Can Maca Root Help You Gain Weight and Build Muscle?

Can Maca Root Help You Gain Weight and Build Muscle?

Posted by The Maca Team on 9th Mar 2021

Putting on a healthy weight and building lean muscle can seem like a difficult task at times. Even if you regularly hit the gym in your free time and mix up your workouts to keep things fresh, the results you’re looking for can remain somewhat elusive.

Both men and women have turned to superfoods such as maca to help support their efforts at the gym, and report impressive gains. If you are thinking about using this root vegetable in your diet, you might be wondering what is the best maca root for weight gain and bodybuilding, and what kinds of results can you actually expect?

Below we will detail some of the reasons why maca root may help with weight gain and which of the different maca colors seems to be the best one for the job.

Exploring Why Maca Root May Be Effective For Gaining Weight

While you may be skeptical as to how a vegetable could help you achieve decent gains at the gym or help you put on healthy weight, many people swear by maca root for just this purpose.

We have an abundance of testimonials from happy customers who wanted to use maca root for the purpose of gaining weight and building muscle and came away with surprising results.

"I've been on this product for a year now. I'm 44 years old. I'm a bodybuilder middleweight. I compete against 25 year olds. Guess what? I always place top 5 when competing. This product has given me more energy, growth & power at the gym. Health wise I feel better than most 25 year olds out there. I never recommend this product to my competitors because I don't want them to get that winning edge. This is the secrete to my bodybuilding performance." - Frank

"I have been taking maca for months now, and feel really good. I have felt like exercising and have noticed how muscular I am becoming. Just in time for the summer, beach here I come!" - Lori

While a testimonial isn’t hard evidence, it’s worth noting that one of the main reasons why people start using maca in their daily lives is solely for the purpose of boosting their gains at the gym. But how can a root vegetable contribute to positive weight gain like this? What is the secret behind this superfood?

There’s no magical ingredient or special element inside of maca, but rather it’s the nutrient density of this root vegetable that makes it so potentially beneficial. Peruvian maca root just happens to contain a wide variety of different nutrients that are key to the muscle-building process. From impactful minerals such as magnesium and iron to an abundance of essential amino acids, free fatty acids, and vitamins.

Compared to other vegetables, maca root is packed with protein and a wide variety of other nutrients that are needed in order to build lean muscle and put on weight in a natural and healthy way.

Understanding the 3 Colors of Maca

While you could easily enjoy any color of maca and potentially see results over time, if you want to use the best maca root for weight gain and muscle-building, you will want to go with black maca products. Although the red and yellow variants of maca are also considered to be healthy, it would appear that the nutrients found in black maca are better suited for weight gain specifically.

We don’t yet understand everything there is to know about maca from a scientific standpoint. Research is constantly being conducted on the various health benefits that are related to eating this amazing vegetable, but the full scope of why it works in certain areas of the body has yet to be uncovered.

That being said, what we do know is that black maca seems to be best when it comes to improving results at the gym. Whether it’s due to the impressive variety of vitamins and minerals contained in maca, its high protein content, rare plant-based compounds, or a combination of factors, there is certainly reason enough as to why it could be effective for bodybuilding in general, and why you should think about adding it to your diet.

How to Use Maca Products to Help You Gain Weight

Here at The Maca Team, you will find a wide variety of high-quality, organic maca products that can help you live healthier, but if you are focused on finding the best maca root for weight gain, our black maca powder might be the optimal choice for you.

It’s easy to use maca powder in your favorite workout smoothies or power drinks for an added nutritional boost. You can even add it to a simple glass of water or some coffee if you are in a rush. Maca root powder can also be used in a variety of healthy recipes, including some of your favorite breakfast foods and desserts.

Browse through our selection of quality maca products or give us a call at 888-919-8616 and we can help point you toward the most suitable kind of maca for your needs.

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