Isaiah Strayhorn - Football and Bodybuilding

Name: Isaiah Strayhorn


Sports: Football - Bodybuilding


My first sport was basketball, but once I got to the 4th grade I played my first season of tackle football and I fell in love with it.  I played basketball, baseball, track and field all the way through high school, but football was always my #1.  I had a successful high school career and I ended up playing at Azusa Pacific University my freshman year of college.  Things didn't work out there, and I came back home and played 2 seasons at a Community College where I earned an scholarship to play my remaining 2 seasons at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville Missouri.  I had a successful career at Northwest Missouri State, earning a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and earning multiple football accolades.  I graduated in December 2019, and I started training and preparing to start my career in the NFL.  I was preparing for my Pro Day workout in March of 2020 before it got cancelled due to Covid days before.  Due to the fact my Pro Day workout got cancelled, none of the NFL scouts who I talked too and who came to see me during the season were able to watch my workout, so I missed out on my opportunity to play in the NFL.  Since then, I’ve been doing everything I can to work my way back to the NFL, including attending numerous camps and showcases to gain exposure and get my name back out there.  In 2021, I was blessed with the opportunity to play professional football in the Indoor Football League for the Bismarck Bucks and get some pro experience and new film for coaches to evaluate.  Since then, I’ve been a free agent, training and working hard for another opportunity.  In the mean time, I’ve worked as an EMT, and I’m currently working as personal trainer, and elementary school teacher.  I also just started competing in bodybuilding as well!  My hard work has put me in a position to be drafted to the XFL in October and play professional football again in 2024. Its been a long journey with alot of ups and downs but I’m grateful for all the adversity and the lessons I’ve learned!

Top Accomplishmentsisaiah-strayhorn-bodybuilder-2.jpg

  • Associates Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Bachelors Degree in Business Management
  • 2x 2nd Team All Conference Running Back at Southwestern College
  • 2x Honorable Mention at Northwest Missouri State University
  • Invited to USFL draft, XFL draft, and XFL combine
  • Played professional football for the Bismarck Bucks (IFL)
  • Placed 4th in first Natural Bodybuilding competition competing in Mens Physique Category + Overall Most Muscular Award Winner
  • Licensed EMT
  • Certified Personal Trainer

Which Maca Do You Use?

Gelatinized Black Maca

How Does Maca Help You?

Maca has helped me most significantly with  muscle building, stamina, and strength.  I’m always striving to be as strong and healthy I can be, so what I put in my body is very important to me.  Fueling my body with healthy and sustainably sourced foods is crucial in order for me to perform at my best.  Taking Maca has become a major part of my diet and its definitely helped me increase my muscle strength and size.  It also helps with increasing my stamina so I can push myself as hard as I can.  Mental health is equally as important as physical health,  and in order to be the best athlete you can be physically, you also need to prioritize your mental health.  Taking Maca can help reduce anxiety, stress, and depression while providing energizing and uplifting effects to support mental clarity.  Maca also has many other benefits such as helping with libido and fertility, mental focus, bone health, and memory.  Everyone can benefit from taking Maca and I recommend it to everyone!

Thank you Isaiah for your support. We appreciate you!



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