Our Core Values

What we do:

As a small family company we make powerful impacts on people’s lives by providing high quality Peruvian Maca products.   Our customers report amazing results after using our Maca. We commonly hear that they have used our Maca to:

  • Reduce anxiety and alleviate depression
  • Provide greater energy, stamina and strength
  • Boost fertility and conceive children
  • Improve libido
  • Improve the symptoms of menopause
  • Build lean muscle
  • Improve bone density and health
  • Improve prostate health
  • Support radiant skin
  • …and more.

Our customers’ ongoing appreciation for our products is a major source of inspiration and motivation for us every day.

Why we do what we do:

The Maca Team is powered by teamwork. We recognized that we all play important parts in sharing Maca with the world.   Working together, we do our best to create positive outcomes for our team members, for our customers, for our suppliers and for the earth itself simply because it’s the right thing to do and it feels good.

How we do what we do:

Our values define how we create these positive outcomes. As we grow, these values serve as a compass to help us make important decisions and evaluate new opportunities.

One: Maintain the highest quality standards for our products

This is the first cornerstone of our business. Maintaining and continually improving the quality of all of our products is our top priority.   We work with exclusively small scale organic farming co-operatives in the Peruvian Andes to source our Maca powders. We regularly test our Maca powders to make sure they are pure and potent. And we chose the best quality packaging possible in order to preserve the nutritional potency of our products.

Two: Amaze with fast, responsive service

Great service is the second cornerstone of our business. It sets us apart and helps us grow closer as a team. In all that we do the driving question is: “How can I serve our customers and other team members quicker, more efficiently and more fully?”  This includes quick response times to questions, fast, accurate shipping and speedy resolution of problems.   Simply put we aim to always treat everyone the same way we want to be treated.

Three: Offer a website that informs, educates and inspires

Having abundant, specific and relevant content on our website is the third cornerstone of our business. We continually work to update the site with new research and new products in the Maca world.   We review the site regularly to make improvements in navigation and overall customer experience. And we keep up with technological trends, such as having our site work well on mobile devices, to better serve all of our customers.

Four: Be supportive, respectful and transparent

We aim to listen first and respond second. This applies to interactions with potential customers and customers as well as to each other.   We look to support each other wherever we can by providing constructive feedback and help where needed.   And we keep in mind that all of us are growing and learning as we go along.   We also aim to be transparent in all our communications with customers.

Five: Be persistent and flexible in achieving our goals

One thing that we know is that challenges to our mission will continually appear. When they do, our job is to stay focused and positive as well as to remain open for new ideas and avenues for both business and personal growth. We remember the saying, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Six: Build a culture of shared success

Our success is always a shared success. As we do better as a business in achieving our goals, we are able to reward our suppliers, our customers and our team members. For our farmers and suppliers it means increased revenue for their Maca. For our customers it means savings through lower prices for our products. For our team members our success means increased financial benefits as well as increased personal growth and satisfaction. Finally, our success is also shared with conscious charities that use donations to affect direct change.

Seven: Maintain gratitude and humility

We remind ourselves daily how blessed we are to work with a simple natural product that has helped people for 1000s of years and continues to do so today.   We are as grateful for the earth’s role in producing Maca as we are for all the hard working hands that bring it to us. We celebrate this food and the privilege to share it with the world. And we know that if we do our jobs well, more and more people will have the opportunity to benefit from this amazing food.


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