatively small and we want to make sure that our supply of high quality Maca can meet the demand of our current and future customers.

Our Wholesale Maca Accounts Are For:

  • Small Health Food Stores
  • N.D.s and other Health Practitioners
  • Personal Trainers
  • Raw Food Teachers and Trainers
  • Supplement manufacturers

We have various levels of discount starting at 10%. If you are interested in becoming a distributor for our products please contact us on the form below. Thank you and enjoy the day!

wholesale maca


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