Ellis Karadag - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Name: Ellis Karadag

Sport : Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


I got into Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Thai boxing in the year 2011, I was 17 just getting out of high school. After a few short months I showed interest in fighting or some sort of dsc-1047.jpgcompetition.  Being still relatively  new to the sport it was recommended  I do a grappling tournament  of some sort since  multiple  opportunities  were coming up. It would be good practice  leading up to  something a bit more serious   like a mma fight scenario. Taking the next few weeks to only committing to Brazilian jiu-jitsu  as best as I could changed  my mindset on how much I enjoy it.  Twice a week to just about everyday I became more addicted to training and doing my first competition  winning in a 20 person bracket  was a awesome  time. Being so tired in a few minute compared  to a training environment where I could train for hours. I slowly took striking out of my agenda and did gi ( uniform) and nogi  competitions doing points and sub only rule sets  going from weight classes  from 135,145,155 170 and sometimes a open weight class division. When I was 18 I was able to get a instructor  job teaching beginner  adults and kids classes along with private/ small group classes and it quickly  became more of my life then I thought   training as full time as possible. 10 years later I’m in a similar  position  and haven’t looked back. Today in the year 2022 I’m a brown belt competitor out of the vault  jiu-jitsu.   Competing  and having a active  lifestyle made me want to look up a healthier  lifestyle being active  all of the time. Looking up the best foods and supplements  to add to my life to prolong and share my knowledge  on and off the mats to help me with my goals and the others around me.

Top Accomplishments:

4-1   record on fight2win
2018 American national featherweight brown belt medalist
Emerald city invitational  145lb bracket competitor
Southside gym wars superfight  winner
Superfight grappling league winner

Which Maca do you use:

I enjoy  maca coffee and black maca powder.  The premium  and raw black maca powder along with the maca capsules.  I use these to start my day with endless energy, for recovery and to strengthen  bones and muscles.

What does Maca do for you:

I use maca powder  supplements  as a energizer and recovery supplement   in my training  on a daily  basis. It also is packed with multiple  B vitamins calcium  and iron with other major  benefits the human body needs.

Final Thoughts:

The Maca Team  has done a great job providing  supplements  on there website with multiple ways to partake in maca in liquid,powder and capsule  form along with info and what’s best for you taking the short quiz on the website.  I love that it’s essentially  a multi vitamin  and bcaa  supplement  for me  in the most natural  way  possible. Maca has been around forever  and I enjoy the red and black maca in liquid and capsule form!


Thank you Ellis for your ambassadorship!


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