Is There Any Way to Hide The Taste of Maca?

In general Maca powder has a distinct carmel or malt-like flavor.  Many people enjoy the taste, while others simply don't.   Here are our top tips on how to make maca powder taste good for those who aren't big fans of the flavor.

  • Not all Maca colors taste the same - Red Maca is the sweetest and most mild tasting.   maca flavorYellow  Maca is the least sweet and Black Maca is somewhere in between.  Premium Maca, because of its special processing, is the strongest tasting.  If taste is your top priority use Red Maca instead of the other Maca powders.
  • Take Maca mixed in food - We have an ever growing collection of recipes that contain Maca powder - both cooked and raw.  They include everyting ranging from simple smoothies to brownies to soups to power bars.   You can find all of our Maca Recipes here.
  • Use cinnamon - This is a great tip we've received from our customers.  Mix your Maca with a pinch of cinnamon and stir into almond or rice milk or even coffee.  Some of our customers enjoy adding an additional bit of sweetener like honey or agave syrup.   
  • Take Maca with small amounts of liquid - Some people find it helpful to take Maca in a "shot" maca tasteform.   The idea is to mix Maca powder with jsut 4-6 oz of liquid and drink it down all at once.
  • Take Maca in capsules - The simplest way to completely avoid or hide the taste of Maca is to take it in capsule or extract  form rather than in powder form.  We sell all of our products in vegan capsules and in liquid extract form.

We hope that you find one of these solutions to improve maca powder flavor helpful.   If you have any further questions or have another tip to add, please let us know.  We're happy to help.  

Enjoy the day!


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