Happy Earth Day From The Maca Team!

Happy Earth Day From The Maca Team!

Posted by The Maca Team on 22nd Apr 2022

Earth Day is a celebration worldwide to show support and spread awareness for the betterment of our environment. While Earth Day is celebrated today, remember to celebrate Earth Day every day to demonstrate ways to a healthier planet. Here are some ways to celebrate Earth Day and bring these tips into your daily life to help save our Earth!

First, a straightforward way to help the Planet is by purchasing a reusable water bottle. The US consumes around 50 billion plastic water bottles annually, which directly impacts our Planet. Because of the high amount of plastic use in the US, our oceans and landfills are harmed. This strongly affects our environment. With that being said, it is critical to end plastic water bottle consumption and make the change to reusable water bottles!

Next, start becoming a brighter, more environmentally conscious shopper while grocery shopping. A straightforward start is to get a reusable grocery bag; it will impact plastic use and limit plastic in the world. Also, when shopping, be conscious of which items you are choosing and the packaging it comes in. For example, many things are packaged in bulky containers, so try to purchase products with limited packaging. You can also place primarily fresh foods, like fruit, in reusable bags or containers. Shopping smarter allows for our environment to be benefited due to the large impact that grocery stores have on the plastic produced in the world.

Give yourself the challenge to cook “trash free.” In other words, limit your plastic use in all aspects of cooking. Instead of using plastic bags to store leftovers, use a reusable container to store items. Another example would be rather than using plastic bags to pack a school snack, you can also use a reusable container and remind your child to bring it with them home! Getting into this habit allows you to limit your trash use and get in the habit of being reusable in your kitchen.

Lastly, start composting. When composting our food, the food can break down and provide food to the soil, which impacts the organisms in the soil and plant life, allowing for more reduced waste. In other words, this process is a recycling system that provides for our Earth to be the recycler!

These are just a few of how you can help make our Planet a better place. While Earth Day is an excellent reminder of the need for action for a better planet, our home should be celebrated every day to achieve success and a safer Earth!

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