How to Add Maca Powder to Your Diet

Posted by The Maca Team on 13th Jul 2014

Many people want to take Maca powder but aren’t sure how to incorporate it into their diets. Don’t be intimidated by this amazing superfood! Maca is actually really easy to add to your daily routine because it can be mixed with other food and a drinks. The earthy flavor adds richness to your recipes and won’t overpower their taste. Check out some of our favorite ideas:

●  Add it to your smoothie. Simply dump in your daily dose of maca powder and blend it into your smoothie. This is great for your morning routine, as you’ll get a boost of energy to take on the rest of your day.

●  Mix it into your homemade ice cream! While Maca can taste different to different people, some people think it has a slightly butterscotch flavor, making it perfect for ice cream.

●  Make your own energy bars and add some maca for additional nutrition. You’ll benefit from the additional energy and mental clarity that Maca gives, making these energy bars perfect for your mid-afternoon snack to get you through a mid-day slump.

●  Stir it into your hot chocolate. The Maca will easily dissolve in the warm liquid and adds a great richness to your cocoa.

You can always do the tried and true method of stirring Red, Yellow, or Black Maca powder into a cup of water and drinking it straight, too, but these Maca recipes are a delicious way to add this nutritious super food into your diet. Have a recipe that you love? Send it our way so we can share it with other Maca lovers!

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