Statement On Recent Events

We join in sorrow and outrage over recent events in the U.S. that have highlighted the discrimination, racism and inequality within this country.  This is unacceptable and change needs to come immediately.  Although our role is simply to share high quality maca products with the world, we want to be very clear that:

We Stand for Equal  and Fair Treatment for All.   Anything Else has No Place in This World.     

In our small way, by working only with farmers dedicated to organic and traditional agriculture, by paying them above market prices, by keeping our prices fair and by treating those who call us or email us with kindness and respect, we aim to contribute to this on a daily basis.

We believe that individual as well as collective action to stand up for what is right has a real impact everyday.  And we encourage all of us to listen, learn and work together to heal and to create a society of which we can all be proud. 


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