Robert McCuen - Mountain Biking

Name: Robert McCuen Rob Mccuen MTB

Sport : XC MTB / Endurance MTB  racing


I was a college athlete and once College was over and I walked off of the field for the last time, I was unsure of what was going to fill the major void I now had of high level competition. After a few years of weight training and a few seasons of dirt bike racing I finally found my way to XC MTB racing as part of the recovery process after a bad dirt bike accident. Instantly I was hooked and I rapidly climbed through the ranks and the workouts become longer, harder, and I was building quit the engine. I went on to win several races over the past few seasons and MTB racing has filled the void that was missing after college baseball was over. 

I enjoy being out in the woods testing my limits and see what my body is capable of. Last season I took on endurance MTB racing and had found success in races that lasted 4+ hours. Maca has become a critical part of my training plan and my go to season after season.

Top Accomplishments:


2015 Mid Atlantic Super Series Cat 3 30-39 champion 

2016 Mid Atlantic Super Series Cat 2 30-39 champion 

2016 Won my first Cat 1 race 

2017 My first Pro Elite Season 

2018 9th at USA Cycling National Championships 

2018 5th overall in H2H Pro Elite XC Class 

2019 4th Open Class at Iron Cross Gravel race 


Which Maca do you use:

Raw Black Maca 

What does Maca do for you:

As workouts get longer and harder I need mind clarity to focus on the task at hand. Maca keeps me focused on my training schedule and allows me to go longer harder and faster. Maca allows me to push harder efforts day in and day out.  

Rob Mccuen MTB 2

Thank you Rob for your ambassadorship. We appreciate you!


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