Fresh Maca Roots In Hands

Our Maca is Always Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO and Fair Trade

Maca Grows Best with Happiness

A local saying in the Peruvian Andes goes, “Maca grows best with laughter and happiness."

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Local Historian Don Samuel Cielo Luna Condor proudly explains tools used by his ancestors to harvest Maca.

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Beautiful, mature, fresh black, red and yellow maca roots from our farms in Junin, Peru

4 Types of Maca Powder Side by Side

  • Maca Recipes

    Take a look into our large collection of healthy and energising recipes for use with maca, in drinks, smoothies, snacks, dishes, sweets etc. Enjoy!
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  • How to use Maca

    Maca powder is a food and can be eaten in a variety of ways. To get the most out of adding it to your life there are a few things you should know.
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  • Maca Facts

    The world’s highest growing crop, Maca root has been consistently cultivated, consumed and revered in the extreme altitude of the Peruvian Andes for 1000s of years. Learn more about this fascinating food.
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  • Maca Benefits

    Research and customer experiences suggest a wide range of potential benefits from adding this amazing, simple superfood to your daily diet. See all the potential that Maca has to improve overall life quality.
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  • Maca for Women

    Find out what Maca can do for women and which ones to take for best results.
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  • Maca for Men

    Learn how men can use Maca and which ones to take for best results.
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We Care

As a family run company of true Maca specialists, we're here to bring you the most Maca has to offer. We are passionate about preserving and sharing high quality Peruvian grown Maca with the world.
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