How Do I Link To A Specific Page On Your Site?

With our affiliate program, you can indeed link to specific pages on our website.   Here we explain exactly how to do to that.

In this tutorial we explain how to link one of our affiliate banners to a specifc page on your website.   Using this technique you can link a banner to any page you like.  

To retrieve this ID, login to your account here.  Then navigate to "The Maca Team Affiliates.   You should see something like the image below:



Copy the affilaite link.  In the example the link would be

Once you've got that clear, please visit our website and navigate to the exact page you want to promote.  (Note: you can promote any of our pages, including informational pages - they all have the proper affiliate tracking code on them and you will receive credit for all sales made through them).

For this example, let's say you want to promote our Raw Premium Maca.   Navigate to that page and copy the URL.   In this case the URL is

To make the above URL count for you, you simply need to add your specific affiliate id to the end.  To do this you simple take the last part of your general affiliate link and add it to the link you want to promote.   Example:

This is your general affilaite link :

You need to take the piece starting with # (in orange) and add that to the URL of the page you want to promote like this:

The end result is that the complete affiliate URL  looks something like this (you affilaite code will be something a bit different)

***IMPT.  Remember you have to use your specific affiliate code that you copied in step one.   Once you have this link created, it will point to a specific page on our site (in this case,  Raw Premium Maca) and you will receive credit for all sales made through it just like normal.  

Copy the link and share it as you would your standard affilaite link.

To test that your link is working you can do the following.

A.  Login to our affiliate program

B.  Navigate to Reports>>View Your Clicks, Impressions and Conversions

C.  Note how many clicks you have received

D.  Now copy and paste the link you just made into a browser and allow the page of our website to open fully.

E.  Return to the affilaite porgam and "View your clicks..."

F.  Refresh the page and you should see that your click count went up.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

Thanks so much and enjoy the day!