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Maca Testimonials

Over the years we've gotten a lot of feedback about our products.   On this page we have broken these Maca reviews into categories. Please scroll down to find the categories you are interested in.   Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please let us know.   Enjoy your day!

About The Maca Team And Our Organic Maca


"Ok I usually do not write testimonials but I just GOT TO this time. You can give my email address to anyone who contacts you to check if I am a real person who is writing this. Your MACA is THE BEST I have ever tried. Got more strength and stamina than ever. My body loves this stuff. I sold this to about 10 people and they all say the same. BEST EVER. And some of these people have been taking MACA since it came out there years ago."  -  Josh, Thailand

"So happy that I found your product !. While living in Peru, years ago, I purchased Raw Maca from the Street Markets and enjoyed good benefits from it. After many years back in the States, I have finally found a comparable product. Thank You" - Virgil

"I have been taking Maca for about three years.The benefits are very good when taken as suggested.Finding a company that specializes in Maca was amazing.The quality of this product over what I was using in the past was incomparable.I will be a loyal customer to this provider of a great product." - Ron Flamm

"This sampler package is a great way to try each maca and also a great value. All my future maca purchases will be through this website. I love the product and my package arrived very quickly. Thank you, Maca Team!" - Jon

"I have been enjoying your products now for quite a long time.  You are clearly committed to your business and to bringing the best products to your customers.  I have a high regard for your company and the way you run it.  Thanks for continuing to provide product during these challenging times in the maca market.  I appreciate you sharing your insights on the situation.  I hope things settle out well for you and your company." - Mike

"I am so happy to have macs from your company. First thing wan to tell you that me and my hubby tried maca from our local shop but it did not make a difference even after using 15 days. I took this maca only for 2 days on an empty stomach, I am feeling great and one thing its freshness and fragrance that assures its quality. Really its great I am feeling more energetic so far. Hope so that it will work for both of us and let us to be a constant customer of your company but my request is to maintain the same quality for your excellent products. I will keep you updating. Have a great day!!!!" - Ounaza Sahood

"I have been taking the Red Maca for a couple of years now, the positive impact it has had on my life has compelled me to share this company and product with as many people as possible!  Many of the people I go to church with have started taking Maca because of my testimonial, and now they have testimonials of their own! The KEY is CONSISTENCY!!! I've promoted Maca to friends and they would take it sporadically with small results; however, when I encourage them to be CONSISTENT, they saw AMAZING results! I will NEVER go without Maca from The Maca Team, they are the BEST quality and customer service in this market - don't forget, I've been buying for them for a couple years already!! Some of the AMAZING CHANGES I've experienced are: Increased energy, mental clarity, no more anxiety, strong hair & nails, and some more personal areas :-) Give it a try, be consistent, and your life will be forever changed for the BETTER! Cheers to MACA :-)"  Hez From Virginia Beach, Hope Center Church

"I am always hesitant to buy things like this online but I put the order in anyway and will tell anyone to do the same from the Maca Team. My order was shipped quick. It think I ordered on Thursday at midnight and received my Maca on Monday ! We have not been taking the maca for very long only about 3 weeks but so far it seems to be helping with our energy and “love life”. I can tell if I skip a day for sure ! I like the sample pack because it gave us the 5 options to try out. We will know which maca is best for us when we buy the next time around. Thanks Maca Team!" - Chad

"Every time I order from The Maca Team I am never disappointed! My item always arrives at least a day or two early and they provide nice brochures which includes educational information about Red Maca and it's benefit. I personally have noticed I've gain some of my health back due to taking this product. Great service and very friendly. Highly recommend purchasing goods from this company." - Denise

"Maca Is A Lifesaver.   I started taking creme Maca from another company in an effort to curb hot flashes and hormonal  issues I was experiencing.  I found your company (by way of Wellness Mama) when it was time to reorder and was so excited to find that you work with the families who farm the Maca in fairly traded fashion!  I ordered the sampler pack which made it easier to get black Maca for my husband as well as red and creme, which I now mix for myself in a cup of warm yerba mate tea and drink right down.  The sampler set is a great idea for families/couples who may have different needs with Maca!  The Maca has helped my hormonal issues and hot flashes sooooooo much, and from here on out, I won't be without it!  Thanks for your business practices which are the icing on my Maca cake!"  -Michele

"I researched maca prior to determining where to purchase and what impressed me about The Maca Team is the quality of information and dedication delivered by this company. As for the product it is the best I have used in freshness, taste and with the product packaging storage is of little worry. I have seen a turn-around in my moods and stamina. Great Product!" - Tim, Ohio

"Love the Maca team, In an earlier comment I said I was on the fence about where to buy Maca .Not any more .You shouldn’t be either. Mark has answered any questions I’ve had promptly.  I feel like I’m dealing with friends,not some company far away out for my money only.the Maca is fresh,prices are good, the people are nice.  If you’re on the fence,don’t be, you wont be sorry. Sincerely," - Bob


“I am an athlete and have been using Maca for years. This is the best I have found after sampling many types and brands. The Maca Team crew also has great customer service and ships fast.”  - Mike K.

"I wanted to give you an update on my maca for today. If it weren’t for you, I would not be taking anymore,,,but because of you…..I am doing ok.It looks like the banana was the culprit for me. because within 6 hours of taking it…my throat “ normally”would be burning…but not without the banana. Thank you for all your help…………..I know, you probably grew lines in your forehead when seeing my incoming email……but you stuck with me through this." - Jean Selman

"I just wanted to thank you for your excellently constructed website. I am a physician  and I recently started learning about Maca. I get a very good sense of it, and I expect I will try it out myself and possibly be recommending it to patients in the future. If so, your website will be the first place to send people. Thanks again." - Adam Holt

"Thank u so much for thinking of me. I LOVE your Organic Red Macca!!! You Rock. Thanks again." - luv DM

"I am very impressed with the quality of your maca.  I have tried various brands over the years and ended up throwing them away because I could never notice any benefit.  I’m not sure what led me to your web site, but I’m glad I found it.  I experienced very real, noticeable improvements by the end of a week.  It has greatly helped with hormonal balancing and increased endurance during my workouts.  I also feel my recovery is quicker after working out.  I have recommended your product to several friends and family who are also experiencing very good results.  I am currently using the red maca and occasionally switch to the premium a couple of days a week.  I will be a customer for life. I also appreciate the information provided on the web site. Sincerely," -  Kathleen

"First time buying from this Company. A very fresh product. Also first time to use Black Maca which is a great product. Seems to be very effecting and I will purchase more from this company."  - Dave Anderson, Hawaii

"Awesome!. I have tried just about every maca brand, This is the Best." - Jordan, New York

"Hello all! Recently started using Maca after being on steroids for an auto immune disease. While stepping down off the steroids I was having a lot of problems and starting taking 3 tsp of red maca in 1/2 cup almond milk in the morning and for the first time in weeks the throbbing in my adrenals went away, i slept all night long, and was able to concentrate on my college papers for the first time in weeks. The almond milk and the red maca taste like eggnog, its soo tasty! Its like Christmas in every glass. Thanks maca team, I know I am getting a really good fair-trade organic sourced maca!" – Kat K.

"Hello! Your maca is truly the Don Perignon of macas I've experienced." - Mazy

"I had been previously eating/drinking the raw common brown/beige Maca for a few years, since trying the Gelatinized black this past month I am a true believer now. While the Raw Maca was very good at the beginning, the benefits seem to wear off even after doing a month on month off cycle. I feel the gelatinised black is the next step up and is the way Maca is supposed to be consumed (not raw). It has exceeded my expectations. I feel better in mind, body and spirit. Thanks Macateam, I definitely will be back for more." - Peter N 

"I love the maca The Maca Team offers. I first bought your red maca from the Amazon site. It is great. The taste is very acceptable. I bought it mainly for prostate health and for my wife. I'll be ordering some more red maca soon.   The black maca I ordered direct from you is also great tasting and seems to be effective in balancing my hormonal health, etc. I would recommend all your maca products. They seem to be the best on the market for reasonable price and product quality. Thanks again." - Al Stanley

"I had been using another brand of maca powder and decided to try meca teams. The difference in freshness is night and day, and better tasting .  I'm 6 foot 250 lbs and take 4 teaspoons every day w/ my protein shake. Great energy boost and just feel great all day. I can tell a difference when I do not take it. best price that I have found {36oz}. I will be buying more as needed." -J.D.

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm pretty happy with the results I see with your red maca. I just posted both feedback and product reviews as I sincerely wish you all the best in your business. I'm a small business owner myself so I realize how important it is to get good reviews for your products. You've done a great job with your products and I will definitely order from you again."   - Anna

"This product is amazing! I have used other cheaper brands of white maca with fairly good results, but after trying the Maca Team maca, I noticed within two weeks all of my menopausal symptoms had completely vanished. Others described a bad taste and smell, but I have tried the black and the red and find them both to be mild tasting. I use a tablespoon in my daily smoothly." - Joy

"Maca first came to us by our vitamin supplier. They ship a generic staple in its different forms. Their maca varieties are good, as is their customer service. Then we ordered from the Maca Team. Comparison? Think fire-fly, then think mid-day sun. At 76 and 73 years respectively, that is a big deal; and at comparable cost too. Here's what we told Cindi, MT's Customer Service lady: 'Never have we had such speedy delivery.' There's more. "MT's packaging is the strongest, most protective we've seen, ever, at all ... anywhere. Further, the Mrs. no longer takes hormone supplements."  MT's sample pack is a good starter, but we're settling in on the kilo size. We have six meals a day. Maca almond milk smoothies, berry, chocolate or … - always with one green apple, is the numero uno. A bike now sits by our back door, and we use it. We also use the “new” garage sale “Stamina Steppler” in the living room. And, for the first time in years the Mr. scans the morning want ads for steady P/T work (that is the only goal taking longer than it used to)." - George & Sherr

"As a former mail order health food business owner (back prior to the net) I have tried many products over the years. This product (Raw Organic Black Maca Capsules) is now the basic addition to my daily nutritional intake due to it's quality of performance. I take it with 2 tablespoons of raw organic apple cider vinegar in 8 ozs of purified water upon arising and personally recommend this as it works very well for me. I am 66 years of age and believe I will continue to enjoy the benefits of Maca for many years to come!" - G.A.

"Great company and great product. Dependable and well worth my business. Bonus is that the Maca is pure and definitely has increased my energy and libido levels. Definately worth the money!"  - WT

"I absolutely love my red maca.  This is the best Maca I have ever tried. I was using another brand and to say the least, that one tasted like a horses behind. This Maca, however, is absolutely awesome! It hardly has any taste at all and what little it has is slightly sweet. I'll never purchase any other Maca again. I'm stuck on maca from The Maca Team!!!"  - Pamela

"I love The Maca Team's gelatinized maca root! I trust and believe that I am getting exactly what I ordered. I have gotten great results and will continue to order maca root from The Maca Team. Customer service and delivery time is bar none! My sister is now a Maca Team and maca root fan as well. Thank you." - C. Thomas

 "I've tried a lot of Maca products and this is my go-to at this time.  I tried to avoid the gelatinized but, having used it now, I do think it is still highly effective (non-gelatinized is stronger in my opinion) and is easier on the gut for those of us auto-immune compromised. The red maca is definitely "higher charged" in terms of energy quotient in case you want to head in that direction. Simply...I can taste and sense the excellent high quality of this product and that is why I keep coming back." - Larry

"I have tried various organic maca powders and this one is by far the easiest on my digestive track. Compared to other gelatinized maca powders, I feel the most benefits from The Maca Team's gelatinized maca powder. They provide a lot of information about maca and offer a variety of maca powders. I'm very satisfied with this product and will continue to purchase maca powder from The Maca Team" - John C.

"Started using Maca last year and was buying it from my local health food store. While I prefer giving my money to my local health food store there are some things that are just worth buying online. This is one of those products.   The first thing I noticed was the smell. The original organic Maca product I have been using NEVER had that fresh outdoor smell you get from picking fresh food. Can't describe the smell but anyone that has worked in a garden and knows the smell of fresh food knows the smell I"m talking about. If you've never smelled that smell you won't know what the heck I'm talking about...but those of you that know the smell - you WILL get that the second you open the bag for the first time.   The fact that this company is family owned and dedicated to one product. Yeah - I'm coming back for more.  Thanks much!!" - Matthew

"Sometime after the first of the year, we began supplementing the diet with MACA (a dried and powdered) vegetable from the turnip family. We tried several suppliers before settling on MACA TEAM. They offer several varieties so we sampled them all. One tablespoon apiece, six days a week is what we mix in our smoothies. My last prescription of Terazosin has not even been opened. We bought it March 11. And, if I overlooked taking that pill, the early morning would be painful to say the least. No longer do I get up during the night. Never. Not one time. There's more. For the past 20 years Sherry has taken an over the counter menopause aid – Estroven, “Maximum Strength”.  A  pill not to overlook. Today Sherry keeps Estroven on hand, but takes only 1 to 3 times a month – usually when we forget our smoothies.  Finally, wheat no longer troubles me. Nothing I eat brings on that weak feeling. I first realized this while riding my bicycle. In times past, the legs felt like two fleshy  appendages pushing pedals. But that's history. Now there is strength in my legs. I am not telling you that my legs feel “okay”. No! My legs register strength.  MACA TEAM offers essentially three varieties of this food; regular, red and black, each having their individual properties. We settled on the red option and are well into our third bag." - GW

"Your maca is sent from God, is a blessing and is superb" - Milt Thompson

"I have been using maca for many years. I get it from good my friends that live in Peru...or I bring it back personally when I travel there. I ordered this only because I have run out and cannot get any more for another 2 months.The quality and freshness of this Maca is OUTSTANDING!! Thank you for being an educated and conscientious importer and supplier of this sacred product."  -J.D.


"I love that something natural diminishes my adult acne..it just vanished!" - Amy Gillentine (customer used Raw Red Maca)


"THANK YOU!!! I’ve been ordering from you for almost a year, and I just wanted to say – YOU GUYS ROCK!! I always get my MACA quickly, and love the results… it has helped me tremendously, and I can’t imagine being without it!! Because of the RED MACA, I was able to come off of my anxiety medicine… and feel so much better now!! MACA was a missing key for me. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. I tell EVERYONE I can about the success I’ve had with MACA, so much so that I’ve had several people from my church start ordering too! YAY! Bless you and your business! Sincerely," - Happy Customer :)

"I have suffered from anxiety for the past two years, recently went back to school and the stress and anxiety became drastically worse. I was ready to get on prescription medicine but decided to go the natural way. Within a couple of days of taking two teaspoonfuls a day, I felt so much better and the anxious feelings and knots in my stomach have dissapeared. I feel more relaxed, clear headed and with improved energy. I have been using this dose for three weeks and might switch to three teaspoons and hope to get other benefits of this product I would recommend this to anyone suffering with anxiety and constant stress before taking any prescription drugs."  DD

"I have been using this product for almost 3 months and have seen a huge help with anxiety and depression. I am so glad to have found a natural product to help with  these issues. When the doctor only wants to give a prescription it is great to find something to get to the real problem and that it is helped with something natural.! Thanks for the high standards of this product." - Karen

"I signed the Save Peruvian Maca petition and I hope it helps because I've been taking maca for a little over 2 months and I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to no longer be trapped in the relentless vice grip of depression and anxiety. I finally feel at home in my own skin and in control of my own thoughts and it's all thanks to maca. I could live without it but I don't want to my quality of life has been so vastly improved because of it I fear not being able to get it anymore. It's saved me from having to go the expensive medication route with unwanted side effects and I just want feeling peaceful and happy to continue. I tell everyone I know about maca and I hope this wonderful food remains available in it's pure unadulterated form for people like me who found life miserable and joyless without it. Thank you for your commitment to people like me I appreciate it and hope my little signature amongst many will be enough to help you to continue delivering this wonderful root to the people who truly need it. Thank you!"  Komik Miscif

"I have been using maca and feel like I am on top of the world. Maca has done so much for me that it is uncomparable to anything else I have tried to help me combat my ocd, anxiety and decreased energy level which all comes hand in hand with each other."  Allison, Lyu, RN

I had been struggling with adult acne my entire life! I no longer wanted to rely on oral and topical medications. I gave maca a chance and in 3 months I am 99% acne free for the first time in my life!!!! I am amazed!" - S.E.

"I have to say i feel much better: more happy and emotionally stable. I think it really helps me fight anxiety too. I am absolutely satisfied and i have yet more to discover:) btw, i simply whisk it into my water in the morning. It has a very pleasant nutty flavor. very very satisfied. Thank you!" - S.P.

Blood Pressure

"I am 82 years old and have been on high blood pressure medication for 5 years. Since I started using maca red my blood pressure has become normal and stabilized. I am now off medication. I also am less fatigued and have more energy and my problems with balance are history.  Thank you for offering these products. I add it to my morning smoothie that I have been doing for years." - Carol Castellow

Bone Density

"Two years ago, I was diagnosed with osteopenia, the precursor to osteoporosis.  My doctor was considering medicating me :(.  I had already been taking maca, but very sporadically - whenever I'd think about it.  After the diagnosis, I started being very faithful and consistent in taking Red Maca.  Last week, I received the results of my most-recent DEXA (bone density) test and my numbers have improved greatly.  The doctor said it's not even worth mentioning anymore and to continue doing what I have been as 'it works!'.  The only thing I did, as I already said, was to become faithful and consistent in taking Red Maca every day.  I highly recommend using maca and The Maca Team as your source. " - Cynd



“I purchased MACA after a friend suggested it. I was having hormonal issues and libido issues, it took the MACA several weeks to ‘kick-in,’ BUT when it did — my life was forever changed. I encourage people to give it time to balance their ‘issues’ out, and than enjoy their new life… I stopped taking Celexa (anti depressant) and feel way better on MACA than I ever did on Celexa… PLUS, it helps with my libido and the Celexa (along with most anti depressants) inhibited my libido. I’ve had such AMAZING results, I’ve had numerous friends order it and RAVE about their own results. I’m a LIFE buyer of MACA because of the MAJOR positive results I’ve experienced!!” - Heather Martin

"A few weeks ago I purchase Red & Black Maca, I started using the Red Maca and is helping me tremendously with depression, brain fog and energy.This Maca has a VERY pleasant taste vs. other brands. After I will finish the Red one I will try the black one. I’m very pleased with this product!" –JP

"I was suffering terribly with depression and refuse to take antidepressants and I think the Red Maca I have been taking daily has made a world of difference.  Don't know if there are any studies to support that but I do feel immensely better." - Kristen C.

Energy, Stamina, Strength

"I can't say enough of the staff at The Maca Team. They are so attentive and fast when you ask a question. This is key to a business and I'm so glad that I chose to buy Maca from them as opposed to another retailer. I purchased Red Maca because I have a lot of hormonal issues with having PCOS, I have only been taking for about a week or so but my energy level is through the roof. The taste is pretty strong for me, so I've had to try and find some smoothie recipes to kind of soften that blow, but I'll hold my nose if I have too to get all that energy! I'm hoping to see some positive results from it soon in regards to my hormone issues." - Dee

"Maca black is all that you say it is and more. Over the last three weeks l have had a surge of strength and energy giving new life to my workouts and sport activities. I am very pleased." - Carlos

"Feeling drained has been a problem for me in the last few years. Adding maca to my diet is one of many things I have done to address fatigue. This is the second maca I have tried. I found the red maca to be milder and more palatable than the maca I used previously. I blend it into my coffee in the morning and find that I do have more energy throughout the day. No more afternoon slump." - Tracie

"I have my MACA every morning before I do anything else and it keeps me vital and enhances my mood throughout the day."  - Stephen

"Great for supermom.  I have been using Red Maca from your range for approximately two months and have found my energy levels have improved significantly. My mental health is also better, as I find the product puts me in a good state of mind through the day. I have two little children and I work full time as a news anchor for a television network. My life is very busy and I have found since using Red Maca powder daily, I am able to get through each day much better than I could prior to using Maca powder.  The product gives me the hit of caffeine, without a racing heart. This is great for a person prone to anxiety, like me.  The only issue I've had since using Red Maca powder is that it has worsened my menstrual cramping, with sharp pain on day one of my period. Overall I am really happy with this product and I feel really grateful to the person who told me to buy it directly from your company. Thank you for your wonderful product, fast delivery to Australia, and great after sale service. I will definitely be back.  Thank you!" - Helen

"I alternate between both red and black maca as each gives different benefits.One week I will use just black maca which gives me lots of energy when working out. I love both of them and I have been singing it praises to the women in my full body work out class." - JoAnn

"I will only buy from The Maca Team from now on. I always get the package a few days earlier than expected which is awesome. They even sent me a coupon, go maca! As far as the product, it is great. My husband and I both notice positive effects. It helps our endurance, energy and it is a great additive to our daily protein shakes since it's anabolic. I highly recommend this product!"  Brittany

"This product has changed my life! I started taking the raw premium maca capsules in June. My energy level before maca was extremely low, after working 6:00 am until 2:30 pm monday through friday I would come home and go straight to bed. After about 2 weeks of taking Maca I begin to walk after work..My energy level has improved and im walking a minimum of 15 miles per week. I want to thank the Maca team for providing a quality product and quality customer service." -Shantal

"I am a night shift nurse who is going back to school (burning the candle at both ends, my doctor said) and was having trouble with overwhelming fatigue (sleep deprivation), poor concentration and poor memory. In my line of work, that is not acceptable. My doctor suggested maca powder. I tried some that I had bought locally and found that it worked to improve my symptoms. Trying to do things good for myself and the planet, I searched for organic sources of this powder. That is when I tried The Maca Team organic red maca. Not only is this maca superior to what I had bought locally, it is certified organic so I am happy not be getting any pesticides or any other non-organic additives. Using this powder, I have clearer mental focus, more energy, and as an added benefit, increased sex drive. This product is not a replacement for taking good care of yourself through proper sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, but it sure can enhance efforts towards personal well-being. The only downfall is that too much may cause sensations of heart palpitations. It is a wonderful product that is little known in the traditional medical field." Lu

"I’ve taken Maca for about 2 years and love it. It helps a lot in the sexual area and also the following. I work in the engineering field, on computers most of the time, and tend to go “brain dead” late in the day. Maca stopped that instantly. My brain doesn’t get tired anymore and that has several values to me. I am sharper at work, suffer less and can stay alert for the drive home after work."  - Rich Warren (age 61)


"I’ve only owned a bicycle for about a year and a half here in LA, and I was biking 20 to 60 miles a day on it before my injury. After I began taking Maca, I realized I was powering up and over hills that were previously a struggle. Maca has helped me have the chance to pursue my dream of becoming a Professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Muay Thai fighter by helping me to keep up with all these 20 year olds. I am no spring chicken” - Michael Koelzer, professional athlete (Read Mike's Full Interview here)

"The product was delivered on time and ready for use. For me, this has been the best product for energy, strength and libido. I am 52 and workout five times a week and run a workout boot camp. I must say, this keeps me going! When I cycle off Maca I can tell the difference. This is a lifelong product, get it use it and be happy! LOVE IT, I am!"  - Jack, Pa

"I have been a body builder for the past ten years and tried all the products on the market. Some of them did nothing – others made me bloated and gassy. I learned recently that most of them are synthetic or have a lot of synthetic ingredients. When I switched to Maca I found I had more natural endurance – and no “crashes” after working out. I was able to take fewer supplements and still continue to build muscle and maintain energy. I’ll never go back to that other stuff. Thanks." - T.J. – Houston,TX

"I started competing in water sports at 16 and had to stop at 35 due to injuries. At 50, I was having little to no energy to stay in shape, having a hard time focusing at work and keeping up with my wife in bed. I tried a few advertised products but didn’t like the side effects.  Two years ago I discovered Maca and I feel like I’m 35 again, back in the water, staying in shape, work is better and my wife has notice a difference. I have recommended Maca to a number of my friends and they are seeing the same results. Cheers" - , AJ

"After only a few days of taking Maca, I had to work two double shifts at work. Usually, after the first I am really tired. I noticed that I sailed right through this without any fatigue. I thought for sure I would be wiped out after the second shift. But I was amazed that after very little sleep in three days I felt great!"  L. W., Norristown,PA

"I am pleased to report that after 2 and a half weeks taking MACA, i ran the most effortless TC 10K run in 10 years without any training (I use this one run a year as a benchmark for my fitness), took almost a minute and a half off last years run and have almost returned to my pace of 10 years ago." – Rodney, Whangarei, New Zealand

"Best Maca product I've tried so far. Really noticed a rise in my energy levels for the entire day. Been sleeping better as well. Haven't had a chance to test out the bedroom attributes yet but that's coming soon(no pun intended lol)!"  - Norm

"Let me just say this stuff is amazing, energy has increased,quality of life has change for the better.  I know it was the Maca.  Strength also increased.  Do a little research and believe what you read.  Quality and freshness is unmatched, it’s gotta be a superfood.  You owe it to yourself to at least give it a try.  Truly you will not be disappointed.  Oh yeah, did I mention I had a heart attack just 2 years ago.  Maca makes me feel like I have a little more time on this earth, so for me I’ll be taking this stuff till I die."  – Garth

"I have been recently introduced to the Black Maca . It is only fair to say that the difference is quite noticeable .My energy level is higher than before and i feel energized even at the end of my working day." - Ted

"I mix Raw Black Maca in my tea first thing in the morning and it definitely gives me more energy. Also , been helping me ramp my cardio workouts back up." - John Anders


"I will be 75 years old next week.  I have been taking Maca a couple months. I mix it in my juice every morning. I am energetic and have an overall well feeling." - R.J.

"Tried others...this product rocks.  Very easy to use, mixes well and the benefits are noticeable.  sleep better, recover faster from my workouts.  Great product." - Roy

"I have been using the black Maca for a about three weeks now, and the effects are beginning to be noticeable. I am very active, I am an avid hiker, I do Crossfit, and BJJ. I have completely substituted my morning cup of coffee for a Maca+cacao+berry shake, and the energy I get from it is much more even. I feel more awake and alert as opposed to just buzzed and jittery.   Maca aside, the people at The Maca Team are absolutely wonderful. My order was lost (either stolen, or delivered to the wrong house by the post office), and The Maca Team was very prompt and helpful (and really nice :) in helping me attempt to locate the package. after two weeks, and the post office telling me "we are sorry, it shows that it has been delivered, but it could literally be anywhere"(verbatim), The Maca Team sent me a new order.. free of charge. these people are great. the quality of product they offer, as well as the amazing customer service, has made a lifetime customer out of me. If you are considering Maca as a supplement, please do not hesitate to support these people. " - Joe Irvin

"Incredible product I have more strength and endurance mountain biking and using it as a health shake with Garden raw meal.  Great quality, I am ordering another bag now !" - Patrick

"I have been taking the raw black Maca for three weeks. I take a couple of Table spoons in either juice or milk on an empty stomach and after 45 minutes I make me a Protein Drink or a smoothie with vegetables and fruit. I have noticed that my energy levels have improved, my weight workouts especially bench presses are significantly improving. My libido has improved and my wife can tell the difference. 

I plan on taking Maca as long as there is a breath in me. I am reordering and told my son about it and he's ordering it as well.
Maca really works. I'll soon be 67 and I feel better than I have in years..... Try you'll like it!!"

"Seriously, I race bikes and this is the first time I've tried maca. This sx!t is awesome!!! It goes into my breakfast and lunch every day. Thank you for such having such a seemingly high quality source." Mark

"My daily morning breakfast is my medicine bowl. A big spoon full of Maca Team Maca, (alternating red or black) and hemp seed powder and cacoa powder and coconut oil and almond butter and molasses and fresh turmeric and ground cardamon add hot water mix to a beautiful dark thick liquid and stir in enough meuseli to thicken, let it set for 5 minutes. Then awaken! Popeye never had it like this. Pow!" - Tim Andres

"My wife is using this and she is very happy with energy boost it gives her. And there is no crash at the end of the day. Highly recommended!" - Mazher Akhtar

 "The Maca Team's black gelatinized maca powder is the best quality maca product I've ever been able to find online. The powder is really effective for boosting workout recovery and as a pre-workout energy boost. My current dose is 1-2 Tbsp a day for 3 days on 2 days off cycle. The Maca Team has been really helpful in answering any questions regarding their products." - John D.

"I'm a 16 year practicing holistic nutritionist, boxer, and businessman who combats bad genetics with exercise and dietary lifestyle. I had researched the health benefits of Black Maca powder for men, and decided to try some for a 14 day trial, carefully notating the changes in my mind and body. The first time I tried it, I got it from a different nutrition company. It was not organic, and it just seemed to mess with my digestion. I almost gave up on the Maca Powder route, but then seemingly stumbled across the maca team. I ordered a 1lb bag, deciding to give it one more go. I was glad that I did. After consistently taking it for about a month now, I've noticed every single health benefit that maca is supposed to give.  My workouts are more vigorous, lasting much longer. I've noticed muscle improvement and a much quicker recovery workouts. My libido and sperm count have both improved tremendously, it's almost laughable at how much better everything is. My mental clarity and ability to concentrate have also had a big impact on my work and business. It takes a little time to build up in your system, but if you stick to it, the continual benefits are staggering. Thank you maca team."  - J.P

"I've tried several different brands, and yours seems to work really well for me. I am using the premium, white-red-black blend, raw Maca. I'm feeling great! I work a very physical, fast paced job, dealing with countless interruptions during the day. I am more focused, and have more physical stamina. No more afternoon slow-down for me...and I do not need that afternoon coffee jolt to get me through the day. I will be ordering more from you!"  Nancy Sue

"We are retired and use maca for the nutritional boost. I am a Master Gardener and have huge flower beds to maintain. I live to be outside during the summer--live in Mid-west. My husband plants a big vegetable garden and is busy remodeling. We use maca in blender drinks and it keeps energy levels steady through out the day. I also use for hormone balance and maca helps with hot flashes."  -The Gardeners


Fatigue and Adrenal Support

"I had gone through a severe adrenal crash in 2010. It has taken a long time to build up my adrenals and in 2013, I was finally strong enough to handle supplements. I still needed to balance my horomones and my sex drive was very low. Within two weeks I noticed a significant difference in energy and sex drive. Within a few months it was even better. And the dull pain in my kidneys (where adrenals are located) disapeared finally. I think this product takes time to work as it is food, not a drug. But slowly I have felt better and know it continues to help in the healing process.  Thank you Maca team for offering an organic product and answering emails so quickly!" – Cris

"Sometimes you don't feel the difference with a supplement till you don't take it. Thus is the case with Maca. I know my energy levels are much higher after taking it. Yesterday I didn't take it and I was lethargic and lazy all day I work long hours and constantly traveling so I need all the help I can get. I always throw some Maca on my morning shake. It helps me get through the day and I know getting it from The Maca Team I'm getting the best quality." - J.P.

"I bought this to counteract my fatigue issues and it has helped me a whole lot. I've noticed my cravings for coffee have diminished which is a plus. I add the recommended amount to my breakfast smoothies and it fills me up therefore providing healthy appetite control. Great product!" A.A.

"I bought Red Maca to alleviate my sluggishness & fatigue symptoms, and it's helping. I started off with 1T (now 3T) into my smoothies: (any nut) milk, yogurt, fruits, and chia seeds). I just ended my 3rd week and will take a week off to allow the maca do its' thing. I've noticed I am more energized, clear headed, alert, and my BIG appetite has lessened. I'm content with this maca, it's obviously a superior product." - Alexa



"Maca has helped to conceive naturally when conventional fertility treatments failed. I now have a happy & healthy baby." – Rachel.W, United Kingdom

We tried a lot of things to get pregnant before we learned about peruvian maca in a book on natural fertility. My husband and I started taking it religiously after that. I got pregnant 6 months later and I’m sure the maca helped." -  Jennifer and Ray Collins, Washington

"It’s Incredible! Well, the wife and I are trying to conceive a child. We also just started two businesses, and between the actual workload and the stress of being new business owners it made performance a little worrisome sometimes. After about 2 weeks on the Maca I`m like a teenager again LOL. There is now never a question as to whether or not I`ll be “ready”. And we`re ovulating this week." - Customer asked to remain anyonymous

"I'm taking the maca for infertility issues.  I started 2 months ago and am noticing changes to my cycle.  I just ordered another bag (the 1lb this time) and am hoping for more results." - Linda

"Just to share, my wife became pregnant after consuming black maca for about six months after ten years of trying to have a kid; we have been sharing this miracle product with our friends who are trying to have children too. Also, my aged parents have also informed us that the Maca product has somehow given them more energy in their daily activities." - Kiang Meng

"I am taking the red Maca and do seem to have more energy. 82 years old so need all the help I can get. But a very healthy 82 years."  Carolyn Nelson

Focus, Concentration, Memory

"This is some excellent maca! I recently discovered maca in my search for remedies to calm my nerves after law school. I find this maca does much to both calm me down and give me good, stable energy throughout the day. Also, libido is through the roof at this point. I believe I’ve tried all the different maca powder products from this company, I’d say the gelatinized and the premium are my favorite. Another thing I noticed is that, after some weeks of maca supplementation, I have had a restoration of what feels like a “healthy competitive spirit After law school burnout, I felt very lackadaisical and “bleh”, but I now enjoy participating in competitive activities like I used to before academic burnout. Thank you for your quality products!" – -JR

Hair Loss

"I have already written a review how the maca powder helped with the symptoms of hot flashes. Now I also have noticed that my hair has stopped falling out. At first I did not want to admit it to myself. Whenever I would give my hair a good brushing I noticed quite alot came out on the brush/bathroom floor. I told myself, well that’s probably a normal amount to lose when you brush it. However now I have noticed after several months of about 3 teaspoons a day{divided doses} of the maca powder that there is virtually no more hair loss. I sure am grateful. Thank you again for this product that has been so very helpful."  Sincerely, Laurie Prince Chippewa Falls, WI.

"The quality is superb, the packaging ensures freshness and is resealable. The last scoop was just as fresh as the first one. My experience with Maca so far (a few days short of 1 month) is nothing less than a miracle. I’m using it to recover from loss of appetite and dramatic weight loss.I feel more energy, my mood is better, and my hair is no longer falling out. Within 1 week of taking just 1 big spoonful a day, I got my period back after 6 months of no period. I still have not reached my weight goals but there are improvements and my appetite is finally back. I’m so happy I’m able to recover without medication. I’m so grateful for this product, and the service the Maca Team provided. They answered all my questions and I will definitely be a customer for a long time to come. I already ordered another 1 lb, but this time the Raw Red Maca. I’m looking forward to experience any differences between the two. Extra thank you to the Maca Team for a wonderful job well done." -  Seanne

"I have been putting it in my shampoo for the last two years. About 50% less hair loss with no side effects."  Gina Leigh

"I have had hot flashes/night sweats for 15 yrs plus. I still have the night sweats off and on, but not as bad, it helps me to sleep at night. I have a low thyroid. When washing my hair I would lose wads of hair, since on Red Maca Power I lose very little or none at all, that is a good sign." - Tina

Hormone Balance

"I have had a hysterectomy and I really find going natural to level out my hormones is best. I have tried different Macas and found that this Raw Organic Red Maca is the best. I also send it to my daughter who was in an accident and has a lot of problems with her girly parts now… She finds it helps her a lot with her pms ect. You can tell how fresh and good this Maca is just by the taste of it. Other Maca I couldn’t stand the taste after a few days. If it upssets your tummy just eat something little with it." – Customer asked to remain anonymous

"So far I am very happy with it. It's been 3 weeks since surgery and I have not needed to be put on hormon pills. I am attributing it to maca so I plan to be a faithful buyer of the product from now on, as well as it help curve my appetite. I say that is a win, win." - Yerina Christian

"The best thing that ever happened to me! I love Red Maca it changed my life. I was having so many hormone issues that it cause havoc in my marriage and my family. I was moody, slim to none libido, irritable, fatigue, and then some. I heard about Maca so I ordered and it came fast, and after the second day of taking it I felt renewed, energized,sexy, and good. I started to feel like a real woman day by day. Thanks Maca Team for making a phenomenal product". - Tia Lombard

"Over my life I have taken plenty of supplements that claim to boost energy, fix ailments, etc, but nothing has ever really worked. Such is life. Until this Maca. WOW. It has changed my life! For one, it has stabilized my mood. I feel more positive and don't get as depressed when life becomes stressful and demanding. For two, it has eliminated my monthly cramps. Completely! I went from having excruciating cramps-- to the point where I've had to go to the hospital, to NO cramps. A miracle! It also changed my cycle from 29-31 days to 27-28 days. It also made my flow much lighter and shorter. I feel like any woman with menstruation or fertility issues, as well as cramps should be taking this instead of prescribed the pill (which has so many negative side effects). I LOVE this stuff and have been promoting it to every friend I know." - DD

"I started putting a teaspoon into my daily smoothies and wow how it has changed my world. It does in fact give you energy but the most important thing is that all my woman monthly issues have seriously vanished. I recommend this to so many people. I love love love it!" - Camille

"I knew my hormones were out of balance after using Whey Protein powder. I gained a significant amount of weight mostly around my mid-section. No amount of eating right and exercise were taking the weight off. Then I started using Maca. As my hormones became balanced, my routine of eating right and exercise was working and the weight naturally began to fall off. It has helped me build muscle, helped with some pre-menopausal symptoms as a result of an emergency hysterectomy and given me energy. I highly recommend this product for all the good it has done for me! " - Kimberlee

"I am very happy with this product and the changes it has brought to my life. It gives me energy everyday and helps me to keep a positive attitude, but the most important thing it has done for me is helped level out my hormones. I have suffered from PMDD for over 3 years now, and I can finally say I feel "normal and happy" now every single of my female cycle. - Carrie

"I'm an active 50 year old that has dealt with hormone imbalance for years, and as a Breast Cancer survivor, hormone replacement is not an option. Since I've started taking Maca my hormones are much more balanced & I feel more energetic and youthful. The Maca Team cares about supplying the best quality Maca at the most affordable price to the consumer and as an added bonus, they have excellent customer service and fast shipping!" - Cate

"I have noticed an incredible difference using Maca. I am hypothyroid, have severe adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, and an autoimmune disease. My body attacks itself and has nothing left in the way of defense. Maca has truly helped my energy, as well as noticeable differences in how my body feels, leading me to suspect some hormone balancing is occurring. I've noticed i need to increase my dosage to keep up the energy, but its well worth it!" - Sarah

"I started taking this when I went off of the BC pill. It's not a magic bullet but I believe it has definitely helped curb hormonal side effects and keep me balanced." - Tina

"Since starting the use of the premium maca powder, I've noticed a decrease in PMS symptoms and fatigue. I blend it in my veggie-fruit smoothies in the mornings. After I finish with this bag, I will try the red maca. It is a great product!!" - Heather



"I am on my second kilo of maca and I have some questions. For my first few months of use, my energy and mental clarity was through the roof! In the third month, my libido went into hyperspeed! I have been wondering what alien landed in my body, actually." – H.W.

"I am almost 60 and my wife is 48. I was starting having problems keeping up with her in the bedroom.  I was interested in maca after reading about it's potential effects on libido. I've been taking 8 capsules a day of the gelatinized black maca capsules and the results have been nothing short of amazing.  I've had no problem with any side effects, and just ordered three more jars." - Don

"I am a spiritual healer in private practice and am trying Maca on myself before I recommend it to others. I can tell you that I felt the effects of the Maca on my second dose. They were pretty mindblowing at first. My sexual energy went through the roof. I could feel amazing movement in my nervous system and could physically feel different parts of my brain opening up. It seemed to accentuate whatever was going on in my body at the time. As I am finishing the first bottle, the effects have stabalized more. Now, I have a strong, healthy sexual desire and a general sense of well-being as well as a feeling of being more awake and clear most of the time." Margot, France

"Taking your raw Maca Root Powder within 3 weeks, I was bouncing off the walls with energy, my sex drive was insatiable, and my hormones were totally balanced better than they had been in years, also, all the hair loss I was experiencing came to a complete stop. It was amazing!"  - Nicole, California

"This stuff sure does wonders for a slowed down libido! It wakes places you didn’t know you had."   - jean

"I have taking Maca for several years and I definitely feel this Raw-Premium Organic Maca is the best. I have more energy, increased libido and feel better in general. Like that this formula has all the Maca's combined in one capsule. Highly recommend." - Jason

"I bought this one so my husband & I could both take it. He is 20 years older than I am so he mostly takes it for stamina in the bedroom. It does work!! I take it for hormone issues since I am at the age of starting menopause. I add it to my smoothie in the morning and my husband just adds it to water at lunchtime." - Faith

"I have been taking the red maca vegan capsules for a month now. I take 3 in the morning and then 3 in the afternoon around 2pm. The biggest improvement I have noticed so far in such a short period of time is that my libido has returned. I will continue to take this supplement for that alone. My night sweats have stopped. I am still having hot flashes. But, not as many as before. Hopefully, given more time as my body adjusts to this supplement I will continue to see greater improvement with that." - Jules

"While it's too early to tell if my libido is improving I have been dreaming about naked men. I am looking at it as a good sign :) Thank you. Thank you." - J.K.

"The Liquid Maca is so convenient. I'm always busy and out and about so to be able to take Maca this way is the best! I actually like the taste of the liquid extract too. I like to take it before and after my workouts. I've noticed an increase in energy and strength, and quicker recovery. Not to mention my sex drive has sky rocketed. And finally have a regular menstrual cycle. I'm a female but I actually prefer the black maca over the red."  - J.R.


"Hello to everyone and the maca team!!!! I'm very happy with the benefits I'm obtaining taking red maca!!! I've having hot flashes more than a year now, up to 5 episodes day and night !!! I was exhausted !!! I've taking macs for three weeks now. I take it first thing in the morning with coconut oil and cinnamon and as now I'm just having 1or2 episodes a day and I feel more energetic and with an overall wellness !!! Thanks a lot your product is so fresh and rich in flavor !!! I love it!! A very happy customer !!! "  - Marta Rosado

"Had a friend recommend maca for menopausal issues and now that I have used it I wouldn't live without it! This particular brand and type keeps all my symptoms at bay. As an added bonus I just feel better and more energetic. Love it!" -Susan

 "I am very pleased with the red maca capsules. I have tried a few different brands and this is the best. So happy my friend referred me as I feel more alert and energetic. I use the powder form for smoothies and when I am in a hurry, I take the capsules. I am happy to use a natural product for my menopause symptoms. I would highly recommend to others." - Jackie

"I am 78 years old and have been getting hot flashes again. Your Black Maca Root Powder has reduced them. Pills my doctor gave me made me depressed and did NOTHING for the hot flashes. I thank you for this product."

"This Red Maca Extract is by far is the best product I have tried to help with menopause symptoms. Reduced hot flashes. Hardly any more night sweats. This is the best I have felt in a LONG time. I am so glad I tried this! I am a firm believer in this product and I will use it for the rest of my life. My son who is 5 also takes this and loves the taste!" - Jeanie

"My mum suffered greatly in her transition into menopause. Hot flashes, edema, bloating, memory fog, the dreaded meno-tummy...you name it she's had it. She's tried everything from soya to green tea, cucumbers and specific food restrictions but nothing has ever worked and she's quite given up hope. And as she's gone through years of this torment with nothing having worked for her, she became quite reluctant to bother with trying anything else. HRT is out of the question for her. Her thoughts: Menopause is a natural event so relieving its symptoms should come from a natural source or not at all.   One day when I chanced upon an article about the miracle of Maca Root Powder and the hope it carried for elevating menopausal related issues I told her about. Now after years of trying just about everything, she's quite skeptical of anything being but another marketing gimmick. But after she read up on the root, she was open to trying albeit a bit reserved due to the cost. We're from Malaysia so this root isn't as readily available. And I specifically wanted the one from The Maca Team because it seemed the most reliable brand. I found one store that sold it but it was for a hefty price. Basically I paid what's the price of a 1kg bag here for an 8oz pack. Mum was excited to try but again reserved in her expectations. She didn't notice anything but we did, her menopausal tummy was slowly but surely going down. It took about a month before you could see results but I always thought even if that never happened, I was happy knowing this root was helping her fight against osteoporosis. Although I probably should mention it was black maca we had bought so perhaps explains the slower effect?  Anyway before her supply ran out, I was delighted to find I could order directly from The Maca Team, that they would ship it over to me and the price was significantly more reasonable than that pirate of a health store.  I placed an order for a bag of red (for mum) and a bag of black (for dad).  All in all it's a lovely product and I will most certainly continue to purchase it from The Maca Team. Thank you Maca Team" - Angelina

"I am simply amazed by the Maca Red, finally the hot flashes are gone and I am sleeping through the night. I did have to get use to the taste but it only took a couple days for me to adjust to the taste. This my second order and I have been telling friends and family about your great company." - JoAnn Russel

"I love this product! It helped with my hot flashes,that's the main reason for purchasing. And the energy I get in the morning is fantastic! I no longer feel tire in the morning. The red maca taste good and I add it into my morning cup of coffee. The hot flashes are almost gone! Thanks the Maca Team!" - Jill Dalton

"Menopause has been a tough time for me, for more than a decade. Starting with pre-menopausal symptoms, then peri-menopause, and now post menopause, the road has not been easy. I suffered through for several years, (finally succumbing to hormone replacement therapy before i knew about Maca), having very poor sleep and lots of anxiety, due to the very frequent hot flashes.  Then, about 4 years ago I discovered Maca, and have been mostly symptom free. This raw Red Maca tastes great (I add it to my morning smoothie), and does not cause stomach upset.  Thank you for sourcing such a great product." - Virginia

"I am writing to tell you what a difference Maca has made in my life! I am 52 and in menopause. I began having interrupted sleep every night, every time I would roll over, with hot sweats. I was tired all the time! Within a couple weeks of taking your product, I began noticing relief. I am now sleeping peacefully every night without any night sweats. Thank you for advertising on Google, or I would never have found out about your product. I plan on teaching my doctor about this wonderful herb!" – Gwendolyn M. Petoskey, MI


"I am a middle age perimenopausal woman. The Maca has made a new woman of me. Honestly I could do a commercial for Maca. Its sad Doctors are shoving hormones down woman’s face when Maca is such a safe and wonderful alternative. I even have my young 21 yr old daughter on it for PMS symptoms. Her personality changes are so pronounced I can tell when she skips a week without asking. I have taken supplements for years and the Maca has blown me away." – Peg from Oakland

"I have been taking the product for two weeks now and I have noticed incredible changes with my hot flash. I take two teaspoons of the product and that's all I need for my body type. I will definitely tell my friends about the product." - Wendy O.

"I’d been suffering from pre-menopausal night-sweats for about six months. I’d tried all sorts of things before discovering Maca. Within about 3 weeks of starting Maca, the sweating disappeared. A couple of times when I went without for more than a few days at a time, I felt the night sweats creeping back. Then I ran out a few weeks ago and had to be without for about 4 weeks. By the 3rd week I was sweating every night like I had been 18 months ago. While I was waiting for my supply from you, I found out my mother still had a bit left that I’d given her. I grabbed it back and by the 3rd day of taking it the sweating had stopped again. I’m not going to let myself run out again." – Bonnie Clemens

"It’s early days yet but it looks like the MACA is assisting in quelling hot flashes, and this is a very very VERY good thing. Thanks for your help!"! – :)

"Thanks for your response. I’m currently taking 3 heaping teaspoons of maca per day and this seems to be helping a lot. I’m having almost no night sweats anymore, and will probably take 4 tsps. when I get my order. Thanks also for your advice and info re liver cleansing and the Fresh Start Cleanse Retreat." – Pauline, Akron, OH

"I have been having a tough time with menopause. Bioidentical hormones helped alot however I was still having quite a few hot flashes. After about 3 weeks of taking this powder, 2-3 tsp a day I do believe the Hot Flashes are gone. I almost have to pinch myself, like I might be dreaming. I am so grateful. Also the funniest thing I frequently have been getting this hungry feeling in my stomach when I am not hungry and I think , now , why should I be feeling this way, I just ate. Then I have thought, I bet my body wants some Maca powder. And sure enuf, when I take the powder that feeling goes away and my body feels like it is rejoicing. And so am I to be feeling so much better so fast. Thanx so much for your product and for treating the farmers fairly. That is as much of a comfort to my soul as the Maca Powder is to my body. Sincerely," - Laurie Prince Chippewa Falls WI

“Red maca is absolutely amazing. If you have perimenopause or menopause symptoms I highly recommend this product. It helped me get rid of my night sweats after about 12 days. I also noticed at 2-3 tsp. a day made my hair feel much healthier. ”  - CJ, Oregon

"I feel better since starting the Maca. I chose Red Maca due to having female aging issues. It is making me feel less out of balance with my hormones, that were out of whack. I am glad this company is one that can be trusted to bring a fine product. It was recommended to me by someone who had done their research. Thanks Maca Team!" - Lori 

"I just turned 50 and I started pre menopause at the age of 42, thank goodness I am done. I have been experimenting with my maca I take it in a shake every morning for a week then stop. I noticed I feel tired and drained and can't do anything for a few days so I start taking meca again and boom I feel energised and great again. I have done this 3 times already and I feel energised, alert, clear headed plus I can sleep all night and I believe it helped my libido. Thank you very much and my husband thanks you  BTW he is not taking meca but he is benefitting from it."  -Georgina

"I started using the Red Maca a few weeks ago and I have been pleasantly surprise about how fast this product is balancing my hormones. Those night hot flashes are almost gone and I am sleeping so much better. I admit the smell and taste takes some getting use to, but other than this it is an amazing natural product. I will be ordering again soon. Thanks for a great product Maca Team." - JoAnn

"I really like this product. I drink it in my tea every morning. I am 65 and was still suffering from Hot Flashes until I started using your Red Maca. The Hot Flashes are gone, thanks to Red Maca Powder. Thank you so much!" - Linda Gesch

Mood And Emotional Health

"Hi, I started taking your red maca about 6 weeks ago and noticed a real difference right away, especially in my energy level and mood. I have been suffering from severe adrenal fatigue for almost 2 years so to have more energy and feel better so quickly was like a gift from heaven!" - Leah

"After taking the product for a few days, my appetite gets better and I feel to have more energy to do my work and I feel happier than before." - Linda Lewis

"I've only been taking this product for three weeks but have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly I saw a mood change. After coming off of years of BC, my hormones have been uneven and this product seems to be helping out a great deal. Will be ordering more when my first bag of maca runs out. (I have no other maca experience to compare this brand/type with.)" - Jean

"I have been taking this product (Gelatinized Red Maca) for about one month now and already feel so much better. My mood swings are under control. I am happy to say I do not need to be taking birth control pills and pump my body with synthetic hormones anymore. It is a great feeling to be independent of all that and feel great."  Johanna

"I've been taking the product (Red Maca Capsules)for about a month and I feel amazing. I was feeling run down and very hormonal. My mood has improved so much and I don't feel tired anymore. I have had the best night sleep in the last month. I'm looking forward to using Maca as part of my daily life. Thank you for an amazing product." - Rozie

"I take maca for my mental health in combination with camu camu berry powder( extremely high in vitamin c).....together they help my hypothalamus work better...I lived my life in the fight or flight mode ....I went from violence to fear to violence to fear  over and over for 40 years....I read about mother taking their children off psych drugs using these two things instead of the drugs....it really works for me  ....I am 180 pounds I take one teaspoon in the morning.  I  have been doing this for almost 3 years and my life is "normal"....everyone says I am much "calmer" or "relaxed"....I am in control of myself now...."  - Leonard

Muscle Building


"I have been taking maca for months now, and feel really good. I have felt like exercising and have noticed how muscular I am becoming. Just in time for the summer, beach here I come!" - Lori

"For years I have worked out and not really had any results. I have been taking this products for the last 2 weeks and I lost body fat and gain muscle mass. I have been able to go heavier on my weight training and have more endurance. My hot flashes have not gotten better put hopefully with time they will. I just switched to the liquid and I absolutely love it." - Violet

"After some research I purchased raw red, we had already been using Gelatinized Red Maca for six months.  After trying raw (with only good side effects no upset stomach), my wife takes it six days a week and man did it change her appearance. The woman all know about that little part that just sticks out on your thigh, SBs short for (saddle bags)and sometimes called worse and She had them. She has always exercised moderately for a mother of five and now them babies are adios, gone, nowhere to be found and I'm not talking about the kids either."  - Geoff, Kentucy

"I was a skeptic, but this is my new favorite product. I have more energy and have toned up! I was new to maca and I will definitely be ordering more. I couldn't get used to the taste, so I will be ordering the capsules the next time around." - Cas

"I am 47 years old. I recently restart going to the gym 4-5 times a week. I found my muscle grow doesn't like before, strength or size. I tried this product a week, both strength and size of my muscles are getting better. At least I feel I have confident to do heavier or more sets." Andy


"I only bought the capsule form of this because its easier for my schedule, and I am a terrible smoothie maker! haha! Well anyways, I've had PCOS for a few years now. Being that their is no cure for it birth control is the only recommended medication to help keep it under control. I stop taking birth control because of the weight gain and seriously did not have a period for a year. After two weeks of taking red maca I naturally had a normal regular period. I was in awe. I feel so much better knowing I can live the rest of my life not on birth control. I am so pleased with this product and I have turned so many of my girlfriends onto it as well." - Kaitlyn

"I recently started using the raw red maca powder. Which has done wonders! I have PCOS and have been dealing with lots of issues for the past 15 years because of it. I can't tell enough people about your product!" - Lynn


"I’m a 63- year old guy, and take a tablespoon of Red Maca every morning in warm water. I’ve had very good results with easing enlarged prostrate discomfort and plan to take this stuff permanently with results like this! I actually look forward to the taste, too." – TD in DC

"I have a may December marriage . My husband was diagnosed with prostrate cancer 6 years ago. While in Peru visiting friends we where introduced to maca and another wonderful elixir called algarobina . We started taking both religiously . He has made a full recovery and I have aged extremely well he is 75 and still teaching kindergarten physical Ed and I am 51 and and extremely active enjoying my family. Thank God for making such wonderful things and the maca team for bringing it home." - Carmen & Federico

"I am currently taking this product and it has helped me trememdously.. I got it first for the healing of my prostate.. since I have been taking this,,,I've noticed no pain, my prostate is not enlarged and I feel so much better.. Now about the energy levels, has increased and I feel less stressed than I used to. Of course I have only been drinking this for a little over month but I can tell a difference.. I will order this again as well as others versions.. but a long story short,, this Maca is the real deal!!!!!" - Dan


"I have noticed a remarkable different in my hair and skin since starting the red maca. I am very pleased and I will continue to purchase this product." - JoAnn

Weight Loss

"First, delivery was SO fast. Not expecting that. Second, the smell and taste for me are awful. I did the 1st day in just water and it was not possible. I started putting it in my pre-made iced coffee and it was slightly better. I started out at 2 tsp a day and it was too much. I got the blinding headaches by the end of the 2nd week. I took a few days off, then I re-started with just 1 tsp for 3 days, stopped for 2, then began with 2 tsp again. I have not had any other side effects. I wanted to take this supplement to help control my hormones, which in turn would help my weight loss, and it has made a difference after 3 weeks, on and off. I have been trying to lose weight for 2 years and it has been SLOW. Since starting to take this, I've lost 5 pounds, without steady exercise due to the weather. That is more than I've lost in a month for a long time. I also purchased the cream maca which I will try starting next month. Bottom line, the price is right, it works for me, and I recommend anyone to try it out and see if it works for you." -  Kim H.