Gelatinized Maca VS Raw Maca

Gelatinized Maca VS Raw Maca

Posted by The Maca Team on 6th Jan 2022

The world of Maca can be overwhelming; Yellow maca, red maca, black maca, maca liquid extracts, and many, many more. If you are just getting started on your maca journey it can be difficult to pinpoint where to begin and what kind of maca to get started with. But fear not! The Maca Team is dedicated to helping you learn more about maca and how it can fit in with your lifestyle.

Raw Maca:

Raw maca powder has been made for the export market since the 1960’s. Maca roots are harvested and dried in the sun or in dehydrators in this process. They are then cleaned and ground into a very fine powder. This results in a raw maca powder that can be mixed into drinks such as smoothies, protein shakes, or juices. Even more so, the powder can even be sprinkled onto cereal or oatmeal and mixed into homemade energy bars (feel free to browse our website for recipe inspiration!).

Benefits of Raw Maca:

●Promotes overall strength and health

●Improved mood

●Ability to balance hormone levels

●Boosted fertility

●Increased libido

Some Things to Keep in Mind:

●Some people have difficulty digesting this type of maca due to the quantity and type of starches in the tuber.

●Some may find that this difficult-to-digest powder results in gas, bloating, and discomfort.

Gelatinized Maca:

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, “What is gelatinized maca powder, and how does it compare to other kinds of maca?”. We are happy to answer that here! First and foremost, let’s address the elephant in the room- gelatinized maca does not contain gelatin. In fact, it’s a vegan product! Gelatinization describes the heat-based extrusion process that turns raw maca into what is essentially a predigested form of the root—gelatinized maca. Gelatinized maca had been produced since the 1990’s. The dried roots are first boiled and then pressurized in order to remove all starch content. While the boiling process does altar some nutrients such as Vitamin C and enzymes, it makes the powder easier to digest. This is due to the reduction of starch. This powerful powder is then added to food and drink for consumption. Please note that NOTHING is added to maca during the process of gelatinization.

So what is Gelatinized Maca good for, anyway? Just like raw maca, gelatinized maca has a wide array of health benefits, many of which have been shared in our reviews and testimonials. Here are a few:

●Easy digestion! Because the starch has been removed, this type of maca works well for anyone with a sensitive stomach.

●More concentrated nutrients; lack of starch means that the gelatinized maca is more concentrated than raw maca powders, gram for gram.

●A few activated nutrients. Heating the maca roots amplifies some nutrients which include metabolites and minerals.

Some Things to Keep in Mind:

●Because of the high heat, Vitamin C and enzyme content are destroyed.

●The high heat also contributes to the loss of glucosinolates which are theorized to have anticancer properties.

You have learned about raw maca and gelatinized maca, so now WHAT KIND OF MACA IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Well, both raw and gelatinized maca have gotten positive results in several studies. And to be more specific, our team has received optimistic feedback from our customers on both types of maca. However, our overall experience is that raw maca powders work slightly better than gelatinized ones although we do recommend gelatinized maca for those who can not comfortably digest it raw. With that said, the most important variable affecting the potency of the maca you consume is its overall quality; the soil, the climate, when it’s harvested, how it’s processed and how fresh it is when it gets to you, in our opinion, is way more important than whether it is gelatinized or raw. Whichever type of maca you choose to incorporate into your routine, we know it will be a life-changer.

- The Maca Team

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