What Should I Expect When Taking Premium Maca for The First Time


premium-maca-pancakes.jpgWe offer several of our maca root products in both “premium” and “standard” versions.   If you’ve never tried one of the premium products, and especially the powder, it’s important to understand how the experience will differ from taking standard (aka sundried) maca.  In this article we’ll give you a very clear idea of what to expect when taking premium maca.  

The Main Difference Between Premium and Sundried Maca

Both versions of maca, premium and sundried, are made from the same grade-A certified organic maca roots, but these roots are processed differently.  Our standard/sundried maca products are made from roots that are dried in the high mountain sun for 10-40 days right after being harvested.  This is the traditional and slower method of drying maca.   A newer method has emerged over the past 20 years.  It is now possible to dry maca roots in a much quicker way using low temperature dehydrators.   Roots dried in this way are taken to a processing plant right after harvest where they are dried in a matter of several hours.  Because maca made from this type of processing has some higher nutrient content, it is called “premium.”  

Here is more information on the differences between sundried and premium maca root products.

The Taste Is Very Distinct In Premium Maca Powders

If you’re used to adding a standard maca powder to your morning smoothie or drink, premium maca will be a different experience for you.  Premium maca powder is much spicier and a bit more bitter than standard maca.    Many people describe the taste as “more intense.”     

The reason for this difference is that maca root is actually in the turnip/horseradish family.   While it is neither as bitter as a turnip nor as spicy as horseradish, maca root does contain those two flavor elements.   And when it is processed quickly as in the premium drying process these flavor elements come through stronger as the part of the process that preserves more nutrients.  

The taste of premium maca powder is not wholly unpleasant for most people and still has the earthy and caramel/malt undertones of sundried maca root.  For others the sharpness or spiciness of the premium powder is too much to overcome.   That’s one reason that we offer all of our premium products in capsule form as well.   The taste difference will not apply to our maca capsules as the capsules have no taste when you swallow them.  

Some Batches Are Stronger Than Othersred-premium-maca-capsules-from-the-maca-team.jpg

In terms of the spicy and intense taste, it’s also good to know that some batches of premium maca are stronger in flavor than others.  These variances are normal given that maca is a natural product.  Just as the same apple tree may produce different tasting apples on certain years, the results of a maca harvest depend on the soil in which it was grown, the overall climate, when the roots were harvested and more.   

Another good thing to keep in mind is that our gelatinized premium maca powders are a bit more mild than our raw premium maca powders.  This is because the gelatinization process involves relatively high heat, which does slightly alter some of the nutrients in the final product.

How To Start With Premium Maca Powders

premium-maca-with-cinnamon.jpgFor those who are new to our premium maca powders, we recommend taking 1/2 or less of the amount of your regular maca dosage in order to adjust to the differences. You may end up being able to take less of the Premium and still feel the same results even after adjusted to it due to its increased potency.

One thing that has worked for others who didn't like the taste of Premium was to put the powder in whatever type of milk you like along with cinnamon and maybe a bit of honey or agave. I would recommend trying to see if that will tame it down some.

Hopefully by reducing your dosage and taming down the taste, it will help you get the most out of the premium maca products.


While our premium maca products do provide more nutrition, especially glucosinolate content, it’s important to note that they are stronger in taste.  If you opt for capsules this is not an issue.  But if you decide to go with premium maca powders you should be prepared for the taste to be a bit sharper and more bitter than our standard sundried maca powders.    We have many fans of premium maca and the benefits outweigh the taste factor for them.    If you choose to try one of our premium powders just expect it to be a little less palatable.

Enjoy the day!


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