Getting Healthy on a Budget? Maca Powder Offers Some of the Biggest Benefits for Your Money

Posted by The Maca Team on 11th Jun 2014

One of the misconceptions people have about living a healthy lifestyle is that it has to cost you more money. That doesn't have to be the case! Knowing what is worth spending your money on and what isn't is the key to getting healthy while on a budget. Many super foods, those foods which are known to be especially beneficial to your health and well-being, are actually very inexpensive especially when the benefits are taken into consideration. One of those affordable, super-healthy foods is maca powder.

Ounce for ounce, maca powder provides more health benefits than almost any other food on the planet. You can read about many of the benefits of maca powder on our website, such as increased energy, enhanced fertility, hormone balancing, and mental clarity. To get the benefits of the powder, you'll want to take at least 3 grams of the either the red, cream, or black maca powder (and up to 9 grams a day depending on your lifestyle and body type). That means with one kilogram bag of our maca powder, you have over 300 doses for under $40. That's less than $0.12 per 3 gram dose! That is one of the best deals out there when it comes to getting healthy.

You can buy any of our maca powders online through our secure website. We carry raw organic maca powders, organic gelatinized maca powders, and organic maca capsules so you can choose the form that works best for your needs. Our maca is harvested fresh in Peru, and is fairly traded and GMO free because we want you to be able to experience the benefits of top quality, pure maca powder. Place your order today and start living a healthy lifestyle without stretching your budget!

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