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Name: Ed UrbanoEd Urbano Maca

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I am a retired carpenter. When I started weight training, I just wanted to tone up. The more I improved, the more I wanted. I did not get serious until 2009.

At that time, my dear friend Doug Brolus talked me into doing a photo shoot, which I was reluctant to do. But I thought that I would never forgive myself if I did not give it a try. The photographer told me that he thought I would have a chance to compete at Muscle Beach. I never dreamed or fantasized about competing.  In my mind, that was for the Jay Cutler’s and the Ronnie Coleman’s. Again, I thought I should give it a try at least once. I took first place in the Men’s Masters over 70 and third place in the Novice. I was able to enter the Novice because that was my first contest ever. Very few guys enter all three contests in a calendar year and no male has won all three. I was blessed to have won all three contests in 2018.

I did not get here on my own. I have several people to thank for that. My dear friend Doug Brolus, who ed-urbano-trophies.jpgstarted it all for me, Bob & Gail Gardner, who did my first photo shoot, Abe Lojero, who did my third photo shoot & connected me to Muscle Beach, Mr. Joe Wheatly, the promoter at Muscle beach, and Eryk Bui, my trainer. Without him none of this would be happening for me. My journey would not be complete without each one of them. They all helped me in different ways but equally important. Eryk suggested that I compete in an NPC Muscle Contest, where you can win your IFBB pro card. I competed in the Southwest Classic in 2018. Terrick El Guindy is the promoter for the west coast NPC Contests. Terrick presented me with the Sword of Honor, for Most Inspirational Competitor.

I could never give them what they have given me. My trainer introduced me to Maca. By chance I found The Maca Team. I have been using Maca for six months, and I feel subtle changes for the better. I feel the best is yet to come because I am going to increase the black Maca from 65% to 80% along with the red Maca at 15% and the yellow Maca 5%. Mr. Olympia here I come (ha ha).

I want to encourage everyone young and old to live a healthy lifestyle. You can do this. Be consistent and you will be a winner. Remember QUITTERS NEVER WIN!  

Top Accomplishments:

Ed Urbano Bodybuilder

May 2018 - 1st Place May 2018 Men’s Bodybuilding over 70 - Muscle Beach

May 2018 - 3rd Place May 2018 Novice Bodybuilding Middle Weight - Muscle Beach

July 2018 -  1st Place July 2018 Ultra Grand Over 70 - Muscle Beach

September 2018 - 1st Place September 2018 Ultra Grand Over 70 - Muscle Beach

September 2018 - 3rd Place September 2018 Master’s Bodybuilding 40+ - NPC Southwest Classic

September 2018 - Sword of Honor - Inspirational Competitor - NPC Southwest Classic

May 2019 - 5th Place May 2019 Master’s Body Building Over 70 - Muscle Beach

May 2019 - 4th Place May 2019 Master’s Classic Physique 35+ - NPC California State Championship   

September 2019 - 1st Place September 2019 Master’s Bodybuilding over 70   - Muscle Beach

May 2022- 4th Place Master's Classic at Muscle Beach, CA - at 79 years old!

Which Maca(s) do you use: ed-urbano-tmt-shirt.jpg

Red, Yellow & Black + The Morning Motivator

What does Maca do for you:

When I’m training and I feel like I’m running out of gas Maca gives me the edge to continue.  It’s not like drugs, it’s very subtle.

Update From 2022

After 2 years of missed events due to the pandemic, Ed was finally able to compete in his first contest in May 2022.   This was located at world famous Muscle Beach in Venice, CA and sponsored by the legendary promoter of all things body-building, Joe Wheatley.    Ed's got at least 2 more contests planned for this year.

We wish him all the best!

Ed On Stage at 76 years old (2019)

Thank you Ed for your ambassadorship. We appreciate you!

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