An Honest Look at Taking Maca For Fertility

An Honest Look at Taking Maca For Fertility

Posted by The Maca Team on 13th Aug 2020

While maca root has a reputation for addressing a wide range of health issues, ranging from low energy to depression, it is perhaps known best as a natural way of improving fertility in both men and women.

It’s certainly worth investigating these claims because low fertility is something that many people struggle with and the answers for treating it are few and far between. Taking maca for fertility provides a possible avenue that may actually show promise in terms of hormonal balance and overall bodily wellness.

Why Maca May be Effective at Improving Fertility

To understand why maca may be an effective means of improving fertility, it helps to look at what causes low fertility in the first place. While there are many factors that play a role in this area and not all of them are completely known, doctors do know that our hormones play a critical role.

Hormonal imbalances are actually the leading cause of infertility in women, and we know that proper sperm production in men depends heavily on balanced hormones as well. Low fertility is often accompanied by a wide range of related health issues such as low libido, low stamina, skin issues (including acne), and menstrual cycle irregularities. The presence of these issues is often an indicator of a much wider issue involving hormonal imbalance.

The question then becomes, what exactly causes hormonal imbalance in the first place? While it is known that hormones may naturally fluctuate throughout your lifetime, they also occur because of a multitude of other factors such as certain illnesses, chronic stress, endocrine gland injuries, severe allergic reactions, genetic disorders, and a lack of nutrients due to a poor diet.

Proper nutrition is of course one of the keys to overall bodily wellness because it is what we eat that determines the nutrients we receive. All of our bodily systems, including our endocrine system and hormones, rely on the right nutrients in order to function. A lack of these nutrients potentially leads to an array of issues and diseases, as well as imbalances in the body.

It is thought that taking maca for fertility may be effective partly because of its amazing nutrient profile. High-quality maca root is full of beneficial nutrients that have been shown to help regulate and improve hormonal balance in both men and women. Since proper hormonal balance plays an integral role in our fertility, it’s no wonder that this healthy root vegetable has gained a reputation for addressing such issues.

A Natural Way of Addressing Low Fertility

The native peoples of Peru have long used maca root both as a nutritious food staple as well as an aphrodisiac. Its potential as a fertility booster for both men and women has long been understood but only recently has it been studied seriously by the scientific community.

What makes maca stand out from so many other vegetables is that it contains a truly impressive nutrient profile that includes essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and important amino acids, among several other plant-based nutrients thought to be beneficial for our health. Maca has actually been dubbed a superfood for its high nutrient content and is increasingly being used to naturally improve a wide variety of health issues.

Doctors have yet to pinpoint the exact nutrients that may help improve low fertility, but initial research indicates that there is certainly a correlation between taking maca and hormonal benefits . This is promising because at present there are few natural ways of addressing such imbalances and related fertility issues, so maca for fertility may be one possible solution. Research is ongoing into macaenes and macamides, nutrients unique to maca root, that may explain this simple food’s effect on fertility.

Using High-Quality Maca For Fertility

If you want to potentially get the most out of your maca, you want to make sure that it is organic and as fresh as possible. Here at The Maca Team, we make sure that all of our maca products are authentic and produced sustainably in Peru according to the native traditions. We work hard and take necessary measures to ensure our maca is packaged fresh to preserve the potency of the nutrients as best as possible, so you may derive the maximum benefit from this incredible root vegetable. 

We stock the largest selection of organic Peruvian grown maca anywhere, so you will be able to find whatever you are searching for right here in our online store. When it comes to addressing certain health issues such as low fertility, red maca tends to work well for women while the black variety of maca seems to have a beneficial effect for men.

You can find out more about which maca product is most suitable for you by exploring our store and utilizing our various guides and resources. If you have any questions regarding the effectiveness of maca or about one of our high-quality products specifically, you can also reach out to us at 888-919-8616 and we would be happy to address your concerns.

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