Which Maca Is Best For Male Fertility


Maca root, a vegetable native to the Peruvian Andes has been used for centuries as a source of food and as a natural medicine.  It’s incredible nutrient density  combined with its hardiness made life possible for many people and animals at such high elevations.    Over the past decades it has become a well-known superfood that has many potential benefits.

The traditional story goes that maca root was first discovered by farmers who noticed that their livestock who ate it were more fertile and produced stronger offspring.   The farmers themselves also began to eat maca and noticed similar results.   In that way, it’s reasonable to say that maca first became known because of its fertility promoting properties.

Fertility is indeed still a major benefit of maca.  In fact, many doctors in Peru still prescribe it first when a couple is having difficulty conceiving.   

When a couple is using maca root to help them conceive it’s important that both partners consume maca.  We typically recommend red maca for females.  In this article we’ll talk specifically about which maca is best for male fertility. black-maca-root-for-male-fertility.jpg

Understanding The Colors Of Maca

Maca roots grow in a wide range of colors, from very light beige to dark gray.  Although maca farmers have identified up to 30 + ecotypes of maca, they are generally grouped into three categories: black, red and yellow.

Black maca  root is the rarest of all the colors.  It has been shown to have some unique properties including a stronger ability than red or yellow maca to promote sperm motility and volume.   It also has been shown to have the best anabolic (muscle building) affect among all maca colors

Red maca  is the second rarest and, interestingly, the sweetest tasting of the three colors.  Research has shown that it is excellent for overall hormone balance as well as for prostate support.   It is an excellent starting point for someone new to maca.

Yellow maca is the most common of the three colors and, for that reason, has been the most researched.   It has been associated with a variety of health benefits.  

Tricolor maca is a blend of all three colors available at The Maca Team.

Just as important, and probably even more important, than the color of the maca you take is the quality of the product.  Factors including where it was grown, when it was harvested, how it was dried, where it was stored after harvest, when it was made into a powder and more all affect the potency of the final product.   In order to maximize your results,  always make sure to get an organic, Peruvian grown maca product that is produced in a small batch and is properly packaged.

So, which color of maca is best for male fertility?   Of the three major maca colors we recommend black maca for male fertility.  This is based on the experience of our customers as well as on the following research on black maca benefits:  

  • A study published in 2006, found that black maca was the best color to effectively support the production of sperm among rats tested. It also found that, “Black Maca affects sperm count as early as 1 day after beginning of treatment.”
  • A second study from 2006 found that “...black maca increased epididymal sperm count after 84 days of treatment” in the male rats studied. It also concluded that compared to other colors of maca, “black maca appeared to have more beneficial effect on sperm counts and epididymal sperm motility.”
  • Similar results were found in 2016 with an increase in daily sperm production.  This study, using mice, found that sperm motility as well as sexual dysfunction was affected positively by adding black maca root to the animals’ diet over the course of 12 weeks.

Raw vs. Gelatinized Macafresh-black.-maca-root-on-ground.jpg

Once you’ve decided to use black maca there is another important decision to make.  Maca root products come in 2 major types, raw and gelatinized (pre-cooked).   The main difference between the 2 is that raw maca products are never heated above about 120 F / 46 C.  This preserves vitamin C levels and enzymes at their highest.  Gelatinized maca products, on the other hand, are pre-cooked in a specialized process that eliminates starch content and concentrates some nutrients.   The result is a product that is easier to digest.   If you have any concerns with digestion, we recommend starting with gelatinized black maca over raw black maca.

Beyond raw vs. gelatinized, you can also choose to take our products in powder or capsule form.  Powder is the most economical but capsules are more convenient.  Since we control the making of our capsules, we are able to be sure that they contain only 100% pure maca powder.   Since the capsules and powders contain the same ingredient, you can expect the same results from either.  

A final consideration is whether or not to try one of our “premium” products.   These maca products undergo special fast processing in order to maximize and standardize some nutrient content.    Read more about the differences between premium and sun-dried maca

Which Maca Is Best For Male Fertility According To Users

Over the years, we’ve received quite a bit of feedback from customers who have used maca products to promote fertility.   Here are a few that are relevant specifically to men.

"We tried a lot of things to get pregnant before we learned about peruvian maca in a book on natural fertility. My husband and I started taking it religiously after that. I got pregnant 6 months later and I’m sure the maca helped." -  Jennifer and Ray Collins, Washington

"It’s Incredible! Well, the wife and I are trying to conceive a child. We also just started two businesses, and between the actual workload and the stress of being new business owners it made performance a little worrisome sometimes. After about 2 weeks on the maca I`m like a teenager again LOL. There is now never a question as to whether or not I`ll be “ready”. And we`re ovulating this week." - Customer asked to remain anyonymous

"I would like to thank you soooo much big time for the quality and great maca you sell , it helped me magically in less than 4 weeks to boost my sperm count from 4M to 290M.  I can't believe it's true ... " A Sheikh

"Just to share, my wife became pregnant after consuming black maca for about six months after ten years of trying to have a kid; we have been sharing this miracle product with our friends who are trying to have children too. Also, my aged parents have also informed us that the Maca product has somehow given them more energy in their daily activities." - Kiang Meng

which-black-maca-to-take-for-male-fertility.jpgFinal Words

In conclusion, while all types of maca can have a positive effect on male fertility, black maca is considered the most potent. It's high in amino acids, antioxidants, and other nutrients that can help support healthy sperm development and increase libido.   We recommend gelatinized black maca for anyone who has sensitive digestion and raw black maca otherwise.   Finally, keep in mind that maca is a food and has no known contraindications.  Even so, if you are concerned about adding it to your diet please consult with a knowledgeable, competent health care professional.

Enjoy the day!


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