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5 Things To Consider Before You Buy Maca

13th Nov 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

We've served thousands of customers with our high quality, organically grown Maca products over the years. And we're the only company we know of that is specifically dedicated to Maca. For that reason, we've accumulated a lot of experience when it comes to how to buy Maca powder. We've put these tips together to help you make sure that the Maca you purchase is the best one for you.5 Tips for Buying the Best Maca for you:Make sure you purchase the best color of Maca specific to your body and health. Maca grows in 3 colors - yellow, red and black. Each have unique properties and can support you […]

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How Maca Powder Is Made

22nd Oct 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

Maca is a hardy plant that grows in the high Andes of Peru and Bolivia.It has been used for thousands of years as a food for both animals and people.Although the leaves of the Maca plant are edible and contain some nutrients, it is the root of the plant that is most valued.Maca is typically planted in August/September.8-9 months later the roots are harvested.The harvest occurs in the late winter and early spring and as the roots are pulled from the ground they are laid out on large tarps to be sundried.The process of sun drying in the high altitude takes just 10-14 days.At this point t […]

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The Beneficial Minerals Found in Maca Root

8th Oct 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

Maca root is packed with minerals! With five major minerals and a half dozen minor ones, it is no wonder this South American root is called a superfood. But what minerals can be found in the maca root, and what can they do to benefit your health?●Calcium: The maca root contains more calcium than milk! That helps you build strong bones and is important for your circulatory functions. ●Phosphorus: Vital for brain function and muscle movement. ●Magnesium: Needed for a healthy heart and necessary for muscle movement. ●Potassium: Good for proper cell functions. ●Sodium: Helps with circula […]

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How Maca Root Helps Make You More Disease Resistant

1st Sep 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

Maca root is in a grouped into a class of substances called adaptogens. These are foods, minerals, herbs, and other substances that help your body become more resistant to diseases. How does it work? Maca root is great for both your physical and emotional well-being, both of which are vital to your immune system. People who take maca regularly experience great well-being, which assists in strengthening the body's ability to ward off disease. The Peruvian root also balances the hormones in your body, which are directly responsible for making your body work correctly. Another thing tha […]

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How Maca Powder Can Help You Keep Your Hormones Balanced

9th Aug 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

While you likely associate hormones with the ravages of adolescence, hormones are actually responsible for a variety of functions within your body throughout your lifetime. Many common health concerns can actually be attributed to an imbalance of hormones in your body, because when your hormones aren’t working correctly your body can’t function properly. Fortunately, there are ways to help your body rebalance itself, and maca powder is a great way to start.For people suffering from hormonal imbalance, symptoms can range from anxiety, to weight gain, to insomnia, to depression, and much more. Y […]

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