7 Potential Health Benefits of Maca Pills

7 Potential Health Benefits of Maca Pills

Posted by The Maca Team on 30th Jun 2020

Maca is a highly nutritious root vegetable that is used by millions in search of health benefits ranging from stronger hair to balanced hormones. The reasoning behind why it may be so effective at addressing such a wide variety of issues is due to maca’s inherent adaptogenic properties.

As knowledge of maca’s possible health benefits has rapidly increased in recent years, more people have been willing to try maca pills in order to discover these benefits for themselves. Although maca is considered to be food rather than an herbal supplement or drug, you can obtain it in capsule form which is quite convenient if you are interested in simply incorporating the vegetable into your diet as easily as possible.

While research is still being conducted on numerous fronts when it comes to all of the purported health benefits of maca root, there have been over 500 studies to suggest that the nutrient profile of this amazing root vegetable gives it an impressive advantage over many other edible plants. It simply possesses a distinct combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other plant-based nutrients that may potentially make it a powerhouse in terms of promoting bodily wellness.

It’s important to note that the key to maca’s value as a means of addressing certain diseases or imbalances is not due to some kind of special chemical or miracle compound. Maca root’s potential effectiveness rests in its nutritional value as a wholesome and nourishing food source. From initial research into the subject of how our health is linked to what we eat, it has been shown that diet plays a key role in our overall health. Given the accuracy of this finding, it has wide implications for what constitutes health in the body and the steps we should be taking in order to promote a healthy environment in our bodies. 

The nutritious plant-based compounds found in maca root may promote general wellness in our body because these are simply the building blocks our body needs in order to maintain proper balance, such as certain amino acids, fatty acids, and sterols. By incorporating certified organic maca into your diet, you are essentially feeding your body optimized nutrition, nothing more.

If you are interested in taking high-quality maca pills to address certain health concerns or to improve your energy, memory, or anything else, you should take care to approach this from the standpoint of enhancing your diet. Use maca as a means of augmenting your meals in order to generate long-term improvements in your health. Like any natural food source, consistency and a healthy lifestyle are key to seeing the best results.

The following guide will outline some of the most sought after health benefits of maca root and how you can potentially address these issues by introducing this beneficial plant into your diet through the use of high-grade organic maca pills.

Increased Stamina

Unlike other kinds of energy boosters, those who take maca for increased stamina and endurance claim that it doesn’t leave you feeling groggy and doesn’t make you crash as with caffeine. Research is still being conducted on whether or not maca root is truly effective at increasing stamina, but there is evidence to suggest that its unique combination of vitamins, minerals, carbs, and protein make it a natural energy booster.

Natural stamina boosters are becoming highly sought after by the fitness community, as artificial substances tend to have mixed and unsatisfactory results. Energy drinks and bars, while usable to a degree, can leave you jittery and often end in a crash. Natural energy boosters like maca rely on their nutrient profile to promote a more consistent and balanced energy boost that doesn’t result in increased heart rate, crashes, or other unwanted side effects.

Reduced Anxiety

This is another area in which taking high-quality maca root may ultimately be effective, although scientists are still looking into the exact reasons behind its potential ability to affect mood. Natural ways to reduce anxiety are growing in popularity due in part to the fact that many drugs and other treatments for this issue are not that successful. For those who struggle with anxiety, they want more consistent results and ways of addressing anxiety that results in lower costs and fewer side effects.

This is where the potential health benefits of maca root come into play once again. It is thought that the flavonoids present in maca root may be one of the primary reasons why it may act as a mood enhancer that addresses anxiety naturally, by nourishing the body properly. By taking organic maca, you may be providing your body with the various vitamins and minerals it needs to simply regulate your hormones and ensure that your brain chemistry remains in balance.

Anxiety treatment is a massive concern for many people because stress and other mood-related issues can be debilitating and are often difficult to address. While therapy, exercise, and certain medicines have traditionally been relied upon to help deal with such issues, it is becoming increasingly clear that diet also plays an important role in our mental health. Given the nutrient profile of maca root, it’s no wonder why people claim that it helps reduce the signs of anxiety and even depression.

Maca’s adaptogenic properties especially have brought attention to it as a natural means of stress-relief. An adaptogen is any plant or plant-based substance that is able to help the body cope with stress by “adapting” to its needs and addressing them. Maca root contains an array of nutrients that lend itself well to being dubbed an adaptogen, such as various minerals like zinc, powerful sterols, and an abundance of free fatty acids. While additional research surely needs to be conducted in regards to its potential as an anxiety remedy, what is true is that maca is a healthy superfood that can be eaten regularly to simply enhance your diet and promote general wellness in the body and mind.

Improved Circulation

Maca has been shown to promote better circulation and lower blood pressure due to the presence of certain nutrients that are linked to vasodilating effects. This helps in oxygenating the blood and simply promotes lower blood pressure and better wound healing. It is thought that one of the reasons why maca is able to increase our energy is also because of its potential circulation benefits.

In regards to anyone taking heart medication or any drugs that affect blood pressure, you should consult a doctor before taking maca pills. While maca is indeed a nutritious food, it has nutrient compounds that may directly affect blood flow, so it’s important to be aware of any potential issues or conflicts that could arise.

Skin Tone

One of the more obscure and interesting benefits that maca provides is its potential ability to improve skin tone and even reduce the signs of acne. This is likely due to the presence of so many nourishing vitamins and minerals that have been shown to promote healthier skin, such as Vitamin C and manganese, among other plant-based compounds.

In recent years there has been a growing emphasis on investing in natural products that treat skincare holistically rather than with harsh and unnatural chemicals. We’re seeing an explosion of vitamins and minerals being used as active ingredients in shampoos, soaps, and other cleansing products, as more people realize that these plant-based compounds are what our skin needs to stay healthy and glowing.

Maca has the potential to be an effective means of treating skin issues like acne not only through the vitamins and minerals themselves but in maca’s ability to potentially address thyroid and hormonal imbalances, which have been shown to have a strong link to skin issues. Acne, for instance, is often linked to hormonal imbalances, so by promoting a healthier hormonal environment in the body through plant-based alkaloids, glucosinolates, and flavonoids, there may be a chance that the conditions that created the acne in the first place may be healed.

Muscle Building

Maca is being investigated as a possible natural muscle-builder, as over ten percent of maca on average is made of highly bioavailable protein that is easily assimilated. Couple this with the fact that it is loaded with vitamins and minerals that help in muscle growth and recovery and you have the perfect superfood to aid you on your fitness journey.

Another reason why maca may positively affect muscle growth is that it has been shown to increase testosterone levels by nourishing the endocrine system with alkylamides. Of course, testosterone levels directly affect muscle growth and mass, which means maca has great potential as a means of naturally improving our body’s innate muscle-building capabilities.

Stronger Bones

Likewise, there is some evidence that points to maca being effective in improving bone strength as well. With plenty of bioavailable calcium as well as other plant-based compounds that play a role in bone health, this amazing root vegetable can be used in your diet if you are looking for a gentle and natural way of improving your nutritional intake for healthier bones. Studies have even been conducted that may indicate it is effective at reducing signs of osteoporosis and bone density loss, making it the perfect choice for anyone seeking a natural means of finding relief for these degenerative diseases.

Even if you don’t suffer from any noticeable bone issues, making sure your bones are healthy and strong is important and is best addressed before any issues arise in the first place. Bolstering your diet with impactful bioavailable nutrients will help ensure you are taking the right preventative measures to keep your bones in the best shape possible.

Mental Clarity and Improved Memory

The last potential health benefits we’ll be looking at how to deal with the strength and flexibility of our minds. Both our ability to focus and the functioning of our memory all rely on brain chemistry in order to run optimally. If these systems that regulate our brain chemistry are off by even a bit, certain issues can and do pop up. An inability to focus or concentrate can be caused by something as simple as a lack of a vitamin or other nutrient.

Maca, of course, is packed with a wide variety of nutrients that may have a positive effect on brain chemistry, including certain trace minerals as well as fatty acids. It’s important to look at the body holistically when addressing possible issues of the mind, which are regulated by a delicate balance of hormones and neurotransmitters that can indeed be thrown off if the environment in the body is off. Certain unhealthy processed foods like refined sugar and carbs have been shown to directly impact brain function negatively, and the inverse is true as well. Eating the right nutritious foods may promote a strong and clear mind.

If you are looking for an easy and natural way to help improve your concentration and simply focus when you really need it, maca pills may provide a convenient solution. You can take them alongside meals to supplement your diet or as the need arises throughout the day for a nutritional boost that may help give you the mental clarity you’re looking for.

Where to Find High-Quality Organic Maca Pills

Maca root certainly shows promise as a way to enhance your diet naturally with optimized plant-based nutrition. Maca pills make it as easy as possible to start incorporating this nutritious superfood into your diet and daily routine, but it’s important to make sure you are consuming only high-grade organic maca sourced from the Andes and produced according to tradition.

For this level of quality, you can find exactly what you need right here at The Maca Team. We have a wide selection of maca pills and other organic maca products that will help you discover this special root’s potential health benefits and live healthier in general. And because we fill our capsules in house, we can be 100% sure that they contain only our potent organic maca powders - absolutely no fillers or chemicals. If you have any questions about which of our maca products is right for you, feel free to contact us.

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