Is Red Maca Good For The Prostate


is-red-maca-good-for-prostate.jpgProstate health is a matter of concern for many men as they age. Various natural remedies and supplements are gaining popularity as potential aids in maintaining a healthy prostate. One such solution is red maca root, a Peruvian superfood known for its purported health benefits. In this article, we will delve into the question: Is  red maca good for the prostate? We'll explore the science behind red maca, its potential benefits for prostate health, and what you need to know if you're considering adding it to your wellness routine.

What Is Red Maca Root?

Maca is a cruciferous vegetable native to the high Andes mountains of Peru.  It has been cultivated for 1000s of years and used both as a staple food and as a natural medicine.   Traditionally it is known for boosting energy, providing nutrition, improving libido and enhancing fertility.    Over the past few decades maca root has become increasingly popular outside of Peru due to the large number of benefits associated with taking it.    

Maca roots grow in a range of colors, from very light beige to deep gray.   These colors are typically grouped into three families: yellow, black and red.   While they all belong to the same species of plant,  lepidium meyenni, there are slight nutritional differences between the three.    

Red maca is the second most common of the 3 major colors of maca, making up around 25% of the annual harvest.   It has been shown to be slightly higher in phytonutrient and antioxidant content than the other colors.   Interestingly, it also tends to be the sweetest tasting of the major maca powders.

What Does Research Say About Red Maca and Prostate Health?

While red maca is a preferred choice for many people, it is of particular interest for men who are looking for prostate support.    And that is for good reason.    Pubmed, which is an extensive online archive of the National Library of Medicine, has catalogued over 20 different studies relating to red maca and prostate.   Here are some of the major highlights from those studies:

A 2005 study in the journal, “Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology” studied red maca on rats with increased prostate size.   The study concluded that: “Red Maca but neither Yellow nor Black Maca reduced significantly ventral prostate size in rats. Serum T or E2 levels were not affected by any of the ecotypes of Maca assessed. Red Maca also prevented the prostate weight increase induced by TE treatment. Red Maca administered for 42 days reduced ventral prostatic epithelial height.” 

A 2012 study from “Andrologia” found that “Red maca (RM) extract significantly reduced prostate size in rats with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) induced by testosterone enanthate (TE).“

Another study from "Andrologia" in 2020 states simply that: “The Peruvian plant known as Red Maca (RM) (Lepidium meyenii) inhibits BPH in rats and mice.”

While these results are promising, it’s important to note that to date no conclusive human studies have been published, although some are ongoing.   More research is necessary to make any sort of definitive scientific statements regarding the efficacy of red maca for prostate health.

Words From Some Men Who Have Used Our Red Maca For Prostatered-maca-prosate-lifestyle.jpg

Perhaps inspired by some of the research listed above, men have been trialing red maca for prostate issues for many years now.   We regularly receive feedback from customers who are excited to report benefits that they associate with taking red maca products.   Here are a few of those:

"Aloha and happy Saturday! Hope. All is awesome with the Maca team! I love the red Maca and have been taking it for a few years now, only from the Maca team! I just bought more today.  Also, as a 70 year old man, I’m pleased so say that my psa , which has always been low @ around 1.0, dropped again this year. And I, I attribute that to the red Maca.  I also tried adding black Maca but I’m not wild about it and will stick to just red.  Thanks for any assistance and make every day the best day of your life, so far!" - John Lisicich

"It may just be because this is the first time I am using Red Maca, but the effect has been fabulous! Energy is stable. urination less frequent, and overall just feeling good. The price was great, the packaging was great and the quality is great! What more can one say?" - Patrick Pummill

"I have had a prostate problem for several years. I would buy prostate supplements that cost around 30.00 a month. The supplements had very little if any affects on my prostate. Within 2 weeks, my prostate showed great improvement, I have used it for 1/12 years and will continue to take Red Maca, and highly recommend it." - Mike

Are Other Maca Colors Also Good For Prostate Health?

One question that often comes up is if other maca colors, yellow and black, also provide similar benefits.   While it’s true that the bulk of the studies cited above have been done on red maca, we have heard of a few men report similar gains while using black or yellow maca.   Overall, it’s not 100% clear that you have to use red maca in particular to receive benefits.   But based on our experience combined with the available research, red maca is what we recommend for prosate.

Essential to success, however, is making sure that you are taking a quality, organically grown Peruvian maca root product that is as fresh as possible.

Other Ways Red Maca May Help Prostatered-maca-root-powder-for-prostate.jpg

  1. Hormonal balance: red Maca is believed to help balance hormones in both men and women. In men, hormonal imbalances, particularly elevated levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), are linked to prostate issues. Red maca may help regulate these hormone levels.
  2. Antioxidant properties: Red maca is rich in antioxidants, such as polyphenols and flavonoids, which can help combat oxidative stress and inflammation in the prostate gland.
  3. Improved libido: Some studies suggest that Red maca may enhance sexual function and libido in men, which can contribute to overall prostate health.
  4. Potential anti-inflammatory effects: Chronic inflammation is associated with various prostate conditions, including prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Red maca's anti-inflammatory properties may help alleviate these symptoms.
  5. Nutrient density: Red maca is packed with essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These nutrients can support the overall well-being of the prostate and the entire body.

How To Take Red Maca For The Most Benefit

Red maca comes in a variety of forms, raw and gelatinized, powder, capsules, chips and liquid extracts.   Gelatinized is probably the best for most people to start with as the starch content has been removed, making it easier on the digestive system.   Powder is the most economical and capsules are the most convenient, while liquid extracts can provide an extra boost throughout the day.    Get help choosing the right maca for you.

Whichever red maca you do use it is important to do the following to increase your chances of getting the results you desire:

  • Take the suggested serving amount – it’s important to get enough, but not too much maca into your diet.
  • Stay consistent with your serving – daily use is very important, especially when starting out with maca.  Once you’ve had it daily for about a month, it’s possible to miss a day here and there.
  • Be patient – results come over time.  Maca is a food and not a drug or even a supplement.  As such it takes time to work.   Some people will see results within a couple weeks, while it may take several more weeks for others.


In conclusion, while red maca holds promise as a natural supplement for promoting prostate health and while more research is needed to confirm its overall efficacy, it is in our opinion worth trying for anyone looking for support in this area.   Prostate health is a complex matter, and a holistic approach that includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, and routine check-ups are part of a good strategy to support your well-being.  We hope that this has helped answer your question about red maca and prostate.   An if you have any specific questions regarding adding red maca to your daily routine, we recommend that you consult a knowledgeable healthcare professional for advice.   

Enjoy the day!



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