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Are Maca Root Results Permanent?

The answer to this questions depends on several factors such as the purppose for which you are taking maca, the type of maca you are taking, lifestyle factors and more. Learn more ...

Are Maca Capsules As Effective As Maca Powder?

Discover the differences between maca capsules and maca powder and learn which one is more effective. Find out which one is the right choice for you. Read more...

Are Red, Black and Yellow Maca Powders Similar In Color, Taste and Texture?

If you’re here to learn about the differences in color, taste and texture between the distinct types of maca, you’re in the right place. Have a look at the images in this article and learn more here.

Can I Use Maca During Pregnancy?

There are no contraindications for using Maca during pregnancy or nursing. Still we recommend that pregnant and nursing women use extra care and take small dosages of Maca and that they consult their doctor for complete approval.

Can I Use Maca With Antidepressants?

f you belong to the first group and are considering using maca alongside antidepressants, it's essential to understand the potential interactions and ensure your overall wellness remains your top priority. In this article, we will explore the topic in-depth so that you and your trusted health care professional can make an informed decision.   Read more.

Can Maca Help With Weight Gain?

While maca is not high in calories or fat, there are nonetheless several ways in which it can support weight gain.  Learn more here.

Can Maca Root Cause Weight Gain?

This is one question we’ve been receiving more and more over the past few years. Interestingly, people asking fall into two categories. One are the people who hope that it won’t make them gain weight. And two are the people who are hoping that it will. We’ll try to answer the question for both of these types of people here. Learn more here.

Does Gelatinized Maca Powder Expire?

Discover the truth about gelatinized maca powder expiration! Unravel shelf life, storage tips, and signs of spoilage. Optimize your superfood's potential!  Read more...

Does Gelatinized Maca Taste Better Than Raw Maca?

If you’re interested in trying maca root powder for the first time you might be wondering what flavor it has. After all, maca is an unusual food. In fact, did you know that it only grows well in the high mountains of Peru and Bolivia? In those regions of the Andes maca root has been eaten as a staple of the standard diet for thousands of years. And it does have a unique taste. In this article we’ll discuss what maca tastes like and specifically what gelatinized maca tastes like when compared to raw maca. Read more... 

Does Maca Cause Weight Gain?

Maca is low in calories and fat. 3 teaspoons (9 g) of Maca contains just 35 calories and 1 g of fat. So, in and of itself, Maca does not promote weight gain. However, Maca is anabolic and does help build muscle. It also balances hormones and may increase appetite. In this way it can support weight gain.

Does Maca Contain Resistant Starch?

The short answer to this question is "no."  Neither Raw nor Gelatinized Maca contains significant levels of resistant starch.   Read our full article and see the results of lab tests here. 

Does Maca Contain Heavy Metals?

Unveiling the truth: maca root & heavy metals. Discover the real facts. Is it safe or a cause for concern? Find out now! 

Does Maca Have Any Side Effects?


Maca is a food and not a drug and has no known side effects. Our products contain only 100% pure Maca powders and no other ingredients, so there is no chance of other ingredients affecting you. That said here are some things to watch out for:

  • A few people have reported getting “jittery” or :having too much energy” when they take Maca. If this happens to you simply reduce your dosage.
  • About 5% of our customers report upset stomach after taking Raw Maca. If this happens, it’s due to the starch content in Raw Maca. We recommend Gelatnized Maca  or our Maca Extracts for people with sensitive digestive systems.
  • Some people have reported insomnia after taking Maca. It’s best to take it early in the morning if this is an issue for you.
  • Some customers have reported an increase in acne after starting with Maca. This is a temporary symptom. As your body balances its hormones the acne will lessen and likely disappear. Read About Maca and Acne Here
  • Maca and Heartburn - It’s very rare, but if it affects you read the linked article for help.  Read more…
Does Maca Increase Dopamine?

Explore the potential link between Maca and dopamine levels in our in-depth article. Uncover the science behind mood enhancement and well-being. Read more...

Does Maca Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, it can. There are 7 main ways that maca supports weight loss. Read more on Maca for weight loss

Does Maca Root Increase Testosterone Levels?

Does maca root truly have an impact on testosterone levels? Some say “yes” and others say “no.” In this article we’ll have a full look at this question and hopefully separate the hyperbole from fact regarding this important topic.   Maca and Testosterone...

Have Any Studies on Maca Been Done?

Yes, many research studies on Maca have been completed. Over 400 studies of Maca (Lepidium meyenii) are indexed on PubMed, the National Library of Medicine alone. Other Maca research has also been published – in particular in Peru where Maca is from. We have listed the most relevant ones on our Maca Research page.

How Long Can I Take Maca?

The people in Peru use it regularly throughout their lives. We do recommend that you take 1 day off per week or 1 week off every two months. This is simply for the same reason that we would take a break from eating any fresh fruit or vegetable once in a while. It’s just nice to give the body a break.

How Does Maca Work?

The use of Maca by humans stretches back over 2000 years and more recently has been studied scientifically. Both scientific studies as well as folklore validate that Maca works very well to promote many of the benefits listed above. If you’re new to Maca, you may want to read our testimonial page to hear from some happy users of Maca.  Read more…

Nutritionally, Maca is rich in amino acids, phytonutrients, fatty acids, vitamin and minerals. According to nutritional research published in the Journal “Food Chemistry” in 1994 and 2001 Maca contains the following:

  • Composition: 59% carbohydrates, 10.2% protein, 8.5% fiber, 2.2% lipids
  • Essential Amino Acids: nearly all including Aspartic Acid, Glutamic acid, Serine, Histidine, Glycine, Threonine, Alanine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Valine, Methionine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, HO- Proline, Proline, Sarcosinered-maca-powder.jpg
  • Free Fatty Acids: 20 have been found of which the most abundant are linolenic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid
  • Vitamins: B1, B2, B3, C, D
  • Minerals: iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, sodium, potassium, calcium
  • Macaenes and macamides: novel polyunsaturated acids and their amides
  • Sterols: campesterol, stigmasterol, beta-sitosterol
  • Alkaloids: Aromatic glucosinolates including: benzyl glucosinolate, p-methoxybenzyl glucosinolate
  • Isothyocyanates: benzyl isothiocyanate, p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate
  • Glucosinolates: fructose, glucose, benzyl isothiocyanate
  • 4 Unique Alkaloids (Macaina 1, 2, 3, 4)

This array of nutrients makes Maca a true nutritional powerhouse and amazing daily supplement. See Maca’s Full Nutritional Values

How Long Does It Take For Maca Pills To Work?

Discover the power of maca pills! Unveil the secrets behind their efficacy & find out how long it takes to start feeling the results. Read more about maca pills timeline to work.

How Long Do Maca Results Last?

Uncover the lasting effects of maca root. Discover if its results are truly permanent. Separate myth from reality in this comprehensive article. Read more....

How Many Maca Capsules Should I Take Per Day?

Maca is a food and good maca capsules should contain only 100% pure maca. There are several factors that determine how many capsules you should take daily. Read more about maca capsule serving size.

How Many Days Before I Feel The Effects of Maca?

Keep in mind that Maca is a food and not a pharmaceutical medicine. It’s not like taking an aspirin and watching your headache melt away. Maca takes time and consistent use to show effects. Most people who take Maca daily report seeing some benefits within 10-14 days of starting. Others, often those taking Maca therapeutically, report seeing benefits after about 30 days. Our recommendation is to stay consistent with your Maca routine and make sure that you give it enough time to work. We sell Maca in 1 kg (2.2 lb.) bags at low prices for just that reason. If you take our standard recommended dosage of Maca, 1 bag will last you about 80 days. Within that time you will absolutely know if Maca is for you or not.

How Much Maca Should I Take?

We recommend that most people start with 1-3 teaspoons (4-12 capsules) per day, depending on your body size and the kind of Maca that you purchase. We suggest that you read our complete Maca servings page for more.  Get your personalized Maca serving recommendations here...

How Much Maca Root Should I Take?

Discover the proper serving sizes for maca powders, chips, capsules and extracts. Learn some important tips when taking maca.  How Much Maca Root Should I Take?...

How Should I Take Maca?

The most effective way to take Maca powder is to mix it into water or a simple fruit juice and take it on an empty stomach 10-15 minutes before you eat breakfast. Taking Maca on an empty stomach allows it to absorb a bit faster and more thoroughly. It’s also fine to mix Maca powder in smoothies and other drinks as well as in some kinds of food. Read More….

How To Eat Maca?

If you are new to maca, you might be wondering, “what are the best ways to eat it?” Do you just eat the whole maca roots? Do you use maca in a salad? Do you drink maca like coffee or tea? These are all excellent questions and we’ll give you the answers here. Learn how to eat maca.

Is It Best To Take Maca With Or Without Food?

In this article we uncover the truth: Is it better to take maca with or without food? Find out in our article for optimal health decisions.  Read more

Is It Safe To Eat Raw Maca?

If you’ve done some research into the potential benefits of adding maca root to your diet, you’ve likely come across articles arguing something like, “no one should ever eat raw maca” or “raw maca is dangerous.” But, is that really true? Read more about raw maca safety

Is Black Maca Better Than Yellow Maca?

This is a great question and well answer it fully in this article: "black maca vs. yellow maca."

Is Gelatinized Maca Vegan?

This is a great question and well answer it fully in this article: "Is gelatinized maca suitable for vegans."

Is Maca an Adaptogen?

Yes, indeed it is. And not only that, it's the only one that is also a superfood. Read more on adaptogens

Is Maca Bad For The Liver?

Research indicates that maca is not toxic to the liver. One study has questioned that, but concludes that more research is necessary. Read more about maca and liver health...

Is Maca Keto-Friendly?

Discover the truth about Maca and the keto diet. Explore the compatibility, benefits, and potential drawbacks in this insightful article. Read more about maca and the keto diet...

Is Maca Root Safe During Pregnancy?

Discover the facts about Maca root's safety during pregnancy. Our article explores potential benefits and risks for expectant mothers. Read more...

Is Maca Coffee an Alternative to Caffeine?

Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whether or not you’ve managed to make yourself a healthy, delicious smoothie every day like you promised, there’s one part of your routine that you swore you would take care of - that caffeine problem. Did you promise to cut down to just three cups a day, or did you find that perfect coffee substitute you were on the lookout for? If your goal for 2023 was to find a coffee or energy drink substitute, we’re happy to let you know that your search is at its end. We call our maca coffee the morning motivator, and there are lots of reasons why introducing it into your daily routine could signal good news for your personal health. Learn more here.

Is Maca Powder Gluten Free?

Yes, Maca is absolutely gluten free.  

Is Red Maca Better Than Yellow Maca?

Discover the differences between red and yellow maca. Uncover which variety might offer superior health benefits for your well-being.  Read more...

Is Red Maca Good For The Prostate?

Discover the potential benefits of Red Maca for prostate health. Explore its impact on prostate function and overall well-being in this informative article.  Read more...

Is Maca Powder Safe For Diabetics?

While Maca does contain some sugars, it is low on the glycemic index and considered safe for diabetics. What's more, some evidence is showing that compounds in the maca root can help keep blood sugar controlled in type 2 diabetics. Blood sugar is often lowered with the secretion of the hormone insulin, and most research suggests that maca may help with the distribution of this hormone. If you have any health concerns please consult your doctor. Also you may want to try one of our Maca Extracts as all sugars are removed during the extraction process.

Is Maca Root Stimulating?

Maca root is an unique type of food that can support energy levels but does so in a much different way than coffee, tea or other types of stimulants.   Discover why maca root is actually a healthier way to get going!

Is Maca Safe For Children?

Yes, children can take Maca. Just keep the serving size much smaller than for adults (1/8-1/4 tsp to start).  If you have any doubts please consult your physician.

Is Maca Safe? 

Maca is a food that has an extensive use by humans and with animals. There have been no findings that Maca is harmful in any way. That said, it is important to use Maca with respect. It is a superfood and there is such a thing as overdoing it.  See our Maca serving guidelines for more details.

Is Peruvian Maca The Best?

If you’ve done a little bit of research you probably already know that Maca root originates in the high Andes mountains and is today primarily grown in Peru and Bolivia.   What you probably don’t know is that over the past several years, China has also started growing and exporting Maca root products.   This article explains the difference between the two and why you should insist on Peruvian Maca.  Read more...

Is It Ok To Have Maca Every Day?

Discover the benefits and risks of daily maca consumption in our latest article. Is it safe to have maca every day? Find out now.  Read More

Is There Any Way To Hide The Taste Of Maca?

Many people enjoy the taste of Maca - especially our Red Maca, which is sweeter than the others.  However, some people simply don't enjoy it.   One way to entirely avoid the taste of Maca is to take Maca capsules. Another simple way is to enjoy our Maca extracts (which taste somewhat sweet).   Beyond that there are several things you can do to help disguise the taste.   Read more...

What Are Contraindications for Taking Maca Root?

As maca root has gained in popularity over the past decade, more and more people have learned of its potential to improve quality of life in various ways. But who should avoid taking maca, if anyone? Learn more here.

What Are Maca Capsules Used For?

Maca capsules are a modern, convenient way to get maca root into your diet. But what are they actually good for? In this article we'll have a look at what maca capsules can do for you. Learn more here.

What Are The Benefits Of Maca Coffee?

Discover the perks of maca coffee! Energize your mornings naturally with this unique brew. Learn its health benefits now. Learn more here.

What Are The Benefits of Maca?

Continued, and persistent use of high quality Maca promotes improvement in the hormonal, physical and emotional states of regular people everyday. Here are the most commonly reported benefits:

  • Increased energy and endurance
  • Increased stamina
  • Alleviated chronic exhaustion (fatigue) syndrome
  • Improved sexual function and libido in both men and women
  • Enhanced fertility in people and animals
  • Reduced hormonal dysfunction during menopause & andropause
  • Balanced hormonal irregularities
  • Alleviated depressionmaca-benefits-290x115.jpg
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Improved circulation leading to reduced anemia and faster wound healing
  • Enhanced memory, learning, and mental ability
  • Improved and more youthful skin appearance
  • Healthy teeth and bones

Maca also:

  • Acts as a fungistatic and bacteriostatic
  • Acts as an anticarcinogen and antioxidant
  • Is an alternative to anabolic steroids, helps to build muscle

Read more in our extensive Maca Benefits section.

What Drinks Or Food Can I Mix Maca With?


You can mix Maca Powder in with most foods and drinks. But if you have digestive difficulties we recommend that you use Maca separately from fruit as the mixture of the two can potentially disturb digestion. Gelatinized Maca is also the best choice for people with digestive sensitivity, since the process that makes it removes all starch content from the powder. Also since cooking destroys some of the vital nutrients of Raw Maca Powders, we recommend only using Maca recipes that involve heat below about 120 F/ 45 C. Get our top Maca recipes here….

What Effect Does Maca Have on Blood Pressure?

Maca can actually reduce blood pressure since it improves circulation. Because of this, if you are on blood pressure medication be sure to monitor your blood pressure while taking Maca and to ask your doctor for advice if your blood pressure changes.

What If  Maca Gives Me An Upset Stomach?

We've seen this happen in about 5% of people.  If this happens to you, here are four things that may help. 

What is Maca Used For?


Maca was discovered over 2000 years ago when Incan farmers first grazed their flocks in the high mountains. They noticed that when their animals grazed on Maca they would become much healthier, hardier, and stronger, and also they would tend to copulate more and have a much higher fertility rate. After this discovery, people began using Maca themselves. Maca is now used in humans to promote fertility, build muscle, increase stamina, relieve menopause symptoms, boost energy, support prostate health, increase bone density, alleviate depression, boost libido, balance hormones in both sexes and more.

What Is Maca?

Maca is a root that grows high in the Peruvian Andes at altitudes of 14,000 feet (3500 m) above sea level. It has been cultivated for 1000s of years and used by indigenous people to boost their energy while living at such extreme elevations where oxygen is in short supply. It looks similar to a radish or turnip and comes in a variety of colors ranging from white to dark purple. Peruvian Maca root has the distinction of being the highest growing food plant anywhere in the world.  More Maca facts...

What Is The Difference Between Raw Maca and Gelatinized Maca?


Raw Maca powder has never been heated above 118F/43C. That makes it a whole food and leaves all its nutrients intact. Gelatinized Maca has been heated to remove starch content. The process does destroy some nutrients, but makes Maca powder easier to digest. If you have normal digestion we recommend Raw Maca powders over Gelatinized. But if you do have any digestive issue, Gelatinized will be better for you. Read More….

What Kind of Maca Is Best for Me?

Our best selling and favorite Maca is Red Maca. It’ s the highest in pythonutrient levels. That said, Black Maca is better for certain uses and for certain kinds of people. We’ve written an extensive article comparing all of our Maca powders and recommend that you check it out before you buy.   Get Your Maca Recommendation Here...

What Medications Can I Take Maca With?

There are no know contraindications for taking Maca. That said, if you are on high blood pressure medicines, have your doctor monitor your blood pressure while taking Maca as it may reduce your need for the medicine.

What Should I Expect When Taking Premium Maca for The First Time?

We offer several of our maca root products in both “premium” and “standard” versions. If you’ve never tried one of the premium products, and especially the powder, it’s important to understand how the experience will differ from taking standard (aka sundried) maca. In this article we’ll give you a very clear idea of what to expect when taking premium maca. Read more...

What's The Difference Between Maca and Ginseng?

While both maca and ginseng are adaptogens, there are several important differences. Learn about them in our article maca vs. ginseng.

What Is The Best Value In Maca?

Interested in knowing how to get the most out of maca for the dollar? In this article we explain which type of maca root represents the best value.   Read more...

What Types Of Black Maca Do You Offer?

At The Maca Team, we source and sell the largest selection of high-quality Peruvian grown black amaca anywhere. Read this article to understand your options for putting black maca in your life

What Is The Origin Of Maca Root?

Discover the fascinating history of maca root, a Peruvian superfood with ancient Andean origins. Explore its rich heritage and nutritional benefits. Read more...

When Should I Take Maca?

To make things easy most people prefer to take their full dosage of Maca first thing in the morning. Others prefer to spread it out throughout the day. And some people swear by taking it around 2 pm because that is when hormone levels are usually at their lowest. One thing to keep in mind is that Maca can energize you to the point where it’s difficult to fall asleep. This happens for some people and for others not. If you are concerned about this, we recommend not taking Maca after about 2pm.

Where is Maca From?

As it’s gained in popularity we’ve received more questions about where maca comes from, how it grows and why you can’t simply just grow it yourself. In this article, we’ll do our best to answer all of those. Here is Where Maca Comes From

Who Should Take Maca?

Explore who should consider adding maca to their lives. From athletes to those seeking hormonal balance, discover the benefits and considerations. Read more...

Which Maca Is Best For Kids?

Discover which type of maca is the best for kids in our comprehensive guide. Learn about the benefits, serving size and risks of maca root for children. Read more...

Which Maca Is Best For Female Fertility?

Fertility is one of maca's major benefits In this article we’ll talk specifically about which maca is best for female fertility...

Which Maca Is Best For Male Fertility?

Fertility is indeed still a major benefit of maca.  In fact, many doctors in Peru still prescribe it first when a couple is having difficulty conceiving.   When a couple is using maca root to help them conceive it’s important that both partners consume maca.  We typically recommend red maca for females.  In this article we’ll talk specifically about which maca is best for male fertility...

Which Maca Is Best For Libido?

Over the past 30 years, maca root products have extended far beyond the high Peruvian Andes. They can now be found in many parts of the world. At The Maca Team, we’ve sourced and sold high quality Peruvian grown maca for 2 plus decades. And over that time, we’ve heard from thousands of customers, both men and women, who report great benefits when using maca. Discover the best maca for libido...

Will Maca Make Me Fat?

AThe reason maca benefits people in so many different way is that it supports overall hormone health. Because of this unique property, it can in a few cases encourage weight gain in people who are abnormally thin due to hormone imbalances. However, maca, in and of itself, can’t make you fat. Here’s why maca won't make you fat

Will Maca Raise Blood Pressure?

A healthy diet, exercise, stress relief and some herbs and supplements are all positive steps to take to reduce your risk of conditions associated with high blood pressure. And taking maca products is indeed one of the herbs that are often associated with .effects on blood pressure

Will Maca Help Me Become More Curvy?

Since Maca works to build muscle and to balance hormones it can have positive effects on physical appearance. Our customers have reported success in building muscles in the glutes as well as slightly increasing breast size after using Maca. Read more…

If we’ve left your question unanswered here, please let us know and we’ll get back to you quickly with an answer.

Enjoy your day!


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