Are Maca Root Results Permanent?


do-results-from-taking-maca-lastIf you’ve been doing some research into maca root or have been taking maca for a while, you probably already know that it has many reported benefits.  Consumers have reported that it can help with everything from fertility, to hormone balance, to muscle building, to increased mood, better focus, libido and more.   The reason maca root can support such a wide variety of conditions is that it works to balance the endocrine system.   Our hormones are vitally important to a wide range of bodily functions and when they fall below optimal levels, negative health consequences follow.   In general terms our hormones control such things as our energy levels, reproduction, immune response growth and the functioning of our organs.   They are released by various glands to carry information to distant parts of our bodies.   Because maca helps stimulate the body to achieve optimal levels of hormones it can have an overall positive influence on the consumer’s wellbeing.   

Do the results from taking maca last?

Recently, we’ve been getting more questions like this one:  “are maca root results permanent?”  The simple answer to this question is: “it depends.”   Your endocrine system can be negatively affected by a large number of factors.  These include diet, alcohol consumption, stress levels, inadequate sleep and exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals often found in food storage containers, cookware and textiles.   While taking maca can help your body get back into hormonal balance, for the results to be long lasting, these other lifestyle factors must be taken into consideration.    For example, you cannot expect hormones to simply “go back to normal” by taking maca and still continuing to experience a large amount of stress.   

Maca should be considered as a part of an overall hormone healthy lifestyle.   The good news is that maca can help you achieve that kind of lifestyle.   Once you start taking it, you are likely to start feeling more energy and to be motivated to make the changes that will continue to support your overall well being.   

Another way to state the central question of this article is:  “can I take maca for just a while, get the results I want and then stop taking it?”   Again, the answer will depend.  Let’s say for example that you and your partner are taking organic maca root products to improve your chances of conceiving.   Once you have conceived you may or may not continue taking it.    On the other hand, let’s say you start taking red maca to help relieve the symptoms of menopause.   After a few weeks you notice a remarkable decline in hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and other uncomfortable symptoms of this life change.    You continue taking maca for several months and then forget to re-order.  In a couple of weeks, the symptoms start to reappear.  So, you simply pick up some more maca and keep taking it until you are well through menopause.   A similar situation might occur if you are taking maca to increase muscle mass.   You may choose to continue taking it to help maintain your new muscle mass and even build more muscle.   If you stop taking it you should be able to keep what gains you’ve achieved as long as you continue your training.   So, the long lasting nature of the results you get from taking maca really depend on what you are taking maca for.

Do I have to keep taking maca to keep getting the results I want?

are-maca-root-results-permanentThis is a related question that we also receive frequently.   Overall, we live in a quick paced society that values immediate results over sustained results.   This general attitude also applies to our health.   As a society we often expect a doctor to be able to prescribe a medicine that quickly cures or clears up a health issue.    Simply put, maca doesn’t really work like that.  It’s a food that supports health over time as it is taken.   For most people it takes 2-4 weeks to start experiencing the initial benefits from taking maca.   For example, someone taking maca for acne, will often notice the first signs of improvement in about 2 weeks.   But the results get better and deeper the longer the person continues with maca.  In addition, other positive results, feeling in a better mood or having increase energy, for example, might also show up over time.   

The majority of people in Peru who live in the high Andes where maca is grown consume the root for their entire lives.  It is truly a staple of the local diet.   That’s how many of our customers view maca as well, as a food to be eaten regularly to enhance overall wellness and life quality.   

How to make maca’s results last longer

There are a few things you can do to make sure you get the most out of taking maca and to maximize the results you get.

  • Start with a smaller amount ¼ to ½ teaspoon and work your way up over a couple of weeks.   This gives your body time to adjust to this nutrient rich superfood.
  • Take maca very consistently especially in the first 2 months.  Once you’ve achieved your ideal serving size, make sure you take a consistent amount of maca every day.  This supports the body to assimilate the benefits more efficiently.  
  • After the first 2 months, take 3-4 days off per month.   There is no real science to this, but as with any high-quality food, it’s supportive for the body to have a rest once in a while.  We recommend taking one day a week off.   
  • Give other colors of maca a try.   Red, Black and Yellow maca all have distinct nutrient profiles and may affect your body differently.
  • Enjoy maca in other forms, such as one of our maca superfood blends or in extract form.

Which maca is best?

do-i-need-to-keep-taking-macaAs a worldwide leading specialist in maca products, we offer the best selection anywhere.  And as you can see there are quite a few.   Before making any recommendations, it’s important to share that the best maca products are always grown in the traditional lands in and around Junin, Peru.   This is where maca originated and where it is at its most nutrient rich.   Also, make sure that the maca you get is as fresh as possible.   At The Maca Team, we process our products in small batches, which puts them in our customers hands usually within 6 months of processing.  Beyond that, always go for certified organic over conventional.   

In order to help you decide which maca to try first, we’ve developed a helpful page and tool listing our top recommendations.    You can find the best maca for you here.   


We know that the sea of information on maca on the internet can be confusing.   We do hope that this article does help you understand and answer the question, “are maca results permanent?”   We’re dedicated to sharing the benefits of high-quality Peruvian-grown maca products with the world and we appreciate you taking the time to read this article.  If you have any further questions, let us know.  We’re always happy to help.

Enjoy the day!


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