Which Maca Is Best For Libido?


what-maca-is-best-for-libidoMaca root (lepidium meyenni) has been a staple food in the diets of people indigenous to the high Andes mountains for 1000s of years.   The use of maca root to support energy, health and vitality pre-dates the Incan empire.  In those distant times, the story goes that maca root’s benefits were discovered when livestock that consumed the roots were more fertile and produced stronger offspring.   Subsequently, humans tried eating maca roots and discovered that they were not only nutritious but also promoted energy as well as a healthy libido and fertility.   Fast forwarding to today, doctors in Peru still commonly prescribe maca root as a first resort for couples who have low sex drive and difficulty conceiving.  

What everyday people share about maca and libido

Over the past 30 years, maca root products have extended far beyond the high Peruvian Andes.  They can now be found in many parts of the world.   At The Maca Team, we’ve sourced and sold high quality Peruvian grown maca for 2 plus decades.  And over that time, we’ve heard from thousands of customers, both men and women, who report great benefits when using maca.    Here are some examples:

"My energy level is through the roof.  My libido is great and my hormones are balanced I will keep this in my lifestyle.. I take 2 tsp in the morning in my coffee. - Shastina"

"Came as described. Tastes fine in coffee. Definitely increases sex drive so hold on to your hats ladies!!!" – Katie

"My husband and I add this to our Bulletproof coffee every morning. It definitely keeps our energy up and as for its reputed libido-firing effects? Seems true to us." – Marci

"I bought this one so my husband & I could both take it. He is 20 years older than I am so he mostly takes it for stamina in the bedroom. It does work!! I take it for hormone issues since I am at the age of starting menopause. I add it to my smoothie in the morning and my husband just adds it to water at lunchtime." - Faith

"I'm not tired even when exercising and fasting. Also, for the men, be prepared to have morning wood again lol!" - Steve

"This wary consumer is not easily fooled. The results, starting about a week-ten days after adding Maca to my daily diet, were undeniable. I recommend everyone take the "Which Maca is Best for Me?" (https://www.themacateam.com/which-maca-is-best) quiz. My results indicated that I switch from black maca to red maca. I blended the two for two weeks, then started 100% red. My bride of thirty years insists I re-stock in a timely manner. 'Nuff CED." - David

"I can tell a great difference in my uh libido since taking this product. I uh am 65 years young and taken pretty good care of myself with eating healthy and taking good care of my skin. But uh Yeah . . . I've noticed a HUGE difference☺️" - T.C.

"This product was a great price for the amount you get. I like that it’s sublingual and doesn’t taste Bad at all. It does help get the soldier downstairs to stand tall."  John T.

Which maca is best for libido?

Over our years of experience we have come to determine that in most cases, red maca for women and black maca for men get the best results when used for boosting sexual health and performance.   

Black maca comes from black colored maca roots which are the rarest of all maca colors, making up just about 15% of the annual harvest.   Studies have revealed that black maca is the best of all maca colors when it comes to increasing sperm motility and volume.   These studies have been performed on mice and therefore more human research is necessary to confirm them 100%.   However, anecdotal evidence suggests that black maca indeed has similar effects for men when taken consistently and at proper serving sizes. what-maca-is-best-for-libido-for-men.jpg

Red maca comes from red maca roots (about 35% of the annual harvest).   It is the second most common among maca colors and is known for its ability to help regulate hormones.  One study suggests that red maca is slightly higher in some important phytonutrients than black or yellow maca.  Beyond that we’ve had many women report positive effects from using red maca in particular.   An advantage of red maca over black is that it tastes slightly sweeter.     which-maca-is-best-for-libido-for-women

Another choice for both men and women is to use one of our Tricolor maca products.  These have a mixture of all 3 colors of maca root.  We call them “heritage harvest” products because this is how maca has traditionally been prepared, by mixing all 3 colors together.   Couples often will choose to share a tricolor product rather than each taking black or red individually.

Which forms of maca are best for boosting sexual appetite?

You’ve already seen that red maca for women, black maca for men and tricolor maca for both men and women are our top recommendations.   But each of those come in a variety of forms.  At The Maca Team we source, sell and create the largest number of high quality maca root products anywhere.    The most economical form to enjoy is maca powder.   Maca capsules are more expensive but easier to gauge in terms of serving size.  And liquid maca extracts are great to take with you on the go. Beyond that you should also know that we generally recommend raw maca products unless you happen to have sensitive digestion. If that’s the case, we suggest purchasing a gelatinized form of maca root.   This type of maca has had the starch removed, which eases any digestive discomfort.

Final Words

Maca root is renowned for its ability to stimulate healthy sexual function and red maca seems to work best for women while black seems to work best for men.  Beyond maca color, it is very important to consider where your maca comes from.  Quality, freshness and consistency are all essential to maximizing your results.   Make sure that you purchase a Peruvian grown maca that is certified organic and that is as fresh as possible.    Beyond that, please keep in mind that while maca root is a food (and not a supplement or drug), it is a powerful food.  If you have any doubt about adding it to your diet, we recommend that you consult a competent health care professional.

In terms of helping with any other questions please let us know.  We have amazing customer service representatives that love supporting our customers.

Enjoy the day!


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