8 Tips for Choosing the Best Maca Root Products

8 Tips for Choosing the Best Maca Root Products

Posted by The Maca Team on 6th Apr 2021

Maca root, also known as Lepidium meyenii, is a plant native to Peru that has recently grown in popularity due to the array of potential health benefits that it offers. If you are interested in trying maca for yourself, you may have noticed that there are quite a few different products available that can make the decision somewhat tough.

Whether you are searching for fresh and tasty maca powder to add to your breakfast smoothies or a powerful maca extract that you can use to give your coffee a boost, this guide will assist you in determining which of all the various maca root products is right for you.

Even if you are already somewhat familiar with maca root, it’s worth doing a little digging and educating yourself on the benefits of this amazing root vegetable, as well as all of the different forms you will find it in. With more brands popping up all the time, not to mention other kinds of superfoods and health products vying for your attention, the more you know about how to find high-quality maca, the better.

Below we have compiled 8 of the most helpful points to consider when searching for the optimal maca product for you. Keep in mind that depending on your needs, more than one kind of maca product may suit your lifestyle. It all depends on what your health goals are and how you want to enjoy your maca throughout the day.

8 Important Tips to Consider When Shopping for Maca

If you aren’t sure of the specific kind of maca root product you want, making the “right” choice can be tough. When it comes to shopping for this superfood, you want to be able to make an informed decision based in order to get the best potential results.

1.Traditional Peruvian Maca is Best

Let’s start off by making it clear that the best maca root on the market by far is traditionally grown maca from the Peruvian Andes. This is where the plant hails from and where it seems to thrive the best.

Part of the reason why Peruvian Maca is superior is due to the quality of the plants themselves. Noticing the success of maca products, other countries have attempted to grow their own, with mixed results. The best maca is GMO-free and highly nutrient-dense. Lacking the proper growing conditions, maca grown elsewhere than Peru is not always optimal.

Another reason why it’s important to source your maca from Peru is simply that it supports the local farmers who continue to carry on the traditional growing practices. By supporting traditionally-grown maca, you are supporting local communities and sustainable practices.

2.Minimal Processing

The maca you select should undergo minimal processing. From the time it is harvested to the moment it hits the shelves (virtual or otherwise!), the best maca will still retain the bulk of its nutrient content because of the way it was handled.

While processing gets somewhat of a bad reputation, because in many cases it is necessary in order to ensure certain health standards are met (as with many dairy products for instance), over-processing of organic plant-based products is what you want to avoid.

Too much processing can ruin nutrient content, which defeats the purpose of the product, to begin with. When it comes to maca root, minimal processing is always better, whether you are talking about capsules, powders, or even maca extracts.

3.Packaged Fresh

Likewise, the maca should be packaged as soon as possible for maximum freshness. Not only does this impact the taste, but the nutritional value as well. The longer an organic product sits in a warehouse, the higher the likelihood that it will lose some of its value from a nutritional standpoint.

One of the key reasons to start eating maca is to be able to take advantage of the possible benefits that maca is associated with. Well, while there is still research to be done on the matter, it is thought that the unique nutrient composition of maca root is what makes it so healthy. Certain delicate plant enzymes and Vitamins quickly deteriorate when left in storage for too long.

Always look for high-quality maca products that are packaged as fresh as possible and that will reach you in a minimal amount of time once harvested.

4.Gelatinized or Raw?

The next big question you want to ask yourself is, are you going with raw maca root or gelatinized maca products?

Depending on how you intend on using your maca, this is somewhat of a big deal. While it’s not all that common, some people with sensitive digestion do report bloating, gas, and other issues when eating raw maca. This is due primarily to the high degree of starch content that is normally found in this root vegetable.

The solution to this is a gentle cooking method or gelatinization process, whereby the starch content is removed by carefully heating the maca root before it is processed and packaged. While this process does impact certain nutrients and enzymes, the effect is minimal and it allows those with sensitive digestive issues to enjoy this incredible superfood.

It’s worth pointing out that you really only need to think about gelatinization or raw maca if you are thinking about using powders or capsules. High-quality maca extract won’t upset your stomach because of the lack of hard-to-digest starch. If you are simply looking for the optimal way to give your diet a nutritional lift, maca liquid extracts are the way to go.

We will take a closer look at the benefits of maca in liquid form below.

5.Select the Right Color Based on Your Health Needs

One of the most common questions when it comes to choosing the right maca root products has to do with the different colors that maca naturally comes in.

It’s important to note that the different colors of maca are not in fact different species or breeds. You will find this mix of color in every natural maca harvest, and while the color difference is literally only skin deep, as the flesh of the roots all appear quite the same, there does seem to be some differences in the nutrient composition of the different colors.

Over the years, research and user testimonies have led to the conclusion that each color variant seems to be somewhat more effective when it comes to specific areas of health.

For women seeking help with hormonal balance, fertility issues, relief from menopause symptoms, and libido issues as well, red maca seems to be the optimal choice. This color of maca also seems to be useful when it comes to mental clarity, anxiety and depression, and issues related to the prostate.

However, if muscle-building, increased stamina, and improving your energy are issues that concern you, black maca products may be the right choice for you. The scientific evidence we have at this point may indicate that black maca is also worth taking formale fertility and libido.

Yellow maca is the most common form of maca and is not generally known as having any standout benefits all its own; however, it is still a great choice if you want to experience the general benefits of maca root without necessarily wanting to focus on any specific health issue.

In case you want to experience a maca root product that is as natural as possible, you can also find tri-color maca, which is essentially a blend of all of the different types of maca combined as you would get from a natural harvest.

6.Maca That Matches Your Lifestyle

Once you decide which color maca best suits your needs, the next point you will want to consider is what form to take your maca in. This will largely depend on your individual preferences as each form of maca has just about the same nutritional value.

The first form of maca, and perhaps the most versatile, is maca powder. If you intend on adding maca into your favorite recipes, for instance, these products are what you need to focus on.

You can easily add maca powder to smoothies, coffee and tea, waffle and pancake batter, oatmeal, and even a plain glass of water if that’s what is convenient for you. If you aren’t the smoothie type and need some inspiration for ways to incorporate maca into your diet, we have a great selection of maca recipes that you can view.

Alternatively, if you are just looking for an easy way to take your maca without any fuss or cooking involved, maca capsules are a better solution. With high-quality maca pills, you can enjoy the potential benefits of this root vegetable without having to eat a meal or learn any kind of recipe. Capsules are also less involved than dealing with powders, and you can take them on the go with you as well.

There’s another way to enjoy maca that is not only just as convenient (if not more so) than maca pills and is also more easily absorbed by the body as well: maca extracts. These liquid extracts contain all of the helpful nutrients found in traditional maca root powder, but in a liquid form that can be effortlessly added to any kind of beverage for easy consumption.

What’s great about maca liquid extracts is that they are extremely portable and can be used to give just about any food or beverage a quick nutritional jolt. Fast-acting and with an impressive shelf life compared to the other forms of maca, these are the maca products you might want to think about getting if you want to experience this superfood in the easiest way possible.

There are other products to consider as well if you really want to experience everything maca has to offer. Here at The Maca Team, we specialize in offering a wide variety of high-quality maca products, including maca coffee and maca root chips. While liquid extracts are perhaps the most convenient way to take your maca, there are certainly plenty of options available here in our online maca shop if you are interested.

7.Large Selection, Better Options

This brings us to the next most important point to consider when shopping for maca root products: the selection. One of the ways we stand out is through our impressive selection of high-grade organic maca root products, all of which are grown according to traditional Peruvian practices and packaged as fresh as possible.

Our selection and attention to quality truly set our products apart. Whether you are searching for raw organic black maca powder or red maca root extract, we have just what you are looking for right here. In fact, we even have a helpful Maca Finder tool that can assist you in sifting through our array of products in order to find the one that best matches your unique needs.

8.A Brand You Can Trust

No matter what your health goals are or why you want to take maca, to begin with, perhaps the most important point of all to consider during the shopping process is buying from a brand you know you can trust.

Here at The Maca Team, we go to great lengths to ensure the quality of our maca products. Everything from our raw maca powders to our potent maca extracts uses only the finest, most fresh maca sourced from the Andes Mountains right here in Peru.

We are a family-run company that focuses on providing wholesome maca products and excellent customer service. If you are wondering where you can go to find the best-quality maca around, look no further. You can buy our maca with full confidence that it will be delivered to your doorstep as fresh and as timely as possible.

For more information on our selection of maca, or if you have any questions about how to select the best maca product for your needs, take a look at our FAQ or simply give our team a call at 888-919-8616.

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